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  1. Airfix 1/72 E-8C 93-0597

    This is precisely the kind of problem that a good pause can really help. You approach the issue with new ideas and new expectations on how long something will take. Good luck on the project.
  2. what is in G02 glue?

    It's part urethane, but has other chemicals as well. It's unique, but it isn't that useful for plastic modelling.
  3. what is in G02 glue?

    It's non-sandable and slightly flexible when set. It's good for gluing in nose weights and for parts that don't have a good connection where the bond is hidden (like resin or fully-painted ejection seats in cockpits). It's thick, so it isn't really useful for most photoetch bonds.
  4. 1/72 Revell-Germany Go-229

    It looks a lot better after the wash and a dull coat, at least from the angles that will be visible after it is put together. I will probably do a drybrush on those pipes before I put it together. Basically I'm treating the internals like molded-on weapons on a tank kit. I need to finish the gun details and ammo boxes before I put the halves together.
  5. 1/72 Revell-Germany Go-229

    It took 6 episodes of Star Trek Enterprise to mask the inside of the top section and another one to take all the tape off when I was done painting. I think I will gloss coat this and use a wash to sharpen up the paint a bit. Once upon a time I was able to get the two fuselage halves together, and I have to figure out how all over again. My first attempt tonight didn't work.
  6. I started the Revell-Germany Go-229 in 2006 (when it was re-released) and last worked on it in 2012 (going by a picture I took of it back then). I was working on doing most of the internal structure, and a slight painting mishap made me put it away. I am working on it now because I have just heard about Zoukei-Mura's future 1/72 (+ 1/144!) version of their incredible 1/32 and 1/48 versions of this aircraft and I figure I better do this now or lose all the work I did on this because I am certainly buying that kit when it comes out. Here's how it looks now: The idea is to color the internal wooden parts dark red and the pipes RLM 2, both because that red was used as a primer on plywood, but also to create a contrast to better see the details. I am building this as a production Go-229 aircraft, so I modified the front landing gear doors so they open to the side instead of to the front. The seat is scratchbuilt, as are the engines. The kit did not include engines of any kind, so you can see into the interior (and out the bottom) though the exhausts. You can see why a paint mistake made me put this away. I already repainted the top interior red, but I need to mask it all off so I can paint the pipes grey, and that is quite a task.
  7. Trumpeter and Hobbyboss 2018 catalog

    200mm is a scale used for military figures - I think it's about 1/9. If that's the case, it's a massive kit.
  8. So the bombs are released at one time but they arrive in different times? That's pretty clever.
  9. A-4B VMA-533

    The weathering is great. I love what you did around the stabilizers - it has that correct streaky quality.
  10. The Santa Rosa IPMS show was supposed to be last Saturday, but it was canceled because the raffle prizes and show supplies were lost in the Northern California fires. If those were lost you can assume that club members lost a lot more than that.
  11. Dragon SH-60B 1/144

    Thanks for the link to the photos. The views from above are even more impressive, showing the work on the rotor hub and the windshield wipers.
  12. Dragon SH-60B 1/144

    This is really just incredible. The scratchbuilt details are great, especially the wire antenna, and I love the tail rotor hub. I'm keeping these pictures to inspire me in my MH-60G build. I'd love to see more pictures. I don't know if it is a fault, but could you explain the cockpit door along the edge where the clear part meets the main fuselage.
  13. Shelf Queens Pt. II GB

    I would like to apply for this position.
  14. M1A2 Abrams TUSK I - Meng 1:35

    That's a fantastic build. I love the level of detail of the accessories, and I think it is weathered the perfect amount. The chain around the antenna looks completely natural.
  15. Hasegawa A-4F 1/48

    A truly remarkable build. You should post these images in the Skyhawk group build thread to preserve it for posterity.