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  1. ChesshireCat

    Kitty Hawk RF-101A/C

    your probably right.
  2. ChesshireCat

    Kitty Hawk RF-101A/C

    that's funny as most folks in the know put the AMK kit a lightyear ahead of the Italeri kit before the retooled the kit. glt
  3. ChesshireCat

    Revell 1/32 P-51

    If I ran the show at Revell, and wanted to get back into the markets again (in a big way); I'd start small. First reissue their famous JU88's in 1/72 scale, but with more options. From there move into other JU88's and perhaps a couple JU188's. I bought three or four of each kit when they came out, and now I'm glad I got greedy! They've virtually vanished from the shelves. Next; I'd expand the Spitfire line and do some minor retooling of the MK. II. The MK.II I really a nice MK.Va out of the box. How hard would it be to kit a MK.Vb or Vc? New wings and some small parts probably. Then I'd revise the BF109g6 and perhaps be looking at a BF109G14 series. Not much wrong with their FW190's, but they could easily bring out some new versions without spending a lot of money. One new spru could give us a FW190a9 and an F9. As for the old kits; some are pretty good. The He162 is still known to be good. Nothing wrong with the Stearman, and the old F100 series are still the best we can get our hands on. Certainly there are (or were) kits that needed to be revised, but were essentially sound. Their twin engine bomber series would be nice with recessed panel lines, but in a few cases wasn't needed. just some thoughts gary
  4. I sent you a PM a few days back. Need an address gary
  5. ChesshireCat

    Tamiya Minimum Advertised Price controls?

    I very rarely buy from over seas sources but with one exception. Even then it's aftermarket. Domestically I buy from a LHS 80% of the time. They treat me well, and are there when I need help with something. Yet we see many local shops going under because they are not making a profit. Then we cry because we have to pay a few dollars shipping because we can't find the right paint colors. Perhaps we are the reason this happens! I have no problem with Tamiya placing a MAP price if it helps the little guy survive. I fly fish extensively, and we see this everyday. Yet have little issues with it. You learn to deal with it, and move forward. With Tamiya, you will also learn to deal with it an move forward. gary
  6. ChesshireCat

    B17 comming to town

    Was driving east on County Line Road yesterday, and saw a sign on the fence out front of the Greenwood, Indiana airport saying that on June 29th a B17 bomber will be on display. I'll be there! gary
  7. ChesshireCat

    1/72 Fine Molds F-14A USS Independence

    I've got two ordered thru my LHS, but they told me they have no idea when they'll get here. gary
  8. ChesshireCat


    Joe, don't get me wrong; I like the new system, but it's not working for me. gary
  9. ChesshireCat


    I tried Chrome and Internet Explorer on two different devices with the same results. Still on the way to the bottomless pit gary
  10. ChesshireCat


    not for me. I've also seen others with the same issue as well gary
  11. ChesshireCat


    only thing I ever found useful over there was the search engine, and now it doesn't work anymore. Guess it's another site gone down the tube gary
  12. ChesshireCat

    Clear spare parts Kitty Hawk for 1/32 Bronco

    Glenn posts here from time to time, and think a couple other folks from Kittyhawk do as well. glt
  13. ChesshireCat

    Tamiya Minimum Advertised Price controls?

    for folks that think nothing of spending two hundred dollars on a piece of plastic, I ask what's the issue? gary
  14. ChesshireCat

    Death From Above

    there you go Don! I knew what the bare unit cost, as I worked for the folks that did a lo of work on them. Yet I'd forgot about the upgrade system. Plus that $160K price tag is a rip off for the tax payer! As for the parachuting rolling stock, it was bad enough at one time, that they actually investigated equipment made in the Warsaw Pact countries. glt
  15. ChesshireCat

    Death From Above

    interesting price tags (3). Last time I was at Bragg, they were selling surplus Humvees for $12,000 a piece and didn't get a lot of takers. Plus the Army didn't pay anything close to $200,000 a unit for a Humvee. Be thinking much closer to $100,000 fully equipped. Also the Army has a rather dismal track record parachuting rolling stock, and this is why they normally do a pallet drop at very low altitude. Please tell me where and when the 173rd dropped these three Humvees. In the USA it had to be in the 1940's, but yes that leads into another problem. glt