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  1. Whirlybird

    UH-1D/H huey - Nighthawk

    PM sent.
  2. Whirlybird

    H-34 in 1/48th by Gallery Models

    It does get confusing....Cobra may have a made a set, I bought what I think was the earliest one available - Cutting Edge - marketed as an H-34/Wessex set. Nonetheless, either way - the credit goes to Chief Snake...he made the masters.
  3. Whirlybird

    UH-1D/H huey - Nighthawk

    Floyd, I'm blaming you for directing me to that kit at the recent OD show. LOL (just kidding) This thing is kinda fragile.
  4. Whirlybird

    UH-1D/H huey - Nighthawk

    New Kitty Hawk kit has me looking at an older project I was working on. Seems to be a better model to work with. Made the hard part in the back from scratch, have the 1/48th mini gun...and a 50 cal. from aftermarket. Looking for other 1/48 weapons and crew stuff - but most appear to be for 1/35th.... Anyone have a source for that kind of thing? Thought there was a French source for resin M16s...
  5. What's the best material to use on my vacuum forming machine? Not so happy with previous attempts - clarity not so good.
  6. Whirlybird

    H-34 in 1/48th by Gallery Models

    Thanks guys. I have an old Revell/Germany UH-34D release that looks that looks respectable - with the old Cutting Edge aftermarket interior/bent legs set. Nonetheless, one of these would be good to have.
  7. Seems after a dry spell - more choices for an H-34 in 1/48th now...Anyone taken a look at this one....?
  8. Whirlybird

    Is this for real?

    Yeah..it will, cuz if it sells for that...I've got one I'll part with.
  9. Whirlybird

    MH-47E help needed

    This is good......
  10. Whirlybird

    Cobra Company has something new

    yep....Those of us that have them will build them... I have an H-34...(found it at Air Land and Sea years ago....Chief Snake will know what that is - or was), a Queens flight and a Wessex.
  11. Whirlybird

    Cobra Company has something new

    Maybe you can luck into 48th Revell Wessex...(I did...twice). Almost as good as scoring a H-34, and maybe, MAYBE, ... "someone" will do a conversion to make it into a H-34...
  12. Whirlybird

    1/48 Mi-2 "Hoplite" by Smer

    Very Nice. You have made a silk purse from a sow's ear. I like the color scheme too.
  13. Whirlybird

    Heli-Kit News Forum is Gone

    I just logged on and posted. I was even able to retrieve my log in name and password via email.... A guy has a kit list posted recently for trade /sell..... granted I haven't seen much going on there lately, it was the place to be at one time... http://www.network54.com/Forum/163130/ http://www.network54.com/Forum/163130/login