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  1. Ah, I see. You could contact Tamiya serive for a part. I lost a horizontal stablizer and they sent a replacemet for freee. But that was years ago, don't know if they still have replacement service. I was referencing kit bashing a 1/32 Zoukei Mura A-1H with the Fisher Model A-1E conversion set. At one time Paul Fisher did an A-1E conversion set that would have enabled to fill the A-1E Skyraider void in 1/32. You just had to provide an A-1H donor kit, either the ZM kit or Trumpeter. Something tragic happened to his business, I think it was a fire burned down his place, so he's no
  2. Is your intention to replace the ancient Monogram skyraider undersize cowl? If yes, I wouldn't bother. It's way too big to fit in the fuselage opening, creating a huge step that you'd have to sand down, making the nose look so out of place.
  3. This is one outstanding build. Details went in is just so well placed. The weathering effects are just astounding. Love the tires mud look. Great job Tomas. Best regards Triet
  4. Problem solved. ElectroSoldier's hint gave me an idea. Turns out, the trigger was not positioned directly on the air valve plunger when pulled all the way back. Due to it being bent over 30 years of usage, when i pulled the trigger all the way back, the trigger slowly came off of the air valve. And that's why no air coming in. Plus the spring back plate was also loose not engaging the trigger until it's half way back. This looseness may have encouraged the trigger to hop off the airvalve plunger. I replaced the trigger and spring backplate from the good 100 side feed airbrush, and it worked fi
  5. I'm looking for some help with the side feed 100 series. I thought I knew airbrush, but this stumped me. It is blowing very low air, barely can feel the air coming out. When I turn the compressor to max (>60psi) then air comes out hard, only for about 1 or 2 seconds. I swapped out the head with one I know is working - same results. Swapped out the air valve assembly with a new one (where the hose connects to) - same results. Paint cup, nothing wrong. So the only thing left is the main body shell casing. But it's been soaked in lacquer thinner. So it should be free of clogs. Last option is
  6. First off, welcome back to the hobby. As you may already know, the modern kits are leaps and bounds in quality compared to when we were kids. Tamiya being one of the premier. You can't go wrong with Tamiya modern kits in general, as their fit and finish is second to no one. That should help your modeling skill to a higher level in itself. As for: 1. Airbrush is the way to go, even if the aircraft is in mono color. As for which airbrush, there are many answers, but I have been using Badgers for ages. Pasche is another good one. And both are reasonably priced. And don't go for those
  7. Most impressive! With the pin vise next to it, you get the sense how small the parts are.
  8. So far I limit mine to just adhesive masking materials, but wouldn't cutting such thick styrene sheet quicken to dull the blade's life?
  9. Keep it going if you like. I could use the learning curve. Just ordered one for $209. Considering what it can do compare to the Thinnerline, which is just cutting circles, this has far more possibilities.
  10. There's one listing on ebay now. https://www.ebay.com/itm/353476122059?hash=item524cd195cb:g:CU4AAOSwwgRgi1Ae
  11. Tato, if I followed what you did exactly, you did in this order: 1. Primer, 2. Paint, lacquer 3. Future, 4. XF 22 gloss, 5. decals 6. XF 22 gloss. 7. Flat AK acrylic. 8. pin panel line wash What are you wiping the wash with, enamel? The flat coat act as a sponge, and may have absorbed the wash below. So when you wipe the wash hard enough, it takes tout he flat coat. What if you do the wash after gloss coat, except use tamiya panel line (enamal)? And use mineral spirit to clean up. best of luck. TrietCam
  12. Oh wow. You got me curious now. Wished I had known this before I went and did this. Thanks
  13. Hello modelers, I wanted to ask AB experts out there what are the advantages of each. I have used Badgers exclusively i the past, but not the Patriot. I was leaning on buying the Patriot due to the lower price. TIA Triet
  14. Interesting. Did you thin down X22? Dip straight from the bottle is quite thick.
  15. Long shot, but I am looking for the front and rear windscreens. I got the old ModelUSA kit from eBay quite a few years back, did not noticed until now. The clear parts are missing. Thanks Triet
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