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  1. Brilliant. I will be getting some of these too.
  2. Vidar, send me a PM with your address and I will send you what you need.
  3. TanModel U-2 Senior Span / Spur and SR-71 1/48 AMK F-14, F/A-18A-F, MiG-21 Lancer, L-410 Turbojet, Antonov AN-74 series, Su-15 Tamiya elusive F-16A-B and D.
  4. True but not to do so would be business suicide.
  5. OK, many thanks for the help. I will remove it from the Tamiya kit then. Much obliged to all.
  6. Hasegawa EA-18G is great!
  7. To be honest, mine seems to be ok. What I don’t like is the fact that the rear cockpit is clearly a direct copy of the front. Not really good enough for my liking. I have dry fit the parts and so far so good.
  8. Then what would be the point of selling it as an aftermarket product if this was not taken into consideration? That would be business suicide. If they know the shrinkage rate then they should take it into account and make the item larger by that percentage. Eduard Brassin does this but admittedly Aires does not seem to as much.
  9. I have the set as well. The front and rear cockpits are direct copies from Tamiya. Not good enough in my opinion. Not for the price paid at Telford anyway. I haven’t yet tried to line it up to the Tamiya kit but I will be tomorrow. I will report back then.
  10. Thank you. I felt sure it was a Block 40 as I couldn’t see any oval panels on the rear by the exhaust which normally gives it away for me. The Turkish Block 40’s don’t all have reinforcement plates on the outside either. Still need to know for sure if they had the GPS receiver or not though.
  11. Unless it is a block 50 but I don’t think so........?
  12. The GPS antenna I mean is directly behind the canopy between the TACAN and rearward looking light. right where the white hoist marking is in your photo. Scott Brown from Afterburner decals copyrighted?
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