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  1. first of all welcome home! I never understood why they seemed to always have a couple M16's on board, but very few loaded mags! I would carry 28 mags if I went with an M16, plus a 45 tucked under my shirt. Still felt naked. If things were heavy and we were flying over it, I took my M60 and two or three belts. Guys said why carry all that weight, and I'd just smile at them. I've seen guys board with a grenade launcher because it was light weight, and others with a pistol (?). The idea of having an M14 gave you several thousand rounds of ammo, but also not fun in the mountains. Still
  2. I never had a really band crash in one (thank God), but a couple were frightening. Think the worst was when one lucky bullet busted a triangle shaped plate in the tail boom of a slick. The boom literally folded up and the ship started going around and around all the way to the ground. We were maybe two hundred feet up at the most, and were leaving an LZ. As soon as it bounced around a couple times I was outta there. The door gunner as well. Nobody got hurt but out shorts were CBL'd. A lot of going down is knowing where you are landing, and preparing yourself mentally. You land three thousand y
  3. let me look at my checking account. If I got the money; I'm game! gary
  4. Honestly I never paid the slightest attention to the gun mount on a Huey. Probably should have for future reference. I just wanted out that flimsy contraption! Once I saw how they were built, I knew I was never gonna like flying in one. 80% of the time I watched a door gunner shoot, it was just strait out in space! They never watch what's going outside, so the have no way of instantly being on top of a fast paced situation. I always watched the ground as we flew but looking at other things. Like "blue crossings" and rivers flowing thru. Plus the depth of the valleys. If I'm going down, I want
  5. I meant 1/32 scale, and yes it's hard to get your hands on. Still at less than $50; it's a killer. I paid $44 for each of mine. Always wanted them to jump into the 109f category. gary
  6. after you shoot a couple bursts, you don't have any comprehension of trigger pull or weight of the pull. Your mind just shuts that part down. I shot the 60 off hand nearly as well as prone, and you honestly never completely get used to it. The weight is not the issue, as is the recoil and it climbing from seven o clock to two o clock and beyond. You can always tell the new guy as he aims at what he's shooting at. Nay not so! Start low and work your way up. Took me a few weeks and a lot of wasted ammo to figure that out. The M60 could well have been a great weapon system with some minor re-engi
  7. most M60's on slicks used the gun with the butterfly attachment. I came in after the bunge cord idea, and most all guns were mounted to a post. Guess it was kinda whatever floated your boat at the time. Not a big deal as most door gunners I've seen couldn't hit the broadside of a red barn at a hundred fifty feet! Plus it's a lot harder to shoot out of a chopper than you'd think if it's moving. I have shot an M16 out the side of a slick a couple times, and doubt I hit anything. The M79 was a complete recipe for disaster in the Huey. On the other hand, I've seen pilots with M3 greas
  8. sure wish they'd do them in 1/32 scale! gary
  9. you know I have a couple of the Tamiya kits laying around, but just never paid much attention to them to be honest with you. I bought the Dragon Wing Tec kit on a whim while roaming thru the hobby shop about 30 miles north of me. Got home and gave it a serious look thru, and jumped back in the car to get another one! I ended up with three (one was the Cyberhobby kit). Then picked up a Trumpeter E-7 kit later on. It was OK, but not in the same league with the Dragon kit. Got a couple other "E's" from two different manufacturers in 48th scale (Hasegawa was one and maybe Airfix). Just can't get i
  10. did anybody ever do a decal sheet for the 123rd Aviation War Lords in 1/48th scale? Airframe in mind is a UH1D slick flying out of Chu Lai gary
  11. because the Dragon kit is well known to be the most accurate 109 for starters. Secondly no one ever complains about the props and spinners on the Dragon 109's because they're right from the box
  12. Compare them to the Dragon kit in 1/32 scale, and both need work gary
  13. that concept has been stated by the CDC, and hundreds of times as well by doctors all over the place. glt
  14. we kinda know that, but it may have simply opened the door glt
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