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  1. Kit is complete and unstarted. Shipping extra from Springfield, VA. Paypal (NOT friends and family) or Money Order accepted. Local pickup and delivery also available. Would trade straight across for the new 1/32 Revell P-51D late version. Email is bandicat AT gmail DOT com. Matt
  2. I didnt want to post this publicly, but I have a GD loft sheet. After I left the USAF I worked for GD FW in the late 80s. I came across theses plans and got copies. It might be for an A, I cant recall but they are for the real airplane. Let me know if this will help you. I’m not sure if Triple Plow intakes changed the cross section.


    1. titan



      That would be phenomenally helpful, thank you for the offer.  Are these digital or physical plans?  I'd appreciate either.


    2. BillS


      I took the company reproductions and copied them on an 80s vintage copier along with factory paint schemes for the F-16! They are probably 16-18 inches long x 12 inches wide. I’ll dig them out and take a pic with my ios device to see if they suit you. Factory loft sheets of the actual aircraft vs a company model  are super hard to run across.


    3. titan


      Thank you so much.  Really appreciate this.



  3. I don't see a forum at all anymore. Just a long page linking to different articles.
  4. I did go through that site and unless I missed something they didn't have scale drawings. Lots of good reference photos though.
  5. Is there a way to obtain the GD originals? I've seen a couple ebay auctions for F-111 technical drawings but wasn't sure if those are legit.
  6. Looking for some accurate scale drawings for the AH-64, both A and D model. There are a number of scale drawings out there but I'd like some expert opinion on which would be most accurate. Any thoughts on where to look? End goal is a number of 3d printed update, correction, and conversion parts for the 1/32 Revell Apache. Thanks, Matt
  7. I'm looking at starting a fairly ambitious large-scale Aardvark project. I've seen a couple different scale drawings floating around out there (Warpaint, Detail & Scale) but would love some expert opinion on which drawings (if any) are considered most accurate. At first look the Warpaint drawings look pretty good. What say the Aardvark cogniscenti? Thanks, Matt
  8. Prices reduced, sold items removed. Looking to move these!
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