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  1. Looking for decals to complete my 1/72 British F-4J. I am looking for 74 Sq. black tail bird decals, Extradecal, Superscale whatever is available, don't want a sheet full of aircraft I'll never build.---John
  2. 'New' 1/72 Academy F-100D... which plastic in the box?

    I'll stick with my old ESCI, no funky fantom frame in the canopy. Built this year. I'd consider Academy if they fix the canopy and guarantee decals other than theirs.---John Hun 5 by jvandeu53, on Flickr
  3. Please delete-DONE---John
  4. Thanks, I've used CAM many years ago and if they are as good as their previous line I will look into them.---John
  5. I have no clue, never used Mil Spec, do they go on well and settle down nice? Are they thick?---John
  6. Looking for walkways, black, for my 1/72 F-4J Showtime 100 project. Need fuselage and wing decals.---John
  7. Looking for the 1/72 Hasegawa decals for the 1/72 F-4J UK 74 Sq. black tail F-4J, Tiger Squadron.---John
  8. Thanks Ken!!!!! Have ordered them.---John
  9. Looking for decals for my Cunningham-Driscoll build. I would like Hasegawa or aftermarket 1/72, do NOT want Academy. Thanks---John FOUND!!!!!!!!
  10. Canada 150 Group Build?

    Thanks, I just was looking at some pics on line of 335 and either my eyes are playing tricks or I am seeing an astro dome on the port side of the fuselage above the pilot's cockpit window? Looks like the dome that use to be on the old Gooney Birds.---John
  11. What'd ya see today???

    Last week it was a B-25 and an HH60J. The B-25 must have been at an airshow, it was Panchito and the Jayhawk was from USCG Air Station at Clearwater-St Pete here in Fl. Monday it was an Osprey but I didn't get to my camera in time :(---John B-25 Panchito 4-6-2017 Largo Fl 2 by jvandeu53, on Flickr HH60J Jayhawk 4-17-17 4 by jvandeu53, on Flickr
  12. Canada 150 Group Build?

    Just curious, I was given these decals, Minicraft 1/144 C-130. I don't know much about Canadian Hercules but this may be another option on the table for me. I just finished a Minicraft 1/144 C-130E ANG Hercules and knowing the kit's flaws I believe I can do it again much better using these decals. I am guessing the plane was an H model? CC-130H 335? What is the latest color, I know it's a dark gray but does it have an FS number or what would be the closest color too the FS standards if it is a Canadian color. Thanks for any information.---John OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA by jvandeu53, on Flickr
  13. DONE