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  1. nspreitler

    Update on Richard Morgan

    This guy is back, this time on the MRP fan page on Facebook. He claimed to be selling off his own MRP at a bargain price.
  2. nspreitler

    Bandai AT-AT

    Sorry for the late reply, I used Badger Stynlrez for primer, and MRP for the main color. The issue with Bandai really isn't the plastic, it's the tolerance and getting an enamel into joints.
  3. nspreitler

    Trumpeter 1/48 C-47

    Making progress and should be done in time. This thing has seams that do not want to go away, and I've taken off more surface detail than I would like. I'll rescribe most of it. The tail and flaps are on, prepping for paint. With some luck I'll have it ready for paint by next weekend.
  4. nspreitler

    1/48 Pro-Modeler Fw-190D-11

    Well done
  5. nspreitler

    Trumpeter 1/48 C-47

    Finally got some time, seams are filled, need to add the flaps do some sanding and then it will be nearly ready for paint. A few things about this kit are frustrating. The fit isn't very good leaving a lot of annoying small seams, some of that may be my error but not all of it. The sprue attachment points are okay but not flush with the parts leaving bumps that have to be shaved off with an Xacto knife instead of a good design that can be removed with a good set of sprue cutter.
  6. nspreitler

    Trumpeter 1/48 C-47

    I should finally get some time, taking some time off over Spring Break. I have a lot of home projects to do, but my evening should be mostly free to get some time at the bench
  7. nspreitler

    Completed Builds

    That's fantastic, I love it
  8. nspreitler

    Planned Builds

    It certainly isn't too late to join, and a Swiss Mustang would be a great addition
  9. nspreitler

    1/48 Pro-Modeler Fw-190D-11

    Looking good, always a striking scheme.
  10. nspreitler

    Trumpeter 1/48 C-47

    So life has been getting in the way for this build but hopefully it will slow down a little and I'll get back into it next week.
  11. nspreitler

    1/72 AMtech Ju-88H-4

    Nice progress, I like it
  12. nspreitler

    Bandai AT-AT

    Assembly complete and primer on.
  13. nspreitler

    1/48 Pro-Modeler Fw-190D-11

    Very nice, I love the scheme but have never tried to tackle it myself. White and red in decals or paint is a challenge.
  14. nspreitler

    Bandai AT-AT

    I started the Bandai 1/144th AT-AT. Not surprising the fit and engineering is near perfect.