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  1. I knew that from the start. The real issue is lens distortion. Cheap camera lenses are famous for this. I'll wait and see. They should have done an F100 or the F111 in my opinion
  2. Looking at your photos, it looks like Gruman got one side different than the other. Or does the camera lie?
  3. Interesting conversations going on here, but who knows what takes to measure an irregular compound curve? If you guess laser, you're wrong! Glt
  4. There was a small panel added to the dash for the bomb release controller. Glt
  5. The dash is slightly different. Gary
  6. Dave, I think the B25b cowl is different enough to require replacement. Maybe wrong here, as it's been years since I did that kit. Seems like it has more todo with the exhaust and air scoops than anything else Gary
  7. Personally, I'd rather seen it in 1/32 scale, but rest assured that I am good for two of them! Glt
  8. Quickboost and at least one other have corrected cowls. Gary
  9. Joe, Academy reissued the older AM B25g in a one box kit. Of all of them, I really like the B25b best. Glt
  10. Looks to me that your taking the hard way to evaluate the kit. Probably would have taken much less time to tell us what they got right! Gary to
  11. I saw a Stearman that looked new fly over my house. Painted classic blue with yellow wings Gary
  12. Let's hope they do an early one and a dedicated PTO kit. Really like a recon bird Gary
  13. If Tamiya did one, it'd be north of a hundred dollars and no where near what ZM does. I can but the ZM kits for $75 all day long without waiting for a sale. Gary
  14. I've decided to buy at least one, and probably a pair of them. Let's hope the keep the cost under $75 Gary
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