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  1. Looking for the kit - message me if you have one for sale for shipping to California
  2. Recently got into making armor models Had a few questions: 1. For tanks how good/better are metal tracks over the 1. rubber ones 2. separate link ones? 2. metal barrels vs the kit supplied ones? Also, seems like Barrel depot used to make good ones but no longer around?
  3. Could this easily be made into a MKI version as well?
  4. Given this...is there a good option out there for the Su-30MKI OOB?
  5. IIRC the tail was different as well? No?
  6. I was wondering given both the 1/32 Trump Su-27UB and Su-30MKK kits could be combined the end up with the Indian Su-30MK Flanker (the one without the canndards) Could be an expensive conversion, but the Wolfpack conversion is long OOP thoughts?
  7. Seems like it may be a while before its available! Alas, I've got a bone on the workbench right now https://the48ers.com/b-1b-wing-mechanics.html
  8. I'm wondering if anyone makes the German GBU-48 in 1/32? Hoping to load up my EF-2000 with them
  9. Hey Ken I was hoping to simulate certain accidents scenarios on the airport environment I tried XPlane but the learning curve is way too difficult hence looking for someone who can help with those in a sim where an aircraft is being pushed back
  10. I'm wondering if anyone here has played around with XPlane or any similar sims?
  11. Is there anyone who makes them in 1/32? Would love to make my EF-2000 with the multicolor GBUs Would these be correct? https://www.scalemates.com/kits/ams-resin-32083-enhanced-paveway-ii-1000lb-bombs-british--246501
  12. I'm wondering what GBUs are the the tornado here; are the the regular GBU-12s or the Enhanced Paveway II 1000lb Bombs (British) ones? https://imgur.com/a/91kJsd7
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