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  1. Price just $120...
  2. Run an X-acto knife down the panel lines and then add more solvent. Works a treat.
  3. For sale is my Sotar 20/20 Model 2020-2 Airbrush. I have only used this baby once so it's pretty much as new! It's too much airbrush for me. I could never use it too it's full potential as I'm just a hack. Comes with 2 needles and tips (0.2mm and 0.45mm) and a quick release valve attachment point. Throwing in a 3m hose as well. Price new is anywhere between $220 - $275USD new. Your price today $120 USD delivered. Here is a review of the airbrush >>Sotar 2020 Review<< PM me if your keen. Thanks for looking!
  4. For the price... 1/48 Kitty Hawk Jaguar... Overall, 1/72 RoG Eurofighter
  5. Mate, that looks spectacular! Awesome build. Love the load out!
  6. Hi all, When I build a model, I more often than not use an AM ejection seat and always get ones with pre-molded seat belts if they're available. On those occasions when I can't, I curse the day I started modeling as I have to deal with PE belts. I can never get these to look right. They just seem too flat or 2 dimensional. I've seen others work wonders with these PE belts by curving them etc and making them pop a bit. I try this and always manage to either (i) scratch or peel the paint off and/or (ii) misplace them and smear glue all over my seat. What am I doing wrong? Or is it a matter of more practice? The other thing I'd like to try is scratch building them. How do ou guys do this? I've seen other modelers using Tamiya tape. How do you make buckles? Any help would be appreciated.
  7. 1) No, it is not like AK or AMMO. It is an alcohol based acrylic. 2) Yes, You can use either Tamiya X-20A or Mr Color Acrylic Thinner or any other Isopropyl Alcohol. You can even use Tamiya and Mr Color Lacquer thinner on these paints for both thinning and clean up. Hope this helps.
  8. Minwing, I've had the same problem with the HaHen decals. The instructions are not very good at all with wrong numbers indicated and heaps of decals either not shown on the instructions and/or inaccurately indicated. As for the decals, I think it's a combination of my lack of skill and experience with ALPS decals. I think I'm going to skip some of the smaller details and stencils as I have already buggered up most of them. P.S. Nice gloss coat on your Tonka
  9. They look good! On the money too! Thanks for posting.
  10. Hajo, She looks awesome buddy! Love the load out and great work on the paint job! Well done!!!
  11. Mike, that cockpit is spectacular given the scale.
  12. I takr my hat off tro folks who can do such a nice job rescribing. Nice work Lancer!
  13. Looks awesome Hajo! Well done mate!Fine job on the painting!
  14. Nice paint job Hajo!
  15. Work has been mayhem so progress has slowed down. Putting down some decals... The HaHen decals are nice but it's the first time I've used ALPS type decals and they behave a tad different...for me at least. All good., however time consuming as I find cutting them out a pain...