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  1. Meanwhile the T-shirt issue solved. So I will start to ship the boxes soon. Still miss some feedback from a few price winners. Think I have to email them.
  2. Some JASDF or Luftwaffe RF-4E boxings have only one nose on the sprues. The RF-4B box is very versatile but take care: it contains only the navy style pylons. The RF-4B is still available on the market, also the JASDF RF-4E. Both for economic prices, e.g. when you order at Hobbylink Japan. Should you like to pimp your recce spook there is a set from Aires with open cam nose, cockpit, wheel wells and nozzles.
  3. Let's begin with our fellow modeller PHANTOM! His name is programm and so he finished several phabulous Phantoms in Luftwaffe colors here. As a real Phantom Phan we have some real "phantomesque" goodies for him: 1 decal sheet from airdoc in 1/48 for all the Norm72 stenciling for a RF-4E (donated from our fellow dude "Goggo" here) 1 T-Shirt from JG 71 Phantom Fly-out 1 Coffee mug from the same event aaaaannnndddd....something for the ears! So you can rock the neighbours ;-) Please let me know your T-shirt size to put the right one into the parcel for you. I stay with Phantoms...SabreFan made a gorgeous RF-4E (and a Sabre, too - nomen est omen!). So for SabreFan a book from DACO: "uncovering the F-104 Starfighter" and a airdoc decal sheet for 1/48 A-7 Corsairs from US Navy. Next, our "dnl42" gets also the DACO starfighter book aaaandddd a JG 71 T-shirt (same question to you: let me know your T-Shirt size!) Our fast and busy HAJO gets a small kit: the MQ-9 Reaper from Skunkmodels in 1/100 (crazy scale...but HAJO seams to like small kits!?) AND a Eurofighter keyholder. So now you can become a real "key account manager" ;-) Greetings around the globe to Java to LIFELINE! Thanks for the sweet Seaking helo - for you the stunning DACO Starfighter book! (I think it is in good hands there and you great guys in Indonesia may get some inspirations for 104 futuretime projects. In Peter's shop there are still plenty Zippers in the racks ;-) LANCER 512, the unbeaten master of metallic colors! One more DACO book goes out to you....and yes, let me know your T-shirt size. It is your fault that you made a Phantom! ;-) SU27 the Gina man: maybe nexttime the Zipper man? A DACO "uncovering the F-104 Starfighter" book will come to your house! ... Mike Idacavage can build a 1/48 A-7E soon...at least because he gets an airdoc decal sheet for low-viz Corsairs. And second a EF-2000 keyholder. The big scale EF-2000 man GOGGO, sorry, We will pump up your stash and add a SPECIAL HOBBY 1/48 F-86K "Sabre dog". There is also a nice EF-2000 patch for you (you can put it near your cyber tiger). And last we have a modeller who gets the pitchman price: SWBAILEY from Texas who got a flooded house some weeks ago. That caused him not only the loss of some models but also additional work, stress and lack of sleep etc. The shipping costs for an inflatable raft is hard to afford, sorry. But I have a nice book from DACO here: it is the "Eye on the Tiger" book that will travel to your home. OK, now do not hesitate to drop me messages and tell me your postal addresses (and T-shirt size - the ones who are naked until today). Thanks for joining, it was fun, interesting and a fantastic group here!!
  4. During the last time it was quiet here but it does not mean that the mods have not been busy in the background. Well, only me and Kurt H. had conversation. No idea where CrazySnap Captain is now...cast away? 100% busy in job and family? I hope he is fine and just too busy due to real life not to go online in the ARC forum. Anybody else had contact with him lately? Before I post the guys who win the one other price here, let me say sorry for the delay. But better late than never!?
  5. 1/48 RoG Tornado IDS

    Hey dude! Where are you hiding? We miss you here and I just realized that your Tornado was not to find in our display case! Hope you are just completely busy with real life and all is fine...ya!??
  6. Hmm, are you sure to donate some EF 2000 plastic parts? I rather think you posted the wrong pic.
  7. So good to see it finished! Awesome!!
  8. F-15E Strike Eagle "Tiger Lead" Revell 1/48

    Great photography, great model and outstanding job! I love your Eagle. To
  9. Hats off to that demanding work. Cutting off the copper pipes of your house heating system to detail the Tiffy is a courageous step as you may have a cold winter time indoors!? ;-) Also good to see that you finally managed to post the WIP thread.
  10. Gents, the GB is over, thank you all for joining and beeing a virtual group with a spirit of good camaraderie. Soon we will let you know the winners of the GB price raffle. At the moment i have problems to use internet as my computer refuses to work since a few days and to get it fixed during next week. So please have patience and stay tuned. Meanwhile great kudos go out to my gorgeous co-mods crazy snap captain and Kurt H.!!!!! fantastic job, dudes,
  11. Oh, too bad! Usually we should plan our job careers due to GB schedules ;-) well only canons missing would justify your toni to enter the display case. I remember that someone told me that the canons are in the workshop for maintainance.... right, the pb problem is annoying. I found a home at www.flickr.com and it works well. Only to the path how to get the link adress for a pic is a bit tricky....but once you know...
  12. Fantastic Tiffy, Goggo! And I can't believe that you made that difficult decals by yourself, really?? You leave me breathless... About the Forums software problem you mentioned: I could help you to upload your WIP thread. Even the GB is over I accept your complaint about having problems with ARC forum.
  13. Hi Simon! Any updates? last posting is long ago. Hope your Toni is finished meanwhile. Come on, let us see your masterpiece! Btw. it is the last GB day today :-(
  14. Hufff....maybe Pete also has the summer bussiness and got away from the workbench!? Any updates on your Gannet?
  15. Hey Scott, are you fine? Any updates? I really wish to see your Toni finished!