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  1. Ows, too bad! I got some KASL products direct from Taiwan. I made some reviews for Kitchecker model journal. Try to send an email: k816059@hotmail.com
  2. I would prefer to udgrade my WP Talon with KASL Hobby resin parts. The also have awesome pilots with seats.
  3. Sorry for the delay, but a flue kicks my butt butt and have no energy to dig into my big Phantom stash. But I will do for sure! Not forgotten!
  4. The detail of the kit engines is sooo poor! Hope you can bring ehm to life with some good drybrushing and adding the ingnition wires. The gearbox crankcase is usually painted in engine grey.
  5. I will have a look! Few years ago I built it and backdated it to a F-4EJ. But I know the TACAN pod is already on another Phantom.
  6. You are right, the window is a bit large now. Why not make a correction by using masking tape when you will paint the fuselage? Btw. windows: most Daks have a small window in the toilet room, too. Monogram just made an engraved rectangle there but it is on the wrong position. It is over the cargo room. Same place but a bit more backward should be the pos. for the toilet window. But better check if your C-47 had that window!
  7. Do not forget the oil stains! HD engines are always leaking! hehe
  8. Also have a Monogram C-47 on the bench. So I took for interior Revell 360. It looks almost identical to MM interior green. Due to Revell C-47 instruction it should be darkend with Revell 67 (40%). But to be honest: later you will hardly see that. Same with the radio compartment - don't waste time detailing it. Will be invisible later. What I can see on the pic of Sugarpuss: it has the late style props! Mono only gives you early props. Best solution: take Ultracast props (and so I recommend Quickboost engines - pretty nice and not expensive. And they fit perfectly inside the cowling and connect to the wing.). Or you "borrow" the late props from Revell AC-47 (but even these props are have shape issues). For stencils I got a decal sheet from Foxbot, no. 48-013. Eagle strikes provides only the main markings! I will follow your build - Daks are cool!!!
  9. When you take the Revell kit: the main rotor is too high, also the landing gear is too high. And better put the Revell wheels into the trash, they are totally wrong. Better take the wheel set from Res-kit for the E version. Even not totally correct but much closer to real ones than oob.
  10. JGSDF is in the new Italeri Boxing, but JASDF is still missing!
  11. Why not? Give it a try! So you can finally build a RAAF Tornado or a canadian Phantom (an I am sure Phantom will do! hehe), or whatever camo you like on your fave air force. Or create your own special anniversary scheme. What-if is a special side topic in our hobby but it has its place. I stick also to realistic aircrafts but should try something.
  12. Wow Niels! That's what I call information! Thank you, now I know more than before.
  13. A Dakota is a real classic airplane! I like it! Actually building on in 1/48 Monogram. But I prefer postwar Daks and something else than olive drab. So now it will be an indonesian one. You will get my attention when you think about non-USAF Dakotas in 1/48. 1/72 is simply too small for me 😉 But after releasing a 72 sheet, think about a 48 sheet. Revell released the AC-47 lately and it is a good base for a transporter, too. Especially they added a new sprue (ofc. with the gunship add-ons) AND the late style props!! No need to butcher a Monogram B-17 for props anymore, hehe.
  14. Good job! I start to like the Euro1 camo A-10 more and more. I remember my teenage years to see them flying low level over my hometown and they had that special whisteling sound. Meanwhile I know that most of them came from GAF airfield Leipheim. So it was a bit special to the 81st TFW that time: 2 sqn belonged to the 2nd detachment in Germany. From April 1, 1979 to end of 1988 the 92nd TFS was in the detachment and after that until sept. 25, 1992 the 91st TFS. It was a rotation. Always a third of the sqn was in south Germany. Anybody knows what was the job of the 78th bushmasters in Woodbridge? AFAIK they did not join the detachments!? That's why I would like to build such a hog from the 92nd or the 91st TFS. But the Xtradecal sheet 006-48 is oop!! Too bad.... The 91st has my fave: I like the blue and white stripe on top of the rudders!
  15. Good to hear, Ed! I am sure you can make a nice Nesher out of that Kinetic kit! There is still some AM out that can improve your project. If you like, I can make a scan of the Wingman Nesher kit for you. So you have some ideas what is replaced by resin etc.
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