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  1. Oh wow! This is incredible. The decals looked like they were painted on, no edges visible. The metal look is fantastic. Regards Triet
  2. Does anyone know whatever happened to the molding tools since HC closed down? I haven't seen any release of the kits for a long time. Wonder who owns it now. Hoping for a plan to re-release this kit.
  3. One thing to watch out for is which is the right Bearcat versions served in the theater. I think the -1 and -1B were (short tail) in Indochina. I don't think the -2 ever made it there. That said, someone is gonna prove me wrong. Another problem is, which marking carried the cannons or machine guns. The Acaademy/Hobbycraft kit was criticized for the tail, for which represented neither the -1B or -2. Another issue widely discussed was the nose cone shape. The wheel wells also had accuracy issues. But I think all those can be fixed with the Lonestar upgrade resins. I don't know much about the Hobbyboss kit. I went to this for reference help. They had a lot of useful info, but they only had French wings. http://www.frenchwings.net/indochina/gallery/
  4. Some had letters on tail. Note the set of louvers. I never knew they were installed in Indochina.
  5. The GSB might be a little easier marking to do, just the basic alphabet letter identifier on the nose and fin flag on the tail.
  6. Very hard to find because the remaining ones were near the end of their life by the late 50s, before American had large presence in SVN. But here are few different markings that may interest you. HTH Triet
  7. Exactly what I was looking for. TY Rich TC
  8. I was wondering if any after market photo etch out there for 1/48 US jets? Thanks TrietCam
  9. I'm replacing the whole upper O-1 bird dog cabin windows with a one clear piece. Didn't like the kit's individual windows, they all had terrible distortion. So I'm looking for adhesives with super grip. I just tried Gorilla epoxy. This stuff dried rock hard after 1 hour. Just have to be careful not to let it smear into the windows areas.
  10. Hi All, I am using Tamiya extra thin cement on the clear plastic (making windows). The clear plastic doesn't stick too well with the styrene, maybe the Evergreen plastic has different material properties. What is the right cement type to use? TFYH Triet C.
  11. Dutch and Shultz, thanks for your comments. The instrument panel came from the now defunct Cobra resin set. The surface had to be sanded smooth, had a lot of grains. I used Mike Grant instrument decals gauges for the individual locations. One caution, the 2 side consoles had to be sanded down and so did the 2 seats in order to fit the cockpit. The True Details seats were actually designed for the single seat fighter version. I think they were wider than the E version. So had to be sanded down to fit. The way I did it was sand down the seats, side consoles, then lots of trials fitting to see if the cockpit assembly fit to the fuselage. This is the most complicated task of the build because there is no reference point for the cockpit placement to the fuselage. The instrument panel and coaming can be added later. The coaming doesn't fit very well, so required some sanding and trimming. If the cockpit position is off, the bulkhead wall behind the seat is off and the canopy wont fit later. Fitting the cockpit task nearly broke me, so patience is a requirement here. The front wheels came from the KMC cockpit sets, but you can use the Aries set as well. I compared them to reference pics, and seems pretty good. The rear wheel came from the Quickboost. It's the only ones out there if you want to make it a pneumatic inflated wheel version, which was predominantly used on land base operation in VN. Regards Triet
  12. Long over due thank you for everyone's comment. I haven't checked in awhile Regards TrietCam
  13. Absolute stellar builds. Your attention to details is astounding. Thanks for showing 11bee
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