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  1. I'm curious about other paint schemes. Anyway, box one is fine enough and this kit will surely get to my stash. I've just received F/A-18F and it look absolutely awesome in the box, I like the wheel wells details.
  2. Looks like I will have to start this. Latest news: What will 1/48 SCALE AVIATION SERIES NO.02 be remains unknown 🙂
  3. What a pity, yesterday evening I wanted to order it along the Tamiya F-14A in this shop and... when I entered basket to do checkout I noticed that final price dropped by half. Then I realized someone bought last piece just a minute before me...
  4. In case of GWH I prefer shop I can easliy reach if there is something wrong with the kit. I'd rather not return the kit to China.
  5. Tamiya comes from Japan. Anyway, companies like Border Model, Takom, RFM, Trumpeter, HB or Meng keep releasing/restocking their kits. Also worth to note that some shops in EU used to order small quantities like 10 kits by Air Mail just to start selling them right after release. Same happened with previous GWH kits, first small batches were available within a week after premiere, not to say shops had them in "soon"/"pre-order" tabs for like 1-2 months ahead - this is not the case with L4824, almost no shop even lists it as expected in future.
  6. 1. Scientist? Which scientist? We only know brands. Anyway, narration 'there was great need to release it asap, we couldnt've known of long term effects' seem to fit well to explain and clean the name. 2. Government can't stand armed and self-sustainable citizens. Communism is striking back and you'll remind my words one day, they want to make people dependant from government, so that any of you opposing party's line will be derived of social funds. In other words, they want you to give back your rod in exchange for fish 🙂 btw. Small companies are passe, big concerns will remain an
  7. I also had blood clots in lungs. Turns out it was caused by lockdown and lack of movement.
  8. Strange, looking at statistics it seem different https://www.euromomo.eu/graphs-and-maps
  9. I remember photo of a Warsaw's tram with plate "nür für deutsche" 😉 but I am also fine with it as long as I can discriminate everyone for whatever reason I want.
  10. Bad idea. In Poland in some hospitals you had to sign document that you are suspected to have coronavirus if you wanted to get appendix surgery or broken leg fixed. Simply because treating corona patient gave hospital extra money per patient from govt. Plus many hospitals turned into corona only so if you want to get any treatment.... You know 🙂
  11. So it doesn't stop virus but only may reduce the chance. And because it may reduce chance you want to force injecting substance that has completely unknown mid- and long-term effects on whole population? And regarding treatments, vaccinated shouldn't be treated if they develop side effects in, lets say, 2-3 years.
  12. Why would virus mutate if he has full access? It's like breaching opened door. Plus notice that vaccinated people also get sick and that means vaccinated spread virus too.
  13. This is something I want to understand. If vaccination makes you safe then why are you scared of unvaccinated people? Will contact with them cancel your vaccine?
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