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  1. Will have to find J-15 decals for it.
  2. Outstanding work with the cockpit especially. Beautiful model of beautiful helicopter.
  3. Now I am waiting for a Russian modern pilot of same quality. That looks great! Visor down - check, mask on - check, no seat - check!
  4. Were they delivered already painted? Doubtful however not impossible.
  5. For my Hornet I've used AK RC 008 Maize Yellow. Terrible paint, extremely matt. I have their Russian Turquoise and it is ok, however 008 didn't want to mix properly with MLT. I've sprayed it on the primer, two light coats, everything fine, two medium coats, perfect, one extra medium coat and I left it to dry. When I was back to my bench hour later I've noticed something like cracks in paint. It seem all remaining MLT got grouped in lines and evaporated, leaving empty canyons in paint, to the level I had to fill it with putty, sand it and paint again, this time with yellow from gunze tinted with clear red a bit. Later on I have managed to mix RC008 a bit better with Tamiya Lacquer Thinner Retarder Type as it is more aggressive, and for thin layers it worked well (but still extremely matt).
  6. I would suggest reading some neutral data (as opposite to mass media): https://swprs.org/a-swiss-doctor-on-covid-19 It's not a joke, it seem like people that have problems with heart or high blood pressure may be more endangered. Those numbers and cases shouted by media at us every single day and stress it inflicts may really make some people more liable to death.Not only from CoVid but also from heart attack. Also sun is giving us vitamin D, after the winter we don't have much of it and if we miss the usual spring intake our immune system may be weakend. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3166406/
  7. Early type, for HAF Late is required. We can expect it next year. However I've just remind myself about that: Despite Tamiya already announced their news for 2020 I wouldn't be surprised if they hold some aces up their sleeves. F-14 was so expensive allegedly due to obtaining plans from Grumman. If they come with F-4E Late this summer with a price of ~€65 then they'd stole the whole market for themselves (in times when there is no slatted F-4E.
  8. This is the only thing that stopped me from buying Delta. I really want Bravo not to be deformed so I can buy it and enjoy it. I did not dug out this stinky corpse but if it starts to move it's my duty to cut it's head off with shovel.
  9. Yes, anniversary boxes of F-4EJ with unslatted wings. Or your suggestion was to buy 1 F-4EJ and another on with proper wings and combine it into 1 kit for the price of 2? 😄
  10. On Cyprus there is only the48ers. They've added also kits to their offert recently (more than month ago I think) but everything is out of stock. Who knows, maybe waiting for container from China and there's a delay due to reasons we should not speak here about? Best price I've found is through Martola from Poland, however not really sure how much would shipping cost. I love HAF Phantoms colors and was also searching any E in 2019, however I only found ones from ebay from USA (around $50 with $25 shipping cost minimum) and somewhere in the European shop for €65, but it disappeared before I got back home from work. Anyway it's totally not worth it, as I'd have to buy extra resin nozzles for extra €15 which already sets it on the price level of ZM while nowhere near the detail of it. It's really strange Hasegawa did not released single E boxing since ZM announced F-4E over a year ago.
  11. I vote for B. This is what Martin stated when still in business, but who knows, plans may get changed. I hope there will be fixed rear, even if taken straight from Tamiya or stolen from Zactoman's desk.
  12. Go to zoukei mura site and on the bottom you have link to a list of partner shops in desired countries. Heres a link, no partner in greece tho. https://www.zoukeimura.co.jp/en/link.html
  13. In Europe it's hard to find Hasegawa's E, maybe for some ugly price you can get it from ebay.
  14. On their facebook and some 2019 model show they stated it will be out somewhere mid-2020. As Japan wasn't going through lockdowns they should keep up to the agenda quite well. Next summer, that should start in 2 months 🙂
  15. Great model, with very niceweathering and engines. I can see you put a lot effort into them.
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