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  1. Anthony, you may want to check out the speedbrake. The first F-15's the IDF/AF received were early FSD models that had the short brake. Also all A models had a different aerodynamic fairing imediately behind the brake except the finel lot built which had a fairing ala the C model.
  2. Thanks guys, I'll probably do a 2x2x2 or 2x3x2. I was in the TACRON det. that relieved the guys who participated in the evac. They had some interesting stories about working 12 hr. shifts in radar then going up on deck and pushing the same helos they helped guide in off the deck! John
  3. Hello Gents, I'm researching F-14 loadout for their first combat ops during Operation Frequent Wind in 1975. Did they carry Aim-54s or only Aim7s? I planning on doing a VF-1 or VF-2 off the Enterprise. Thanks, John
  4. When dry fitting the engine to the wings the aft end of the pylon dissappeared into the wing and the it looks to be canted downward at to great an angle. Anyone have any thoughts about it and fixes? BTW I think I reduced the model size by 10% with all the material I've removed while sanding this thing! John
  5. You might want to try contacting Eagle Strike Productions via e-mail for replacement parts. I won a Aires F-14 Wheel Well set on ebay and it was missing the front nose gear well. They sent me a replacement part within a week. The same thing happened with a set of F-15 afterburner cans. Chunks were missing from the outside edge and Eagle Strike replaced them with no charge. John
  6. Room is booked, have a great new car, even have the bells sitting on the desk ready to go! Anyone up for Royals and Black Sox on Wed. night? Driving in from Prescott, Az. on Wed. John
  7. Great Deal, Timely Shipping, Definitly a Good Trader! Thanks Mike!
  8. "Good God almighty which way do I steer for my... F-4Dable decal sheet!" (my apologies to Jimmy Buffett) Looking forward to it! JC
  9. Microscale 48-56 has morkings for VF-1. I think I saw a sheet on ebay recently. I don't know of anyone else who produces them. After studying the markings that come with the Hasegawa VF-1 "P-20" I would say the Hasegawa decals are more accurate than the Micro sheet, IMO. JC
  10. I just read through the entire thread and am very excited about your project! I would like to add my name to your list of prospective buyer. Your masters look great and I'm very glad to see some detail sets for French aircraft! I've always bemoaned the fact that no one has done any update kits for French aircraft. Eduard, who seems to do PE sets for everything, has never done a set for the re-release of the Mirage F1! Please let me know when these sets are available. Regards(and standing in line waiting), JC
  11. I'd like to second that! I've ordered a number of times from Gordon and my items have always shown up in great shape and within 2-3 days! Thank you Gordon! JC
  12. Oven Off Stove cleaner works pretty slick on enamel paint. I've used it several times and it won't graze the plastic.
  13. There appears to be a differance in the way the air brake is faired into the fuselage. On the last block of A models and all the C models this area was more streamlined and on the earlier A's it was more of a wedge. Several early references show the differences. You can also look at the Mono 1/48 F15 (any of them, they didn't change the molds when they released the kit as a C) and the Hasa 1/48 F-15. The wheels on the Mono F-15 is also the early A wheels where as the Hasa kit has the C wheels.
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