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  1. Long over due thank you for everyone's comment. I haven't checked in awhile Regards TrietCam
  2. Absolute stellar builds. Your attention to details is astounding. Thanks for showing 11bee
  3. External close ups. The side mirrors are from Eduards PE sets. They look pretty real ] That's all folks. Regards Triet cam
  4. One final update, I added the walk ways after someone pointed out. I had totally forgotten. I sprayed very dark gray, and left off some spots to get that worn out look.
  5. Here's the real thing in 1970. It's actually an A-1G. From exterior, there were no differences between the E and G. The G version were more dedicated to night operations. Many of the South Vietnamese two seaters were actually the G version minus night time radar equipment in the back. Probably had no usage purposes in Vietnam. Record showed this aircraft was lost in Feb/02/1972, no indication where. Checking with sources who knew think it was shot down over the battle of Kontum in Region II. It was downed while returing home from mission. It was later learned that it was hit by a missile. That caught many by surprise, since the NVA didn't operate missiles that far deep in South Vietnam. Turned out they had deployed new shoulder fired missiles, the SA-7 in all of the South. This Skyraider was probably the first one on the receiving end. The pilot ejected out, but was hit by relentless machine guns from the ground.
  6. Overall view. Summarize the build: The model was kit bashed with the Monogram wings, and tailpanes. I mate along the lower side of the fuselage, to minimized fillers and sanding as much as possible. It's still a lot of work involved though. Other modelers tried to use as much of the donor kit as possible (ie. Tamiya) by joining the two higher up. I saw this could have some potential difficulty fitting in the cockpit floor, if it's not done right. There were a lot of work mating in the resin nose/engine set. The fuselage diameter had to be adjusted to fit the nose end. Plus the angle of the nose had to be shimmed to get it to sit to correct position. All in all, a tough build. No wonder there aren't many build posted. The old Matchbox A-1E can be brought to a higher standard, but it's going to involve perseverance to get through. I pretty satisfied at the end. Thanks to those who paved the way before.
  7. I wasn't totally ok with the canopy. Both the kit's and the vac form were off, but I made best with what was available. I added Archer raised rivets around the framing. Yeah, it's supposed to be flushed rivets in the real thing, but still better than nothing there. The lights are from MV Products, 3.3mm clear lense. Exceelent product, too bad they no longer exists. The red bar (coke can) next to the cannons is the wing fold indicator. They extend when the wings are folded, and retract flush when wings are extended.
  8. I've crossed the line - the finish line. Just shoot some overall pics.
  9. If I read your post right, yeah I don't make it supper flat finish either. It doesnt seem to look right. I tend to keep it satin like finish. What I do is go 50% flat, 50% thinner. That way the gloss coat underneath can shine through a little bit.
  10. Seems like the goal line keeps moving away as I get closer. Still working on the side canopy, as well as weathering. I replaced the canopy with a vac form. It is a little flatter at the center support bar, which is correct. It's still not 100% correct though, because the side profile is a little flat when it should be more of an oval bulge like the real thing. It still need to get evenly distributed dirtiness at the bottom. But other than that, it's getting closer to the goal line.
  11. I hear ya. Same here. I kept procrastinating and by the time I was ready, it was too late. I actually was planning on mating the ZM A-1 since it was more accurate in many ways. Hopefully one day his business is back up. Cheers
  12. Yes, I used Tamiya panel line wash. I mixed black and brown to get the dark brown finish. The stuff is great. Cheers
  13. After decals set, the model was hit with 2 coats of Model Master flat laquer. I did started some small weathering with Tamiya weathering sets, just to test out. Just some more things to finish up: dirty up the old boy to resemble war condition, the sliding canopy still haven't start yet, the original props need some fixing up, landing lights on the gear doors need to attahc, and the napes need to load up. The next update will be the final finish model.
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