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  1. tobiK

    CD48148 - 1/48 CH-47 Chinook

    The camo of the JASDF CH-47J looks so good! Now we need decals incl. japanese stencils
  2. I look for some small parts for the Monogram /Revell C-47 (DC-3): Nr. 37 (pilot steering), 83 and 97 (Glasparts for landing lights, 87 (round upper window over radio compartment), 35 (over head IP), 9 (Antenna?), 73 (wall of radio compartment), 80 (for landing gear), and the seats 70 and 72 (nice to have but not really needed).Hope someone has those parts left over or an incomplete Dakota kit!?
  3. Here the latest news I got in facebook from Wingman: Dear friends and fellow model makers! Again we will be attending Scale Modelworld at Telford/UK on November 10 and 11 of this year. As usuall we are looking very much forward to seeing you in person. One of our high-lights is the re-release of our long sold-out kits WMK48001 Latin American Kfir and WMK480014 Belgian Mirage 5BA/BR, both in 1/48 scale. We revised the cockpit section of the Kfir by dividing it into two pieces (cockpit tub and separate front landing gear bay). In addition we reworked the nose and included PE-parts for the small fences on either sides of it. For the Belgian Mirage kit we reworked the tail and added the little airscoop for the ATAR 9 engine, which is located on the left side of the exhaust area just behind the wing. This was missing from our first release! Due to popular demand, we also hope to bring the reprint of our WMD48006 Luftwaffe Tornado decals - unfortunately these are still with the printers and we haven't heard from them yet. We will be loacted at the back end of Hall 2, just behind te trade stands of Zoukei Mura and of Revell. Looking very much forward to seeing you soon and having a good time together! All the best! Andreas So the demand for the Tonka decals will be satisfied soon! Up to now no Nesher, but two other Wingman kits, nice! (Tow bad, I still have 2 latin american Kfirs in my stash and they have now old parts in the box!)
  4. I am so sorry to tell that the Nesher and Tornado decals are completely sold out! So I just can wish good luck fishing in evil bay etc.
  5. tobiK

    1:48 Tiger Meet F-16

    In the box is the old and bad (poor detail and wrong shape) Italeri F-16 kit. But that black-yellow scheme is stunning! My friend did taht kit many years ago, he reported that the nose gear is wrong and the decals made some problems, too. If you want to know details, I have to ask him.
  6. I have good connections to Wingman. Maybe there is still one hidden in a rack!?
  7. Should I ask for there? But shipping will be from Germany.
  8. Why not build the streak with closed canopy? Dullcoat looks good!
  9. There are really not much stencil decals. Wether Mongram forgot some or it did not exist on the camo USAF streak. I remember, I took a Icarus sheet only for stencils for the greek streak and I was more busy with the decaling job. Your piant job looks good! But you can really say that once matt coated.
  10. You can donate ehm to "Phantom"! He will start a "U-2 group build" and finish all the kits in his well known supersonic speed! 😉
  11. There has to be always someone to invest in the humungous amount of AM stuff so that a model kit manufacturer will release a modern kit of the same subject. This time it is you and we all say "thank you"! hehe
  12. tobiK

    AFV Club F-5E USMC Aggressor

    Just because we talked about it before and to put an info here: intakes for the F-5 from AFV Club are coming! Mike is working on it. PhaseHangar Resin F-5 intake prototype
  13. tobiK

    RAL7047 Telegrey 4 alternative?

    Revell 150 is ok, I have it too and also the RAL5012 from Elita Life color - is the same color. Take it...
  14. tobiK

    Greek A-7E (and not A-7H)

    Hi Ioannis! What about a HAF A-7 under the skin book? I think I would miss it already!
  15. tobiK

    RAL7047 Telegrey 4 alternative?

    No real idea, but try RAL 7035 and add some white. Revell 371 or Humbrol 196 is 7035.