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  1. Simply a cool projekt you are managing to top notch result.. This is truly what modelling is all about..!! Jesper
  2. I second that, this projekt is what modelling is all about!
  3. Sooo Totally Cool !! Top notch paintjob !! Happy New Year ☺️
  4. Thank you, and so am i ☺️ Hard to find the time, so small steps.. Here one step more Jesper
  5. I agree with above. Simply and amazing thread you created in progress forum. Outstanding result, and very cool pictures. YOU DID IT!! Thank you SIR for the ride along. Jesper
  6. Small progess Turned in a drillmaschine to fit hole, then gluede with Tamiya cement.. I let it Harden at least 24 hours before i will try and sharpen it..
  7. Why not just buy a hole built model?? Did you all suddenly forget what modelling is about, like I DID THIS!!.. Jesper
  8. I will have to see this one too, maybe i can rent it some place here in Denmark.. Thank you for info 🙂 Jesper
  9. Oh what a fine little gem you made 🙂 Thank you for sharing.. This tread and modelling has long terms we all know.. I build up knowledge to "attack" and thank you also for info Jesper
  10. Thank you 😊 I will suddenly have that in mind Jesper
  11. Thank you 🙂 My task will then be to find a specific D in the 332nd , and try to replicate it. This should be a fun hunt i believe. Starting in our librarysystem Jesper
  12. 😊Thanks, i do the best i can..
  13. And i thank you allso, it is pretty exciting to explore.. And learn.. Much to dig in, before i start my build Jesper
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