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  1. I did check but got caught up with some house renos. Sorry, don't have what you are looking for. Mike
  2. Hi, I may have one to trade. Right now pinned to the couch with aches. I'll check tomorrow. Mike
  3. If there is one of the CMR72-DS03 Lockheed P3B/C Orion Interior and Exterior Detail Sets left, I'll take one. PM sent., Mike
  4. Hi Ben, If still available I'll take the TD cockpit for the Airfix Spitfire and the Dragon 1/48 P-40 seat belts. Shipping is to 04606. Paypal is good, F&F or G&S? I'll be out of touch tomorrow, Sunday, afternoon until Monday am. Thanks Mike
  5. Okay, I know this is on par with me making the Olympics in skating!😃 I'm in need of part B 11, port side landing gear leg for the venerable Monogram 1/48 Hurricane. I'm building two right now and getting to the wings realize I have 3, not 4 landing gear legs! Any out there? Thanks, Mike
  6. As the title says I'm looking for Matchbox Privateer PB4Y-2 AM. What's out there? Thanks, Mike
  7. You could use Testors clear part cement or PVA. I did this on an F9FP and looked pretty good. Mike
  8. Hi, I got the instructions to the Revell Sikorsky HH-60G S-70 Pave Hawk/Black Hawk, kit # 04650-0389 somewhere! I am doing a major renovation and came across them and if anyone would like them, PM me your address and they are yours! Mike
  9. Hi Don, Got the P-38 with ALL Those Goodies Friday but the forums were down so I couldn't thank you! So, THANKS for another great "Don Deal"! Mike
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