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  1. Trumpeter kit... what else?
  2. Thnaks, to tint the canopy I did use a mix of Gunze Clear yellow with black smoke (just inside the canopy).
  3. Yes, just resin ejection seats, but the wing fold system would need resin too... No wip this time, sorry.
  4. Kinetic kit, Quickboost ejection seats and Fightertown decals
  5. The canopy has been dipped into Future Floor Wax.
  6. Sorry but the DVDs are out of stock, only the downloadable version is still available but it's exactly the same.
  7. Thanks for your words, if you check back in my posts you will find some of mine WIP. Anyway I did a DVD about the weatering techinques for US Navy jets: http://digilander.libero.it/f12aaadesign/DVD/DVD.htm
  8. Many thanks MoFo. Seems the Pledge available in U.K. is a bit different than the American, it's "milky" but still good to dipping canopies.
  9. Thank you very much, is that available in UK?
  10. Hi guys, I'm going to UK so want to buy a bottle of Klear Floor Wax for my canopies. Have seen there are some different items: Pledge With Future Shine Floor, Pledge Klear Multi Surface Wax, etc... So can anybody tell me which is the proper item should I buy for modeling use? Many thanks.
  11. Sorry no wip for this build, but if you look back in the forums there are some old ones about my models.
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