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  1. ICM's new stuff is really nice, some of their early kits were challenging and overengineered. Some were clones of other companies, like their P-51 series. Their new B-26 is really nice, and their Bronco will likely be as well. In my opinion they are one of the better kit makers now, they are up their with Eduard in quality. I am definitely getting the Bronco, and probably their monster 1/35 CH-54 when it comes out.
  2. I use MRP and I try to think several builds ahead to make sure i have what I need on hand since it can be hard to get at times. Shipping costs aren't really a factor for me since the US retailers that have it have charge flat rates. I've been using it for about 4 years and have accumulated enough that now it's usually just restocking, and trying to avoid buying more than I need so I avoid events like realizing I have three bottles of insignia red for some reason.
  3. The website crashed, and is in the process of being recovered. It is not out of business.
  4. My list in no particular order 1/48 B-25J 1/35 and/or 1-48 Waco CG-4a 1/48 Merlin engine P-40s 1/48 OV-10 1/35 AH-64 1/48 Su-7 1/48 B-26
  5. It's a good idea. I have not done that, but I am trying to do the ordnance well ahead of the end of a build so I may be able to avoid the tendency to rush through it. It is helpful, like on the Tamiya F-14 I'm building now each Phoenix missile has 25 decals so just doing those a few decals at a time made it less tedious.
  6. Well that's an unfortunate reward for Montgomery. There have been rumors of Maxwell being shutdown due to how bad the local schools are, so putting new capability there doesn't make a lot of sense to me.
  7. There are quite a few overdue. The ones on the top of my list 1/48 Su-25 1/48 B-25H and J (the early Mitchells could be better than the AM kit) 1/48 A-20 1/48 B-26 1/48 B-24 1/48 P-40F/L The top of my list is one that hasn't been done in plastic and that's a 1/35 or 1/48 Waco CG-4a glider
  8. With the internet market we can get any paint, including Model Masters and it was still more readily available in store than most other brands. Testors was available, but once we could easily get better products we did. People will pay for quality products, look at the following MRP has, and it is only available from a couple places. So I think Testors declined because they offered an inferior product in a market with many better options.
  9. We will have to disagree on that. My father was in Vietnam and later in Germany. I'm sure he would say he was at war when he was in Vietnam in 1968, he wouldn't say he was at war in Germany in 1972. My Iraq tour during the surge was war, the one in Kuwait is not. Plus the Cold War is still going on to an extent. Before I switched services in 06 I was in the USAF and spent 2004-05 at Thule, Greenland on a radar site keeping a lookout for Russian missiles. In 2018 I jumped into a DZ in Latvia as part of Swift Response which is all about deterring Russia. If COVID hadn't happened I'd l
  10. That depends on what the measure of liberal or conservative is. My opinions haven't changed much, but 10 years ago I would have been considered a moderate-conservative while today with the same opinions I fall more on the moderate-liberal part of the scale.
  11. To go back to the topic of COVID, it sadly looks like today will be the worst day so far for the US with over 2500 dead with increases in several states. The latest IHME model projects 60,000 dead by August but with 45000 so far and still at over 2000 a day I don't see how that's feasible. We are only seeing an increase in the percentage of deaths with testing numbers. It is up to 5.5%, and if that trend continues we will see at least 1000 dead a day for the next few weeks at least.
  12. I know what he said, and he again tried to use his service as an appeal to authority. As if being on a ship in the 80s makes him an expert on political systems.
  13. There were wars in that time, Korea, Vietnam, even Grenada. Those can be considered the proxy wars of the Cold War, but we never went to war with the Soviet Union thankfully. That doesn't diminish the service of those who served in that time it's just reality though. There are things now that aren't very different. You can get a GWOT-E medal for sitting in Kuwait, but you aren't at war.
  14. I should have said incidents, usually involving aircraft straying into the wrong airspace. We had some shot down and we shot down a few. From what I can tell the last Navy aircraft was in 1955 though.
  15. To win the war between Ukraine and Russia, in case you weren't paying attention to what's been happening in Ukraine.
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