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  1. Pal

    Eduard MiG-21MF in 72nd scale

    Brilliant work Gábor, as usual. Please keep going! 🤩
  2. Pal

    Eduard MiG-21MF in 72nd scale

    Szia Gábor! Very precise job, I like it a lot. This is rather a watchmaker’s job 🙂 Please keep going, waiting for further details and progress. Cheers.
  3. Pal

    Eduard MiG-21MF in 72nd scale

    Szia Gábor! Very nice job as usual from you. Waiting for all new details you might add to the kit and looking for the news with great interest. Keep up the good progress! Cheers, Pali
  4. Pal

    Farman F.190 in 1/72

    Very nice replica of a not very well-known airplane. I specially like the Spanish Civil War versions. Congratulation!
  5. Pal

    AMK MiG-31 in 48th

    Very nice R-33 Gábor! :) How about some other "small" detail parts of the MiG-31 kit? Looking forward to seeing those too... Cheers
  6. Pal

    Mig 21 engine AB colors?

    Hi! This page will link you to a very good (and bilingual Hungarian/English) page, where you can find a lot of detail photos about a Hungarian MiG-21 F-13 (Type 74). Those include the afterburner section as well. http://repulomuzeum.hu/Leltar/Leltarfotok/813lt.htm I hope it helps. Best regards, Pal
  7. Pal

    Mig 21 engine AB colors?

    Good photos Gábor, thank you! Do you have some about the afterburner section of the bis and/or PF version as well?
  8. Pal

    Plastic Winter 2014 competition

    Hi Gábor, Good photos, please keep them showing! Thank you for sharing! Cheers, Pali
  9. Pal

    Hungarian MiG-15 Camouflage Colors

    Hi, I think you might have to sign in first so that you can see the photos. You can mail me at palbiegelbauer@yahoo.com and will be able to send photos and/or translation if needed. Cheers, Pál
  10. Pal

    Hungarian MiG-15 Camouflage Colors

    Hello, There is another link here: http://www.makett.org/smf/index.php/topic,6002.0.html This is the 1:72 Eduard build (paralel a NMF and a camouflaged one). I am not sure about the match of the third (sand or yellow) upper colour, but will check. If you have troubles with the translation, please let me know which particular part you are interested in and will help you. Cheers, Pál
  11. Pal

    Hungarian MiG-15 Camouflage Colors

    Hello, While Gábor is having some major problems with his PC unfortunately, I am trying to help you. One of our very skilled Hungarian modeling friend (Péter Kormos) is building a MiG-15 bis. He is in the finishing zone now. Based on his findings the upper colours are Gunze H302 Green and Gunze H406 Chocolate brown. The underside is painted Gunze RLM65 light blue. This is very close to the colours we can analyse from the photos, obviously the colours were changing quickly by the weather and dust. If you want to please check this link http://www.makett.org/smf/index.php/topic,5143.0.html Although this is all in Hungarian but there are some good photo materials and you can also find some tricks and hints how to build this machine to a nice representation of the real. I hope this helps... Cheers, Pál
  12. Pal

    MiG-19 PM Farmer E

    Hi Aigore! Very nice job! Congratulation! This is my favourite MiG type... Cheers, Pal
  13. Pal

    MiG-19 PM Farmer E

    Hi Aigore! I am following your build, very nice progress so far. Here is a link which might help you with some fine detailing: http://repulomuzeum.hu/Leltar/Leltarfotok/MIG-19lt.htm The nose lip was laminated plastic (due to radar behind)and it's original base colour was tan-brownish matt colour. I am not sure if that was painted with aluminum as a base coat, but I would doubt this as the aluminum layer would have objected the radar waves. I think the green colour was directly sprayed on the plastic itself (special paint developed for dielectric panels) Gábor will help us later with the exact detail. Keep up the good work! Cheers, Pal
  14. Pal

    MiG-21F-13 Painting Question

    I can tell a few things about the Hungarian examples, which were pretty standard as per the Soviet version. If I tell something wrong ya-Gabor correct me please. 1) Gear bays were mid-grey colour but with the addition of some natural metal plates. The gear bay doors remained in natural metal. 2) The spheres were either mid-blue (triple bottles of oxigen) or black (single bigger sphere of compressed air). 3) The gear doors are natural metal. 4) The landing gear struts are mid-grey, including the nosewheel strut as well. 5) Area behind the ejection seat is also mid-grey. 6) I am not 100% sure about the seat colour, I think it was also mid-grey or black? There are some good photos of the F-13 here: http://hunavia.freeweb.hu/TYPE/MiG-21%20base/MiG-21F-13/MiG21F13_74COCKPITHuAFIDNo816/index2.html I can also send you some photos of the details if you want in PM. You can mail me at palbiegelbauer@yahoo.com Best regards and happy modelling, Pal
  15. Pal

    Eduard MiG-21 bis and MF in parallel

    Szia Gábor! Thank you for the photos it is really good to see how many different shades of green had been used and most of all next to each other. I waz amazed by the very interesting, almost turquoise blue colour of the MiG-21 F13 at the museum of the Szolnok AFB. Regardless of the age of the airplane the inner part of the center body is always protected from the harsh elements and the sunshine so with a good assumption the original colour can be observed. You can keep the photos coming... Cheers, Pali