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  1. Hi everyone, Long-time no see! Hope everyone is well. Finally pulling the plug on this hobby as my health and eyes are shot to bits. I’ve been holding on to this A-7E kit and associated AM parts in the vague hope of getting better enough to complete it, but I don’t see that happening (excuse the pun 😊). Anyway, here’s the list. Prices are in Australian dollars and do not include shipping. Let me know your location and I'll get you an estimate based on the AusPost website. For anyone in Sydney who would like to pick up, I also have a s#1tload of various tools
  2. Hi there chaps, Apologies for going AWOL. 2021 has been (as I'm sure it has been for all of you) an extremely challenging year to say the least. Unfortunately I have had some rather serious health issues that have taken me away from the bench and will probably keep me away for the foreseeable future. I hold onto some kits in the faint hope that I can someday return to the hobby, but until I overcome these health issues, I'm afraid I'm just going to be lurking on here ogling at all your fine builds. Anyway, thank you all for your concern and hopefully one day I can retur
  3. Hi all, After a five or so year hiatus I've decided to dust off the tools and get back into the modelling scene. I'd sold off pretty much all my stash except for my 1/32 A-7E with all the AM goodies including the complete Zacto set. That may prove a step too far to start off with so I'm going to ease myself into it with a nice, relatively simple build. Having been out of the scene for quite a while I'm not really up to speed on what new kits are out there. Any suggestions on a good reboot kit would be greatly appreciated. Modern jet in 1/48 is what I usua
  4. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.france24.com/en/20200913-greece-arms-up-with-new-fighter-jets-frigates-amid-heightened-turkey-tensions Can't wait to see arguably one of the sexist fighters in Aegean Ghost scheme...
  5. Timmy, This is incredible work. Just outstanding. Could you post a couple of pics with something we could use as a scale reference. I'm curious to see how small this detail is. Thanks and congrats on the amazing work so far!
  6. Dude, This is EPIC. Outstanding achievement. Well done.
  7. Angelos, That looks amazing mate. The weathering is spot on. Love the dented fuel tank. Bravo!
  8. BaconRayGun, Thanks for your reply. Yeah, after doing research on the net I think this is a job for a pro. It's previously been painted with clear but not filled. Going more for looks than weight saving.
  9. Thanks E. Yes this is 1:1 scale. So what about sanding prep? Is anything required?
  10. Hi lads, Not really modelling related but thought I'd ask in case anyone has experience. I'm trying to get a gloss finish on a carbon fibre wing for my car and was wondering what the best paint/prep method would be. Anyone here have experience working with Carbon Fibre? Any tips highly appreciated...
  11. Let's keep this thread on topic please chaps...Cheers...
  12. Anyone got any updates on this? I've seen a few new CAD images floating around the webs but no release date except for vague references to the "end of 2018".
  13. Sold items removed and prices dropped further. More discounts if you purchase multiple items. Let me know what you like. Thanks
  14. Sold items removed, some more decals added and prices lowered.... make me an offer
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