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  1. almost there! ( unfortunately the flash shows up the corrections on the wing tanks!)
  2. cheers guys! silly mistake - i thought id be able to get away with attaching the canopy last, but the fit leaves a bit to be desired, so I opened the canopy and attached the front windshield.....requiring superglue and sanding :-S
  3. Im down for 2 at least! ....my su-17 sans suffix arrived today....a su-17m2 would be very appreciated !
  4. Does this include kits molded in 1980?
  5. got the basic main colours on yesterday - still need to clean up the leakage, but happy with as-12 for lacquer silver look as on the real thing:
  6. after a TON of filling with supergue, sanding....rinse, repeat.....we got primer on today to check for any missed seams! :-)
  7. Hehe yea ive been using superglue to fill as much as i can...wing tanks turned out Allright but i think intakes will be another matter! This is one of airfix's better releases - would love a new tool though!! Still undecided on a camouflaged or metal lacquer bird!
  8. this afternoon I worked on the wing tanks - man, what a mission! trying to ensure both tanks were aligned correctly took a ton of resetting, super glue, and patience! but i'm fairly confident they are aligned properly (probably would have been easier to adapt the t-33 wing to the kit ) as per the kit: removed the edges: final result!;
  9. HI Folks! THis GB got me inspired to ressresurrect my 1/72 Chilean F-80C: Its from the 1974 airfix kit, last id done is paint up the cockpit parts so hopefully ok! am using the fuel tanks from an equally ancient hasegawa T-33 (dating back to 1969!):
  10. Somewhere out there the guy who ps'd that pic must be rapt he gets his very own su-34 boxing!
  11. Hehe yea, its very fake - though amusing italeri decided to make it a kit options!
  12. http://italeri.com/scheda.asp?idProdotto=2583&idCategoria=1&idSottocategoria=3
  13. got all the main assemblies together, started working on the nose shapes, where the kit is a bit out: I extended the radome? found a proper FLIR ball, and checked how it looked with the zvezda cannon:
  14. im looking forward to the special hobby 72nd kit, the AMK one looks amazing!
  15. Just finished watching after seeing it mentioned here - Was really well made - great to see netflix tackle some of the smaller conflicts in the early cold war years - hopefully more to come! though in the scene with the UN secretary on the plane - you see the chasing plane is a F-4 phantom!
  16. Great builds seb! Your a modeling machine ☺
  17. Hi Folks I decided i would enter an Iraqi Mi-28NE as currently engaged in operations against ISIS :-) decided to use the Revell Kit with some leftover parts from a long dead zvezda kit ( I would use a zvezda kit, but all the examples i've looked at in box have horrific cracks through the canopies ) Im hoping to use the excellent Begemot Mi-35 sheet as a basis for the markings: for zvezda donor parts i have the radome, complete cannon, antennae, and might cut up some previous ka-50 seats to use also:
  18. small update: slowly coming together with lots of puttying and sanding! IP finished, not totally happy with it - i tried to make convincing dials putting in white, then bits of black, then filling with clear varnish, it sort of works!
  19. finished of the cockpit: because reading the instructions is for chumps - i thought the piece for the lower 'radiator' was for something else, I had to remake the part from scratch - thal teach me!
  20. Really enjoing following your progress! Mine arrived the other day from modelsua (cant wait for the 152m) Does anybody have good cockpit reference photos for these beasts?
  21. Wow looks great! buti thpught you were a 48th scale guy? :-P
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