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  1. They have gems and dogs. And they make models you will not find in the range of other manufacturers.
  2. I checked the Gallery instruction and they say: aircraft grey (Gunze H 57). Flat black for instrument panel and middle console. Good idea about the cargo net!
  3. Here my head-up for the red: the best and real color is from MM acryl no. 4225,coast guard orange. Hard to find bceause it is the ship color range from MM.
  4. I just compared the RF-4B and C kit: no need to collapse, up to one sprue all is the same in the B boxing. What is different is the stabs (slotted or unslotted...anyway it depends on your project, too. And if, it is easy the change). Just get your C instruction and all the nice AM goodies. Here, I can order a RF-4B via amazon and it is less 30€ incl. shipping (even it comes from japan). That's a deal, it just takes some days to arrive in old germany, that's all.
  5. So here is a small progress. I found a good photo walkaround in the net and so I decided to add some extra detail in the cockpit and cabin. I want to have the doors and slide windows in open position. The fiddly PE stuff kept me busy. Here you can see the source of the aluminium is thicker than the usual household foil and has tiny structure. IKEA helo furniture... almost done: detailing the interior wall. Only left side. right side will be hard to se later. Somehow I regret not have taken the Eduard interior set to get a better wall structure.
  6. Hi Ryan! Nice Huey with canoes on! So you should combine the fridge with the airbrush dust cabin: take a saw and make 3 holes in the fridge door: one for glas, the other 2 for looooong soft rubber gloves. A good bulb inside and another hole on the backside to suck off the smell. Here around my house it's snow again, 10 cm about (dear canadians, do not laugh!) and +/- 0 degree. It 's good when there's snow outside, so I can stay in the house and nobody will bring some work. Well, winter is my modelling seasion.
  7. OMG! You are so busy!! When will you publish the "Greek girls under the skin, Vol.1" book?
  8. Only know the Monogram Cobra until now. This kit looks a bit more basic. What have you done with the seat belts? Lately I put some Eduard seat belts for a UH-1Y into my Mono Cobra. But I am afraid that hint is too late for your project?
  9. Strange, usually shops make a clearance sale before they close and also announce that sale. So they get rid of the goods, make money and the customers have a last chance to fill their stash. But that did not happen in that case!? What is also strange, when I looked for CC products at Hannants and there was NO (zero, nothing), not even one CC product in the catalogs. That is strange...even when a company, e.g. Afterburner (also closed months ago), is shuting down, there are still products out at the dealers and it is still for sale until gone. But not in this case.
  10. Hi Matt, up to now Xtracolor made the two Mirage colors, they should be quite correct. X395, X396 Or ask Sylvain from syhart decals, he is from France and MUST know the color numbers.
  11. Wow, you make progress second to Phantom! But I like how you do it, even oob you make a clean job.
  12. OK, I compared the JASDF RF-4E PT30 with the USAF RF-4C 09557 and could see that there are a few differences, to many to tell here. But you can easily compare your instruction with the RF-4C USAF instruction so you will see. (IP, refuelling, one camera, antennas, navy underwing hooks, pylons....are different). What you will NOT see is the sprue E for the wings: both kits have the "E" sprue, but the one from the JASDF kit is different in the wingtips. There are some "bumps" (I think that is part of RWR equipment, I am not sure!) that the standard RF-4C does not have. You will find that wing also in a F-4EJ KAI box.
  13. Yes, you are right, the grey-white RF looks good! It has also the early nose like the Luftwaffe RFs. (BTW. why not a Luftwaffe RF-4E? Our groupbuild is suitable for such a recce phantom.) ;-) I used the verlinden Mk7 seat a few years ago and it fits nice into the Hase pit. That time I made a F-4J UK with Eduard PE zoom set and the placard set. But still the backside of the WSO IP lacks its cables. But it is easy to scratch with some round plastic and copper wire - beleive me, it is well visible later and worth the effort. Seams there is a wing confusion out there? Kurt, what is the hasegawa item no. of your kit? If you want I can dig in my Hase RF stash and compare all the kits (more or less 10 different RFs in the house: B/C/E). The japanese RF-4EJ is in fact a "EJ" that was "reccenised". But the "EJ" hard the hard wing, too!
  14. I recommend FODs when you will not go the way with seamless intakes. There are resin FODs as well as PE from Eduard. I used both and it is ok. So, about your canopy: will you have it open? Then you urgently need the stuff from hypersonic models: canopy detail from hypersonic And yes, when you will not take a resin office, so at least take resin seats and Eduard colored PE. There are many nice seats out there, from Legend, Wolfpack, Verlinden, Eduard, hypersonic, TD, black box, Aires..... But a resin office is nice, as a basic you can take the F-4C pit from True details (i read that hint somewhere, TD had a cockpit not too expensive). AFAIK there is no Hasegawa RF on the market having the wings from the E/F/G/S model, so only hard wing out there. You should add some plumbing to the gear: hydraulic and brake hoses etc., up to you if you prefer resin wheels (Eduard!). If you want to open the cam bay: there is a resin full meal deal set from Aires for the RF! Aires RF-4 pimpups When it comes to stencils, I see that the birds on the ms sheet are in SEA or SEA wraparound camo. For the SEA scheme I am not sure if the stencils on the ms sheet are enough/good enough. Usually Phantoms, especially early ones, are full of stencils and panel numberings. Maybe you look for a good AM stencil sheet for SEA camo Phantoms. For example, kitsworld has a stencil sheet. F-4 grey and camo stencils Furbal has some nice decal stuff for the Phantom: the canopy seal, intake trunking (when you have no FOD),
  15. I have bet you are the first to finish! Nice colorful whirlybird, I remember building a Jetranger in my teenage years from CAF. But paint was grey-green and the kit from ESCI in 1/48.