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  1. Even they sell prints of jets it is a good ref. for squadrons and GAF jets. Line jets as well as special schemes. jet-prints ...looks like VERY Tornado addicted!!!
  2. Yeaaahhhh! The first Typhoon in the GB!! But as we say in Germany: Eurofighter (First meaning is the jet, second meaning we use to call someone wo is fighting for every single Euro. Means he is bargaining hard! haha) OOB is good enough, 1/72 is already so tiny! For me and my old eyes it feels like 1/144 already, hehe. I hope the gentleman scaled EF has better fit than his brother in 1/48!!??
  3. Here I start with a link for german F-104 Starfighters: 916-starfighter 916??? It is a Ducati motorbike? Well, I guess it has something to do with the number of produced Starfighters by MBB for german AF/Marine... Here you get information from a former crew chief, pictures and stories. Mostly in german kanguage.
  4. Here you can post internet links, pictures, articels what is related to the GB. Also what was useful for your project or could be helpful for our fellow GB mates. Hints for colorschemes and paint / model paint companies as well as decal options are also welcome.
  5. No need to hurry! The GB goes until Sept. 1, 2017!!! ;-)
  6. No problemo, Paolo! Marineflieger is allowed, too! Just read the "rules of the air" for the GB: Marine and Heer included as long it is flying. So you can come in with your RF-104G.
  7. Buona Sera! Mille gracie for the head up, Paolo. You are right, MTU upgraded the J79 engine and it was around 1968 when it was changed. In the Eduard instruction from Kurt it is right: part no. L8 is the correct nozzle for his 104. Or as long as you don't have the J79 nozzle from DACO that is way better in detail and shape. First the J79-11A was built in, constructed by Gerhard Neumann. Engeneering already started in 1952. AFAIK there has been problems with engine stall what caused some deadly aircraft crashes. Soon the 104 got the name "widowmaker" and had a real bad standing in german press and society. So the upgrade of the engine was one of many actions to make that jet more reliable. The new engine had the name J79-MTU-J1K and was built by MTU. It was much more smokeless, had a different sound, nozzle activation got a new hydraulic system and a manual closing option for the nozzle (additional lever in the cockpit). Also a new flameholder was made (DACO cares about that detail in his upgrade set, btw.) BTW. what about you to join this GB? I am sure there will be a Starfighter from Luftwaffe or Marine that is still missing in your collection...and you are a fan of that iconic jet, giusto?? ;-)
  8. hey hoo, let's go! Can't wait to see your first steps making the colorful Toni!
  9. For the Morm72 you need: RAL 6014 gelboliv (Revell 42, Xtracolor X251) RAL 7012 Basaltgrau (yes, again! Revell 79, Xtracolor X254) RAL 9006 weißaluminium (same topic as with your F-104, Xtracolor X252, or Revell 99) Airdoc decals must be still available for the RF in 1/72, just a wink....
  10. I really like your 104! It looks great! Good job!
  11. DACO has the best decal set for the F-104, including lizard camo. But same here, 20€ for the 1/72 sheet, get 5 sheets! But if you plan to build more than just one GAF Zipper, then they are the decals to go.
  12. Recce jobs over sea in general...RF-104G, Tornado (with pods), and yes, you are right...the P-3C and Breguet Atlantic (btw. that is your scale 1/72, both available from Rebell...will you bring one to the GB?). In early days also the HU-16 Albatros...hmm...what else?
  13. Ah, Hajo ist auch noch wach... Marineflieger: die Luft über der See gehört dem MFG!! (now please translate....)
  14. Haha, I got you! The white "Immelmann RF" that squadron is already disbanded. Only AG 52 left over for recce missions (and marineflieger do their own recce). Hats off, Phantom! You are really busy! Now phantom no.4 in this GB...I guess nobody will beat that!
  15. Welcome, Mike! It seams the Phantom and the Toni are the darlings in the Luftwaffe GB here! (up to now NO helo!?? *sniff*....Alpha jet?...) OK, Mike, great choice of decals! I like it to see many special schemes here and you got a rare one! No wonder, for german "Tonis" there are many special liveries...from Tiger Meet to anniversaries, etc.