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  1. Thanks, and its a decal. I know I should of used future on the canopy....
  2. Just finished it up today, strictly out of box, it was a rush job, didnt really pay attention to detail. its got some fitment issues, but like i said, it was rushed. Hope you all like it.... Cheers rOb
  3. Looking for two GBU-12 ordinance in 1/48 scale. Or any type of JDAM's.
  4. I am going to agree, Go Packers!!
  5. Well I got two sheets, one is partially cut up, the one that is cut up is VF-143, Pukin Dogs from an Academy kit, and the other is VF-142 Lightning Bolts from the Revell-Monogram. I could send both to you if you like....
  6. Just like the title says, I ruined mine with a laquer thinner spill, I need these to complete my model, not looking to buying aftermarket, this project was strictly OOB per person who requested the build. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. Are you still looking for this decal set? Which kit do you have?
  8. Thanks for the compliments sharkey, Qian, Holmes, I really appreciate them!!
  9. very nice!! Every time I see one of your works, it puts a smile on my face. Great build!!!
  10. almost done, just gotta flat, attach canopy and exhaust nozzles.
  11. Looking good Bobski!! My airbrake on the Trump gave me the same issues, it just didnt sit flush. I actually filled in with silly putty and glued it down and rescribed the lines. I know that I have to sand one of the pivot areas, but that is probably about it for that. Do you have a pic of the Laser Warner Detectors?
  12. Bobski, I was just thinking that when I was attaching them. The Directions have those inboards with no armament. I wish I wouldve waited on this build, because now aires makes the exhaust nozzles now.... :D. Being that this is one of my favorite jets, I am most likely to do a Revell and go crazy with the aftermarket. Thanks for the heads up. Holmes, Thanks for the props!! I just got back into this amazing Hobby, I dont know why I ever stopped in the first place. All of you guys are truly and inspiration to me. I got a Trump Mig-29K that it going to be built next, and Im slowly looking at the Zacto Conversions with great interest. I have never used resin in the past, so I am kinda nervous at hacking up something, but I have to learn how to someday. I find myself more interested in non-US aircraft these days, but I also have some US aircraft that I need to build as well. I actually have quite the collection of 1/32's, and I am really running out of storage space. Cheers, Rob
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