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  1. nspreitler

    The Last Jedi (Spoilers)

    Leia in space was surprising but what really happens in space has never applied to Star Wars. In the Empire Strikes Back Leia, Han and Chewie are inside a giant space slug on an asteroid. They were wearing masks but we had no problem with a giant eel looking thing living in an asteroid or them walking around in its stomach in space. Yoda and the Jedi tree made sense if you think back to A New Hope and Obi Wan telling Vader if he strikes him down he will become more powerful than he can possibly imagine. i enjoyed the movie. It was different and that was fine. I am sure if you go into looking for SJW slant you can find it it. That was not the impression I got from it but I went to it with no intention of looking for an agenda
  2. nspreitler

    Vallejo Surface Primer

    I've tried it, and it is the worst primer I've seen. It is fragile, lifts off with even the lowest tack tape, flakes and scratches easily. I use Badger Stynylrez or Mr Finishing Surfacer.
  3. nspreitler

    The Last Jedi (Spoilers)

    You were offended by purple hair in Star Wars? You can't be serious.
  4. nspreitler

    Flight Demonstration Team GB

    I'm in, I've got a Trumpeter 1/32 F-105 with a conversion to a B model to build as a Thunderbird. It's one of several builds I''m doing for a friend so I do need to start it in the next couple months once I finish up a couple other projects for him.
  5. nspreitler


    In the US Army we have the 25V MOS, Combat documentation/Production specialists, but there is only one active duty combat camera company.
  6. nspreitler

    Testors products being discontinued?

    They aren't water based acrylics like Model Master acrylic, they are lacquer based. Mr Paint is ready to spray, I use an Iwata Eclipse and spray it at around 8-10 psi and it goes on great. There really isn't anything to learn
  7. nspreitler

    Mr. Paint acrylics

    Hobbyworld USA is migrating the website to a new host so it is down at the moment, it should be back up in the next day or so. It is a one man operation, and he is working hard to fix them IT problems the website has experienced.
  8. nspreitler

    Mr. Paint acrylics

    They are fantastic, I've bought a lot of them and the finish is amazing. They are an acrylic lacquer so they do have an odor. They tend to be gloss which is great, I've stopped using a gloss coat before decals with them. They are lacquer so they are impervious to an enamel wash. You can spray very fine lines with them, better than any other paint I've tried. They also have metallics, including white aluminum, duraluminum, exhaust metal, anodized aluminum, and others. I think they are even better than Alclad because the pigment actually stays suspended unlike Alclad which can leave residue in an airbrush. Here are a couple examples painted with Mr Paint.
  9. nspreitler

    photobucket sucks

    I stopped using photobucket about a year ago, and switched to Imgur. It's far easier to use and doesn't have a million ads on the page. It sucks that all the previous links to photobucket pictures are gone though.
  10. nspreitler

    What is a near miss?

    They're going to get their car over there. The weather is bad whether you like it or not.
  11. nspreitler

    Hasegawa New Releases

    They've haven't done much with new tool 1:48 stuff but they have done a bunch of cars, sci-fi, and some really cool construction equipment.
  12. nspreitler

    Tamiya 1/48 P-47

    I worked on it for about three weeks, it's a very simple build. My focus on this one was get some variation in the paint.
  13. nspreitler

    Tamiya 1/48 P-47

    My latest completion, a Tamiya P-47. It's a great kit and a lot of fun to build.
  14. nspreitler

    1/48 C-46

    The B-17 is popular in the US, but with the F and G already covered by Revell it is a tough sell for another company. I would love to see a new tool B-17 but that isn't likely, the same with the B-24 and certainly the B-29. It certainly is a great time to do this, I just started the Airfix Defiant and it is a gem. I am 95% complete with a Tamiya P-47 and it is excellent. Up soon will be a Trumpeter MiG-23 and the Tamiya F-14. There certainly isn't a shortage of great kits to build, and I'll occasionally build one of the old big bombers too.
  15. nspreitler

    Fast Ropes

    That's what we did in the 82nd as well, we would bag the chutes and move to our assembly areas.