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  1. I'm looking at another brand that comes at 40% the price, plus I like it better gary
  2. something that really needs to be brought up; as bad as I don't want to. On many boards there have been comments about selling poppies on Veterans day. THEY ARE NOT for sale ever! Just take one and wear it is all they ask. Yes there is a box or jar for a hand out, but you do not have donate. That money is set aside in a sepperate account for veteran's relief issues. The only time you may take money out of the account other than a relief issue is for issues with the building itself (say a new roof). The accounts are monitored by the national and state organizations, and you must fil
  3. I do two things everyday: 1. thank the Lord everyday for keeping my sorry butt outta harm's way. (by the way I didn't know it was as sorry as it was till my first Platoon Sargent told me) 2. Read the daily KIA reports on the Vietnam Wall in detail. Then thank the Lord one more time! gary
  4. I don't dislike the Tamiya kit, but have always felt something could be better. Besides, I want a 32nd scale Mig15! That is a good one!! Never heard of "Minibase." I'd like to see a good quality Mig17 as well. As for Mr. Gabor's comment about difficulty doing something in CAD, it's not all that hard, but takes another eight or so hours setting up the gauge lines. Machining the mold is much harder as few machines these days offer the dual readout for their axis drives. This is not the CRT screen, but feed back from the axis drives. Also the programing is extremely well guarded. But
  5. looks to me like the Corp is looking at the fabled "Mobile Strike Force" concept. Rapidly deployed light infantry. How they will insert them is now the big issue for them gary
  6. Those kits are sorta frightening when you first look kin the box (best packaging I've ever seen by the way), but go together very well. I was sorta wanting them to go into the Mig25 family, but ICM beat them to the punch. I was also taken by just how big that airframe is! gary
  7. I consider ZM the Cadillac of model kits gary
  8. seems that the wings are outta wack. Been awhile since I read that data. May have been on the FSM web site years back gary
  9. how I missed this; I don't know! Fantastic build! I have the upgraded kit and another I forgot I even bought. Two different versions. The stencils looked very nice. Were they from AMK? gary
  10. getting ready to pop the money for two kits, and your build makes it a must have. Have two F4c's, and really want to see ZM go thru the entire family before I croak. After the two F4e's, I'll probably pick up an F4j as I have decals for one that flew out of Chu Lai. gary
  11. my decal sheet was trash in five months of dry storage (very dry). Yet the plastic looks pretty good. Took a look at my 109g6, and the A team must have done the decals. They are much older and still perfect gary
  12. all you gotta do is to go to the web page Hyperscale to realize just how nice this web site is! No crazy (and unwanted) adds to keep your fingers busy. Thank You gary
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