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  1. Anybody have one? Also looking for resin intake covers. Thanks! Jeff
  2. full size, with a few more enjoy! jeff
  3. yes she does, thats my jet. in the picture it was parked in a hanger at ramstein for the 3af change of command
  4. nice pics! my jet is way nicer than the 22 bird though!
  5. yes our jets here are gettin the hts on the left hardpoint(most of them have it) it sucks with it on the left. im not used to it there, everytime i go in the wheel well and come out i smash my head
  6. ya thats " stinger 1"'s travel pod. we call hawk one's pod the blueberry. cuz its obviously all blue
  7. haha funny story about "code 2" my pilot squaked he was 10 min out code 2 for HTS. After I marshalled him in and my "b" men chalked him i plugged in my comm cord. He said chief ya im gonna be code2 for my HTS pod not working. I looked at him puzzled and looked at the other side of the jet. I waited for him to shut down and hop out to let him know he wasnt even carrying an HTS pod on the jet. hahaha he was like "thats gonna be an awesome bar story"
  8. ahh the code one signal, always a welcomed sight
  9. right on. we also use the hts on the left side (most jets )
  10. wow! it was crazy. i did the ground checks before my friend in the cockpit threw it into full burner. it was so windy in there. the closest i stood was maybe 3 feet from the left ventral. let me say i cant wait to do it again!
  11. woooooo hoooooo!!! guess who the proud new owner is?
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