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  1. Welcome Goggo! I am curious how your big scale Tiffy will come out! Hope the fit will be better than the quarterscale EF-2000!
  2. That's definitely great! I love the blue and white colors!
  3. Hi Mario! Welcome on board! Highly appreciated, your Seaking! I look forward to see that stunning special scheme. Have fun, good luck and enough time for the project! Sampai jumpa!
  4. Congrats, Mario! Best wishes to Baby girl and mother, too! Hmm, I now the indonesian solution when a person has not enough time e.g for building models: take a nanny! I know the salaries are quite low for nannies there. ;-)
  5. His cousin was an Alpha Jet driver in the end of that jet's aera in Luftwaffe service I guess. So no orange flightsuit anymore. Take note: it is the same Guineau helmet like before, only painted in grey. (Damn! I forgot my RAL color cart to compare the colors from the original!).
  6. Yeasterday I visited a model show in a former Luftwaffe airfield bunker. It is the Flugplatzmuseum from Leipheim airbase. Besides 1:1 G-91, Alpha Jet, UH-1D ... I could meet the brothers of Alex and they agreed to take pictures. So here are two examples how Luftwaffe pilots looked like some days ago.
  7. Uhh, annoying ...rivets are like cats, seam to have seven lives. Good luck to get it "fulfilled"!
  8. Nice to meet you in Leipheim! Hope your Phantom will end up in the same nice quality as the models you showed there. We talked about the acrylic RAL colors. Here is the link to Elita Life Color: Elita life color HP
  9. good job on the paint! Don't stop building!
  10. I would wonder that they the landing gear is retractrable. Not sure if the pilots can fly with gear out!?
  11. Try a dry fit of the upper fuselage part. It might be a tad shorter than the tamiya part. I think the casting can not be done better and so when it is less than 1 mm call it good. Otherwise the set is really good and nice, details are good, too.
  12. HAJO is right! Even not in Luftwaffe service, but in "Marine" (Navy) service. And due to the GB rules, the modern german navy is included! At least with all what is flying. BTW. greets to Alex and Peter! Miss you guys!
  13. Good to see your fan getting some progress! I hope you can start the Marine Seaking soon ;-) Sampai jumpa!
  14. Yes you are right. Also the middle seam needs your attention.