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  1. Had a look in my stash: I think the Wingman models kit F-21A Kfir will fit that GB very well! Have to be careful to build an adversary and NO aggressor! ;-) Yaaa...it's so gooood to be baaaad!
  2. What a crazy office! ;-)
  3. Nice!!!! Happy to see your sabre finished!
  4. Send me your email when you want original size of the scan.
  5. found it! Just making a scan... http://Paragon OV-10 48090
  6. Let me dig into my AM stash, I think I have it!
  7. Anybody there having that decal sheet in 1/48? I look for the instruction sheet, color copy or good scan is ok for me! Also a scan of all the decal sheets would be fine. Thanks !!
  8. OMG! So you dudes will be hovering! I should not mix such "herbs" in the jam to avoid problems with local police. I suggest he should add some green stuff to his muesli in the morning to start a relaxed modelling day. he outcome will be some extravagant psychodelic models!???
  9. tobiK

    Black Friday Sales

    I get the DACO newsletter and reidair posted it on his facebook site. Not only books are reduced but also decals. New books are cheaper, too. But not so much as old books. Mig Jimenez has it on his website, you can see the sale on the left column. He has items reduced for 25% and 15%.
  10. I will slow him down by sending him homemade jam! That stuff will make him sleepy! hehe
  11. tobiK

    Black Friday Disappointment

    Maybe it is a plan to have such items "out of stock" for such events? To be honest, the companies need to earn money and such kits sell easily for normal price. Am I bad when I have such thoughts??
  12. tobiK

    Black Friday Sales

    REIDAIR publications, MIG Jimenez and Phase Hangar doing a black week sale, too!
  13. Haha, your saying is cool, too! i will keep it in mind when it comes to make jam again. Making jam is one of my hobbies besides modelling and I take own organic fruits whenever it is possible. So have fun with the goodies and enjoy, beeing cool again! ;-)
  14. Hehe...seams when I am involved into a GB as co-mod or mod there are no loosers among the finishers!? So again this time: everybody who brought a finished model to the display case gets a price and moreover, an extra price for a GB member who got bad luck during that time. A short update: almost all prices are shipped or handed out. Now Mike J. Idacavage and swbailey will be the next ones. Crazy Snap Captain has not given me any answer/reaction/mail. So I have no idea what's about him. The price for lifeline: I will give it to him mid dec by myself. (Just booked the flight ;-)