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  1. It depends on the artistic statement you want to make. Once you add covers to the aircraft, it adds a story to it - it stops being instance of airplane and starts being airplane in a particular state (like, say, in a hanger awaiting its next flight).
  2. As they are removing colorful tails from F/A-18's, I think not.
  3. That's a really nice build. I don't think there is a wrong way to paint a VF-1, but your scheme is particularly fitting and functional. I really like the shading you did in the wheel bays and the pilot figure is aces.
  4. Alcohol will work in cleaning Future from airbrushes. I would use either that or water. Ammonia will react with the brass that most airbrushes are made of and you will see the chrome finish come off and eventually damage to the surface. At the very least rinse the airbrush with water after using anything with ammonia.
  5. spejic

    F-16 pylon

    Actually, there is a TER specifically for the F-16, but that isn't it. The one typically seen on F-16's later than the date of this image have a more streamlined nose. The wrong (for you) TER comes in the Kinetic kit. You can get the one in the image from many Navy or Marines aircraft kits or a weapons kit or a separate resin version like the one from AeroBonus.
  6. My only workbench rule is to have something I've seen before on the DVD player (usually something sci-fi from the 1990's) when I'm working. If I play something I've never seen before, I end up watching and not building. Yup. For me, constructing models is a hobby, painting them is work.
  7. Just do a search for "F-15DJ 32-8082". Both the Japanese plane spotter sites and the aircraft image sites will keep the aircraft number with the images. I think Bing usually gives slightly better results than Google for such images as well.
  8. Maybe, but you can tell by the markings near the intake that this is a RAF aircraft. Every nation has slightly different details in this area.
  9. This is really amazing. The photo-etch work you did on the tail is really difficult to do and it looks fantastic. Thanks for providing such detailed pictures. It takes real confidence to do that.
  10. That looks really cool. You did a very good job on the pilot figure, which is probably the most eyecatching feature on Valkyries and has to be done right.
  11. Going by recent (admittedly small scale) election results, it fortunately seems to be going the other direction, with the Turkish people voting out those affiliated with the autocratic ruler.
  12. I'm thinking a 1/350 aircraft on the end of a wire which has been shaped into a representation of the artpiece and covered in teased cotton. I wonder how that would go over at a IPMS model show.
  13. I have limited pictures of the Strutter cockpit, but it turns out other Sopwith two-seat aircraft had similar structures in the cockpit so I modified the kit parts to match that information. I cut up that ladder floor part because it only goes in the front seat when the back seat has a gunner, and added spacers under it because it is supposed to be a little bit higher up. I added the side control wheels and the control stick to this little substructure that would just slide into place. And then when I was about to install it I dropped it and then accidentally stepped on it. The seat and control stick are no more. Ah well, at least the kit comes with two of those. Back to the beginning.
  14. I have a patch that says I am a member of SG-7, as shown on the documentary Stargate SG-1. Maybe patches don't mean much. Except mine. That one is real.
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