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  1. Which version of the AGM-154 does the HAF operate and externally are they the same?
  2. Just looking @ this image and wondering if there's a pylon out there for this F-16 configuration https://imgur.com/a/22i2kuo
  3. What might be the closest kit to build an IAF Rafale in 1/48?
  4. Is there a good kit out there to build a Pakistani Army Mi-35M in 1/35?
  5. Looking forward to the release of the C-17; the CAD interior looks awesome!
  6. 50s till today....building jets from all eras
  7. The schemes here look awesome! Wondering why we can't get more decals for Saudi planes?
  8. I hoping to put a few pilots in my kits but getting the resin option is too expensive. If someone has extra pilots lying around from their kits, please let me know...would be happy to buy those off of you
  9. Could this easily be made into a Su-30MKI? If not....what major changes would need to be done?
  10. Looking for the old 1/48 B-58 kit + Fisher models extras if available for shipping to California
  11. I'm looking to build a 1/48 Indian Air Force MiG-25RBK. I was wondering which kit easily available might fit the fill for that? Is the RBT similar enough to make the RBK? https://spruebrothers.com/icm48901-1-48-icm-mig-25rbt-foxbat/ Also, are there any options for the 2 seater MiG as well?
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