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  1. However I am after a freedom of speech, I think such comments should be removed by mods in this topic. They lead to nothing else than shitstorm about thing that was discussed and explained before.
  2. From this point of view it's quality control issue, agree. We've heared some rumors here that they may have been out of money at some point which made production process take so long. It can be that during this time they kept improving the 3d drawing and afterwards, when they got more funds they completely forgot to update already prepared matrixes. In the rush and under public pression most likely they just missed this.
  3. Nah, similar problem as with engine nacelle details. Both sides differ from each other, one is crude, with just simple details and other one seem to be "polished". Not everyone may be aware, but the kit development was a long process. It could be that between preparing responding matrixes for each side the digital model got some improvements. Or there were more than one iterations of matrixes and someone mixed them.
  4. Diggin deep 😄 I've found that F-14D, XF-254, BuNo. 164599 actually had it. The grey and finish is of course different to XF-240 but the rest is the same. It was included in Fightertown's 48004 which is, unfortunately, unavailable anymore.
  5. There seem to be a slight difference between shape issues and exagerrated panel lines.
  6. We talk about kit. You talk about people.
  7. Maybe because they have never advertised their kit as the most accurate Tomcat model ever. Without big talks, thay just did it and let the plastic speak for itself. Oh, and they didn't had ~2 year delay. On the other hand problem with AMK hip area was recognized by us just like over year ago, from first test shot photos. Nothing was done with it.
  8. Looks awesome :) May I ask which paint did you used as brown? I digged a lot 😄
  9. Maybe they should include instruction how to put things back into box 😄
  10. May turn out that ordnance will locally be cheaper than free+shipping.
  11. Well, I didn't saw many people attacking you. Most of them... hard to say it's attack, it's constructive criticism, based on photos. All those red and blue lines try to prove something, not just mindlessly attack. Regarding comments on AMK - we can all agree that you've made some mistakes along the way, time being the most significant one. I hope you'll address the issue on aft fuselage and bring us truly best B version.
  12. Probably read this topic again to make sure we didn't miss or forget about anything.
  13. Indeed, I've just found it out. Looks like all cats I want to build (beside VF-1) are F-14B. Gotta wait for some serious company to remind themselves there was Bravo between Alfa and Delta.
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