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  1. nspreitler

    Bandai AT-AT

    Assembly complete and primer on.
  2. nspreitler

    1/48 Pro-Modeler Fw-190D-11

    Very nice, I love the scheme but have never tried to tackle it myself. White and red in decals or paint is a challenge.
  3. nspreitler

    Bandai AT-AT

    I started the Bandai 1/144th AT-AT. Not surprising the fit and engineering is near perfect.
  4. nspreitler

    What I plan on building, That aint real GB

    As I slowly work on the C-47 in the D-Day GB, I have a Bandai AT-AT on the way that should arrive tomorrow that I'll do for this GB.
  5. nspreitler

    HB 1/48 LCM-3 in D-Day Markings

    This one is just amazing, I love the detail you are putting into it.
  6. nspreitler

    Completed Builds

    That looks nice, very sharp paint scheme.
  7. nspreitler

    Trumpeter 1/48 C-47

    After a few weeks away from the bench for work, I'm back and will be back to work on the C-47 this weekend.
  8. nspreitler

    1/48 Fw-190 D-9

    Looking good
  9. nspreitler

    Planned Builds

    Great, always glad to have more
  10. nspreitler

    HB 1/48 LCM-3 in D-Day Markings

    It looks great
  11. nspreitler

    1/48 Pro-Modeler Fw-190D-11

    I like it, the red looks good.
  12. nspreitler

    1/48 Pro-Modeler Fw-190D-11

    Nice, it's looking good. It will certainly be a striking scheme
  13. nspreitler

    Hey, thats not real group build, starts soon!

    That sounds interesting, I've got the D-Day GB ongoing, but I can squeeze in a Bandai Star Wars kit.
  14. nspreitler

    Tamiya King Tiger

    Looking good, I like the white wash