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  1. Greenghost

    LF 1/72 Airfix Shorts Tucano

    Still looking...
  2. Greenghost

    LF 1/72 Airfix Shorts Tucano

    Hello Rick, I’m specifically looking for the Airfix boxing A73011 and A73010. These are the Lest We Forget and the RAF Tucano Display Team. Are these the ones you have? Thank you
  3. Hello, As title says, I'm looking for 2 special editions of the Airfix Shorts Tucano. One is the display team with WWII RAF desert camo and the other is the WWI conmemorative special Lest We Forget. A73010 and A73011 I can paypal. Thank you
  4. Now is the time for the varnish question experiences? Should I use it for final finishing? Any recommendation? Thank you
  5. Greenghost

    Vallejo Polyurethane primer

    Thank you RKic, very useful information.
  6. Greenghost

    Vallejo Polyurethane primer

    Thank you Dave, I'm thinking pn use it for their metal colors amd for the weathering is always recommendable to use either Future or Tamiya gloss before using the weathering products. Regards
  7. Greenghost

    Vallejo Polyurethane primer

    Hello guys, Anyone has experience using this primer? What do you recommend for thinner? Thank you.
  8. Greenghost

    Final coat recommendation.

    Thank you all for your comments.
  9. Greenghost

    Final coat recommendation.

    And at what ratio do you use it and what thinner do you recommend? Thank you
  10. Greenghost

    Final coat recommendation.

    What dull coat or semi gloss coat do you recommend? Thank you
  11. Hello, I'm pretty sure that I have it. I can take a look after the Super Bowl, sorry for that. Are you looking for the complete sheet or one option in particular.?
  12. Greenghost

    Tamiya X-22

    I’m using X-20 acrylic thinner at 30% thinner - 70% clear coat but maybe I need to reduce pressure, gonna try to 10psi tomorroe.
  13. Greenghost

    Tamiya X-22

    Thanks...applied using airbrush @12psi from a 7 inches away.
  14. Greenghost

    Tamiya X-22

    Hey guys, I used Tamiya X-22 for first time and was expecting a gloss finishing instead I ended up with a satin finishing, is this correct? Thank you
  15. Greenghost

    LF Color equivalent

    Hello Seawinder, Thank you for your post and yes it was a typo. I also have the recommendation from Gunze using H-15 and that is straight out of thr bottle, so I guess will go with that. Regards