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  1. Akchully the same stuff like pilot and nozzles were in the 1.0 boxing. The difference I see is mainly price, as 1.0 was sold for ~€45 and 2.0 for ~€65. Set v1.0 contained also resin wheels and standing pilot. Set v2.0 in exchange for wheel have exrea photo etched sheet (for weapon carts), weapon carts themselves and female technician instead of standing pilot.
  2. Some "samples" were sent to reviewers so I suppose it's only a matter of time now. Who knows, maybe they have had some quality problems with production and they had to fix it? Anyway, still lot to build till it appears.
  3. Modelers are introverts - what it one of my neighbours be a modeller too? He'd saw big box from MIG and... Well, luckily it's here 🙂 Missiles are straight. I have found 2 defects however. One kit had a part broken in half on the frame with those thin, fragile pipes and stuff. Minor problem I guess. Second has the one piece canopy scratched (in some spots even to matte finish), probably by the broken off arced sprue that was supposed to protect it. I haven't noticed anything else. The boxes are huuuuuge (Tamiya F-14 seem small now next to them) but stuffed tight with plastic. Not as
  4. Question is still valid. Anyone have both kits and can compare?
  5. This is what I came across today when back home - package was standing like that for 5 long days (no worries, doors were closed, it's just my fiancee who had to get in immediately no matter what) 😄
  6. Tools changed a bit since then, they allow for way better quality now. This is QC issue, I expect no such problems in expensive kit with no customer service behind 🙂
  7. I've investigated PostNL website and the package has been delivered yesterday... I assume my neighbour from the downstairs picked it up and left it in the staircase. Unfortunately I'll be back in whole 4 days.
  8. Preordered from MIG too. Package was sent 18th even tho I requested them to send it in January. Tracking is not working at all. I'm away from home until 3rd January and afraid the package will be returned or go missing if my neighbour pick it up...
  9. Sad news. I have bought 2 kits and am afraid of the same quality issues.
  10. Now try to buy GWH 1/72 kit in similar price... Not to say 1/48. You get what you pay for. This Zvezda look like a solid base for those who like resin aftermarket or don't mind making it in-flight 🙂 Actually some always use resin wheel/weapon bays/cockpits so selling it for €30 as is is still better than addition of average plastic parts and raising the price by another €15 which now can be spent on AM.
  11. @Dan 88 I can see this kit costs like $60-62 in US (Hase F/A-18F). Are you talking about Eduard rebox maybe?
  12. Join me at the waiting bench then, I wait for MiG-29UB from GWH.
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