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  1. Hi, I'm looking for PE and AM for the 1/48 Monogram Avenger. I want to try my skills on a cheaper kit before I dive into the AM kits I have. Thanks, Mike
  2. Hi Emilio, I'll take the Hurricane decals. PM sent. Thanks, Mike
  3. Hi, I may have one or two to offer. It will take 24 hours or so to do it! Mike
  4. Tried to PM you but was told you can't receive PM's. So, Hi, Three questions on the Tamiya Dornier Do335B-2 Pfeil Armored Sealed box? Shipping to .04606? PayPal G&S? Thanks, Mike
  5. Message sent on a bunch of paints, sent to your outlook address. Mike
  6. Message sent on the F-100 and F-8. Mike
  7. PM sent on the Trumpeter 1/72 BAC Lightning F.6/F.2A #01654 Mike
  8. Okay, got the kit as is and i can't seem to find any decals for 1/48 Westland Lysander decals Italeri. Any floating around out there? Thanks, Mike
  9. Great!! Thanks Gary. let me know the details. I'll PM you my adress. Mike
  10. As the title says I'm looking for an Airfix 1/48 Spitfire Mk. XII. I have some other Spitfires for possible trade or I'll buy outright. Thanks, Mike
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