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  1. If anybody would like to see a pic,email me and I will send pic,I can’t get it to post pics,raptor480@comcast.net,ty Scott from Wi
  2. Like the the title says, I have a brand new dragon model,box opened but not started,would like to get $50 for it.ty
  3. Yes its USD,Price drop $75.00.thanks.Its 2 years old.thanks Scott
  4. great person to deal with.Fast payment,good commincation.thanks again. Scott
  5. I have a Badger airbrush 360.I would like to get $90.00.I will email pics if you want.thanks Scott
  6. I have a 1/32 Trumpeter Super Hornet.its brand new.Box was opened to inspect,but thats it.I would like to get $110.00.Thanks Scott,if you want pics,i can email them.
  7. Great person to deal with,highly recommended.thanks :blink: :unsure:
  8. Kevin,nice work,whats next on the bench after this.
  9. outstanding work Chris,keep the pictures coming. B) Scott
  10. Your my hero Kevin,i wish i could build like you,your models look great,keep the pictures coming.
  11. Titan,Keith Diamond,and liberator24,wow cant say enough about these guys,smooth deals.thanks Scott <_<
  12. awesome work,keep the pictures coming.
  13. mig killer

    RLM Colors

    Thanks guys for the info,where can i get the pollyscalel RLM colors,Thanks Scott
  14. mig killer

    RLM Colors

    Who makes the best colors,i just got done painting RLM 75 by MM and it seems like it was the wrong shade,any help would be great. Scott
  15. Thanks Pete for a great Deal,You are one of the good ones. ;) Scott
  16. Thanks Dann,great trade with you also. Scott
  17. Are the cluster bombs in the 1/32 Tamiya kit with the black strips right or wrong,or should they be yellow,if they need to be yellow,where can i buy new decals.any help would be great.
  18. I would like to say thanks to Titan,Jcfay,Liberator24,smithery,dthank,great people to deal with. ;) :)
  19. Thanks guys for the kind words,it means a alot. ;) :)
  20. Thanks guys for the replyes,how the black box cockpit,is it better than the teknics. :D
  21. Whats avaiable for this model in aftermarket,and how accurate is this model. :D
  22. Chris, you do some awsome work,i wish mine were that good,whats next on the bench.
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