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  1. F-101b Vodoo Revell 1/72

    Nice subject! I am going even further back in time and inaccuracy.I just picked up the old 1/72 Hasegawa RF-101C. I'll definitely be watching your build with interest.---John
  2. What to build next

    RF-101C Voo Doo maybe----John
  3. What to build next

  4. New Tool Bf 109G-6 from Tamiya

    Similar to what Academy did I guess. Cut fuselage and add tall tail and specific canopy and tail wheel. Had that kit, was quite nice...here's hoping. I'd consider the new Tamiya if they gave that option, not a big G-6 fan, kinda like vanilla ice cream.--John
  5. New Tool Bf 109G-6 from Tamiya

    How hard would it be to do a G-14 from this? I have decals for Hartmann's winter white machine ofJG-53 in Hungary.---John
  6. 1/72 Airfix Eurofighter EFA. I built it, painted it, decaled it then binned it. In the dark with the lights off the shape wasn't bad, but when I turned the lights on it was too simplistic and no detail what so ever. I fell for the box art which was much more accurate than the kit.---John
  7. New Tool Bf 109G-6 from Tamiya

    Very HAPPY to see someone step up and do a plane no one else will do! AND a very rare subject!!!! Just aren't ANY 109's out there AND an ACTUAL 1/48 scale, not like the old 1/49 box scale of a few years ago. Are the panel lines raised or engraved!!!! Way to GO!!!!!---John
  8. Recommendations on first kit

    Try the Airfix 1/72 Flanker B, Su-27. It's not all that hard to build. Besides you need to learn how to fill and sand a bit!---John
  9. VF-1 tomcats USS Enterprise Vietnam 1974

    Thanks for the info, and BTW I am not really pushing anything. Just want to be as accurate as possible, that's all.---John
  10. VF-1 tomcats USS Enterprise Vietnam 1974

    Still just a wee bit confused on the Phoenix pallets. They were lifted aboard with the pallets on but the pic of 103 looks like they were removed? So I can safely assume that 103 had no pallets, cut out dielectric panels in the boat tail, ALQ 100 chin pod, and just 2 sidewinders? The pic of 103 looks almost like an IR seeker chin pod, I just can't see the details that well. Definitely no external fuel tanks or pylons for them.---John
  11. F-14D Black Bunny

    Thanks!!!!! Just what I wanted.---John
  12. F-14D Black Bunny

    Does Superscale still make the 1/48 decals for the F-14D Black Bunny? Any other aftermarket companys make them? Thanks---John
  13. Best of luck to folks in Florida

    I resemble that last remark. All WIPs in a plastic box, leaving my 55 plus home to stay with son in his block house 1/2 mile away. We are being evacuated as of Sunday 8 AM. Still quiet here in Clearwater-St Pete area. Just hoping my happy retirement home doesn't blow away.----Everyone else here stay safe!!!!---John
  14. Model United Masterkit Models

    Thanks, I might just tackle the Minicraft kit, been reading a lot of fixes for that mishap of a kit. What a shame, one of my favorites.---John