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  1. Friends of the german armed air forces, Revell's Typhoon is a poor kit. Detail is low, fit bad, flash a lot (use it to fill gaps), but the worst is the missing of the intake trunking. I started somewhere in June so i did not had time to use the gear, instead i built it in a flying position, using PJ RAF pilot, which is good. Other 3rd party stuff i used was the mask sheet from Eduard which fit perferctly. I started with the engine enclosed with the kit because i needed to know where the intakes went. Then made my own intakes from 22mm copper tube and the fans from resin. Before placing the tubes i added different magnetos to all weapons stations and pylons, since all stores should come exchangable. The the intakes glued with a hot glue pistol ... also the gear doors which did not had an attachement. Fit made a lot of filling and sanding and filling and sanding and f..... In 1:32 i limit myself to JG74 'Mölders', so the Cyber Tiger was a must have ... i needed to do my own decals. To hit the FS35237 at the corners was a real challenge and i failed a little. BTW the real thing had the same problem ... they needed to seal the real decal edges for peeling reasons. The fuel tanks had been another challenge as a decal, the real ones had been painted. The result is great. I have to admit that against all the work i had a lot of fun and i can recommend You the kit (although there is place for another kit in this scale, hopefully Hasegawa, HK, Italeri ...). The model was finished on time 31.08.17 and was handed over the very next day to Norbert Müller who was involved in the real thing. Don't know whether it's fate, but 30+29 was stripped down from its Cyber Tiger skin this Monday 4.9.2017!
  2. Dear Lancer512, after talking to Tobias i added a topic. BR/Goggo
  3. EF-2000 Cyber Tiger TaktLWGr 74 Revell 1:32 Thank You everyone for joining this GB and as always, have fun! Andreas 'Goggo' Gordes
  4. Dear, the only source i know is the Aerofax.
  5. Dear friends of the German Air Force, see what is being donated:
  6. Dear friends of the Bundesluftwaffe, 3 hours and 26 minutes until GB end ... and here we go, just right TOT. The famous 30+29 using Revell 1:32 Eurofighter Typhoon single seater (an awful kit). The famous Bavarian Tigers heritage from 74th Fighter Wing. Since there are no intakes, i started with the engine to see wht is going to see or not to see and then built the intakes. About the detail kits i'm not sure yet. Added magnetos to attach stores. Only add on is the RAF Pilot from PJ. This model goes to Norbert Müller who painted the stuff in real. best regards Andreas 'Goggo' Gordes
  7. Hellas!!! Here pics from my last night finished Hellenic F-1CG, Esci 1:48. Thank You all again, Goggo
  8. Hellas!!! How is You all going, friends of the Hellenic Aviation? First i would like to thank the organization people like Tobi K. for approaching this great theme! And also thank You all for Your comments and help. I renewed some pictures by just exchanging the file name. Seat from Pavla and scratch cover: Bureau with equipment: The Esci color, as i remember they all had been in silver back 35 years ago. Here is what i will use: a) Pavla Intakes b ) Pavla seat MB Mk4. It fits perfectly for this kit! c) A resin J-79 engine, that will fit also perfectly (manufacturer unknown, from spares box) d) Icarus decals (unfortunately the dark blue roundels are not contained ... loved those ... okay, the HAF later used lighter blue ones) e) Master Model pitot tube. f) single stuff like Eduard Ejection Seat Handles, Quickboost F-105 Antennas, Eduard Position Lights. Also out there is the cockpit from NeOmega and wheels from Barracuda i guess, will not use that. Cockpit has now kit decals. I plan to build the aircraft full clean with canopy closed, not because i'm a foolish, but i like the aircraft look sleek! I bought this hidden kit times before internet was born, i advertised my search in the "Modell Fan" and bought it for 37,- German Marks as i recall, then a huge amount of money for a plastic kit. Unfortunately the kit wasn't complete and what even worse, the greece decals where partly missing ... that f...ing big (_o_) i bought it from. The original reicept is on the picture, price was 9,95 German Mark, about 3 US$ at that time ... unbelievable ... The kit came like shown on the picture. But finally i've got the Icarus decals in time. Why build this old kit? I wanted to build the Mirage F-1 for 30 years because i just love it, especially in the french blue with the blue roundels of the Hellenic Air Force. To be honest i do not have the money for the KittyHawk and i had this Esci on my shelf. For me the old kits ... i love them even if they are no good any more. Have fun, Goggo
  9. All statios! Thank You and have a great 2016! 06/27/16 it will be 50 years ago that this airplane crashed. Link to the progress stage. Goggo
  10. Dear friends, with the last day of the GB my A-4E is ready. I have to admit that the Hasegawa A-4 is more work than i expected. Steven R. Grey was not flying the 150000, his first cruise was on the Bonnie Dick in '67. The gun camera is missing in the kit and was scratch built. Gun pod Hasegawa, barrels Quickboost. 150.000 is now in the paint shop. for the Grey and White i use Testors (latest rumors say that there is no longer an importeur for Germany), love that! For base coat i used Revell's old color, which was one of the best to get. Unfortunately they stopped to sell it for long, but i recently could purchase one ... and cracked the glass. The interior is now ready to go. Do not forget the lead weights. The O2 hose is scrath built from guitar string. The original diameter of such hoses is 32mm, so use something like 0,66mm, i did chose a 0,76 string. I do not have a solution yet how to hang up the canopy ... Hasegawa did not do well here. My after market list is now complete: - Quickboost 48-496 Escapac 1G-3 seat (this is the latest version of the seat) - Quickboost 48-222 A-4 gun barrels - Eduard 48-FE273 A-4E/F interior - Eduard 48-EX023 A-4E/F masks - Eduard 48-648214 A-4E/F wheels. Also i will add - LAU-10 out of Hasegawa X48-2 weapons - Mk.4 HiPeG out of Hasegawa X48-3 weapons - HGU-26P w. MBU-12P out of True Details 48-48546 The Rampant Raiders went 8 times to Vietnam. With the Skyhawk they had many 1sts and so have been the losses. Together with the Hanna, the airwing 21, VA-212 was disbanded in 1975. Flown with the VA-212 Rampant Raiders from CV-19 USS Hancock with CVG-21 "NP" this aircraft did not survived for long, on 27.06.1966 it crashed during accident, pilot rescued. The Hasegawa kit 48-09399 contains decals for this aircraft. Oh no, not another Lady Jessie? No, at least not at this time. I rather would like to complement the GB with Skyhawk S/N 150000. Sorry for any errors in editing this stuff, i'm not yet in training with this html dingeldangel. Have fun and thanks for stopping Goggo
  11. Hallo Tobias, i did squeeze this kit and finished on line in June. I did choose the 104 because the Hasegawa kit is so good it can be done within a few days .. as i did. Although i added the "finished" topic in the "finished models" section, it did land in the "in progress" section. Do You have any ideea how to nove it to the finished models? See You later Andreas
  12. Dear Danny, thank You indeed for checking in!!! Have You seen Your helmet ... how avout that? Also did You like that i glued 2 wing templates together? I have 4 of Your sets, so more later to come. This was just a starter to get more appetite. I finished the CF-104 within a week to get into the Tiger GB, so some things could not be aligned for time reasons. Thank You, Andreas "Goggo" Gordes P.S.: The cat did bend the pitot tube down during the foto session.
  13. Dear, please find below some images of my completed Tiger. It is a CF-104 from Söllingen, taking apart in the 1982s Tiger Meet hold in Gütersloh, Germany. Arrester hook and protective covers had been sprayed over ... with the exception of the antennas and the cockpit glas, pretty much everything had been sprayed over with black and yellow. Thank You for Your interest. Andreas Gordes
  14. Dear, please find below my object for the Tiger group build. It is the Hasegawa 104 with some parts from the Daco set. Also i used an improvement set from Black Box aka Avionix. Thank You for checking in. Andreas Gordes
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