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    The best thing to do is try it yourself on a scrap model to see how it affects the particular paints you have and the styles you use. I've seen some excellent results from YouTube modellers using this wash, although I haven't used it myself. Yes, otherwise the model will always look like someone brushed oil on the aircraft, and not in a good way.
  2. Here is the difference between a BRU-33A and a BRU-33A/A: In 1/72 it would be hard to tell the difference in pylon shape, so you can slightly angle the bombs away from each other to get the look of the later VER and thus be ok with putting laser guided bombs on it.
  3. The pose is really dynamic, and the crew figures capture an honest-feeling moment of time. Fine work.
  4. The pinging is often caused by the tips not being perfectly even - if they aren't and you put pressure on them and the tines go a little sideways compared to each other, then the thing they are grabbing goes. Another problem is squeezing too hard. High quality tweezers help in both situations. They usually have a light touch, and they are engineered to be precise at the tip. I like electrical ones (the ones painted black) because static electricity can be a problem on the tiniest parts. The Vetus brand on Amazon is pretty good and not very expensive. I love my old Wiha tweezers, bu
  5. The kit comes with the side doors molded closed, but has a nicely detailed interior. Has anyone tried opening them up yet? I ask because I'd like to do this, but I don't want to screw up such an expensive and hard to find kit either. The fine details near the door edge and thick plastic implies a harrowing and concerted process. And then there's the issue of filling in gaps the closed door may be hiding.
  6. There are other differences, but they are kind of on the level of individual aircraft and time frame. The very first A-4Fs did not have the avionics hump, but that was soon part of the construction of the type and kits were sent out to add the humps to the first A-4Fs and also A-4Es. So a A-4F you build will almost certainly have the hump, and an A-4E you build will or won't depending on the year you are modelling. There were a few changes to antennas over time and location. A few minor changes in the instrument panel between early A-4E's, and late A-4Es and Fs. So you need to check pictures o
  7. It's 1/1400. The ship is supposed to be 641 meters, so in that scale it would be around 45cm or 18 inches, which is what the kit is. A 1/650 scale Enterprise D would be enormous - about a meter long.
  8. Yeah, it kind of reminds me of that cartoon style from around a decade ago, with the really big hands and feet but small torso. Way too much engine and tail for that fuselage.
  9. Seems like many of the items on sale at Hobby Link Japan are only 19ยข cheaper than normal.
  10. I don't think there is a perfect one. I use different ones for different needs. If the gap is large I usually put styrene rods or stretched sprue into it before any putty. If there is any flex in the join most putties will crack. I usually use the Tamiya grey. You need to wait a day before sanding it - it might be dry sooner, but it will keep shrinking for a while. If I'm going to be doing lots of manipulation or fill lots of gaps at once or want something structural I will use a two part epoxy (Tamiya Slow or Milliput White) but those take a while to prepare and cure and for me on
  11. in order of how often I used them, it would be: knife handle with #11 blade knife handle with square #17 blade knife handle with round #13 blade knife handle with dull #11 blade electrician tweezers sprue cutters I have like 7 knife handles. My modeling became more enjoyable when I decided to get a bunch and not keep switching blade types.
  12. So... what's going on here? F-35C from the VX-9 test and evaluation unit.
  13. Do mean traditional plasticine or modern polymer clay? The first should be ok, but the second definitely should not be in contact with models before it is baked and set. It is full of plasticizers and will eat through your model in time.
  14. I'd think you'd need to be a couple of wamprats short to even think about fixing that horrible model, but you've done amazing work so far.
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