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  1. tobiK

    RAL7047 Telegrey 4 alternative?

    Revell 150 is ok, I have it too and also the RAL5012 from Elita Life color - is the same color. Take it...
  2. tobiK

    Greek A-7E (and not A-7H)

    Hi Ioannis! What about a HAF A-7 under the skin book? I think I would miss it already!
  3. tobiK

    RAL7047 Telegrey 4 alternative?

    No real idea, but try RAL 7035 and add some white. Revell 371 or Humbrol 196 is 7035.
  4. tobiK

    AFV Club F-5E USMC Aggressor

    I agree, the NATO black is fine for that. Similar to Revell 9 anthracite grey, my wonder weapon for IPs, tires, boots...all what is black but a bit faded.
  5. tobiK

    AFV Club F-5E USMC Aggressor

    Acrylic paint like Tamiya or Gunze are not my friends for handbrushing. Prefer good old enamel (esp. for small detail) or the Revell aquacolor (can be diluted with pure water!) But your IP looks good already! Also thanks to the perfectly and sharp casted instruments.
  6. tobiK

    AFV Club F-5E USMC Aggressor

    Oh sorry, I told you nonsense: There is no intakes in resin from KASL. Seams something made me confuse yday.
  7. tobiK

    AFV Club F-5E USMC Aggressor

    True, the yellow - almost creme white line is the sealing for the clear pexiglas to the metal frames. On some aircrafts it is also outside. But for us modellers: there is a smal visible frame to see. Due to the very thick clear plastic (thickness it is not in scale) one has to cheat a bit. Easiest way is to paint it outside or - better - use decals. When you apply them in the inside, I am not sure how it will look like. For the intake I agree. But the F-5 intakes are quite small and you have to look inside exactly from the front and using a torch, like a cave explorer. If you want to pimp your AFV kit, KASL Hobby has resin intakes for the F-5E/F! Or, take FOD covers. I took a pair from Royal Resin. To be consequent, the exhaust is also too shallow! (again KASL gives us a solution).
  8. tobiK

    AFV Club F-5E USMC Aggressor

    Ohh I forgot to mention 2 chead and (meanwhile for me) important add-ons: Canopy framing decals For my next F-5 I will take the set! Before I did masking and mixing the pale light yellow color. But there are always touch ups to so, mixing other color shade, screwing up some detail near, etc. Even the lines for the framing is already on the clear parts, they are not precise. and pitot tube (unless you have a AFV box including a metal pitot tube)
  9. tobiK

    F-5F Bad guy

    Maybe it is the perspective of the pic...but it looks like the camo Tiger has an up pointing nose!? What a snobbish bad guy!
  10. So how was your morning? Ah, hehe, you might be still sleeping as it was my morning right now. OK, have a coffee (bio and fair trade!) and have a look. You will try black priming this time? I have never done it, unless for shiny alclad.
  11. tobiK

    Hasegawa F-4S USMC Detailed build

    That looks busy good! You will see, once the black/darkgrey paint is on it will be fine. Be careful with the true details pylon set: I already bought 2 sets in the past and both were crap. bad casting quality as the molds gone down the jordan - means the still use worn out damaged molds. That what it looked to me and so I never use that set. Check the EDU wheels, they might be too small! It happened to my friend with his RF-4E (you remember the RF in the modern Luftwaffe GB?). When possible I prefer Royal Resin wheels. Your chopper seams to be a real good tool!! like it
  12. tobiK

    1:48 AH-1; where to start?

    Nobody mentioned the Monogram AH-1? Several times reboxed by Revell. I built it (the Red Bull Cobra) and have to say its good! Of course no shake and bake, but a modeller can make it! You should not be afraid of raised rivets and panel lines, but hey, look at a real helo: it is raised in 1:1, too!
  13. DANG! awesome, great, stunning, drop dead phantomesque! Hmm...Better look for a Revell 1/48 box of a FGR.2, it contains Hasegawa sprues AND also a blue special scheme. Not sure if that one or the other (as there have been 2 Phantoms in blue). Cheap times are gone but for 20-25 € still availabe second hand. Anyway, have I told you that I love that blue scheme? Still on my unwritten list for modelling projects.
  14. tobiK

    AFV Club F-5E USMC Aggressor

    Here the link to the KASL seat w pilot: http://originalundmodell.de/reviews2015_3/kasl_k48021.htm Well, I did 2 F-5E kits already. One with Aires pit and the other with kit pit, QB seat and scratch build details (copper wire, strip styrene, ...) Sure the Aires set improves the already good details of the kit and the fit is - in that case- really good. BUT Aires refuses to give you 100%, means, they left some details. I completed it again with scratch work. Menawhile I know: where Aires stopped, KASL went on and offers us the best detailed cockpit for the AFV F-5 on the market! Also quality vice it is top-notch. The real improvement are the linkage of the canopy lift and the area in the rear. But also more delicate to build. Other call it "fiddly".
  15. Good news! I have a F-5E, too. I goofed the windscreen and it cracked, so that kit is still missing a windscreen. 😞