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  1. Greenghost

    LF AK products

    Hello Mstor, Thank you for the hints.
  2. Who distributes AK products in the US? Thank you
  3. Greenghost

    Eastern brand stores

    Thank you guys...
  4. Greenghost

    My Japan trip...

    Sweet! I had the opportunity to be in one of the Yokohama stores, don’t know which one as my guide took me to one he knew in a mall and it was like be in Disneyland.
  5. Greenghost

    Eastern brand stores

    There are some stores out there from from Ukrania or some eastern countries that sell models from eastern brands...but I can’t remember anyother than hobbyterra. Can you recommend anyother? Thank you
  6. Hello Mario, Email sent. Interested in Su-25K and Mig-21 UM
  7. Greenghost

    How to weather?

    I ended up using wood colors to ad a light variation of color on the ribs, it improves but not yet satisfied. Will try some filters in between the ribs. Will post a picture when it's done. Thank you you for the advice. S.
  8. Greenghost

    How to fix pastel powder?

    Thank you all...will follow the advise. Regards
  9. Greenghost

    Color for USSR dielectric panels

    Hello guys, Couls somebody recommend what green color is used in USSR dielectric panels? As the ones seen in Mig-21 and others? My preference are GS and Tamiya colors Thank you
  10. F4U-7, F4U-5 (x2) and F4U-4B I can PayPal. Thank you S
  11. Greenghost

    How to fix pastel powder?

    Hello guys, I'm thinking about using pastel powder to weather my models and the question that I have is how do you fix the pastels once they are applied to prevent them to be ruined for manipulation? Thank you
  12. Greenghost

    Making seat belts with cloth tape

    Thank you for the hint, your seatbelts look very good!
  13. Greenghost

    Fine Molds Me-410 (OOB) - not quite up to the hype

    Yes , they were done...a small company in Germany, almost sure.
  14. Greenghost

    Eurofighter "Bronze Tiger"

    Well...we need that in 1/72...🤤🤤🤤