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  1. Does anyone know what type props these were? They kind of look like the onse on the Constellation, but I don't know for sure. Is there something similar out there to replace the 1/72 Italeri gun ship? Thanks for your inputs. T Cam.
  2. Use the airbrush with just air blowing through, set at around 25-30 psi.
  3. Have you looked into Albion tubes? Not sure what size you're looking for but they have some thin wall brass as well as aluminum. They also got rods that can go down to 0.2mm dia. Maybe a combination of rods and tubes is what you might need. https://spruebrothers.com/albmbt06-albion-alloys-micro-brass-tube-0-6mm-x-0-4mm-od-id-3-pcs-mbt06/ https://spruebrothers.com/albmbt04-albion-alloys-micro-brass-tube-0-4mm-x-0-2mm-od-id-3-pcs-mbt04/ HTH triet cam
  4. It works the same way as labeling tapes. Being clear color, it's easier to see where you're position it relative to the surface. And with 1mm tick marks printed on the tape, it's a good guidance on the scribe length you want. One thing I noticed though, the tape can be used multiple times, unlike labeling tapes only lasted 1 or 2 uses. HTH - T Cam
  5. I might be on the left field by myself, but I prefer the side feed type like the Badger XF100. To me it's easier to see where I'm pointing, and the balance feels right. I have a Paasche Talon gravity sitting around collecting dust. Don't get me wrong, tt's a good AB, but never really got used to it.
  6. MLT is lacquer, and by definition, hot. It could wipe out the gloss finish along with paint under it. It's best to buff the X22 gloss surface, using your preferred compound, to achieve the smooth finish instead.
  7. I use the JLC razor saw. Not only can it scribe very thin lines, it can be used as its original intent, cutting. With a little practice, you can actually scribe a straight line without any straight edge aid. There are various manufacturers make these razor saws, JLC, CMK, HQT. But serve similar functions. I think they are all interchangable also. UMM-USA carries them in stock. http://umm-usa.com/onlinestore/product_info.php?cPath=21_28&products_id=35
  8. Is this what youre looking for? There's a guy specializes in 3D print weapons. It's available in both scales https://www.ebay.com/itm/403786045738?hash=item5e0386192a:g:5~8AAOSwihZi1w~t&amdata=enc%3AAQAHAAAA4A%2FUzLo0ZnALrdzO8M7JuwTVfAduyQvRO8OwrpCV7e65AAk%2Bon8mBFy7FSNqa%2FH%2B5IsDNKtdGzEFJanTK5QnHtNUyTCTbRyZdL1x%2FPptYBgH%2BKT1eZGXeHozJxTVwtNrf5ub%2F7nf7N1qWANLMtnsqn4Sb6VakUAiACDb6bZuY41M4bNZwjD551V5t2DKjN0oveVQe5jroqSNiv0dNWxCkq4e%2B0dY8AdbGON7Wks1Abmo4qZzs12oYH2PbhyzCQ2xs7%2BbqlEwlOouBnUPFkk30wv6mwQmXFhNoGMvhloYlW37|tkp%3ABFBMrtSdqPhg
  9. Maybe this forum can help. It's run by a few modelers who are vietnam scale model enthusiates. You have to register to enter though. https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/rvnscale/index.php
  10. When I sprayed it, after dried it left a slight satin sheen feel to it, though not super glossy. Kind of like the tested spoon here. You would think MRP would labeled it as (2)6473.
  11. Srue Bros. has the MRP color in stock: https://spruebrothers.com/mrp242-mrp-mr-paint-sky-grey-fs36473-30ml-for-airbrush-only/ MRP called it sky grey. It is slightly gloss, so you can go directly to decal after it's dried. Very easy to spray, and no thinning needed.
  12. Must have been a one off color scheme did not lasted very long. Thre's no mention of which gray FS number. I guess ADC gray would be close.
  13. If you're doing a Sandy SAR mission, the Hasegawa A-1H kit has what you're looking for; the 150gal centerline tank and 2 finned 300 gal tanks, plus cluster bomb dispensers. They're pretty accurate. The Hase Skyraider is kind of hard to find nowaday. Maybe posting on the classified forum might help. All's left to complete the load out is some LAU rocket pods and Mk bombs. The Academy A-37 Dragonfly has all of those, or the Hasegawa weapon sets 1. Also, Quickboost did a complete pylons sets, should you need to upgrade those from the Monogram kit.
  14. Ah, I see. You could contact Tamiya serive for a part. I lost a horizontal stablizer and they sent a replacemet for freee. But that was years ago, don't know if they still have replacement service. I was referencing kit bashing a 1/32 Zoukei Mura A-1H with the Fisher Model A-1E conversion set. At one time Paul Fisher did an A-1E conversion set that would have enabled to fill the A-1E Skyraider void in 1/32. You just had to provide an A-1H donor kit, either the ZM kit or Trumpeter. Something tragic happened to his business, I think it was a fire burned down his place, so he's no
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