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  1. I hope to get back to this in a couple months, I have to travel for work for a few months but plan to finish this as soon as possible
  2. Some progress. One thing I really wanted to try to replicate is the distinctive pattern seen on many P-38s. This seems to have been a tape and sealant applied over certain panel joints during shipping and with the removal of the tape dark lines were left around the panels. I applied tape to the lines and sprayed MRP exhaust soot over it. This is similar to Tamiya Smoke, it is very transparent and the effect I got is close to what I wanted but needs some work in a few spots. The props were painted black and then the yellow tips sprayed on. In hindsight I wish I had done some hairspray shipping on them since some P-38 props were beat up and the aircraft I am depicting operated on Guadalcanal. The landing gear was attached, this presented no major issues, but the landing gear bays do look rather plain. One mistake was the amount of weight I put in the nose was not quite enough to keep it from being a tail sitter. Fortunately there is space in engine nacelles so I drilled holes behind the props and inserted lengths of lead wire into the holes. I also got the exhaust installed. I painted it first with MRP Exhaust Metal, then applied some AK Rust wash, and finally went over it with a thinned MRP desert tan. Reference
  3. I just saw the part on the sprue, it never crossed my mind there would be two of them for different versions. It's fixed now.
  4. Thanks, I used a technique I saw in a video by Plasmo on YouTube. I loaded a paintbrush up with the wash I was using for the splatter, wiped off much of it but still left it wet and used my airbrush to blow on the bristles splattering the paint.
  5. Discovered a self imposed problem. The part I glued on for the front of the cockpit was not the right part. There are two in the kit, one must be for the later models. So the front canopy wouldn't fit and I have to take the old part off. Fortunately I was lucky and the part popped off with a little pressure, which was surprising since it was all glued together with TET and I used some melted sprue to fill some small gaps. Added the new part, I'll have to clean up the seam and repaint.
  6. Thanks, I sanded it all back, but on the second attempt I sprayed a reddish brown underneath the olive drab to give the plane some tonal variation. This unrestored P-38 that is at the Udvar-Hazy center is my inspiration without being as heavy as this, since this plane has had 75+ years to weather.
  7. Some fun with masking this evening, I cut out the masks on a Cricut and applied them. The mistake I did make was spraying the white first, I should have done it in reverse and painted the blue, masked over that and then painted the star. That would have prevented the white showing at the edges, and I knew that but took the risk anyway. Oh well, this can be fixed fairly easily since I cut out 4 times more masks than I needed.
  8. I've forgotten to take pictures, but the seams are fixed and the olive drab is painted. I want a well worn Lightning as was common in the Pacific so I did some hairspray chipping. My first attempt went a little overboard so I sanded it back and tried again with some better results. First attempt Round 2 Here is where it's at now
  9. I can do that, I'll try to do it today.
  10. I'm starting this thread to commit myself into the Fortress showdown after I finish the Lightnings. The old but still very accurate Monogram (now Revell) B-17G vs the new kid on the block Hong Kong Models B-17G. I've got a ton of aftermarket for the Revell kit,, but I probably won't use much since it is largely for the interior, and I may use Quickboost engines for the HKM kit.
  11. Bumping this post since the GB is underway and going well. If you haven't already come check it out and join in.
  12. I got mine from Spruebrothers today, and did a quick comparison with the Monogram kit. The HK is about 1/4 inch longer, but the shapes in my view look fine. The other things that have been mentioned like top turret location look the same as the Monogram. Fuselage halves, Monogram on top Tail taped together, the size and profile is identical between the two tails. The wings are slightly different around the wingtip and ailerons, but the rest matches HK and Monogram wing taped together, the Monogram is on top. The HK wing is wider than the Monogram. The horizontal stabilizers are identical in size and shape. On the engines the cooling fins are less pronounced on the HK compared to the Monogram. There is also a Quickboost engine in this picture. With the tail lined up this is the difference in the nose, showing the HK is longer by roughly 1/4". Top of the HK lined up with the Monogram, and no real difference in location of the top turret, which had been a complaint that is unfounded. The wings, the HK is more accurate here . The nose, the shape is the same
  13. You can probably safely mask almost as soon as it is dry to touch, but it definitely gets harder over time. I've masked it in as little as 15 minutes but generally I'll give it about an hour.
  14. It's fixable, but not ideal at all. I'll lose some detail sanding everything, but on this I'm not going to worry about rescribing it.
  15. Finished the main assembly this evening. The fit for the cowlings and nose isn't horrible, but it's not great either. These are pieces made for the specific version and this is where manufacturers tend to struggle getting all the parts for different versions to fit. It won't take much more than some Mr Surfacer and a little sanding to smooth everything out though. These issue could probably have been avoided with some tabs or slots to keep the pieces better aligned since all the joints are just butt joints. The fit is better than I remember the Hasegawa kit and far better than the Revell/Monogram kit though. Tomorrow I should get the seams filled and with a little luck be ready for paint by the weekend.
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