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  1. I worked for Allisons for thirty four years, and I ran into designs and prototypes the outside world never saw. Some of it, I doubt they even remember owning! There were literally rack after rack of componets that just never were ever used. Things like the 3300 HP V1710 engine, and the evolution of the jet engine as we know it. Yet there were pieces I only heard about, and were always kept under lock and key. The Hestalloy foundry was an item I wanted to always see (first 100% robotic system in the world). Took a higher top secret clearence that I could ever obtain to just walk thru there when
  2. I really like WWI subjects, but they scare me to death! Plus I have a friend who is an aeronautical engineer specializing in fuselage design. He's really into the classic twenties and thirties designs, and has gotten me interested in these airframes. Just a unique period. Also highly neglected. The one thing about WWII equipment is that they actually did something in a big way. Doesn't matter if your into the RAF or something right out of Germany! All are unique in their own way. U.S. aircraft can go from colorful to just plain drab, but still unique. I like Vietnam era stuff because
  3. I'm on the fence with the Tamiya P38's. I really like them even with their stupid pricing, but have little interest in the versions they're marketing. I want J's and L's. I'm about to start a new adventure in modeling, that is still somewhat fuzzy. Really thinking about specific years instead of reaching around all over the place with no real sense of direction. Right now, I'm leaning towards 1940 thru 1942. Three years. I'm at a loss to what scale I'll choose, but prefer 1/48th or 1/32. Still have not ruled out 1/72 just for the variety. Looking at it, there's enough there to keep m
  4. thanks for post this link! gary
  5. I've had at least a dozen Eduard kits in the past few years. Hate their 1/32 BF109, but the rest seem nice. Right now I have the 48th scale Hellcat with no serious plan of direction. To be honest, the kit give me little inspiration. Still that's the one oddball. I also have a half dozen of the older FW190's, and believe I can easily fix most issues with a small amount of elbow grease. Going to order in three or four of the new FW190's soon, but my favorite is still the old Trimaster. Not perfect, but a great start. Really leaning towards buying several Eduard Spitfires soon. I'm sorta hung up
  6. well I'm not an Airfix or even a couple other fan boys, but give credit where credit is due! Always felt their Spitfires were very nice, as well as their B2 Stukas. Yet the two that really caught my eyes were the Walrus and the Blenheim in 1/48th. Enough that I'm going to get two more of them. Wish they'd do a Blenheim IV in quarter scale! Surprised they didn't upscale the ME262 to 1/48th. On the otherhand I consider their decals junk like Tamiya. gary
  7. man! I thought the Airfix Hurricane was a fantastic kit!!! Please don't tell me the Eduard kit is better. I have two kits and was thinking about two more. gary
  8. didn't SAC or Eduard sell replacements in metal? gary
  9. I used to access to the Fed's fish scale. Try printing off a print! They know what printer it's being printed on, and are often not nice about it. Prints are often declassified after so many years unless there's an item (part or assembly) they deem critical in their eyes. They will drop by for a visit if you print something they are interested in. I found this out more that once. Tooling prints will get you a visit from the FBI if you ain't got any business in there (I learned this while discovering Hestalloy). All in all pretty nice, but somewhat protective. By the way, virtually all tooling
  10. With the new C130's getting close to the market, how about a Son Tay Raider scheme? The idea just hit me a few minutes ago gary
  11. beautiful build Sir! Used to see a few Bonnie Dick airframes in the bone yard in Chu Lai. gary
  12. I've only seen one in the flesh in my entire life, but I still remember the ground shaking a couple miles away gary
  13. now I'm a big fan of the Tamiya kits, but with the detail I'm seeing I think they'd knock it out of the ball park! Going to call in a couple markers to get a good look at those two gas turbines and the gear reduction unit. I know where one is setting at Raymond and Tibbs in Indy. gary
  14. pretty sure neither is perfect. I think kits are just fine, but love the way the HKM did the surface finish on their kit. Just looks the part to my eyes. The factory blue prints are government property ( if the Fed dumps money into the project then it' their property by law). Drawings are for assembly and machining purposes only. Numbers are right, but shapes are just generic. Still think they should have debuted with a B17f and the an early B17g. I'm also wanting them to do a B24 series! gary
  15. The TF-56 engine is not really a shelf item due to costs alone. Back in the eighties and early nineties I was in and out of Allisons on the southside of Indy almost weekly. They were talking about two South American countries and Portugal as well as the Thailand governments placing orders for a TF56 / C123 project. Orders like that are on and then off again with the snap of your fingers. Had they been started; it'd be different, and your looking at a six month wait. Anyway, I would swear I saw a photo of two or three parked beside each other in Thailand. Myself, I'd be more intere
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