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  1. Timmy, This is incredible work. Just outstanding. Could you post a couple of pics with something we could use as a scale reference. I'm curious to see how small this detail is. Thanks and congrats on the amazing work so far!
  2. Dude, This is EPIC. Outstanding achievement. Well done.
  3. Angelos, That looks amazing mate. The weathering is spot on. Love the dented fuel tank. Bravo!
  4. BaconRayGun, Thanks for your reply. Yeah, after doing research on the net I think this is a job for a pro. It's previously been painted with clear but not filled. Going more for looks than weight saving.
  5. Thanks E. Yes this is 1:1 scale. So what about sanding prep? Is anything required?
  6. Hi lads, Not really modelling related but thought I'd ask in case anyone has experience. I'm trying to get a gloss finish on a carbon fibre wing for my car and was wondering what the best paint/prep method would be. Anyone here have experience working with Carbon Fibre? Any tips highly appreciated...
  7. Let's keep this thread on topic please chaps...Cheers...
  8. Anyone got any updates on this? I've seen a few new CAD images floating around the webs but no release date except for vague references to the "end of 2018".
  9. Sold items removed and prices dropped further. More discounts if you purchase multiple items. Let me know what you like. Thanks
  10. Sold items removed, some more decals added and prices lowered.... make me an offer
  11. Hi J, Thanks for your comments mate. I have kept a couple of kits (literally just 2) that I will still do. I was actually going to have a full fire sale and sell all my tools, paints and other stuff, but when I started cataloging everything I got sentimental and decided to hold on to them. I'm sure my mojo will return soon. maybe I just need to clean the slate and start over again. My biggest issue is time. I haven't been on the forums for over a year but since coming back on I can feel the tingle coming back...maybe...
  12. Decided to split the packs as wasn't get any activity. Hope this makes it more desirable!
  13. Interested in the following:


    1/32 AM:


        Black Box F-16CJ Cockpit set for Tamiya - $15
    •  CMK F-16 Block 30+ Large Mouth Intake for Tamiya (x2) - $15
    •    Aires F-16CJ Wheel Bay set for Tamiya - $15





    1. Crazy Snap Captain

      Crazy Snap Captain

      Hi Tom,


      They're still up for sale.E-mail sent to thomasb.reyes@gmail.com

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