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  1. signals

    RSAF Tornado squadrons

    Looked online but hard to find Saudi Tornado squadron badges online. Does anyone here have clearer images of RSAF Tornado tails?
  2. +1 for the ADF conversion as well
  3. signals

    What's happened to Pitzmodels?

    There is an awesome set of F-16 GE F-110(?) on LSP and wheel hubs but still no word on whats going on there!
  4. I use this: https://www.uscutter.com/ORAMASK-810S-Spray-Mask-Stencil
  5. signals

    SLAM-ER on vipers

    The only photos that I've come across for TuAF vipers carrying SLAM-ER is from 181 Filo Is there any other squadron that carries them? Also, given that the UAE bought SLAM-ERs and JSOWs, are there any images out there that show the Blk 60s carrying them?
  6. Hoping to make some decals for my planes. Was wondering if anyone here could help with font identification. I've tried some online resources, but haven't been able to get much https://imgur.com/a/am2jwo6
  7. signals

    F-16 Block 60

    Looking for images of UAE Block 60s carrying some ordinance but haven't come across them. I know they got the SLAM-ER and JSOWs but haven't come across any images of them being carried. Anyone know what the loadouts may look like for the Blk-60s?
  8. signals

    knights of the orange tail

    Looking for some images of the IAF aircrafts carrying some SDBs Could only find out; was thinking of loading out a SUFA with it...and wondering what the load out should be
  9. signals

    F-16I pod

    Wondering what pod the F-16I is carrying? http://www.f-16.net/g3/f-16-photos/album07/album08/873-1836918467 Looks like the DB-110 pod...could it be?
  10. Too bad they don't list how much it costs!
  11. I lost the PE fret for my 1/32 Matterhorn circle mirage engine. If anyone has one lying around that they don't plan on using, I'd love to get my hands on that.
  12. I primarily use Mr. Color lacquer paints and really like them. One thing I've noticed though is that the fluorescent colors don't go on well. I use Mr. Base White Primer before using the fluorescent colors but they just never seem to stick well and are watery when they go on. Am I doing something wrong?
  13. signals

    1/48 Hasegawa F-2A with ASM-3 & AAM-5

    ooh; can't wait for this one
  14. Is there an anticipated release date for this kit?
  15. signals

    Thunderbirds pilots

    I'm building the Tamiya Thunderbirds kit I was wondering if there were images of pilots in the cockpit; wondering whether to put G-suits on them or not Also, what color to use for the coveralls? Blue? Red? etc