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  1. Definitely this trumpeter wasn't in 1/48 scale. Frame conversion.... way beyond my skills. 😞 Nice collection, I start to think it may have some connection with your nickname. You've dragged my attention to so many flanker varieties now. I've heared there was just one Su-37 built so probably yes, this one.
  2. So... no easy way to make 1/48 Su-37. I thought all flankers are based on same airframe.
  3. Can anyone point out visual differences between Su-33 and Su-37 except of foldable wings?
  4. I'd rather say it is our hobby so it's kind of life we like...
  5. If you analyze it closer then you'll see that difference is not only in "1mm" but also in the slope. Meanwhile airbag seem to be pretty similar, the further part does not contain sharp verge (see how soft the shadow-light transition is on real aircraft.
  6. If you are thinking about doing it in starting position then you should add some $$ for pilots which Tamiya includes.
  7. I can only add this photo: https://www.aviationphotocompany.com/p226855169/h6EECC522#h6eecc522
  8. OK, but you give a photo of unswept wing as reference (similar angle) to swept AMK bladder. And the angle of the curve is still too big for my eyes :) And then that line behind bladder bowing down... accumulated this is probably what makes the whole odd hip problem.
  9. Isn't it the bladder for swept wing position?
  10. If somebody decides not to wait with the decision of giving up on AMK's Tomcat at least until the model comes to the vendors then well... he was not really into it anyway. But honestly, please tell me, what else will release change? For me for example? I will just see another photos, which may be distorted or contain optical illusion. Or maybe then I should buy one kit just for sake of checking if it's okay to be able to discuss it's flaws (if present)? And then again if AMK sent pre-production kits with flaws (that were fixed for production kit) to test builders to endorse the kit then I can only say they did it to themselves. From the customer position I have no interest in AMK's fail, more variety on the market is always appreciated.
  11. As for me all the fanatics already bought the kit so now there are mostly those who are aware customers (so they want to know the kit before they buy it) and those who don't care about that. Everybody here can see the discussion over alleged (as they are not confirmed well enough for some) problems and by his own will and mind choose whether he see or not those problems. And if the misshapes are not present on the kit then no damage for company occurs as all our theories will be busted. Regarding Facebook... well, I don't post anything there anymore because imo the group is wrongly named - it's AMK FanATIC Club. I have been told there that AMK kit certainly has no shape issues, and even if I see any then maybe I am not the fan and should be removed. Being a fan for me is liking AMK for their design but this doesn't make me blind for possible faults. I really like the design and would like to build it (and probably will), but can stand there might be issues and I am even ready to discuss it. For more clear reference (less awful photos): https://www.aviationphotocompany.com/p226855169/h922ABF19#h790b423d https://www.aviationphotocompany.com/p226855169/h922ABF19#h730b20f5 https://www.aviationphotocompany.com/p226855169/h922ABF19#h6d885083 I believe there are some more.
  12. I wouldn't call it raping. From the very first views of test molds some people found the aft fuselage shape odd some way, colorful lines were used for those, who could not see it. Odd shape didn't changed since then, if you add it up to "most accurate tomcat on the market", long await time... Actually people expected from AMK truly most accurate Tomcat based on their previous models. Nobody expects much from Italeri or KoPro, because they've never set themselves on even middle shelf, but AMK is a different story. This should explain all this "colorful line rape".
  13. Source Nowhere near that twist anyway. The strangest thing I have noticed is that only AMK Tomcat suffer for optical illusions and distortions on photographs.
  14. I don't see anything wrong about it. Sio doesn't demand any extra fee for it, if someone want it then why not?
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