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  1. I may have the complete AML kit. If you are interested, let me know.
  2. LF for replacements

    Thank you guys! I did at the same time I posted here. They already answered and sent the parts. Thnks god I have 4 or 5 of those so I kept my building line going. Regards. S.
  3. LF for replacements

    I lost the parts A5 and B8 of my 1/48 Eduard Albatros DVa. Does anybody have them and willing to help me here. I'm willing to pay for them. Thank you
  4. Looking for a WWI Forum

    Thank you guys!
  5. Looking for a WWI Forum

    Hi, I'm in a WWI mood and wondering if you guys could recommend a modelling forum more focused in this era, you know like the now closed The Aerodrome... Thank you
  6. 1/700 Hospital ship

    Thank you for your comment. Do you know about any USAHS ship? https://www.med-dept.com/articles/ww2-hospital-ships/ Thank you
  7. Hello, As the title says, I'm about to start the Platz RQ-4N but there is no indication of the color for the interior of the intake and the exhaust. Pictures that I found only shows a dark color. Any advice? Thank you.
  8. How to make intake covers

    Thnk you all.
  9. Vacuformed WWI kits

    Ok...will give it a try and share the results. Thank you
  10. Vacuformed WWI kits

    Hello, I have a couple of WWI vacuformed kits. I'm willing to start one but it seems like only the upper part of the wing is formed. Sorry can't paste pictures because I stiil don't manage flickr properly. Any comment on how should I approach to this? Thank you.
  11. Image Hosting

    What EMBED option? Can't find it.
  12. Image Hosting

  13. 1/700 Hospital ship

    Hello, I'm looking for a WWII Hospital ship, resin or plastic...any pointers? Thank you
  14. Image Hosting

    How can I paste flickr photos here? Just copy and paste the URL doesn't seem to work. Thank you
  15. Image Hosting