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  1. Most impressive! With the pin vise next to it, you get the sense how small the parts are.
  2. So far I limit mine to just adhesive masking materials, but wouldn't cutting such thick styrene sheet quicken to dull the blade's life?
  3. Keep it going if you like. I could use the learning curve. Just ordered one for $209. Considering what it can do compare to the Thinnerline, which is just cutting circles, this has far more possibilities.
  4. There's one listing on ebay now. https://www.ebay.com/itm/353476122059?hash=item524cd195cb:g:CU4AAOSwwgRgi1Ae
  5. Tato, if I followed what you did exactly, you did in this order: 1. Primer, 2. Paint, lacquer 3. Future, 4. XF 22 gloss, 5. decals 6. XF 22 gloss. 7. Flat AK acrylic. 8. pin panel line wash What are you wiping the wash with, enamel? The flat coat act as a sponge, and may have absorbed the wash below. So when you wipe the wash hard enough, it takes tout he flat coat. What if you do the wash after gloss coat, except use tamiya panel line (enamal)? And use mineral spirit to clean up. best of luck. TrietCam
  6. Oh wow. You got me curious now. Wished I had known this before I went and did this. Thanks
  7. Hello modelers, I wanted to ask AB experts out there what are the advantages of each. I have used Badgers exclusively i the past, but not the Patriot. I was leaning on buying the Patriot due to the lower price. TIA Triet
  8. Interesting. Did you thin down X22? Dip straight from the bottle is quite thick.
  9. Long shot, but I am looking for the front and rear windscreens. I got the old ModelUSA kit from eBay quite a few years back, did not noticed until now. The clear parts are missing. Thanks Triet
  10. One note about ELO, they do attack the plastic a little by making it more brittle, if left it on for too long. It may attack cemented joints also. I suspect if you use it once, it should be ok. I had fuselage half joints came apart and parts chipped off at the edges. But one thing it does very well is stripping lacquer based paint, including Mr surfacer.
  11. Superb work on that base. Those circles are spot on. Thanks for sharing.
  12. That looked like a very clean cut from the demo. Thanks Dave
  13. Hi all, I was wondering if there are any tool out there to cut perfect small circles down to 6 mm diameter? I want to cut vinyl mask in sizes from 6 to 9 mm diameter. TIA Triet
  14. Not sure how bad the fog is, but if you buff it out with Tamiya polishing compound, it may restore the gloss. Triet
  15. Oh wow! This is incredible. The decals looked like they were painted on, no edges visible. The metal look is fantastic. Regards Triet
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