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  1. Reposting some available kits with adjusted prices. Shipping only to CONUS, payment via PayPal (preferred) or money order. Message me here or email (plasticwerks@gmail.com) with any questions, and more will be added later. Thanks for looking. 1/72 Academy F-117A Nighthawk - Open box - $10 1/72 Hasegawa F/A-18F Super Hornet (E18) - Open box/bags - $14 1/72 Revell F4U-4 Corsair (03955) - Open box/bags - $7 1/72 Hasegawa EA-6B Prowler (K14) - No box - $12 1/72 Italeri MH-53J Pave Low (No. 030) - Open box/sealed bags - $18 1/72 Hasegawa F/A-18A Blue Angels (D10
  2. I appreciate the kind words, fellas. Ray, the instruments are painted and dry brushed, and I attempted marking the dials with a .005 Micron pen. The scratchbuilt panels are just dotted with paint... I don't want to get too bogged down with details and risk losing momentum
  3. Cockpit is painted up. The plan is to have the starboard door open. Next is to get the clear parts together and close up the fuselage. Just a small bit of scratchbuilding on the center console: Thanks for looking
  4. My build for the Helicopter GB is the 1/72 Tamiya OH-58A, with markings from Print Scale for a red & white Kiowa. I'll be building this OOB, as I plan to use the GB to clear some small items from my stash. So far I have the interior bits prepped and sprayed with primer, and will upload a pic of the finished cabin as soon as I can.
  5. My submission to the group build is the 1/72 Tamiya OH-58A, with Print Scale decals (with the scheme shown here). I might add some scratchbuilding, or just try to build it up quick OOB and get another build or two in.
  6. Planning to have a go with a 1/72 Tamiya OH-58A, using Print Scale decals for an orange and white hi-vis bird (71-15266). It will be OOB, hopefully with some scratchbuilt bits thrown in. I've got another heli or two if (BIG IF...) I'm able to complete this one.
  7. Thanks for the responses, guys; I imagined it wouldn't be an issue unless under very extreme circumstances, so I'll take the precautions and give it a go. The explosion-proof fans are far too rich for my blood right now, but hopefully when the missus and I move on from our current house, I can build up a custom booth. Would be useful for a lot of things not model-related, as well. Cheers, fellas
  8. Hi everybody, in need of a bit of insight: Does anyone use a cheapie Master-brand (or comparable) spray booth (w/ inline fan) with Tamiya Surface Primer/Lacquer Thinner? I picked one up (model B420DCK) to help vent my reworked workbench area, and I'd like to avoid burning my eyebrows off... I'm going to try using decanted Tamiya primer and their lacquer thinner with Tamiya acrylics (so far I've not been priming and using X-20A). I plan to use the booth vented out a window, and I'll open up two other windows in my modeling room while spraying to supply more
  9. I'm in for a set for sure. I was thinking i'd have to scrounge or try printing my own PEDRO 'stache markings, now i won't have to. Looking forward to picking this one up.
  10. Curious to know if anyone has any tips/tricks for attaching PE parts, specifically antennas and other items, to aircraft fuselages, basically where the edge of the PE is the only contact point to the plastic? The Eduard PE for my Recce Jag build has replacements for the wing and fuselage antennas, among other bits, and I *might* give these parts a try. I thought maybe scribing a small groove for the parts to sit in might make them more secure? Any other ideas from the master builders out there? Thanks! - JL
  11. As far as choppers go, i'd like to see an MH-60S, current AH-1W and HH-65, and my 10-year-old self really wants the choppers from Airwolf and Blue Thunder... lol. 1:72 preferred.
  12. Hey everyone, I hope I'm putting this request in the right thread, but here goes... Would anyone have a clear pic showing the underside of a Jaguar GR.1, specifically between the lower rear fins? Everything I'm turning up is either too small or angled too far to see details. There are some very small vents or antennae adjacent to the chaff/flare dispensers that I might have to remove and replace on a current build, and I'd like to get a good look at these parts. A huge thanks to anyone who might be able to share some knowledge!
  13. Nice work, Andrew! Always interesting to see a build with details you can't get off-the-shelf. Looking forward to see what's next!
  14. Very cool, great looking Tonka!
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