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  1. They're going to get their car over there. The weather is bad whether you like it or not.
  2. They've haven't done much with new tool 1:48 stuff but they have done a bunch of cars, sci-fi, and some really cool construction equipment.
  3. I worked on it for about three weeks, it's a very simple build. My focus on this one was get some variation in the paint.
  4. My latest completion, a Tamiya P-47. It's a great kit and a lot of fun to build.
  5. The B-17 is popular in the US, but with the F and G already covered by Revell it is a tough sell for another company. I would love to see a new tool B-17 but that isn't likely, the same with the B-24 and certainly the B-29. It certainly is a great time to do this, I just started the Airfix Defiant and it is a gem. I am 95% complete with a Tamiya P-47 and it is excellent. Up soon will be a Trumpeter MiG-23 and the Tamiya F-14. There certainly isn't a shortage of great kits to build, and I'll occasionally build one of the old big bombers too.
  6. That's what we did in the 82nd as well, we would bag the chutes and move to our assembly areas.
  7. Do it, you won't regret it. I was initially turned off by the price, at $7.00 a bottle it is a major investment. Now that I've used them I won't go back, and I've used very little paint to cover a model. I used maybe 1/10th of a bottle of Olive Drab painting a 1/48 P-47 over a black primer.
  8. The only thing accurate in what he wrote is there have been very few new four engine aircraft since the 70s. However, the Ju-52, PBY, C-47, and Wellington are as bis as a 1/48 B-17 they just don't have 4 engines. The only 4 engine bombers that were produced in numbers greater than a couple hundred that there are not mainstream kits for are the Halifax and Stirling. I would love to see them, but I can't see them making money for any company. Hasegawa, Revell and Tamiya have released very few new kits, but ICM, Zvezda, Trumpeter, Hobbyboss, Airfix, and Eduard have been busy. Airfix has released a new Spitfire, Hurricane Meteor, Defiant, and Stuka in just the last couple years. Special Hobby has a ton of new releases in the last 10 years, and ICM and Zvezda are making kits that are as good as nearly anything else on the market.
  9. I forgot ICM and they certainly have released a lot of stuff. I was more curious what 8 companies Robertson considers the big eight since according to him the hobby is dying fast.
  10. He could have been serious, things change over time. Certainly in a stealthy insertion you would want to hide the parachute and burying it could be an option In a mass tactical brigade jump there is no hiding 30+ C-17s and C-130s flying over and 2000+ jumpers and that's what the Division really concentrates on now. Even in big exercises we just bag them up and leave them close to where we landed, a detail collects them later on.
  11. That would be as hard as burying a parachute, but the rope isn't as big.
  12. Who are you counting as the eight biggest players? Zvezda, Airfix, Trumpeter, Hobbyboss, Tamiya, Special Hobby, Revell, Hasegawa, Eduard, Academy, DML?
  13. I've not heard that, and I was also in the 82nd. That doesn't seem to make a lot of sense, once you jump the enemy knows you are there. Having 2000+ paratroopers each digging a hole and burying a parachute before assaulting an objective seems like it would be a big waste of time.
  14. Parachutes too. Of course we bag them up and reuse them for training but in a real operation the chute isn't going to be recovered.
  15. Mr Color and Alclad are available, I tend to buy paint from Hobbyworld USA. I just got 15 bottles of Mr Paint yesterday. Not being able to get it locally is frustrating though especially if you just need one or two bottles and don't want to pay 6 or 7 dollars for shipping. I haven't found a water based acrylic that sprays as well as solvent based paints, so I am moving away from Vallejo and MM acrylics for airbrushing.