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  1. ChesshireCat

    The Book Thread

    just started "Bastogne" by George Koskimaki. Next in line after Bastogne is "Rising from Ashes" by Terry Hutchens. Been buzzing thru Trout Bum again (probably the fifth time). gary
  2. ChesshireCat

    1/48 Napalm canisters used in the Vietnam war?

    I can tell you this: When I hit country in 12/67 the napalm dump in Chu Lai (Marine air base) used a mixture of about everything. Used go right past it two or three times a week. When it was blown to bits during Tet, we saw them only use the blunt nose bombs. The survivors became showers for units in the field (big pointed ones). In Danang they kept using the pointed ones till mid summer (maybe later), but by the time the monsoons came everything was the blunt nosed ones when dropped from jets. gary
  3. ChesshireCat

    Best replacement for an F-15 is... an F-15

    actually, I doubt there are four people on the entire board that have an idea how defense contracts work. gary
  4. ChesshireCat

    Best replacement for an F-15 is... an F-15

    Yingling is the single oldest brewer in the USA. Plus it's pretty good beer gary
  5. ChesshireCat

    Best replacement for an F-15 is... an F-15

    Yingling here gary
  6. ChesshireCat

    kit recommendations Mig-29 and F-15

    Great Wall Hobby all the way! gary
  7. ChesshireCat

    Best replacement for an F-15 is... an F-15

    but they could get more beer cans out of the Tom cat frame! Face it the F15 was always a better air frame, and will be till they make beer cans out of them. gary
  8. ChesshireCat

    Revell 1/32 P-51

    I'm with you! Space is an issue with me as well. I do build a lot of 1/32 single engine props, but the thought of something like a 1/32 Mig31 flat scares me to death. I did 1/48th single engine fighters till I tried a Hasegawa 109 in 1/32. I knew I'd found a new home. On the otherhand, I do 1/72 and even a few 1/48th bombers. Mostly 1/72 just for the space. I did a quasi inventory a few days back of 1/48th BF109 kits. I counted 18 kits from just about everybody. But mostly from Hasegawa and Fujimi in 1/48th. Decided to buy several of the new Eduard series kits over the winter. I kinda waited to see what the community thought about them first. gary
  9. will we later see these in smaller scales? gary
  10. ChesshireCat

    Revell 1/32 P-51

    And I thought I got the deal! Actually, I paid a tick under $31 for my first one, and $27 for the other two. About the only aftermarket I might want is metal landing gear, and maybe a different seat. Regarding open panels (I like them) on an airframe, but they seem to be outta vogue these days. The engine would have been nice, but also not needed. rest don't mean a thing to me. I'm sorta wanting Revell to make the radio changes and some other small bits, so we can have a great Korean War machine. Now I for one, do not think this P51 is as good as their FW190f8, but still pretty close (@ $27 a piece). We all have favorites and ones we just can't seem to get into. Myself, I'm on the Great Wall Hobby band wagon with HK a close second. gary
  11. ChesshireCat

    Revell 1/32 P-51

    then why post on a Revell subject? I found the Revell P51 refreshing, and very nice. Not perfect (your Tamiya kit isn't as well), but for $27 it kinda makes one wonder about spending $130 for a box of plastic. On the otherhand, if we compared the P51 from Revell to the Tamiya Corsair, it'd be no contest! gary
  12. ChesshireCat

    Dream Injection Kit(s)

    might add a new tool B58 Hustler to the mix. Somebody like GWH or AMK ought to jump on this one. glt
  13. ChesshireCat

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    I know you didn't read the prior posts, or you would have read "summer of 2018" gary
  14. ChesshireCat

    Dream Injection Kit(s)

    dang!! I almost forgot two of my all time favorites. 1. Tamiya or Hasegawa, please do a 1/32 scale Rufe!!!! 2. Hasegawa please scale up the Pete floatplane to 1/32 scale (I'm good for two or three kits) gary
  15. ChesshireCat

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    Bob is really one of the "good guys" in our community. I ordered in the AMK upgraded Mig31 from him and waited and waited for it. Wanted to pay in advance, and he wouldn't have it. After six months the supply ran out, and some how I was lost in the quagmire. I did find a kit later, and it was worth the long wait. Another guy to remember is the fellow that runs Hobby World. These guys are what our hobby is about, and trust me you can trust either one. I've learned to not trust anyone who wants cash in advance with nothing to show for it.. gary