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  1. I am doing some photo research on my Dragonfly and I have a bunch of interior photos. However, the shade of grey appears to differ between photos, and I'm guessing the production birds were painted one color; could anyone enlighten me to what it is, or if you've built one a reference to a hobby paint shade would be appreciated. BTW, this is the Trumpy kit, and the fit of the major parts, mocked up, is excellent. I bought a lot of extras for this kit; Quickboost seats, Eduard color PE, True Details drop tanks....I can't wait! WH
  2. A few years ago I built Trumpy's 1/32 Stuka for a friend. Unlike several other 1/32 kits of theirs, this one was a dream. If I had to bet, I would be that at least part of the design team came from Tamiya; the engine was 100% as good as the one in Tamiya's Mustang/Spitfire etc. And I love 1/32 scale subjects, but having just built the Kitty Hawk OV10 which was just like an old Trumpy kit, I don't want that frustration. What I'm looking for is feedback on which other Trumpy kits are as good, with respect to engineering and fit, as the Stuka. Subject doesn't matter (and jets are fine, too),
  3. When I got back into the hobby in 1986, the first kit I built was Monogram's P38. So its been a while. I've been thinking and would like to build a P38 again, either in 1/48 or 1/32 scale. I wish that Tamiya had done this in 1/32, but not yet (at least). Given the configuration, I'm looking for a kit that fits well most of all. I'm finally finishing Kittyhawk's Bronco and let me tell you, it has been no walk in the park! What I'd like to hear is what kit(s) fit, and what their weakest points are and how they can possibly be addressed. I thank you for your help and opinion. Bill
  4. Hi. I was lucky enough to pick up this amazing kit at a very good price, and I plan on starting it soon. I'm considering an OOB build but have two questions (temptations, as it were) 1) I'm thinking of replacing the seat with a resin one with molded belts. I would like a direct replacement that will slide in on the rails provided in the kit. I can't tell if, for exmaple, the Quickboost seat does this. Can anyone give me some guidance? 2) I'm debating painting the cockpit vs. Eduard colored PE for same. I love the colored etch for 1/48 but in 1/32 the lack of 3D makes me wonder. Again,
  5. I just built Tamiya's wonderful Stormovik. I'm not an expert on the plane, and had a few detail questions I was wondering if someone could answer: 1) Just inboard of the cannon barrels are two very thin tubes that almost look like machine gun barrels, but I don't think they are. Can someone tell me what they're for? 2) On the left wing, there's a small triangular indicator which has some numbers painted next to it; I'm guessing this is a very rudimentary gas gauge; am I warm? 3) In the center of the prop spinner, there's a metal fitting. I'm not sure if its a cannon barrel, or a fastener
  6. This is a mostly OOB flying tank. I added Eduard PE, and also replaced the cannon barrels with stainless tubing. The paint is Tamiya and are the decals. I used a number of different washes for the panel lines and interior/uc. IMHO this kit did live up to the hype; I had really relished building it and wasn't disappointed. Mine didn't turn out as well as Marcus Nicholls version, but then again I can only dream of building something that might compare to the boy's.
  7. This is a box-stock build, down to the pilot figure. This is a very easy kit with very good fit. Its not as detailed as others in this series but it doesn't really distract from a colorful and unusual model. I would highly recommend this kit, especially to a newer builder.
  8. I want to buy that kit now. How was the fit compared to other mainstream manufacturers? You did a great job, and thanks for sharing.
  9. Toad: There is a topside panel wash; apparent on the light green, not so much the dark (and its a black wash). Jordan, yes, thanks to Eduard Express Masks, don't go to the spray bench without them!
  10. Well, I'm no F15 expert myself but I think you did a great job. Love the paint/finish.
  11. great build. it looks like a volkswagen with a rudder.
  12. I was told to re-post this to this part of the forum; sorry for any duplication. This is the new Trumpy tool, out of the box except for Eduard belts. This was a wonderful kit, more like a Tamiya kits and less like any other Trumpy planes I built; I hope to build more like this; fit and surface engraving is wonderful. The gelb is MM; the other paints are Tamiya rattle can (not decanted) AS5/23/24. The Trumpy decals were very good, by the way; not sure who is making them but they were high class. I highly recommend this kit to any builder.
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