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  1. Will the Academy build into a very early tomcat? Glt
  2. Ok, I get that part. Yet I thought Fine Molds did two different tomcats. The first one was the limited edition, but thought second was mass produced. Gary will
  3. Laugh of the day! Thank you Glt
  4. I don't really understand all the elation over this new kit, when we have the Fine Molds and GWKmin that scale Glt
  5. Full of f14 tomcat kits of course
  6. I forgot to add that he said he expected them sometime around the 30th. Gary
  7. I spoke with him around the 21st of last month. He said he had not received the shipping notice yet. From the time he gets it, it usually takes about 25 days. I check my email almost daily, as he said he'd be notifying purchasers Gary
  8. Looks like the HB kit to me. Those guys look cold hanging bombs! Glt
  9. Now here are two subjects that somebody like AMK or GWH should jump on with both feet! In the past we've seen several others botch the subject up, so really Airfix is not alone. I be good for a couple of each! Gary
  10. You may be right, but you might just as wrong! I've seen exactly one A26, and it was at Dayton. Yet I rode thru two columns of B26k's once. I can't tell you if they got it right either. All I'm saying is wait till it comes out Gary
  11. Then your ideas are simply fantasy! Maybe your right and maybe your wrong? Gary
  12. Question: How did you get your hands on the Hobby Boss kit so quickly? Glt
  13. Air Force didn't come to call all that much up north, but still not important. Most everybody flew a generic load of 500 pound dumb bombs and napalm. One must know the mission of the day to see the configuration. Yet there always were some airframes with the generic package. Plus if your crossing into never never land, you'll need gas. Quite a bit to be exact because it's a long way north to refuel. However you do your load out, remember that in country missions were vastly different than heading north Gary
  14. The first Mig I bought was the same way. It took two or three attempts to get it done. Now it's a piece of cake. The hardest kits for me are RFM and Meng armor kits. I got Tacom figured out on the first try! Gary
  15. I hate auto correct spelling. I a little too strait!
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