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  1. Hello Not sure about the bombs but I guess they are OFAB 100-120.
  2. @Inquisitor Weapons set is the different one, coming from Su-34, as it contains more Air to Surface missiles and bombs. Anyway, KH is rather a disappointment for me lately and I'd rather avoid it ;D
  3. Those v-stabs seem to be a pain in fool to do. What I hated about Su-35 was v-stab design so they had to be installed prior to painting which made the inner areas extremely hard to freehand camouflage. Now the idea is better but the effect... as Kitty Hawk's usual. Instead of long slat fitting tightly and seamlessly to the fuselage (as with GWH's Su-35) you get this gap, so you have to glue it in before painting process anyway to fill and sand 😄. Unlike before however, this time I can see the fitting is loose and leave some room to glue stabilitor not fully straight. Fitting of the
  4. I love this shape but I hate latest KH's practices. Su-27UB - combat capable but mainly trainer - contains set of weapons but Su-30MK and Su-30SM which are fully combat-intended have absolutely no weapons. Aside of the gun. But you can buy this set of weapons as I mentioned before, it only cost extra €35. With average price of Su-30MK (and expected Su-30SM) at €75 it gives us total €110 for similar content their Su-35 offered at €60. I could live with wrong IP - I'd probably buy Quinta set or I could just get over it as I close the cockpit anyway. I could live with distorting
  5. Well, I was all that excited and I have just noticed that this kit (just as Su-30MK) will contain no weaponry. Not sure what to do now, I was about to buy the kit when it only arrives to the shops, now I'm not that sure. First the cockpit, then the undercarriage and pylons... It seems this may be the reason: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/kitty-hawk-kh80151-russian-aircraft-armament--1017550
  6. With it's drawbacks and competition this kit (and the whole recent "batch" of KH's Sukhois) is well overpriced. IMO shoudln't be (much) more expensive than Su-35. And to add lack of weaponry... I'm curious of the nose fitting as coming Su-30SM and J-16 may share the same design.
  7. I was asking if it really does not require AM replacement. Exhaust nozzles included in previous releases were kinda ugly and thick, definitely worst part of the kit.
  8. I may not live long enough to see this subject being released by GWH (just as MiG-29K/KUB/35), so I better do the one from KH. I've built their Su-35 and prepared Su-34 till primer process, not sure what people mean by saying they are terrible - for me they are pleasure to build. Of course, they need more effort to prepare but it's still modelling which is my hobby (not work). BTW. Would love to see KH release Su-37 kit, that would be the final gem in my started Flanker collection.
  9. Do any of you have some idea for Su-30SM's camouflage colors in Hataka/Gunze/AK RC paint ranges? My idea is VMF's eggplant jet with camo pattern bottom.
  10. What about exhaust nozzles?
  11. Unfortunately, we will probably have to wait until the end of 2021/early 2022. There is still hope in Hasegawa to give us more of their slatted F-4Es until then.
  12. Me no care, Quinta will make one for sure 🙂
  13. Now I'll have to skip one GWH's Su-27UB to get this one as it show up 🙂
  14. We're entering last week of September and there is no trace of kits hitting shop shelves. Complete silence.
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