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  1. spejic

    Typhoons patroling over the Falklands...

    That's if you want to mark the aircraft as (I think) they are marked now. In the past they had either no squadron markings at all, or just the Maltese cross and falcon on the tail and the letter code above it (no bars on the roundel, no coat of arms). I think the Tronado F.3 Maltese cross was a tiny bit bigger than the ones on the Eurofighter, but it should be close enough. I also believe the Tornados were always marked with the falcon pointing to its left, which is how it is on the Eurofighters most of the time - it looks like F (ZJ944) had its pointing to the right for a time.
  2. spejic

    Typhoons patroling over the Falklands...

    One of the aircraft had the red Maltese cross on a white shield for a very short time - it was only ZJ950 ("Charity") and only while it was in England.
  3. Go to the Air Force image page ( https://www.af.mil/News/Photos/ ) and search for "F-16" and "Afghanistan". You will get plenty of high resolution pictures. And here is the link to the high resolution version of the image I posted.
  4. If you like how sand on a F-15 wing looks, check out pictures of F-16's in Afghanistan. They have some amazing patterns of dust sticking to leaks. I'll do something like that on a F-16 I'm building.
  5. I don't have anything to add. I just wanted to say I liked the story. Someone should make a movie.
  6. spejic

    Rescaling decals

    Multiply by 48 to get to 1/1, divide by 32 to get 1/32. So you would resize it 48/32 times bigger, which, with a little simple math, reduces to 1 and 1/2 (1.5) times bigger.
  7. spejic

    Where are you going modelwise in 2019?

    I'm drifting more towards ships. Ha! I said "drifting towards ships".
  8. spejic

    What are your top 5 dream model kits?

    A UH-1Y in 1/72. Or 1/144 actually, but I'll take 1/72.
  9. I've never used these, but I have put decals on topside down on purpose for a hypothetical sci-fi build because it looked cool that way. The main problem is that you don't have the adhesive to keep the decal down. You can try putting some clear acrylic (like Future) under the decal right before you apply it, or if you think the decal can stand it drag it across the decal paper once you remove it to pick up some of the glue there. You might need to lightly clean the decal once it's set as well.
  10. There was already a build proposal for aircraft, vehicles, and spacecraft from movies and television, and I am strongly in favor of seeing that take place. It just fell a little short the first time it was proposed. This is kind of the opposite of a "what if" because you are building off a preexisting design, just one based on fiction.
  11. spejic

    F/A-18A Tail Angle

    It does. I checked with multiple pictures and some of the better line drawings, and they all have angles of 19°, not 12°. That's not total proof (line drawings are sometimes mistaken, angles are not always preserved depending on the focal length of photographs), but they are consistent with each other. That's what I used on my F-18 models.
  12. More than a place, it has tradition. There have already been "What if" group builds here. But we haven't seen one in a while, so it would be good to have one again.
  13. Very finely done. Excellent painting and the antenna work and brakelines really push the level of the model higher. I can't find anything wrong with it.
  14. I was into the Eagle Dynamics stuff a long time ago, and it's hard to call it a game. It's more like work. You literally have to "go to school" before you even start. I already have a work-like hobby. It's called modelling.
  15. spejic

    KA-6 Tanker 1/72 Scale

    Thanks for sharing, and thanks for giving us access to high resolution pictures. It's very rare to see builds of this aircraft variant, and as I'm building one too I like looking to see what other people do. Could you tell us which kit you used, and where you got the extra fuel tanks from? Details about your work (especially third-party details or decals, and any extra work you did) is always helpful to other builders.