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  1. I have a resin seat and exhaust nozzle set. I also have decals for the Ram tape from Isra Decals. The kit is pretty nice out of the box. There are also an intake set from 2Mikes that looks good and there are different sets of resin wheels. There is lots of photo etch as well but I don't think it is worth the money. Do a search on eBay for stuff, or Hannants. Hobbyeasy is another good source to do a search. Dave
  2. Hi Zach, I have a Special Hobby X-15 if you are interested. This is the1/48 scale kit (no. SH48008 ). I am located in Canada and am asking $90.00US and that will included shipping and I take PayPal only. If interested drop me a line. The kit is unstarted and in great condition. Thanks; Dave Petriw
  3. Hi I have the following 1/32 scale Hobby Decal set for sale. The set is complete and in mint condition. The set is a mix of dry transfer and water slide. Shipping extra from Canada. PayPal only. 1- AL32001V1 F-4J VX-4 Vandy 1 (Black Bunny) $28.00 plus shipping http://www.hobbydecal.com/detail.cgi?number=al32001v1 Thanks for looking. Dave
  4. I agree about the cockpit being better. The Tamiya cockpits in their F-14's are pretty poor and for the most part fictitious. Dave
  5. Kinetic/Skunk model workshop has a weapons set that has the pylons https://www.luckymodel.com/scale.aspx?item_no=SW-48029 . Still no decals for the weapons though. Dave
  6. Great, thanks so much for the great picture. Dave
  7. The are a bunch on ebay at the moment. Dave
  8. Hi Hawkwrench, I have a flight crew question. Was the color of the pilots and crew chiefs flightsuit's tan/sand color or were they camouflaged during Operation Gothic Serpent? Thanks, Dave
  9. True Details makes an F-14A cockpit that is pretty cheap. If you can measure and compare the black box cockpit with the kit cockpit and see if you have to make major adjustments to make it fit. I got the Aries F-14D cockpit into the Tamiya F-14D but I had to grind the Aries cockpit paper thin and it took about 8 hours of trial and error. Dave
  10. I got my kit a few days ago from amazon and it had the stub wing covers. I also ordered the crew from amazon, they are really nice. Next I have to get Floyd's decals. all in all I think this may be the nicest hellicopter model I have ever seen. Dave
  11. Their Mig-31 cockpits slide in just fine. It is really impressive how they can mold the 1 piece nose section. Dave
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