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  1. Can anyone suggest a web site that A) shows the internal deck layout and B) railings. Model in question is the pit road 1/700 Shirayuki Thanks Ron
  2. Can anyone suggest a web site that A) shows the internal deck layout and B) railings. Model in question is the pit road 1/700 Shirayuki Thanks Ron
  3. Beautiful build and since I just got my "Revell", "Matchbox" molded in Poland kit you answered a few questions I had but also added a few more questions! One question was how did you make the instrument panels? Second question where did you get the wheels?? The kit wheels look like something a Bush Pilot might use on his Piper Cub! Yours look like small Navy style wheels, would they be appropriate for USAF versions?
  4. Title says it all except for the scale 1/48. So if anyone has a one piece F-4 Phantom canopy by Hasegawa in 1/48 scale please let me know and we can hopefully work something out. Thanks Ron
  5. Actually I bought a Monogram kit first and started trying to modify it but again the wheel wells were too deep so I modified them and found it didn't help much as the intakes on the kit itself needed an extreme amount of modifiying. That's when I snagged the Testors RF-18 kit and the work was about half that of the Monogram kit and a lot more doable. You would think they should all be similar and dimensioned correctly but the kit makers have their own way of doing things right or wrong. Ron
  6. 1/48 scale, yeah pain and suffering for sure but if it works it will be worth it. Definately a challenge!! Ron
  7. I have an F-18C model (Hasegawa kit) coming and want to put intake trunks on it but want to know if anyone has had some experience putting them in? Will they be easy to install? I bought a set of trunks made for the Hasegawa kit and am trying to put them in a Testors kit but it's taking a lot of work as the wheel wells are too deep. Yeah I know, lipstick on a pig right but the intakes and exhaust (which are very easy to make fit) will make the model for me. Ron
  8. Yes That does help!! I can only find one picture on the net, do you know of any detailed shots of it? Ron
  9. Yes I'm already looking for an aftermarket pod to replace the kit junk. My question is what is the other pod supposed to be. The AN/AAQ-28 will be on the left side (facing the aircraft or right side as viewed from the cockpit) but my question is what the other pod is supposed to be?????
  10. I'm building the Testors 1/48 RF-18 kit and it comes with 2 pods marked as FLIR and "Lot". I think the Lot pod is really supposed to be an LDT pod designated AN/AAQ-28. The other pod I can't seem to figure out what it is supposed to be. Does anyone know what the second pod is supposed to be and if there is an aftermarket version??? Ron
  11. Well I am not an expert but it looks like a display model, probably made of wood. Most likely in some oddball scale as well but you would have to measure it and figure that out.
  12. I think a picture of him in uniform may be helpful here so we could discern the uniform in question. The Air Force became a separate branch in 1947 but many of the uniforms were similar in design at first and every body had some form of khaki uniform as well.
  13. Title says it all, I'm looking for a pair of 1/48 scale F-18 wing tanks don't care what brand as long as they are the right scale and for an F-18 Hornet. Can do PayPal. Thanks Ron
  14. Maybe it's me but I see the flat "Thin Wing" of a "B" model. It has the skinny main gear tires and what appears to be flat main gear doors. But what do I know!
  15. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Superscale-decals-1-48-48-374-F9F-5-Panthers-VF-113-192-Golden-Dragons-H28/401555267002?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649 1/48 scale Super Scale sheet 48-374 or just the golden dragons and VF-192 markings Send me a PM if you have them. Thanks Ron
  16. If you want to do the slime lights up get some of this tape https://www.ebay.com/itm/10M-Luminous-Tape-Self-adhesive-Glow-In-The-Dark-Safety-Stage-Sticker-Home-Decor/263176880908?hash=item3d4690830c:m:mi8TYcWPzcbNNdA63pGJQfw:rk:21:pf:0&var=562173480271 It is .006" thick (has backing paper) and is white colored when viewed during daylight but glows green in the dark after exposure to bright light. It stays illuminated for quite a while in the dark too. It will also stay stuck, good adhesive, so should work well on the wing tips too! I paid $1 for 10 meters (1/2" wide)with free shipping and it took a couple of weeks to get here on the left coast so it may take longer to get to you on the right side of the US. Awesome work by the way, wish I could say something that hasn't been said by others..😉
  17. How can I duplicate the white fiberglass edging on the F9F-5 Panther canopy as seen in this picture?
  18. I think he's resetting the arresting gear for the next landing. To me it looks like the cable is thick where the hook grabs it and a somewhat thinner end where it would real in to put tension on the cable. But I was Air Force not Navy so....
  19. Yeah Habu I keep wanting to win the Lottery but they tell me you have to BUY the tickets! By the way any affiliation with the SR-71? I was at Det 1 85-86 (20 months on an 18 month tour).
  20. I think (but I'm not sure) most Air Force SEA birds were originally Navy scheme Gray over White and the camo was sprayed in country so the bottoms would be white and later production versions (F-4D/E) had the light gray bottoms with the SEA camo from the factory.
  21. Okay a lot of info here!!! My plan is to build at least 7 or 8 RF-4C's, 1 F-4B and 1 F-4C, maybe an E model since I have one already. The RF-4C models will be mostly Hasegawa and the rest Testors/Italieri since they are cheaper and will only represent the birds I worked on. I have a Monogram F-4C currently working on but the canopies are proving to be a real test of patience and skill (haven't got to the wings yet) and have probably sanded a lot of details off already. For the Hasegawa RF-4 kits I have some Rhino intakes, Eduard PE for the cockpits and am working on detailing the cameras (I was a camera troop for 20 years in the A.F.). They ALL need exhaust cans! For the F-4B I'm thinking the Academy kit since it has intakes and the markings I want (VF-111) so all I would need is the exhaust feathers. Having a bunch of 32nd scale Phantoms I'm hoping it is a true "flat wing" Phantom unlike the 32nd scale counterparts which are ALL thick wing versions. I'm retired so "bang for the buck" is a factor so the less I need to spend on aftermarket stuff the better and you guys have been most helpful in that respect. If I could, I would put intakes on all of them, since I like the look, cockpit stuff not so much since you can't see much in there anyway. Exhaust cans are going to cost me a bunch as it is so spending money for intakes will also be kinda limited. I'm also planning to build a complete (SEA) revetment and if my calculations are correct will need 22 long sections ($6 each) and 2 end pieces ($5 each) from Lonestar Models and that will be a good chunk of change too but it will make a great display piece for these birds. Still waiting for Ed McMahon to bring my Publishers Clearing House check!!!! 😄
  22. How would you rate the 1/48 scale phantom kits currently available and what would they need to make a good model? I know the ZM kits have just about everything you could want but what about Testors, Italieri, Entex, Monogram, Academy, Hasegawa and others. Personally I think the Hasegawa RF-4 kits are best and Monogram would be second but they are all fighter versions and both need intakes and exhaust and perhaps PE for the cockpits. I have not built an Academy kit yet and Testors kits leave a lot to be desired detail wise so please tell me your opinions of these kits and what you feel they need.
  23. Title says it all, reasonable price please, can do PayPal . I could use just the main wing or a parts bird as well. Thanks for looking! Ron
  24. I once had to open a camera access 504L (RF-4C) in front of the cockpit (left side) to replace a broken camera while the crew was in and engines running. We had to account for every fastener in the panel and have the line chief sign it off so they could taxi out for the mission. But then that was during the Viet Nam war too!
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