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  1. PM sent on the Revell kit. Mike
  2. Is the F-84E still available? shipping ot 03444? Mike
  3. Thanks all, I've found some options and now need to decide what to do. Mike
  4. Hi, I have decided that I want to build twin engines, WWII, in 1/72. So, I'm looking for the Revell Ju - 88's, preferably one of the A - 4/6 series and one "Nachtjager". If you have any, let's talk. I can either pay or we can discuss some trade bait I have. Thanks, Mike
  5. Got them! Thanks! Mike
  6. Thanks to PoseidonSV, I've got what I needed coming! Mike
  7. Thanks!! I'll be getting that ordered today! Just what I needed! Mike
  8. I'm in need of 1/72 A - 6A decals for the Fujimi kit. Any out there? Thanks, Mike
  9. Hi, Anyone have some 1/72 A-6A decals they could sell? I bought a kit with no decals and figured I would try here first. Thanks, Mike
  10. AARRGHH! Resistance is ALMOST futile, must not push BUY! But, a great deal, I feel my resistance crumbling. What is R2? Thanks, Mike
  11. melk


    Hi Don, I may have one of those to trade. I'll check and get back to you. Mike, in NH
  12. Hi, I have been looking at Model Mission paints. Any thoughts or experiences with them would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Mike
  13. Hi, Does anyone out there need an Aeroclub, C 061 Vac Form cockpit for the 1/72 B. Alize? If you do, PM me and it is yours! Mike