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  1. With the loss of Kobe and his 13 year old daughter, we also should remember the others onboard. One of the best base ball coaches was also there. Plus, I think he had a son with him. The whole thing is just traumatic! Gary
  2. If memory serves me right, use the front half of a Meteor engine as both started out from the same design team. There are many internal differences, and a few external as well. Last I heard there was at least one on display in Indy. I'd also guess a Mig15 engine would be reasonably close. Gary
  3. Too bad! Never thought he was slightly funny like Bennie Hill. Gary
  4. Glad you told me that!! I was thinking about another trip over there with plans to photograph it. Gary
  5. I think there's a Romanian flagged JU88 in Dayton Ohio. Seems like it's painted blue. Have not been over there in twenty years even though I live two hours west! Gary
  6. Just in time! I have two 1/48th Hasegawa kits with junk decals! Any chance of seeing someother nationalities for German equipment? Gary
  7. I just re-read my post about the bumps. I messed up by not telling you it was for the AMK Mig31. Gary
  8. I don't have a photo, but there were some posted on this forum a couple years back. Some airframes had one on each side and some had a single one. Perhaps someone else on here has a photo? The bumps appear to be square, and maybe three or four millemeters tall. Looks like they are placed just about where the afterburner would connect to the engine. Gary
  9. How about doing the so called bumps above the engines for the AMK kit?
  10. I stand with my post as you do yours. Glt
  11. Read the Detail&Scale review Gary
  12. Is it not in your best interest to create flaws to enable you to sell aftermarket revisions? Glt
  13. He did. He took one from a replacement while flying a D model. But with that aside he flew newer stuff on the sky, and gave the kills away. It's all in his book Gary I think the D was the last airframe to have the Scat logo
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