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  1. I used to be strictly 1/48. I wouldn't even consider something in another scale, but realized that's a narrow way of looking at it. My first deviation into other scales was Bandai Star Wars stuff, and now I have still have a lot of 1/48 but I've done 1/72 and 1/32 aircraft too. I build armor in 1/35 and 1/48, I might even get a couple of the Border 1/35 aircraft. I even have a coupe 1/16 scale kits Now there isn't a kit in any scale I wouldn't buy because of scale. Locking yourself into one area of the hobby is limiting and makes it feel like more a chore than a hobby in my opinio
  2. Finished Tamiya’s F-4B with a Quinta cockpit, Eduard wheels, seats, TERS, and Sidewinders. Stencils are also from Eduard and the main markings are from Bullseye.
  3. After a bit of time on the shelf of doom I pulled my F-4B project down and moved it over the goal line.
  4. That sucks, I had plans to order more stuff from there. Glad I got the QF-4 conversion set when I did.
  5. I bought some stuff from them at Modelzona in November.
  6. I just ordered from Reskit this week using PayPal with no issues. I’m in the US and it went through westernbid. I’ve ordered several times in the last year with no issues. Your issue is interesting, I’m wondering if it’s an ISP issue.
  7. Making progress on the engines. In this scale a radial just doesn’t look right without wiring so I’m adding the ignition wires with lead wire. I printed out the fantastic spark plugs from Anyz which are a nice little touch. Eduard’s resin wheels arrived and they are quite nice, but noticeably larger than the kit wheels. There has been some debate over them being too big, but I think they are pretty close. I’m taking my time since I am waiting for the Zotz decals which are supposed to be out next month. These will be for Pacific aircraft which is what I really w
  8. Expedited shipping on orders under $100 is $17, standard shipping is $10.
  9. Yes the file is from Anyz.
  10. The A-20 is one of my favorite aircraft. As a kid I read Edward Jablonski’s Airwar and the stories of Pappy Gunn and his gunships were my favorite. So when HK’s A-20 arrived everything else took a back seat. Like most the kit starts with the cockpit which is pretty good. I added some 3d printed toggle switches to the instrument panel and used seatbelts from Airscale instead of the PE ones in the kit. Overall it is very good, but two flaws come up in this area. First is the location of the instrument panel which is too far forward. Next is t
  11. Galaxy Models does a mask and decal set for it in 1/48 sized for the Tamiya kit. I’ve ordered one since it looks like an interesting scheme.
  12. A small secondary market is not an indication of larger demand. A year ago Wingnut Wings Felixstowes were selling for double original price, but now are sitting unsold at the original price after the remaining New Zealand stock was released. There may be a handful of people who really want a kit and will pay a high price for it. That does not mean there is a market for a lot of them.
  13. First coats of paint, which revealed a few small seams to cleanup. The VF-92 aircraft had a variety of colors for the nose, white, black, and radome tan. I’ll probably go with tan just to add some color variation.
  14. There are only two places in the US. Spruebrothers and Hobbyworld USA. Hobbyworld used to be good, but in the past few years has developed a very poor reputation for not sending items. I buy them from Spruebrothers, and place an order at least monthly and have always had good service.
  15. Slow but steady progress on Tamiya’s F-4B. The pylons and TERs are painted and decals applied. I’ll do some weathering on them, but I want to get further into the build before doing that since I’ve not decided how dirty this will be yet. The Eduard TERs are really nice and with some care just click into the pylons, the one in the photo is not glued to the pylon. I put the Bullseye decals on the tail, and they applied beautifully. I only used Microset and they settled down into every rivet very well. They are Cartograph so I expected they would work well. I painted u
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