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  1. Well, since they were changing the model they could've fixed that thing, that's sure. To say it won't be visible when gear doors are open is not a valid argument for me, as many people will make it in-flight too (like myself). On the other hand, Nino, do you expect them to retool the fuselage mold now? It is so insignificant in the eyes of non soviet/russian aricraft weapons systems engineer that if not you then maybe nobody else would notice it. Now we know however and would be nice if it can still be fixed for future releases.
  2. It is there however it is nowhere near the significance of AMK cat fat hips. Can't wait to get it in my hands.
  3. You can also check current VFA-32 CAG bird, new photos, better colors. Hasegawa suggests FS15050, Gunze C328 Blue for their F/A-18F. Their colors seem to be dark blue + yellow. Even F-14 FOD covers were blue. https://www.flickriver.com/groups/vfa-32/pool/
  4. Please note that roundels seem also black, were they?
  5. Source: You can see black is not on the whole height on the side of canopy frame. Now, when you crop the second photo please confirm you see no difference between black "NAVY" font and tail 🙂 PS. If you don't trust your (and mine) eyes then download Hobby Color Converter app, open the pipette function and go all over those black areas. I know it hardly depends on the colors of your screen but I've checked it on 2 screens (TV and other phone). Both says - blue. Not as bright as on the photo but gives general idea 🙂
  6. I doubt they would use blue only for the strip and then black for the vertical tails. I see the same blue on the inner side of the tail. Look at the second photo and compare black which is on the canopy frame with the tail... However AC201 seem to have everything black, no difference around canopy is distinguishable, that may be just light but with AC200 you can see it.
  7. Look at the radome to fuselage joint at first photo. You can actually see the difference between this deep dark blue and black around the canopy
  8. It is more expensive than Su-35 by only around 5%. With €85 avg price of the Su-35 that would be maybe €4 extra. Even less, because european price includes also shipping and margin which should not rise along the base kit price. 20 rmb price difference + 4 rmb of tax gives us €3 extra. Also some shops in Belgium/France/Netherlands offer a discount for new releases which may go around €10 (usual AMK F-14D price is €65 now but in some shops you could've bought it for €48-€55 at the beginning).
  9. Truly can't wait for this to get on my bench. 3 projects on air so far (usually 1) but I think of putting them aside
  10. All bigger surfaces are sinked here and there.
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