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  1. any chance of a HGU-55 helmet as well?
  2. same here; got a couople of kit that'll require these!
  3. T-45 Package

    1/48 F-14 Aires Hasegawa cockpit set for shipping to 94102

    Any idea what the total may be?

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  4. Wonder when these'll come out?
  5. Looking for more references for the following aircraft
  6. Given that there is one F-15I Ra'am in the test and evaluation squadron https://imgur.com/a/ZRKS7d6 I was wondering if it got the R2-D2 comm link dome on it?
  7. would love to build a couple of MKIs; hopefully IAF decals won't be too far behind
  8. I saw that the 1/72 F-15I from GWH has a more colorful scheme for the aircraft and was wondering if the same decal sheet was available in 1/48? https://www.scalemates.com/kits/great-wall-hobby-l7202-f-15i--1102602
  9. I did; but past the dispute time limit; made the mistake of trusting the seller. Never again.
  10. Glad your experience was better than mine
  11. After quite some thought I decided to post about my poor experience with KA-Models http://ka-models.co.kr I had seen some posts here on ARC about the 3d-printed exhaust nozzles and ended up buying 4 sets from Ebay back in mid-May. I got the items and was disappointed in the quality, which can be seen here: https://imgur.com/a/ltjm0tB I contacted the owner Lawrence soon after and was told he'd ship replacements to me. To date, all I've gotten is a tracking # and empty promises for checking up on the hold up for the replacement parts. Emails responses take over 2 weeks with no real follow up. I did tell him that I'll be posting on ARC due to my poor experience, seems as though 6 months is a reasonable time for someone to follow through. Buyer beware!!
  12. signals

    1/48 C-130J to H

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