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  1. ChesshireCat

    AF Huey Replacement Announced

    Some of those people are still flying them today! Like I said, I was taken off guard. Gary
  2. ChesshireCat

    AF Huey Replacement Announced

    I have a bunch of Blackhawks stationed nearby. See them fly over all the time. Over the last few years, I've come to know many crew members thru the VFW, and Legion. All have the same story. Reliability issues, and they can't take a beating like the old Huey! I was taken back by this and asked a former Gulf War pilot, and this was confirmed! I always thought they were really great. Gary
  3. ChesshireCat

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    Plus eighty six on that statement!!!!!!! Gary
  4. ChesshireCat

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    Your post tells me all is good with the kit, as some of us read you like a book! Glt
  5. ChesshireCat

    The Book Thread

    Look for " Hitler's Ardennes Offensive ( The German View of the Battle Of The Bulge)". Written by Danny Parker. ISBN 978-1-5107-0361-2. There is another book that shows up at used book stores now and then, that's worth finding. Titled "The German Generals Speak". Look for the 1947 copy, as the interviewer had direct contact with them. It's a long slow read, but very interesting. The book covers the whole war. My copy has evaporated, and need to find another copy. Gary
  6. ChesshireCat

    The Book Thread

    Currently right in the middle of of Bill O Reilly's The Patriots. end can highly recommthis book to anyone interested in the very early days of the American Revolution. Seems to be accurate when compared to other books. Next inline is Stolen Valor by Burkett. Just a quick glance inside, and we see a lot of folks being called out. More on this one later! Gary
  7. ChesshireCat

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    I hope you realize what you've done!!! Fan boys are leaping off three story buildings left and right. Gary
  8. ChesshireCat

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    I think the Tamiya kit is too late for the Saigon fly by. I know there differences, but just how much I don't know. Garry
  9. ChesshireCat

    Mk 82 and Snakeye colors in Vietnam

    Nah!! We thought we were made of steel, and didn't reason well. I ( personally) thought I was bullet proof till somebody prooved me wrong. I learned that nobody knew the " air to mud" business as the Marines out of Chu Lai, and we used a bunch of them from everywhere. I can still hear an F100 rolling thru waving the palm trees in the jet blast. I miss it sometime, but then come to my senses!! Gary
  10. ChesshireCat

    Mk 82 and Snakeye colors in Vietnam

    In Chu Lai 1968, you would see LST's full of bombs. If looked close, some were heavily faded while others looked like they had been just painted. Story went that with way we went thru bombs in I-Corp we were actually emptying ammo dumps stateside. We saw the same thing with arty rounds. I remember seeing stuff from 1944, and six months later it was current manufacture. Chu Lai was like the air strike hub of I-Corp, and bombs didn't stay in the bomb dump long. Napalm canisters stayed shiny stored four hundred yards from the ocean! Eight out of ten strikes either used five hundred pounds or seven hundred fifty pound dumb bombs. Snakeyes seemed to be harder to come by in early sixty eight. Yet they used them all the time south of us. Cluster bombs were what we really wanted out west, and trust me they were a Good send!! Still most of the time you gladly accepted what was hanging on the wings. When you made radio contact with the folks in the rear and raided a FAC, he had several flights at his disposal. Most were armed with a combo of napalm and bombs, or maybe rockets and napalm. If you were not the fortunate son, and got to work on your sun tan way out west, you soon learned that nobody had a lot of time four butt out there. Maybe twenty five minutes tops! Plus he's not gonna have that big load out. Often you get what's left over from some place in the Ashau, and then he's got eight or ten minutes to find you, set up and get out of Dodge City. So be looking at four five hundred pounders and maybe a couple napalm canisters. If it was ugly (sometimes) they would come and clear out on fumes. Then perhaps fifteen minutes out would be three fast movers that were diverted to bail your sorry butt out of the fire one more time. Gary
  11. The guy in the video came off like a used car salesman to me. Nice product, but? Taking an airframe to eighty thousand feet is one thing, but your also going to be almost an unguided bullet at the same time! Nothing fast going on when it comes to combat. Still, as I said I like the Mig 31, and also the Mig25. Gary
  12. Now I like the Mig, but doing some serious thinking I said "BS" to myself! Eighty one thousand feet! So what! The SR71 was capable of that and then some more. The F15 could do that, and is on record for doing one hundred thousand feet plus! Shooting down a sattalite is nothing new. They did it an F15 fifteen years ago, and I'm sure there are others out there. Gary
  13. ChesshireCat

    Proposal for Steve Bamford.........

    Then what about certain vendors pimping their product lines? Or shills punking a certain product line to keep their steady stream of freebies? Gary
  14. ChesshireCat

    Missing kit parts

    Just be glad it wasn't Stephens International!! Gary
  15. ChesshireCat

    Lost my Tomcat

    Believe it or not, but I have a tomcat that is almost a clone to him! Mine is a big baby, even at twelve pounds. He's afraid of everything, including the rabbits! Gary