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  1. there you go right from the source! Up near the II-Corp border you mostly saw bombs and napalm under them. We didn't see them a lot, and usually when our butts were in a bind. Keep in mind that the food chain starts from the south, so we never knew what a snakeye was till March 68 in I-Corp. gary
  2. be thinking about snakeyes and big napalm tanks! A few rocket pods here and there, but Napalm and snakeyes were almost a standard load out gary
  3. saddest thing in our world is that the best F100 kit is forty years young! The Trumpeter kit is something, but not an F100 anything!! You could get rich with a modern new tooled F100 that is correct gary
  4. I knew that somebody would wise up and do the Cobra in 1/35th scale, but who? I'd really like a 1/35th scale Jolly Green chopper and somebody else do a 1/35th scale Loach. gary
  5. ICM is coming out with an OV10 this fall. Looks very nice. I'd like a new tolled B26 just like you gary
  6. Hasegawa does a P47d in both styles. Nothing slightly wrong with the Revell FW190's, but ZM is soon to start the FW and 109 saga. gary
  7. In my area, there are few bargins at the shows to be honest. Prices are usually fair, but after market is actually cheaper at Spru Brothers most of the time. What you look for is the odd part that is out of production. I tend to go thru the decals pretty heavilly, but the last few times there were not much to select from. I know of at least six guys that stopped going to Indy because of the Turk. A twelve noon buy out is a joke, and they know it. Yet what raised my hackles the most was when one of the club members bragged about going into the vendor area the night before and buying up the good
  8. looks like they are out of business, and maybe that's an excuse to once again attend modeling shows. I won't begin to miss them gary
  9. actually Russian military grade tubes are very much sought after these days. Plus there are some advantages to tubes verses transistors. They don't go belly up during a nuclear explosion, and of course in an amp they clearly sound better gary
  10. The Airfix kit is not going to work for a B17f without a good bit of rework to it. The old Promodeler may be the best one out there in 1/72 scale gary
  11. I'll be all over that one!! I actually find the D to be dull. What I'd go nuts for would be a P51a or even the A36 gary
  12. Honestly; I'd love to see them tackle a few oddball airframes! That MK.XIIe would just be a killer. Another one I'd love would be a Lysander Special Duties plane, or a generic Fi156 Storch. By the way the Dragon BF110 kits are pretty nice. Of all the airframes out there in 1/32 scale, I'd probably like to see them do an AR234 with all the bells and whistles! gary
  13. The only Spitfire I'd seriously be interested in right now is a MK.XII in 32 scale. On the otherhand it appears that Z/M will be doing a 109 G2 / G4 and the first one being a G14 (AS?). I was sorta wanting them to do a 109F2 / F4/ F5 and then move into the G and K series. gary
  14. I thought that HKM was the one doing the P51b/c airframe? gary
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