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  1. Hi Niels, Thanks for the quick reply. I think I will go with a small GBU to round it out. Jeff
  2. Greetings, I am currently working on the new Tamiya F-35A kit, and would like to build it with the weapons bay open to show off all of that wonderful detail. My question is this: what would be a standard training loadout for the F-35A? I intend to do at least one AIM-120 training round in the bay, but I was wondering if I should have 2 training rounds (which seems redundant) for a symmetrical loadout, or would it be balanced out by a GBU training round for an air to ground mission? Any help is most appreciated, Jeff Newton
  3. Greetings, I am looking to buy or trade for the 1/72nd scale Caracal Decals 72062 "Guard Hercs" sheet. I can do PayPal or any other form of payment, or I could do a trade for something else, as I have an extensive stash. I would like to keep any trade within the United States due to the exorbitant cost of shipping. Thanks in advance, Jeff Newton #39387 Simpsonville, SC
  4. FYI, Furball Aero Design just released 3 new and one revised sets of decals in 1/48th scale: A sheet for the F-105 Thunderchief; a new F-18E/F Super Hornet sheet, a revised F-4B Phantom II Mig Killers sheet resized for the Tamiya kit; and a separate sheet of stencils for the Super Hornet. I am not affiliated with Furball Aero Designs in any way, just a satisfied (and poorer!) customer. Jeff Newton
  5. Geoff M., I believe that Eduard is slated to re-release the -3 Hellcat in a ProfiPack boxing in May or June of this year. HTH, Jeff
  6. Dave really is a great guy and a straight shooter. Very approachable and a pleasure to talk with. I have spoken with him several times over the years at model shows in the Atlanta area, most recently at the last IPMS show in October. He does a tremendous service for all of us who love this hobby with his Flying Leatherneck decals, resin, and now 3-D printing. In my opinion, the use of the wonderful products he offers through Flying Leatherneck makes our hobby more enjoyable, as I do not have the talent, time nor inclination to scratch build the items he offers for sale. Buy with confiden
  7. I understand that TwoBobs will be releasing a sheet with these markings very soon. HTH, Jeff
  8. Hi AFM. Great looking Hornet; love the asymmetric loadout with the dual 55 racks on the port wing. Just as nice as the Hornets you had at the AtlantaCon 2021 show last month. Keep up the good work, and hope to catch up with you at the next Atlanta show in March. Jeff Newton Simpsonville, SC
  9. Just completed a successful purchase from Ryan 34. The kits arrived on time and in great condition, with good communication with Ryan 34 all throughout the process. Buy with confidence! Jeff Newton
  10. Hi Ken, Slightly off topic, but there is a wonderful HobbyTown USA in Augusta off of Bobby Jones Expressway, so you will not want for hobby kits and supplies. Also, there is a local IPMS chapter in Augusta, but I don't recall the name of their chapter off the top of my head. Check the IPMS-USA website for more information. HTH, Jeff Newton
  11. Beautiful build John. I have bookmarked and read your build thread several times while slogging through my build. You are one of the experten that I was referring to when I was doing my research as well. If I recall correctly, I read somewhere that postwar the RAF and possibly the RAAF painted the wheel wells of their Mustangs aluminum in order to fight corrosion. Based on that, I thought it would be logical for the wheel wells to be painted aluminum dope as well if they were going to the trouble to paint the entire airframe, especially as these aircraft were being kept in service many yea
  12. Hi Goondman, I am also working on a SAAF F-51D, but using the Eduard kit. From what my research into this question has revealed, the SAAF flew both NMF and aluminum doped Mustangs, just as the ROKAF and USAF did. From what I can gather from the various Mustang experten on this and other websites, the tell in photographs as to whether the Mustang in NMF or painted aluminum is to look at the rectangular panel from which the exhausts protrude on the engine cowling. If it appears to be darker in color, as do the photographs of WWII-era NMF Mustangs, then the plane is probably NMF. If it a
  13. Happy Holidays to All! I just received my seamless intakes and B/C/M update set earlier this week from BAM-Models, less than two weeks after ordering them from Arnaud in France. The items were well packaged with care and with no damage noted to the contents. The seamless intakes are beautifully molded with no air bubbles or flaws, with the RAM panels delicately molded on the interior of the intakes, an item often overlooked on many Rafale models. The gun muzzle for the cannon is well represented on one of the intakes, as well as the scribing for the panel lines, and the intakes appear to f
  14. Awesome work as usual Lucio! I hope you are staying safe and sheltering in place in Columbia instead of your homeland of Italy. Hope to see you in June if the Columbia show is still a go. Jeff Newton
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