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  1. I agree, I've read a lot about them and there seems to be no consistency. Some work fine and others don't work at all.
  2. My pair of Revell Monogram P-40s.
  3. All done, they are far from perfect but it was fun. The best part was using the Mr Paint, by far the best paint I've ever used. '''' One the shelf with the rest of the P-40s
  4. I have some Hataka paints and they are by far the worst paints I have ever used. They don't mix well, to use them I've had to pull the dropper off the bottle and stir them even though they have BBs in the bottles. Some of the colors seem really far off, I have the French set and RAF colors.
  5. Some of the early Classic Airframes kits, like the MB-155. The resin looks really nice, but you have to get it get it nearly paper thin and carve away a lot of plastic to get anything to actually fit.
  6. Decals are on and were surprisingly good. I'm looking forward to getting these on the shelf with my other 6 finished P-40s.
  7. P-40s are getting painted. I'm really using these to play around with Mr Paint which is by far the best paint I have ever used. It sprays perfectly and is so easy to use. The only downfall is it is lacquer so it does have fumes.
  8. These two are nearing completion, I'll have some pictures tomorrow. I painted the AVG aircraft this evening, using the fantastic Mr Paint.
  9. The Pentagon sees to it that I know more than you.
  10. That was too impressive, they were in position for a Zero to shoot at them.
  11. The movie Top Gun certainly contributed to the thought that the F-14 was invincible and the best fighter in the inventory. It did a 4G inverted dive with a MiG-28, so it had to be good.
  12. It makes sense. It already has a replacement with the F-22. It is a single mission aircraft and one that we don't need in the current fight. By the mid 2020s the F-35 will be the main fighter and these will be 40+ years old.
  13. The P-40s are in primer. They are far from perfect but I'm not going to stress about every flaw on these.
  14. Kurt, funny you replied. I had started this awhile ago but never took pictures. I completed the main assembly on both kits today. I am still not entirely decided on the paint schemes, I briefly considered a NMF one that was in service around 1943, but with this kit that might just be an exercise in frustration. However, I was pleasantly surprised with how they went together. I was expecting some major gaps and fit problems and while it is far from a perfect fit they actually went together well for very worn out 50+ year old molds. There will be filling and sanding but it is a lot less than I was expecting.
  15. The Egyptian one is different, I already did the Turkish one on the sheet, with a not as classic Academy kit