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  1. That bottom salamander is interesting. Is the body spun deer hair or is it foam? Nicely done. Bass tend to concentrate their strikes on the head. My rats use either a foam body or something to create the shape while being somewhat flexable when the fish bites down. Always foam filled to make them float well. I use big doll eyes (white or red), as all predators watch the eyes. I like the up turned hook, but nothing wrong with a down turned hook. I use a Partridge saltwater hook right now that is heated and rebent twice; then rehardend to keep the body on the hook during a strike. Always looki
  2. For eons I was the classic upland bird hunter. The dog and I would be out all day, and just never had a care in the world. I never was really into pheasant all that much, but I like it once I get my brain into it (is there anything better than smoked pheasant?). Actually never went water fowl hunting (ducks geese ). Just couldn't get into it. Finally 100% quit when the bird populations fell like a rock a few years back. I used to deer hunt a little bit, but honestly never cared all that much for it. I have a 313lb. buck under my belt and call that the end of that era. I still love predator
  3. I have a tax payer funded disease called PTSD. Being out there fishing just takes all that crap away. The Lord did away with the rest (or most of it anyway). Fly fishers as a rule don't keep anything they catch, and we use barbless hooks that do little harm to the fish. Sure I loose one in ten fish, but don't loose any sleep over it. gary
  4. That's really a big fish on the flyrod! I've seen steel head and pike bigger than that, but they were using special stuff. I usually hook them by accident! Almost always on a wooly bugger (say a size eight or six). Seems strange, but I've hooked them on a hairs ear! They don't have good vision, so you have to put the bug right in front of the . Carp seem to love mulberries, and you can by flies that look like a cluster of them. I've tried them, and get a lot of takes, but don't have enough pataints to wait them out for the run. I live in an area not known for trout, but there are some co
  5. I honestly think I'll see the day when a common carp will be considered a true game fish. A ten pound carp is like hooking a 14lb. black bass. They are very hard on rods, and are best at sight fishing (very accurate casting in a must). The first carp I ever caught was with a spinning rod. I and my three sons went fishing and I headed out on a sand bar. Saw a flash. Made the cast and bam! Now I'm small mouth bass fishing and very well geared up for it. He went strait into the back water pulling line off the reel against the drag (keep in mind I've caught two 7lb. smallies). I knew I had the st
  6. I have three Revell Spitfire IXc's, and was pretty happy with that, but now kinda want more. Rather seen them do a MK, Vb or Vc, but that's OK. Now we're only speaking of a 19" wing span! Not nearly as big as i'd have thought. Looking at the CAD images, it almost looks like a ZM kit! I well suspect that Edgar is digging his way back north to see this one gary
  7. for those that don't know, I retired a few months after turning 61. Well I was planning on clearing out in about 18 months; as I did not want to go out of the place on a stretcher. The last ten years I worked like a dream, and actually looked forward in going to work. A normal day was like I was in there for three or four hours. People I worked for really treated me too well. I was offered a golden handshake with a serious bonus ($35K). I owed about $8K on my mortgage and another four on the car. The pension was very liberal, and the big up front asked me to stay a little longer to gain anothe
  8. I just looked thru all the posts and many were interesting, but I see the lack of: Lancaster A6 Intruder (may have been the most accurate bomber in world during it's time a good old F100d Japanese Zero! Beech Traveler The ancient C47/DC-3 is still in use ME262 was a giant leap in aerial combat a P38 of course The P39 kinda made idiots out of a lot of so called experts and lastly the P47 in any version and I find it odd that nobody claimed the F15 (still flying quite well). An FW190F could get things done well. The BF109K4 is
  9. I often said that 1/24 scale was just too big for me, now things have changed! I'm buying one. glt
  10. I'll go for the A10c kit in a big way. The old A.M. Dauntless is one of those kits that has stood well against the test of time. (has anybody done a better Dauntless?). The Wildcat caught my eyes right away! I hope they got the intercoolers right! Suspect the B25 to be another release of the A.M. tooling, and that's a pretty good kit. gary
  11. If your thinking Marines out of Chu Lai (they also flew out of DaNang), be careful of your time frame and mission. They really didn't go much north of the DMZ, but ran the slot next to it daily. Snakeyes didn't show up in I-Corp till the very end of Tet in 68 (perhaps DaNang had some?). F4's were big on napalm; as in really big! Dropping iron bombs was not their greatest forte, but still they got by. The A4 was better at bombing, but the A6 was supreme here. They used a lot of rocket pods, and I simply don't remember if they used bigger air to ground rockets. The Phantom leaving Chu Lai or DaN
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