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  1. Ah, gotcha. Like I said, it doesn't detract from the overall jet. It looks gorgeous!
  2. You're right, 'Topgun' never flew the Bravos. I was thinking about VF-24 when they had this desert camo on their jets. It put an image in my head of a B model as an adversary. My mistake. However, IIRC, VF-124 never flew the Bravo. VF-101 was tasked with training crews on the A and B models, while 124 trained crews on both the A and D until it was decommissioned in 94. Then VF-101 took over at Miramar and did all the training in the D there while all the Alpha training was combined with the Bravo training at Oceana. Then in 96-97, the Navy moved out of Miramar and all F-14 training was done at Oceana.
  3. Is it just me or does the rear canopy appear to be a little different than the normal Foxtrots?
  4. This is quite possibly the best '72 Tomcat I've seen. My only critique is the red stripes at the top of the NACES seats where the parachute harnesses connect into the headrest. I don't recall those ever being marked red, but I could very well be wrong. But, here is the 102 jet getting ready for "the flight" LINKY and the red does not appear to be there. In any case, marvelous work!
  5. Some, but probably not all of the upgrades to the B were: -F-110 Engines -Improved HUD -Improved radios -Improved RWR -Removed glove vanes I also think they put in one of those fancy computers to monitor the stress on the airframe, but don't quote me on that. As for the Squadrons that operated the B, here are the ones I remember: -VF-11 -VF-24 -VF-32 -VF-32 -VF-74 -VF-101 -VF-102 -VF-103 -VF-142 -VF-143 -VF-211 -VX-4 -VX-9 -VX-30 I think Top Gun had a couple B's for a little while but they mainly used the Alphas as adversaries.
  6. Get your tissues out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ig1GvxFdjes
  7. Not sure. I pasted the new link right over the original and the preview came up. Of course, if you want the link, just click the "Youtube" button on the preview window. It'll take you to Youtube where you can copy the link.
  8. After watching the video again I noticed something. Take a look at the Harrier's nose wheel during the very first shot as it is turning. That looks awfully under-inflated to me. It that normal for the VSTOL guys?
  9. Sorry if it has already been posted, but I was blown away by this... Edit: Check out the first shot of the Harrier. Is that nosewheel tire inflation normal? Sure doesn't look like the 350psi required for CV ops.
  10. Honest question and not looking to troll at all, but has the F-35 been able to make an arrested landing yet. Google has been no help either saying yes or no. Sorry if it's already been discussed.
  11. Good point. I think I remember hearing something about the filming at Fallon being done by the 2nd unit.
  12. Well, after all of this, I'm convinced the shot in question was at Fallon. If that is the case, I just wonder why it was never mentioned that they did fly-bys at both locations. It seems only the fly-by at Miramar got any attention.
  13. Whitey, I sent the screenshots to a buddy of mine who was stationed at Fallon in 89-91. He says that looks pretty similar to the old tower there. I think you might have found the answer.
  14. Timmy, great mind do indeed think alike. I also looked up that video after my original question. Thing is, it only talks about a single shot done during the evening at NKX. Perhaps this will be one of those great unsolved mysteries. Or perhaps I'm just wrong. Either way, talking about Top Gun is pretty fun! :)
  15. I'm not saying it's impossible, but it sure doesn't resemble the tower I remember. I'm 42 and spent my fair share of time at Miramar. The tower in the fly-by shot has no trees, and no air conditioner units - it just bare. Also, as I mentioned, if the fly-by shot is facing south, then where is the portion of the building to the east that housed base ops and the restaraunt? I attached another shot in the movie that is certainly the old NKX tower and is facing southwest. If we want to get really picky, we can see that in the fly-by shot, the area just below the tower windows is brown. In the wide shot of the tower, that area is tan like the rest of the building. I don't know. You could be right, but I'm just not convinced.
  16. No kidding? Not to hijack my own thread, but do you know for which shows/movies it was used. I've been there a few times.
  17. Oh, don't get me wrong, Chuck. I'm aware of the "goofs". However, this was not a "goof". The fly-by at Miramar was well documented and actually happened. I'm just curious if there was another fly-by done somewhere else, or if this might even be a model. I guess that is the essence of my question.
  18. So I stumbled across Top Gun on TV last night and was obviously obliged to watch. When the "fly-by" scene came on I noticed something I never had before. In the shot right after the controller spills his coffee is a wide shot of a Tomcat buzzing a tower (see attached). The only thing is, I'm about 90% certain that is NOT the tower at NKX. I'm well aware that the Marines gave the tower a complete makeover when they acquired the base, but that shot doesn't even resemble the old tower. If we assume the fly-by was done in the evening, that light on the right side of the tower must be facing west, and the shot was taken from the "roundabout" to the north of the tower. If that is indeed the case, this shot had to be done somewhere else. Am I going crazy or does anyone else agree with me? Was there a second fly-by shot done somewhere else?
  19. Micro

    Blue Angel 8

    Daniel, We should change your callsign to "Sherlock". Amazing find, buddy!!!
  20. Micro

    Blue Angel 8

    Nice find, Danny!! Yes, I think that was the year of the big tour. It's also about the time frame I remember seeing that jet. I wonder if it was a standard back then, or if they did it just to look more formal? I suppose putting an 8 on a spare jet looks better than a blank tail or two #7's, especially when heading overseas. Either way, now I don't feel so crazy :woot.gif:/>/>
  21. Micro

    Blue Angel 8

    Thanks for all the info, fellas. I've been looking all over for a picture of a that mythical #8 jet, but I suppose I was mistaken. Bill and Gregg, I spoke to a credible source about how the spare jets get to the different show locations. As one would assume, there isn't a shortage of guys who don't mind ferrying jets for the Blues. These include instructors from the VT squadrons at P-Cola, former pilots in the reserves, and as Gregg mentioned, newbies coming onboard. -JJ PS: Brian, is it possible for you to grace us with some of those designs you drew up for CONA? I'd love to see them. Also, I heard through the grapevine you're getting involved with the Aerosoft F-14 - I'm pumped to see what you come up with!
  22. I'm considering doing an F-18 in Blue Angels colors and began thinking about how I would display it and also what number I would have it as. As I thought about it, I could have sworn I saw a #8 jet way back in the day, maybe around 1990 or so. Am I crazily mistaken or did the squadron once have an 8 jet?
  23. Cool, thanks for looking. I just find it very odd that there is not more out there of such a relatively big aviation event.
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