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  1. NOICEE! You bring the first Tiffy in here! Looks worries!
  2. I also have a soft spot for the quarterscale Chinook! Love the JSDF Camo, RCAF is also great. A set with the big tanks and the necessary lumps and bumps and decals would be great to get a proper actual CH-47. CMK and Eduard have already some Resin and PE for the Chinook.
  3. That is really awesome! Especially that jap. Apache with its striking camo! And skies...that makes him really exotic! Seems I must have that set one day...
  4. Or maybe the thousands of bottles of original canadian maple sirup that will come to germany every Boing 747!!?? Hey, the freight boing is connected to CDN!! Hmmm...or I dedicate a Phantom build to a certain canadian "Shawn Weiler" - hey presto! Canadian connection is there! Ahhhh...or let's connect Germany with the fantastic Canada: in Goose bay the Luftwaffe had its low level training area. So a Luftwaffe aircraft from Goose Bay would count! OK, this is now joke free, ya? Whatever, Canada is in my opinion a great country and somehow I regret not to be born as a Canadian. When I have time I gladly would honour that country over the pond and its peeps by building something with a maple leaf: e.g. a CF-104D in 1/48 from hasegawa. While I am building a Hase Zipper now for the Luftwaffe GB (ding!ding!!...some advertisement, please!), I m already a bit in love with that jet and this Hasegawa kit.
  5. Hmm...was there any Canadian pilot flying a Phantom?? Maybe with RN or RAF as exchange pilot? ...have so many F-4s...
  6. Meanwhile Axel got a alcohol shower, brush scrub and had an afternoon in the wellness lounge where he got a treatment with whitening lotion. (Means: Mr base white 1000). So he is well prepared for his orange flight suit. Here in the close up you can see the resin imperfections of Axel... Next step is put color on him: sure, flight suit is orange, speed jeans - nato green /olive/khaki, gloves - bluegrey, helmet - white, boots - black. But I have no idea about the color of the Marineflieger MB seat harness!!? Also the mask with oxy tube! (also olive green? or dark grey? or...?) So if anyone has knowledge about it or a usefull pic, please help me.
  7. *thumbsup* ....but it is sooo grey! ;-)
  8. whiteout, whiteout, whiteout....wipe-out!??? Why I have that music in my ears all the day??? Hmmm...some mojo from the early Zipper time:
  9. Hajo's assembly line is running really fast! Soon he will get the title "Sir Hajo-S. Weiler II"...
  10. No real problem. You better fill the rivets on the wings. Recommended stuff (due to Paolo Maglio) is whiteout.
  11. I will check HB and Italeri kits later to see how they solved that detail. Maybe there is something good to copy or make a resin casting!?
  12. Or you butcher your swiss watch to get good scale sprockets for the gear...I mean the sprocket mechanism is missing.
  13. Hmm...I remember somebody asked about nozzle pics of the Toni:
  14. I should be polite and introduce the blue aardvark "Elise" to our GB fellows:
  15. Man! You really like stony ways, ya!? But I appreciate your effort you show us here, so we can learn and watch. Myself, I would have not realized that there would be a shape issue. Well, I am not so deep into the Toni project. Wasn't there a fin correction set from Paragon for the Tornado? I know, It was for the Italeri kit. Not sure if it can beuseful here, too? About me, I always think how to make the missing mechanic between the afterburners that does the stearing of the the thrust reversing. Revell just forgot to make these parts....