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  1. Just completed a successful purchase from Ryan 34. The kits arrived on time and in great condition, with good communication with Ryan 34 all throughout the process. Buy with confidence! Jeff Newton
  2. Hi Ken, Slightly off topic, but there is a wonderful HobbyTown USA in Augusta off of Bobby Jones Expressway, so you will not want for hobby kits and supplies. Also, there is a local IPMS chapter in Augusta, but I don't recall the name of their chapter off the top of my head. Check the IPMS-USA website for more information. HTH, Jeff Newton
  3. Beautiful build John. I have bookmarked and read your build thread several times while slogging through my build. You are one of the experten that I was referring to when I was doing my research as well. If I recall correctly, I read somewhere that postwar the RAF and possibly the RAAF painted the wheel wells of their Mustangs aluminum in order to fight corrosion. Based on that, I thought it would be logical for the wheel wells to be painted aluminum dope as well if they were going to the trouble to paint the entire airframe, especially as these aircraft were being kept in service many yea
  4. Hi Goondman, I am also working on a SAAF F-51D, but using the Eduard kit. From what my research into this question has revealed, the SAAF flew both NMF and aluminum doped Mustangs, just as the ROKAF and USAF did. From what I can gather from the various Mustang experten on this and other websites, the tell in photographs as to whether the Mustang in NMF or painted aluminum is to look at the rectangular panel from which the exhausts protrude on the engine cowling. If it appears to be darker in color, as do the photographs of WWII-era NMF Mustangs, then the plane is probably NMF. If it a
  5. Happy Holidays to All! I just received my seamless intakes and B/C/M update set earlier this week from BAM-Models, less than two weeks after ordering them from Arnaud in France. The items were well packaged with care and with no damage noted to the contents. The seamless intakes are beautifully molded with no air bubbles or flaws, with the RAM panels delicately molded on the interior of the intakes, an item often overlooked on many Rafale models. The gun muzzle for the cannon is well represented on one of the intakes, as well as the scribing for the panel lines, and the intakes appear to f
  6. Awesome work as usual Lucio! I hope you are staying safe and sheltering in place in Columbia instead of your homeland of Italy. Hope to see you in June if the Columbia show is still a go. Jeff Newton
  7. FYI to all of you Tomcat lovers out in ARC land, the new Fightertown Decals Tomcats at War are now available to order from their website. I saw it posted on Facebook yesterday and I am surprised no one here or on any other sites I visit has mentioned it yet. I am not affiliated in any way with FTD, just a Tomcat fan and very satisfied customer! Jeff Newton
  8. Hello,I am looking to purchase or trade for the Furball/Detail in Scale F-14 Colors and Markings Part I (4808) which featured VF-41, VF-32 and VF-124 Tomcats. I can do PayPal if purchased, but I am also willing to trade. I will trade 2 Furball F-14 sheets, the new VF-111 Sundowner Anthology sheet featuring "Miss Molly," and the Air Wing All Starts Part One, plus will throw in a Furball Spoiler and Flap Mask set for the hi-vis All Stars sheet. If these don't do it for you, I also have lots of other sheets for F-14s, as well as for other modern and not-so-modern aircraft.You can contact me at
  9. I believe that is the old, original Monogram kit from the '60s with the toy-like features such as a dropping bomb, movable landing gear, et al. Not to be confused with the beautiful Monogram Pro-Modeler/Revell kit from the early 2000s, for which the abundant aftermarket items were created. Others may know more. Jeff
  10. Hello, I am interested in the 2 Linden Hill Flanker sheets. Please let me know if they are still available. Thanks, Jeff Newton Simpsonville, SC
  11. Outstanding job you did for a dog of a kit. That is really impressive! Jeff Newton
  12. I picked mine up Saturday at our local IPMS show, and to say that they are quite impressive is an understatement. The level of detail both inside and out of the burner cans is truly remarkable, and will greatly enhance the overall quality of the Z-M kit. Very highly recommended. Jeff Newton
  13. Hi Pep, I have a Su-33 from Kinetic that I would be willing to sell for $60 U.S. shipped to you. I am currently in Pensacola on business and will not be able to get the kit in the mail until next Monday when I return home. Let me know via PM or email if you are interested. Thanks, Jeff Newton
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