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  1. built a lot of RFM stuff from their entry, and always top notch. I'll buy one is it's in 1/48th or even 32nd scale gary
  2. I have the invite, but will probably go with the 40&8 guys gary
  3. the 32nd scale kits are really bigger than I have space for. Still have two or three 1/48th scales kits gathering dust. I once read a full build log on the Revell kit, and I could see a lot of extra work involved. Have never see the Trumpeter kit in the flesh. Still not exactly fond of Trumpeter as they've rooked me a couple times in the past gary
  4. had to be down south as all the O1's and O2's were pretty much taken for FAC use. Add to this that pretty much two thirds of I-Corp was a free fire zone, so there wasn't much use for leaflets. I did see them out on the coast being dropped by slicks. gary
  5. can't recall ever seeing a DC-3 from that company gary
  6. I'm an I-Corp Rat; class of 68. I never saw a fixed wing ever dropping leaflets up my way, but saw choppers doing it along Highway One. Not saying it never happened, but betting it happened down south gary
  7. must be Danville IL. Danville IN doesn't have an airport gary
  8. just a note: The lend lease airframes sent to Russia had the cargo doors on the otherside (or maybe entry doors). I think Finland was similar. gary
  9. OK; I gotta ask you a question. What field did this DC 3 fly out of? Sorta reminds me of Freeman Field (corn field and all) gary
  10. unless it just has to be a Monogram kit, you might look for an Accurate Miniatures P39. I've got a couple and they see to be a good kit gary
  11. what a year! Two A10c's that look out of this world, and only to be followed by the F16 to end all F16's! Is it me, or do I see some wrinkles in the skin? gary
  12. and I've been wanting a good Mig17 for eons and eons! I'm good for two gary
  13. just slightly off topic, but still concerns the B26b. Did the RAF ever fly the B26b? gary
  14. thanks for answering a question that's been on my mind for years. Which B17f was Charlie Brown's plane of course. I kinda want to combine a B17f with a B17g and some after market to build a "late" B17f someday. Ye Old Pub has always been on my bucket list after reading the book No Higher Call. Want to do Mr. Stigler's 109 as well. gary
  15. good kit, but there are at least three different B17f's made. Not sure which one fits your bill, but doubt it's the very late one with the chin turret. gary
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