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  1. I have found some masks that I might try. Vinyl and look busy to apply, but worth a try! Mike
  2. That is very, very, very impressive! I may get to that point. I was examining the instructions to see what they suggest and then "Can I do this?" Thanks, Mike
  3. How did you finish your model? Thanks, Mike
  4. Hi, I am in search of the Aztec decals Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D Aztec Decal Set Polar Lights | No. MKA019 | 1:1400 So far all i find is Out of Stock. Anyone have this set or know where I can get it? I know it will cost me! Thanks, Mike
  5. I'm interested, I still have a couple of Terry Dean nose weights. Are you doing jets or props or both? Thanks, Mike
  6. Hi, This might be what you are looking for. The instructions are strangely set up but these seem pretty clear. Mike
  7. Pretty sure I have the hi tech instructions that I could try to scan in. I'll meander downstairs in a bit and check. Mike
  8. I did check but got caught up with some house renos. Sorry, don't have what you are looking for. Mike
  9. Hi, I may have one to trade. Right now pinned to the couch with aches. I'll check tomorrow. Mike
  10. If there is one of the CMR72-DS03 Lockheed P3B/C Orion Interior and Exterior Detail Sets left, I'll take one. PM sent., Mike
  11. Hi Ben, If still available I'll take the TD cockpit for the Airfix Spitfire and the Dragon 1/48 P-40 seat belts. Shipping is to 04606. Paypal is good, F&F or G&S? I'll be out of touch tomorrow, Sunday, afternoon until Monday am. Thanks Mike
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