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  1. john53

    Revell Monogram Group build

    Read this article from an earlier ARC discussion on this subject.---John
  2. john53

    Revell Monogram Group build

    OK---orange not blue---as shown. Thanks---John
  3. john53

    Revell Monogram Group build

    Been wanting to do an 1/48 F-14A Ghost Riders,the original mold before they modified it. I'm in as soon as I can find out which box to look for on evil bay. I believe it should say Monogram and NOT Revell on the box.---John
  4. DONE!!!!!! In The Display Case.---John
  5. Three more pieces to add and it's done.---John
  6. I never really explained the sugar scoops I scratch built. They are from left over parts of the 1/72 Revell Germany Eurofighter single seat kit. I think they were scoops to a weapons or electronics pod of some sorts. I shaped them to what looked right to my eye.---John
  7. Thanks Steve, I have nothing but the highest regards for Tamiya's spray paints. They do a beautiful job, just wish there were more FS colors to choose from.---John
  8. The decals are done, off to gloss coat tomorrow.---John
  9. The decals are going on OK but they are not sized right. The national insignia is not in the correct location over the speed brake, it's half on and half off the speed brake door, should be centered. I will live with it but if I ever do it again I will use after market decals. Not even sure if these could have been properly altered. Some of the markings seem "quirky" and a bit out of size to me or the kit isn't engineered right. I think it's more the decals.---John
  10. One side done, along with top and bottom wings. Now to do the right side then add the landing gear and doors.---John
  11. john53

    F/A-18A Blue Angels

    I have the wings, nose and intakes on and most of the offending misfit areas puttied and sanded.---John
  12. The slats are on and decals started.---John