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  1. Oh look the "troll police" are in this thread too. I'm not trolling anyone, nor am I bashing anyone. His schtick is old and tiresome. Not once, on any of the forums where he spews his non-sense, have I ever seen him post a build. It's all kit bashing...that's his actual hobby. I think if he's tolerated then it should be tolerable for me to be tired of it. Why is it ok for him to drag every new kit thread into the "it sucks" gutter but no one can challenge him?
  2. Take a nap? I don't know, but seems if it bothers you so much you could just ignore it? Maybe the TrumpyBoss haters should "tone it down?"
  3. I'm watching. Really nice stuff here. Can't wait for this kit. I just don't know why they did the same as they did with the 1/48 kit and didn't put any rivet detail on the wings and fuselage. I just built the 1/48 and wore out my Rosie tool...guess I'll be doing the same on this one too.
  4. I'm just here for the TrumpyBoss haters... Yup...there ya' go.
  5. Took you 5 posts to get in here and spew your bile. You're really falling down on your job aren't ya?
  6. For painting I like to use slices of Kraft American cheese. I cut the camo shapes out of the cheese and apply them to the model they stick enough to hold while painting and they help create a soft demarcation. Give it a try.
  7. Did this dude really just suggest coffee grounds be recycled? So they'll break down in my garden but not in a landfill?
  8. Is this the set that ripped off Furballs 1/48 product?
  9. I use the Alclad Auqa Gloss and their lacquers (Light Sheen, Gloss, etc) over Mr. Color with no problems. My actual routine is to gloss with Auqua Gloss decal more Auqua Gloss...weather...Light Sheen...no problems works beautifully.
  10. Oh look you just answered your own question. It's entertainment. Some people like it, some don't. I don't like Game of Thrones or any superhero movie ever made. I think they are stupid. Why do they exist? Because people like them probably. But this really wasn't anything more than to prove what an intellectual superior you are for not liking it...right?
  11. Just can't please anyone. No matter what a company decides to kit there's going to be a group whining about it..."boo hoo they should have made the kit I wanted." It get's incredibly old, but whatevs...I'll be buying one or two. I don't care what its history is...it's a damn cool looking airplane.
  12. http://forum.largescalemodeller.com/
  13. Well if you're just going to give them away... Seriously though...would you split them up? May be interested in the flight deck...don't want anywhere near a Kinetic A-6 :(
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