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  1. That looks really cool. Is that the clear version or the opaque one? How do you handle the windows?
  2. Those F-35C's are showing a distressing inability to get dirty.
  3. I love the combination of the sharp construction and paint job with the haphazard nature of the touchup painting. Beautiful model.
  4. The kit is definitely a product of its time and your details really improve it. The cockpit and pilot make a profound difference.
  5. Here's one of the pictures. This is 2010, so it looks like it got beat up pretty quickly and needed to be re-touched with regular paint.
  6. This isn't the first attempt at this. The Marines put a shiny metallic coat on both Harriers and Ospreys around 2009. Don't know any details about the experiment, however.
  7. Wow, these really look like they stepped out of the 1999 universe instead of looking like props. Nice work.
  8. This looks really nice, especially lit up. I was wondering how you found those all-over decals. The idea of it scares me, especially the ones on the saucer. I'm afraid I'll get to the last pie slice and find its grossly out-of-alignment to the first one.
  9. I like this a lot. I'm a big Area 88 fan, but I've never built an aircraft from there because the lack of markings usually makes for a very dull airplane. But you put in enough warning decals and little details that it still looks interesting.
  10. Your model is just stunningly beautiful, and the video was clear, entertaining, and very informative. There was lots of information that will be useful to me in future builds. Thank you for posting.
  11. Very exciting. I've been waiting for this aircraft in a small scale for a long time.
  12. Both of these look really nice, especially the impressive metal effect of the surface. I'm always partial to models that actually do something, and seeing it actually swim makes it another order of magnitude more impressive.
  13. If it was an acrylic gloss or flat clear coat, you can remove it by slowly rubbing the canopy with isopropyl alcohol. It will eventually come off. You may have some fogging when done, but applying a gloss clear over it again will remove it.
  14. I really liked seeing this. Well, I like seeing every Skyhawk, but yours is nicely done. It kind of combines a worn feel with a technical style, the latter of which is helped by those large sharp decals.
  15. There are only so many ways to design a modern stealthy fighter. It's going to have two canted tails. It's going to have features like the chine along the sides. It's going to have a wing in roughly that form. It's probably going to have a diverterless inlet. Just look at all the other stealth fighters being developed, like the Korean KF-X or the Indian AMCA or the French-German one. The only choices are to have horizontal stabilizers or not, and to have two intakes on the sides or one on the bottom F-16 style, and if they did it on the sides everyone would be saying they were copying the F-3
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