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  1. This is not so much a tip, but I feel your pain. i fought with MM acryl for years and finally gave up last year. It always peeled on me. I now use MM enamels with a respirator. No more peeling problems. Edit: I should also mention that I tried all sorts of different tapes, and it didn't make a difference, the paint still wanted to lift.
  2. I find it hard to believe that a jet going 500 mph has that small of a turning radius....... Imagine the negative G forces needed to pull such off such a maneuver. RAF FTW! Source: http://www.dailymail...ost_read_module
  3. Tony, thanks for the reply! Sure enough, I lost the part. But I quickly made on using some solder wire. Appreciate the help!
  4. Quick question. I'm working on the Dragon 1/72 Saturn. For the escape tower the instructions make no mention about a circular support beam in the middle, there also seems to be no part for it in the kit. However, the two other pieces seem to have notches for the non existent part: A quick google image search here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jotulloch/4639711010/ shows a round support. Can anyone who has this kit quick check and see if they have a part like this? The instructions for this kit is very poor and vague..... Thanks!!
  5. Thanks DutyCat! I have this pipe dream of displaying U.S. spacecraft is 1/72. I'm currently working on a shuttle stack (with your beanie cap) & a Dragon Saturn V, and I'm hoping to pick up a realspace Gemini Titan and Dragon Mercury Redstone. I think they would look awesome together in an Ikea display case (Not sure if the shuttle stack would fit though). Glad to hear Dragon is planning on popping more of them out.
  6. Hey guys,Can anyone point me in the right direction? I can't seem to find this kit anywhere. (Not even ebay!) hoping I'm just not looking in the right places, and that it's available somewhere! Thanks!Matt
  7. Love Glen Arbor. I've hiked North Manitou Island a few times. Beautiful area. I believe Aaron is referring to Trains and things http://www.traversehobbies.com/ From what I remember they have a decent amount of plastic. If you get super bored, check out the massive dune inside sleeping bear dunes. I dare you to run down it and walk back up it.....
  8. I'm in the process of building the 1/72 dragon kit....OOB. Mostly because I'm not an saturn V expert by any means, and because it is darn impressive in 1/72 scale. In the end it looks like a Saturn V to me, and I'm the only person who is ever going to see the thing.I will say that the dragon instructions leave MUCH to be desired....very poor. One edit: I suppose it not truly OOB as I'm using culttvman's excellent 1/72 decals.
  9. It looks like they are already out of stock... http://www.culttvmanshop.com/Saturn-V-172-scale-decals-from-CultTVman_p_2602.html That didn't take long!
  10. Lovely Turkey! It's great to see some more "obscure" squadrons!
  11. I just ordered this kit off of ebay. I should have it by Tuesday. I'm no Saturn V expert, but if you would like any photos, I can post them.
  12. I finished mine a few years ago, but If I remember correctly, I did not need any. However, it won't hurt to put a few fishing weights in the nose!
  13. Glad to hear about the success! I'm planning on picking one of these up as soon as you make them available.
  14. This is awesome! I Definitely subscribing to this thread!
  15. Just a small update (can you sense that I'm a Slooooow builder!?) I've started to work on the intakes. Wow, I hate intakes. As you can see I'm attempting to fix the seam at the lip because it is the most noticeable. I'm letting the putty dry then time to sand! I'm not sure how much work will be done on the horizontal seam when I glue the top half of the intake on. I suppose it depends on how I'm feeling. Also I found some LAU128s off of an old academy hornet I had laying around. I'm hoping to speed up this build a little bit, but I need the mojo to do that!
  16. I'm looking for either a 1/32 Hobbycraft or Trumpeter (same plastic, different decals) P-38 Lightning. I would like to trade for it. I have a spare 1/32 Tamiya F-4J or 1/32 Trumpeter AV-8B+ for trade. Let me know if your interested. thanks! Matt
  17. Sorry for the lack of update guys. I airbrush out in my unheated garage, and between the super cold temps and lake effect snow over the last week, I haven't been all that motivated to freeze my tail off. Hoping to get some parts painted today and tomorrow while it is warmer. This is what Lake Michigan does to us! snow snow and more snow!
  18. Hey all! I managed to loose part 13 - the Pitot from a monogram 1/48 B-17 kit. Would any of you have one to spare? I don't think the carpet monster is going to give this one up any time soon. My model is complete barring this piece. Thanks so much for your time!
  19. Sweet idea! I have a "donor" Academy kit myself, and managed to find 2 spare LAU-128s. I believe I'd need 2 more. Thanks for looking Don, its much appreciated!
  20. Thanks for the tips guys! After some thought, its tough for me to shell out $40 for the Wolfpack update set. It doesn't seem like you get much for the money. Looks like I might just go with the "It looks like an F-15" for this one.
  21. Thanks Benner. I looks like Wolfpack does an update set. Was the MSIP II update also when they deleted the tailhook fairing between the exhaust?
  22. Chugging along. I'm trying to do some of the more mundane parts of the build for me. Missiles, pylons, etc. I usually loose steam on a build right about the time I have to start arming it. Anyway. I filled some of the sink holes in the AIM9s. The sparrows looked pretty good, but I'll need to fill in a few small seams. I've also assembled the pylons. Pretty easy stuff. After weapons, thinking about tackling the oversized exhausts. question: Anyone know off hand what the correct colors would be for the AIM7s and AIM9s? thanks!
  23. I have this kit in the stash but haven't done anything but look through it. Looking forward to seeing how it goes together!
  24. Sweet! Glad your in with me on this GB! Looking forward to seeing this.
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