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  1. F9F-5 VF-781 Lt Royce Williams

    I guess you are talking about the seam I missed and didn't putty? I just did it,was bothering me. If you mean the way Matchbox actually molded the tail to fuselage forget it, ain't happening. I have almost gone through 1/2 a tube of putty between this one and the Hasegawa dash 2. Insanity doesn't run in the family.....yet. It's my hobby, not obsession. Thanks for the information though, I do appreciate it, but dam when is someone going to buck up and make a new tool mold for theses? This trying to make a masterpiece out of 30and 40 year old inaccurate worn out molds is ridiculous.---John
  2. F9F-5 VF-781 Lt Royce Williams

    The wing fences are sanded up, seat, stick, gun sight and horizontal stabilizers all on. I did put the kit tail hook on but it dissapeared, I tink it may have fallen into the fuselage, I made one out of lead wire, the kit one was no real loss.---John
  3. Shuttle and stack build

    I added more putty and sanded it, looks almost there, just added a bit more. I added the wings. Wow! talk about wing root gaps! This will definitely require card stock shims and lots of putty.---John
  4. F9F-5 VF-781 Lt Royce Williams

    I have the hot air ducts painted and a harness added to the seat.---John
  5. F9F-5 VF-781 Lt Royce Williams

    I started building the hot air defrost tubes for the rear deck. I used a bigger wire than I did on my -2 Panther. I used .025" lead and it was too small in scale, this is copper wire .063". More to the correct size in scale.---John
  6. Me too, I have finished and not finished some. I have no excuse this time but to finish, I am now retired, have the decals, and 6 months to find a decent kit.---John
  7. F9F-5 VF-781 Lt Royce Williams

    Thanks, it does get frustrating. I have some more work done. I have the gaps next to the fences filled,not set up yet so not sanded, and have started working on the rear deck. I have the stretched sprue on and the deck is painted.---John
  8. Shuttle and stack build

    I have it sanded and it needs more putty and more shaping. The left side is coming along but the right is still low. I also have a few pin holes.---John
  9. 1/72 F9F-3 Panther

    I unmasked, like the finish, too bad I have to gloss to decal it. Can Future be sprayed with flat coat lacquer like Testors flat coat without harming the finish?---John
  10. F9F-5 VF-781 Lt Royce Williams

    Thanks, I won't waste my time measuring any more. If there is no ISO then you, I, or anyone else can measure any way you want. That makes a lot of "non" sense!---John
  11. F9F-5 VF-781 Lt Royce Williams

    Thanks Tommy, the problem as I was told was actually Grumman's fault for giving out bogus dimensions. That's why the Revell and Trumpeter kits aren't right, they didn't screw up Grumman did. Or so I am told. They should be in 1/72 scale .111 inches different and I get .21 inches different. I did try to measure along the waterline more or less. I used Starrett scales from back in the day when I worked in a machine shop, I am retired and my verniers and micrometers are long gone.---John
  12. 1/72 F9F-3 Panther

    Ready for the paint booth first thing tomorrow.---John
  13. F9F-5 VF-781 Lt Royce Williams

    Thanks ,TC at Modelling Madness did a big write up on this when a build review of the Monogram 1/48 F9F-5 Panther , check it out. ---John
  14. F9F-5 VF-781 Lt Royce Williams

    All sanded and the wing fences are on. I need to sand them a bit to get the right taper on the top side. I also have to fill the gap next to them on the wing, the original kit fences were about 3 times thicker, way out of proportion.---John