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  1. that looks like the vest I saw. I might add that the only folks up my way wearing Nomex suits were the guys crewing Chinhooks. Reminded me of stateside BDU's. If there was anybody having access to regular leather boots in 1968, he'd have gone home a rich man by selling them. Even Generals couldn't get a pair. gary
  2. fly fishing shops sell .010" and .015" diameter lead wire (and non lead as well). usually about $3.00 for a 25 foot spool. gary
  3. I must confess that I don't have the kit in my hands, but expected it to arrive today. It didn't, so maybe tomorrow. I've thought about the weld lines as well, and I think anything under .010" in width would work. The real issue is getting something sort of flexable with a reasonable puddle path (that circular pattern you see in a weld). This would be a great thing for somebody like Eduard todo in photo etch. I've been a big proponent in pushing AMK (forget the Trumpeter / Hobby Boss bunch) into doing an F100d. It's time for something better than the forty plus year old Monogram kit to be replaced. Yet I'd also like to see AMK do some other airframes. A good Vigilante would be most welcome. Personally I think a B45 would be welcomed (especially an RB45). I thought we'd never see a good MIG21 in 1/48th till Eduard showed up. Even a correct F105D or F111 would make folks smile a lot. Not that the others are so bad, but still not correct. gary
  4. Are you kidding me??? The weld beads look like they're between 6mm and 8mm. That calculates out to .006" in 1/48th scale, or one and one half times as wide as a human hair! If they were 12mm wide, your still looking at about .008". Now go and measure the HB kit and you'll probably find them in .015" area at least and probably wider. gary
  5. I saw the Dragon kit in the 50% off stack at a shop the otherday, and may just go that route. glt
  6. He had a price substantially lower than Victory to boot! Prices were so good that I ended up ordering five items. Told him to call me when the Tomcats start to show up. gary
  7. got my MIG ordered from Hobby World about an hour ago. He had the kit in stock, so I jumped on it. gary
  8. kinda off the topic, but I'm gonna ask anyway. Back in September (8th) I ordered the upgraded MIG31 thru Victory models. I finally quit asking when it was ever going to show up. They always said the kit was on a ship headed this way (I knew better). Now with the Tom Cat looming in the horizon, can we expect a serious delivery schedule? I've pretty much gave up on the MIG. gary
  9. and snakes! Lots and lots of snakes, and not the good kind
  10. The new Airfix kit has the edge in external dimensions/proportions accuracy and comes with the Cheyenne turret. The the Promodeler by Revell B-17G, as well as both the Revell of Germany B-17G and B-17F kits, come with the parts for both the early and the Cheyenne versions. got both, and I prefer the Revell kit. Just found the Airfix kit to be a bit soft in detail. Plus there wasn't a huge amount of airframes built like the Airfix. Lot of talk about the panel lines not being right with the revel; well Airfix isn't exactly close to being right either. gary
  11. the mesh vest would be worn under the bullet proof vest. Keep in mind that not everybody wore a bullet proof vest. I've see a couple different styles with one almost looking like a medieval steel plate. Body armor didn't work all that great, unless you were fly very low in the valleys allowing them to shoot down at you. And even then, they were useless against a 51 caliber machine gun. I never paid a lot of attention to what kind of shoes a guy wore, but would have thought they'd have wanted jungle boots when they went down. Guys in the rear wore the zippers in their boots (sold them in the local markets). A couple guys in my squad used them. They didn't work well if you have to walk a couple klicks in the bush (would work loose and then give you some blisters). As for when did they start issuing the mesh vest? I never saw any in 67 or 68, but saw somebody wearing one at Cam Rhan Bay at the end of Feb. 69. Now that vest may have been made for the guy at the local tailors (most vest were). Been too long to remember the exact details about that vest. I did see several that went on like a shirt, and had extra pockets for gear. Looks like they'd been in the way of everything. Most crew members I was around simply had a small ruck sack with the stuff the felt they needed close by. glt
  12. I've made quite a few trips in them, and never saw a crew look like that. Never saw a flight vest like that. First of all flight crews slept in nice warm beds with a mattress. Often wore tailored pants and shirts (some call them "pegged"). The uniform those guys have on would have cooked them in the 120 degree temps and 75% humidity. Door gunners often wore bullet proof vests, but as it got hot they'd leave them home. Never a flak vest! When you board a chopper, you always plan for the crash landing. That 45 is just about good enough to be put where the sun don't shine. You never ever wore a hand gun within eyesight. That made you out as somebody special, and then became one of the primary targets. No patches or rank as well. Maybe the crews in the rear might, but never out west. I went down five times and was ready. Had my rifle and 21 mags. My 45 was hidden under the mags. My main concern was water, and smoke grenades. After a crew member went down a couple times he soon learned to be ready, and what to do. Travel light, and get at least 400 yards away from the downed ship (hope you pulled the sixty) gary
  13. visit the art galleries in Santa Fe (some of them sell tickets early in the morning, and sell out early). The Kit Carson Museum in Santa Fe is nice. If it's warm, then go up on the Sandia Peaks. If it's in the eighties, then bring your winter coat and take the train ride out of Chama. Some of the best escalades I've ever ate were at El Roys. There's a flea market next t the old church in Santa Fe every Saturday. Take time to visit it. gary
  14. I read a review awhile back concerning the new Revell (ICM) King Tiger. He actually liked it, and for the price (about $35) it was steal. Good review over on Tracklink. I have the Takom kit with zimmerit (505 ), and this thing has a scary parts count! Still a nice kit. gary
  15. most of the pics are 1966 or 1967 photos. The runway was rebuilt in the late summer of 67, and a second 14,000 foot strip was added. They also built in an arming pit, and a storage area. There were two Marine Air Groups stationed there, but it wasn't uncommon for an odd one to roll thru for a month. There also was an Air Force presence. The POL we see in the photos was not the one used to refuel aircraft. That's the old napalm bomb dump (blown up in Tet 68). Just to the west of it was the iron bomb dump (also blown up). Much further west, and close to Highway One was the base POL that had three huge bladders containing jet fuel. They were blown up during Tet in 68. Next to that was the Air Force mess hall, and was known for the best food in Chu Lai. The helicopters are at the top of the hill to the north east of the base. It's actually just a refueling area manned by an Army NG outfit from Indiana. When I first hit Chu Lai there was a Hawk Missile battery a couple hundred yards from the Army chopper pad. The photo of Boyington was take at the Charger Academy site on the beach. We all went thru there. Prior to late May 68, it was rare sight to see a Chu Lai aircraft doing a strike south of the 17th Parallel. They always went from the south end of the runway and headed due north to North Vietnam or vectored out by Khe Sahn. Our air strikes almost always came out of DaNang. The river in the picture of the A4's looks like the one that ran by A102, but may also be the one just south of Chu Lai. I'm betting A102. Sometime in mid 67, they brought in F4's. There was a plane in the arming pit 24/7. Used to watch the coming and going from Gator or out on an LP Many of us here have heard people talk about "Fat City" from movies and things. The original Fat City was about six miles north of Chu Lai on Highway One (across the road from Five Four). The second Fat City is right across the road from the north end of the runways. Actually it's call Anton, and not Fat City. I know few guys that were introduced to Penicillin after a visit there<g>!! (not me) To add to this, I was on Gator when the 82nd Airborne came in country. They flew in on C141's. They wings were wider than the runways, and they flew in every half hour during daylight hours for a week or two. The strikes took off from the east and west runways in between C141's. Place was flat crazy during those weeks. gary