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  1. WOW Hajo! Hats off! You show us a high speed modelling Tornado...and putty-free, too. I agree, the old Marineflieger camo is my favorite, too!
  2. The MM metalizers have a good reputation. So why not taking them? So far your Sabre looks good!
  3. Your Zipper looks really good already! Oh btw. Warsteiner is a quite bitter beer because it is a "Pils" (brewed due to the Pilsener process or how to explain? Pilsen is a city in Czech Republik). But when it is cool and the weather is hot, a freshly opened Pils tastes soo good! Then I say " es zischt"!
  4. Nice!!! You are really fast...probably because it is 1/72!? ;-) happy modelling!
  5. Welcome! Finally a Alpha jet here! Miss it already despite there is a good kit out from Kinetic or Wingman in 1/48...no ESCI or Heller anymore
  6. Hey Mike! That Toni looks so stunnign already! Keep up the good work!
  7. Tanmodel RF-84F resin

    Your effort for the RF_84 is highly appreciated! I think about some AMS stuff to use it together with some AM from CMK I have already..
  8. Cantik!! Mantap!!!! WOW!! thanks for joining the GB!! I just see....a modern Seaking kit in 1/32 (1/35) is still missing!!!
  9. Canadair Sabre Mk 5

    Hey, you are really busy! But I think building the Sabre out of box will not be so demanding like your detailed RF-4 you did before. Anyway, an interesting and rare to see project of the early iconic fighter of the young modern GAF.
  10. 1/72 Seaking MK.41

    What ever, you made a nice helo! Really nice to see that Seaking in that special scheme! I m curious what Alex and Peter will say about your Marine Chopper!? ;-)
  11. 1/72 Seaking MK.41

    Great HAJO! Good to see the FOD stuff on the Helo.
  12. That is some nice progress! So I see you to make it in time with your Zipper ...hoamm, and me? I am more tired again after work than to have hot mojo for the bench. :-(
  13. Good news, Harold! As I have 2 HB F-84F in the stash but until today I am a bit frustrated that the HB kit does not get love from the AM makers. No Eduard cockpit set, no resin wheels....as the Cockpit and wheels really are lacking of detail. I cannot always buy Monogram kits on the flea market to get donor parts for average modern tooled kits. So thanks for your step doing some parts for the HB. Hm and I should buy it soon from you!!?
  14. Thanks JayBee! I also like your shots!
  15. Any news on mastering the poor joints? I hope you are fine!