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  1. Adelaide Blue

    Monogram A-6E TRAM 1/48

    Just caught up with this, Wow, truely inspiring. Looking forward to more updates.
  2. Adelaide Blue

    25% New Year's Sale!!!

    Jake Fair enough, I'll just keep my eyes peeled!!! Cheers Andy
  3. Adelaide Blue

    25% New Year's Sale!!!

    Jake Will there be a pre-order period for the reprinted Modern Hog Guide? Cheers Andy
  4. Adelaide Blue

    Hasegawa 1/48th F-4E "Mig Killer"

    That's 1 of the best instrument panels I've seen
  5. Adelaide Blue

    Hasegawa 1/48th F-4E "Mig Killer"

    Cracking project Jim, looking forward to seeing how this progresses.
  6. Adelaide Blue

    AV-8B Harrier II+ Scale Drawings

    Hi all I'm gathering my references for an upcoming Hasegawa 1/48th AV-8B Harrier II+ build & have been having trouble sourcing scale drawings. Can anybody point me in the direction of a website / publication that contain these. Thanks in advance Cheers Andy
  7. Adelaide Blue

    AV-8B wheelbay

    Gianni You're welcome. Looking at most of my reference photos it's not uncommon for the main U/G doors to be closed with the aircraft parked so there would not be mush to see anyway. Cheers Andy
  8. Adelaide Blue

    AV-8B wheelbay

    Gianni I've been gathering info for the same build and com across some great Aircraft walkarounds on the net, see links below. Base colour would most likely be white, with varying degrees of weathering turning the bays various shades of a grimy black / brown etc.. Good luck with the build http://www.deepbluemodel.com/walk-around/av-8b-harrier-ii-plus/ http://www.primeportal.net/hangar/michael_block/av-8b/index.php?Page=1 There are a couple of different walkarounds on primeportal. Cheers Andy