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  1. Perfect. Thanks Mingwin!
  2. Only a sweat band... a la Boris Becker... Most of the assembly is together now... starting to look like a Tonka. The fit of the nose was excellent. Question... does anyone have pics of the top of a tornado. I'm trying to ascertain if the wing gloves (is that what they're called???) are flush against the top of the fuselage. On the kit mine are slightly raised above the fuselage when I have been dry fitting. Do I need to sand this to get it flush? Also painted some of the metallic bits in various Alclcad colours... Thanks for watching! See you soon.
  3. Slowly getting there. Just some decals, weapons and stand to go...
  4. Nice work Hajo! Looks awesome!
  5. Nice work on Axel Tobi! Looks really great.
  6. Please help me find my jaw! Absolutely stunning build! Just amazing!
  7. Ouch!!! That's a big a$$ gap! Definitely you'll need to put some plastic to fill that. If not you'll risk having sinkage with your putty as the gap is very large. Nice progress so far!
  8. I use lead shot and stick it in the nose with blu tac.
  9. Nice one mate. Not sure if I can pull that off, but you've planted a seed... Damn you!!! 😁
  10. Maybe a Zipper Tobi? Anyway, finished the Kormorans... Happy with the results. Started painting the seats from CMK. Will have to deal with PE belts... Not fun Also tried painting the det chord. Not overly happy with the result. Will have to revisit this. Main structure is going together ok. Some steps to deal with but some areas, especially the back end went together surprisingly well... Next up... Intakes...
  11. Thanks Paps. Going to try this today on a Tornado that I am doing. Cheers.
  12. Thanks guys, but I bought the Revell Modern NATO Pilots set.
  13. Thanks chaps. Will try out on a spare canopy I have.
  14. Lancer, no, its raised detail :(
  15. Cheers Tobi. Putting together the CMK Kormorans, they didn't look right to me, especially the size of the fins. I put the Eduard ones together and they looked better. Scale wise they are about 1.2mm short, but the fins look closer to scale than the CMK items, especially the rear fins. Diameter wise they're both right on. The Eduard ones also had much better detail on the missile body. I'll use the Eduard misssile with the the CMK missile rails. Win-Win. I'm going for the Olive Drab with the Adidas 3 yellow stripes finish :) so I painted the stripe colours to be masked before the main colour goes on.