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  1. ChesshireCat

    Caribou wanted

    I often see them at model shows for about $20. I just wish Roden would do that one with the rear interior Gary
  2. Amure Rever I think ( may be spelled wrong). Barracuda makes great stuff as well
  3. I actually followed a build someone else did in a magazine. I found the instructions to be OK, but painting and my grandson are why it was painted green and yellow Gary
  4. Mine went together with almost zero issues,and almost no filler. I did have a small decal issue, but turned out to be my fault Gary
  5. Don't forget the old F35 thread!! May still be here for all it's worth. Folks get to crying and run everybody off, then you see them answering themselves! I for one am sick of it Glt
  6. I hope your wisdom is right! If so, I can see three at my house. Gary
  7. I personally would rather have seen an F104c, as I wasn't impressed with the hasegawa kit. It was ok, and looked good shapewise. Yet boring! Gary
  8. Now I really like your build!!! I gave mine to the grandson when completed as I knew his color selection just wouldn't fly (John Deere green & yellow!). Love my grand kids! Gary
  9. ? Mine was so good that I bought a second one. Keep in mind that the kit is really a German Tornado, and very slightly different Gary
  10. Looking at my reading pile it seems daunting! There is Tommy Franks book American Soldier. Two more John Gierach books. (I'm in the middle of Fly Fishing Small Streams right now). Unbroken by Hillenbrand. Plus at least a dozen more. Gary
  11. I'll look for Red November! Glt
  12. Read many books this winter and spring. 1. Dunkirk.. by Sebag Montefiore.... May be the only book on the subject I have read that didn't have a slant. I Recommend it! 2. Blindmans Bluff..by Sherry Sontag & Christopher Drew... This came recommended by a submariner, and he Was right! 3. The Royals.. by Kitty Kelly... Basically exposes the Royal Family. 4. U-Boat Ace.. by Jordan Vause... This also came recommended. Good book! 5. Taking of K129..by Josh Dean... How to steal a submariner! Interesting book that parallels Blindmans Bluff Gary
  13. Let's hope they try to do the engines. I will get a couple. Glt
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