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  1. "Most accurate" kit I expected to be most accurate, not "same as most accurate" F-14 on the market. However, this will be judged by us, modellers, when we can finally start to build it. Thus I just want it to be out, whether good or not, just be it.
  2. Never said you're guilty. You've just voted "yes" unaware of the outcome. By the way, did they stated which December they have on their minds?
  3. Soooooo.... you voted yes while not being happy of their progress.
  4. I hope AMK will bring test molds to some modelling event by the end of the year, so later you can compare photos with Tamiya and GWH kits. Side-by-side
  5. Just let it be as it is. AMK seem not to be any good when it comes to fixing errors. They are neither eager to fix the issues nor appreciate any meritoric comments in this matter. IMHO would be the best if they just don't bother with all this anymore but instead just release the model whether it is good or not - and the market which is getting full of Tomcats (before Top Gun 2 premiere) will verify whether the kit is worth the money, time and space on shelf/ in storage. The story of this model becomes deceptively similar to "The Bold and the Beautiful".
  6. No video? Phantom looks great!
  7. Seeing this mass urge for detailed wings I bet the GWH will try to please the audience too.
  8. It looks like the section with horizontal stabilizer's nest is kinda flat, it was constant curvature before. There was new photo album today (seem deleted by now) that was containing 3d sketches with reworked arse. Looked much better than any mold till now but it was only one or two angles with real-photo comparision, hard to say if fixed for good.
  9. As long as AMK or other persons were sharing some photos it was serving well for that purpose. Who knows, maybe if not this thread then Tomcat would be already released, with fat arse?
  10. Well, they released some info about one test shot weaponry sprue set to be unveiled today evening. Seem like they read this topic.
  11. I've just checked my HB and Tamiya kits, they both look way different than AMK.
  12. If this thread was locked before then AMK may have missed some errors that were pointed out in the course of discussion. If we all be "Looks-Accurate-Enough-for-Me" modellers then AMK would've released the kit in the Mold-1 version. Maybe the reason they had no model with them at Telford means that their production undergoes changes. Plus, this thread, as mentioned above, is an example how not to carry the PR/announcements on. On top of that I think it's good to have such thread as safety valve - as long as it is not used to state some personal insults to anyone. I do not see anything wrong in discussing over the AMK's way of announcing, rising funds or whatever else as along as it is related to their F-14. Moreover I think that such problems should be solved on unit-level. Why to punish everyone interested for the offenses of just couple of people?
  13. Right-click on the photo, choose "Copy image address" and then paste it in the new tab. Since then the image will load normally.
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