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  1. Yep, on top is white, the grey is the so called "voodoo-grey" FS 16515. Also one panel on the vertical stab is in grey, left and right side one.
  2. Nice pinoy Phantom! To leave a hint here: to avoid getting a super flat coat when using the Tamiya acrylics I just add a few drops of tamiya gloss clear to the airbrush jar. Later when dry I make a fine wet sanding with micromesh 6000-8000. That removes the pebbles, overspray, dust in the coat and prepares your surface for the clear coat of Future (or similar). By doing this you will not need such a big amount of clear coat to make it shine and also better for decals to give them a real good underground.
  3. Ya tuhanku! The hands of the pilots are big as cover from a toilet bowl! Looking forward to see the guys painted! Hope you have nice weather out there in rainy seasion now.
  4. I just read about the, the pilot shot out from the mud! 1967 it must have been still the C2 seat. Also the engine was not the MTU modified one yet. Now it is a bit late for your project, but the Hasegawa kit has a very nice early J-79 nozzle. And always 2 nozzles on the sprues, some fellow modeller might have one left over....well I guees too late for your project. But you can still make the pilot in his C2 seat coming through the water surface! ;-) dramatic...
  5. Yes, next you can make a underwater scene...with 51% of the Zipper in the water and fishes and divers around! ESCI kit is good enough for that. But your nozzle inside is very "shallow"....
  6. Thank you for information. But where can I see what is still there, e.g. is there a list of available goodies? As the CC site is down... Just looked to HS but cannot find the info about CC sale. Can you also tell us the contact email here? Same as
  7. Ambitious project! And I see you use Eduard PE....sometimes fun and/or pain at the same time, hehe ABout the floats, here they are fixed on the fuselage and not on the landing gear!? Hm, I am no scratchbuilding pope but I would cut plastic sheet in about the size of the floats, a bit smaller and next coverit with 2k putty like Magic sculp. In the Magic sculp surface you can work the wrinkeld structure of deflated floats, for example. You can also make Magic Sculp smooth with water, and cottontub or brush or... Any solution for the decals?
  8. Uhhh Winnie!!! Tough kit!? Why couldn't you give me that warning earlier? Once i read the first reviews and oob build reports, they said it is a nice and good kit! But you are more than right! Today I fought with the plastic parts, had to move the hot air tube in the passenger cabin, and tried to close the fuselage, add the nose, belly piece...hard work, indeed! filling small gaps and renew panel lines and rivets will be the future. Here it is...
  9. You are heading on quick! I hope I will see your king in a high viz dress as I like the "old" colorful navy birds, hmmm....!?
  10. Meanwhile the oils for the interior detail painting are dry. In one picture I saw the black-yellow "Emergency Exit" placards over the windows and the striped handles to open these windows so the crew can escape from the helicopter. Adding some styrene parts and paint black n yellow was the one part to bring more life on the grey wall. But as I have no decals nor have I ever made "homemade" decals, the "Emercency Exit" was a challenge. I played with the "paint" programm and printed the placards in different sizes on office paper. After chosing the size they were cut of with a sharp X-acto blade and fixed on the wall with white glue. Well, better than nothing! Tamiya gloss coat on, washing with AK landing gear wash and matt cote from Revell. Voila: here a close up of the busy wall (the right fuselage interior was ignored because you will hardly see that sie later):
  11. I also thought they would be the same molds, but meanwhile following some WIPs in the helo GB I realize that there are differences. Maybe I speak in the name of other guys interested in the 1/48 Huey, a list would be helpful to show + and - for both kits and what parts give the best UH-1D/H.
  12. Very nice!! NMF is not easy with the tanmodel plastic. Having seen the decals from DACO I got tempted for an early belgian Thunderflash in NATO camo with PRU blue underside...
  13. Deepest condolences to you and your wife from far away! Hugs!
  14. Those Hueys seam to be a orgie always!? I remember Scotch making his HAF SAR Huey in the HAF GB, and now you go a similar way with yours. Good luck and no Murphey!