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  1. Bf 109G-2 question

    Have read two or three books about combat on the Eastern front, and one had a good photo of the gondola with a 30mm cannon. Looked like it was a Jaboschrek. The one thing Lipfert did in his book was to make a fool out of all the nay sayers concerning the quality of the air crews. Another item that got my attention was his opinion of the Allison engine aircraft in a dog fight. Pretty much confirms what the Russians had to say. gary
  2. Bf 109G-2 question

    having read Lipfert's book about combat on the Eastern Front, he spoke of the "gondolas" quite a bit. Yet he spoke of using 30mm cannon, and how it took one well placed round to bring just about anything down. If you have not read his book, I highly recommend it! gary
  3. 1/48 Zoukei Mura F-4C and F-4D

    just looked at two F4's from the old standby two days ago, and they looked really good to me. Then I pulled the 1/48th kit out, and I liked what I saw. gary
  4. Model kit variances

    yesterday I looked at eight or ten different FW190's in 1/48th. All were from the major players, and all were what I'd consider to be good kits. Yet I read folks rip this and that one to pieces here and there. Yet when everyone was built; I doubt anybody would be call a certain one out. Personally I'm tired of this shill or that shill ragging about somebody else's kit, when he has a personal interest beyond build a kit. gary
  5. New Tool su-25?

    a 1/48th SU25 from AMK or GWH would probably be a killer gary
  6. 1/48 Zoukei Mura F-4C and F-4D

    I've told folks at least a dozen times about cutting a mold with a compound curve or an uneven curve in them, and 98% failed to grasp the issues involved. You can feed perfect data into the CNC computer, but it will never come out perfect unless it's built to cut compound curves from the get go. What it takes is often closely guarded, and nobody molding plastic airplanes will receive that knowledge. Yet it's out there. Second issue is the so called art of measuring a Phantom (or whatever). Just the grand idea of doing this is flat scary if you plan on being in the finite. A laser is not the end all measuring device. Highly affected by air drafts, dust in the air, and even the growth and shrinkage of the floor it sets on. I'd seriously doubt anybody has access to a controlled atmosphere room big enough to allow a Phantom to acclimate over two or three weeks. That alone can cause you a ton of grief. Just doing a laser scan over a weekend will drive you nuts sometimes, and that laser is only as good as you "buck" it in. Just the air pressure changes in the tires will throw you off, let aone the growth of the sheet metal verses shrinkage. gary
  7. 1/48 Zoukei Mura F-4C and F-4D

  8. 1/48 Zoukei Mura F-4C and F-4D

    could not have said it any better! glt
  9. Yellow Wings Decals

    moving several hundred kits to the garage, and I'm finding kits that I've always dreamed of owning! (brain is going south) Any way I find four Hasegawa kits with the typical yellow decals. Anyway there's a P26A, BF2C-1, and two P12e's. Took a good look around and found a company named Yellow Wings that sell decals for these airframes. Not perfect, but beggars can't be choosers! Anybody here use decals from this outfit? Any quirks about using them? Thanks in advance gary
  10. 1/48 F-105 upgrade needs

    how about the parts to build an EF105f? Plus all the parts to do a good F105g. gary
  11. NEW 1/48 Phantom goodies for Zm and other makes

    with your F4b conversion coming out (for ZM Phantoms), I looked to see if you'd answered my prayers! ZM plans on doing the C,D,&E series soon, so why not a recon conversion? A ZM RF4c would be a killer kit, and an early RF4b has got to be a mile better than the Hasegawa. gary
  12. CMK resin me 410 cockpit

    I found mine in the marked down stack in a hobby shop. Bought it and the Academy B25G for less than the P-61 was originally going for. The B25G was my main interest as I already knew the kit's back ground. Now if we could just get GWH to kit an A26 of the P61's quality! gary
  13. CMK resin me 410 cockpit

    Awhile back I bought the "revised addition" of the Great Wall P-61 Black Widow. Looking at the kit I thought of you doing one. gary
  14. ZM F-4 shape issue?

    I guess I'm the odd man here. You could probably line up a dozen real Phantoms, Tomcats, or Spitfires, and all would vary a little bit. Molds change, dies wear out, just as machinery changes from day to day. I'm getting tired of listening to the so called arm chair experts call out this error or that shape issue, so when you can do better let me know! gary
  15. CMK resin me 410 cockpit

    we have missed you!! I looked inside a Promodeler box last night, and you are right about the Aires parts. Also have the Meng kits in my stash, and really a mile ahead of the game. Wish they'd do a ME210. gary