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  1. 1/72 F-86F-10

    Is the Hobbycraft 1/72 F-86F-10 the same plastic that's in their Sabre VI Golden Hawks kit? If so it's a lot less pricey to buy the F-86F-10 kit, or so it seems on evil-bay.---John
  2. I visited Hell in 2005. Was shortly after a hurricane devastated the area, actually Hell was quite nice! Grand Caymans I believe. I think Ivan went through and wreaked havoc in 2004 just before we cruised the area.---John
  3. Black Friday Disappointment

    Best deals at show tables. I buy what I need, no need for excessive amounts of plastic stashed in a closet. That's what shows are for, seeing as brick and mortar has died a painful death. Black Friday is just another fad about to die like shoppig malls. JMO---John
  4. C-2A Crash

    Navy called off search for missing 3 sailors. Sad, RIP.---John http://www.foxnews.com/us/2017/11/23/navy-suspends-search-for-sailors-missing-after-plane-crash.html
  5. Roll Models

    I gave up after it changed from Battle Hobbies to Roll. I think I bough my first Hasegawa kit at Battle Hobbies.---John
  6. Fake news? Fits right in with Weiner, does weener fly? Ooooopppssss silly question! LOL---John
  7. RF-101C NMF Voodoos in Vietnam?

    Thanks for the pictures and information. Are those aircraft silver or gray paint schemes?---John
  8. RF-101C NMF Voodoos in Vietnam?

    Thanks, great information. So these kit decals that came with my kit may be viable?---John
  9. RF-101C NMF Voodoos in Vietnam?

    Thanks Ben. So all these years I have been looking at shiny silver painted planes and not NMF? Bummer. Oh well live and learn. P. S. anyone know which markings these shiny silver painted, PC, planes had?---John
  10. RF-101C NMF Voodoos in Vietnam?

    efd I don't think the Cuban ones were gray either. The one picture I saw of a Cuban Crisis one was NMF and it was mentioned one was black with red lettering. From what I gather the gray ones were PACAF and needed the corrosion more so than others, not saying that all didn't need it but those more so, from my understanding. I am still digging, there was also a thread some time ago on HS about this.---John
  11. RF-101C NMF Voodoos in Vietnam?

    I just did a little more reading, the RF-101Cs were modified in May 1962 to Toy Tiger standards and sent to Kadena for trials. Were these the gray ones? It also mentions they may have been withdrawn during the Cuban missile crisis, were the ones flying over Cuba in the fall of '62 gray?---John
  12. RF-101C NMF Voodoos in Vietnam?

    Thanks Ben and efd, the only pic I found was the first 6 pilots to fly recon over Vietnam were called Able Mables and were with the 45th TRS, the pic is from Wikipedia and the 6 pilots are in front of a NMF RF-101C, 56-079, with Mary Ann Burns nose art. They were flying from Don Muang RTAFB in December of 1961. I believe they came from Kadena.---John
  13. I have the old 1/72 Hasegawa RF-101C and would like to place it next to my early Vietnam F-100 in NMF. I believe the early voodoos that were there were with the 67th TRW, 15th TRS originally from Kadena? Does anyone know the markings they had early on when then first went to Vietnam from 1961 to 1964? Thanks---John
  14. I am looking for the Revell 1/48 Bf 109 K-4 kit complete and unstarted. Thanks---John
  15. RF-101C arresting gear

    Thanks Ben, PM sent.---John