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  1. john53

    Super 86 Sabre decals

    Wow someone actually kitted one. This plane is dam butt ugly. I'm not sure what it would've been called. The Brits may have liked this one in PRU pink. LOL---John
  2. john53

    Super 86 Sabre decals

    Anyone make decals, Korean War, for this nifty looking SuperSabre 86?---John
  3. john53


    If it's the same people and the same great answers then it's not Hyperscale. You may be making something out of nothing. I still get great and useful help! It reminds me of the way cats act when their owners move to a new home, they go bonkers and hide before they get use to their new environment. There is really nothing different. ---John
  4. john53

    F/A-18C Blue Angels blue--rattle can?

    Thanks Bill, I can PM you my e mail if you can send pics that way. Let me know. I want to do my F/A-18 as a C model they are currently using but I think most kit decals are for A model. The only difference I believe would be the Bu # , don't think the paint scheme changed from A to C. Will be real interesting when they start using the "Super Hornets".---John
  5. john53


    Just tried it works GREAT! I have Firefox.---John
  6. john53

    F/A-18C Blue Angels blue--rattle can?

    It was dark and dreary.---John
  7. john53

    F/A-18C Blue Angels blue--rattle can?

    Yup, TS-15 is the closest rattle can I've seen. Almost picture perfect! Another question, no red edges on the gear doors, from what I saw and the gear doors are blue inside and out, correct? Pic from Sunday.I believe this is a B model?---John
  8. john53


    It says it has a hiccup. I LOVE the new look, was about to quit until they changed to a modern forum like here!---John
  9. john53

    Canadair Sabre 6 --- 1/72 Hobbycraft kit

    Masks are off, not to awful shabby. I still have to mask for the nose ring and tail-stabs leading edges for the silver---John
  10. john53

    Canadair Sabre 6 --- 1/72 Hobbycraft kit

    I masked for the black on the anti glare panel on the nose. It woud be easier with an air brush but not having that set up I masked with Tamiya tape and cling wrap. Should do the trick.---John
  11. Either F-16 or F/A-18 aggressor for me, I have Ice's F-14 markings but I need a break from Tomcats, leaning towards the F/A-18,there's some cool schemes out there for this.---John
  12. Went to an airshow yesterday, saw Mavericks squadron emblem on an E-2C.I asked one of the crew why they stole Tom Cruises' squadron insignia and got a strange look. I wasn't thinking but the crew member was maybe 25 or so years old, he seemed to have never of even heard of the movie Top Gun. Guess I am getting old!---John
  13. john53

    What'd ya see today???

    Actually yesterday in Tampa, a Mig-17F, A-10 Warthog with an F-22 and some Blue Angels. Crappy sky, very gray and dull.---John
  14. john53

    Canadair Sabre Mk 5

    Thanks, my Sabre Mk 5 I am modelling is 1955, so I don't need them.---John