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  1. The P-40s are in primer. They are far from perfect but I'm not going to stress about every flaw on these.
  2. Kurt, funny you replied. I had started this awhile ago but never took pictures. I completed the main assembly on both kits today. I am still not entirely decided on the paint schemes, I briefly considered a NMF one that was in service around 1943, but with this kit that might just be an exercise in frustration. However, I was pleasantly surprised with how they went together. I was expecting some major gaps and fit problems and while it is far from a perfect fit they actually went together well for very worn out 50+ year old molds. There will be filling and sanding but it is a lot less than I was expecting.
  3. The Egyptian one is different, I already did the Turkish one on the sheet, with a not as classic Academy kit
  4. I've decided to do a pair of P-40s from the now 50+ year old Monogram (Revell) kit. I have 6 finished P-40s and a lot more in the stash, and there is always room for more. One will be with the kit decals for an AVG aircraft since I don't have one yet and a collection of P-40s needs a Flying Tiger. I haven't decided on marking yet, I have decals for an Egyptian one in desert scheme, but I just saw pictures of examples flying later in the war in a NMF which is interesting on an early P-40.
  5. The sights are not a problem, there isn't a combat arms unit in the Army that is using just iron sights. Even support units have M68s and most are using ACOGs. Iron sights are backup. The AK is decent platform but I'll take an M4 or M16 anyday. The longer barrels have an advantage with improved accuracy past 300 meters but like you said most engagements are a lot closer than that. The shorter, lighter M4s are better in urban terrain, and when you have to hump all your gear every pound counts.
  6. This is coming up soon. I'm going to try to do a couple since I have a bunch of kits that qualify but up first will be a Monogram 1/48 P-40B. Since there has been a lot of talk about the new Airfix P-40 I want to see what I can do with the old one, plus I still have a set of decals to make an Egyptian aircraft.
  7. I love it, I started my military career as a C-5 loadmaster in the mid 90s and we still had a few birds in the camo schemes on the ramp.
  8. I just finished a 1/48 Revell B-24D. I started it for the Too Big Group Build last year, and just now finished it. I would have made the deadline if it was about a year earlier.
  9. There were close to 1,000 built and it served with at least 26 countries. Since it is a trainer and light attack aircraft it isn't well known but it was produced in numbers close to the T-37 and T-38.
  10. This was not a good day for the 173rd Airborne, warning some foul language. One of my favorites, Egyptian paratroopers
  11. I also just bought an AMK Fouga Magister after seeing it in the movie. It certainly plan to build it in 2017, hopefully not my only build. My goal is 17 in 2017, to go with my 16 in 2016. I'm at 13 so far with the finishing touches going on a B-24 that should be finished this weekend. Most of them are not nearly as detailed as the AMK kit though.
  12. I don't understand why people do that, or at least not for more than a day or two. I ship stuff often, I print the label in the evening, schedule a pickup from USPS and they are on their way the next day.
  13. I would contact the seller, but USPS isn't great about updating status at times. I recently sent a package USPS priority mail and it showed the same thing until the day it was out for delivery. It also took about 4 weeks to be delivered, but I think that was due to the aftermath of the hurricane we had here and not normal USPS.
  14. Good timing, I have a 1/35 OH-58 build I am doing for a friend. It should be ready to start after the 1st of the year since I am waiting for him to buy some aftermarket stuff for it.