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  1. The Fujimi has a Basic interior https://www.scalemates.com/kits/fujimi-f-6-sikorsky-uh-60a-rescue-hawk--127701
  2. For a UH-1C the Rotorblades are wrong you will need some from a AH-1G Cobra. I also think that the Tail will need some work and the Stabilisators also
  3. Sorry i mean in 1:72 weapons are hard to find in this Scale..
  4. Any Chance that you will make the M23 System?
  5. What about the cheap Hobby Craft rip offs from the Matchbox kit? Will they also do the trick?
  6. Al little information Left Bank
  7. Great, will you also print 1/72? Jan
  8. Hello, does somebody know where i could find Decals for the Green Hornets 20th SOS in 1/72? Kind regards Jan
  9. Call me in, would you also make some decals for not so comon machines?
  10. Any release date out yet? I thought summer 2013 but I might be wrong Thx Jan
  11. This is Not the Kit with The m60s. Jan
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