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  1. Excellent! For a longer period of time I was thinking of KA-6D + F-14 refueling diorama. Your looks awesome. Photographs don't show it (as you said), they seem typical 1/48s from first 2 photos at least. When you come closer it becomes evident this detail can't be achieved in 1/48.
  2. I like twin seater A-10. Maybe F-16B look odd, but F-16 is generally ugly construction so can't say it look much worse than single seater. I really count on this one to appear pretty soon 🙂 It's only 1 month till spring.
  3. In most cases I prefer twin seaters than single ones :) I hate the step with making cockpits but the effect is worth it! As I think of it I can't remind many single seaters I like more than twin ones. Maybe Harrier? I hope to see model ready to ship soon - this weekend I expect to start MiG-31 and afterwards I planned to build Su... Especially that between release and arrival to European shops it takes at least extra month.
  4. Will there be only one marking option included? I hope GWH consider including seated pilots.
  5. Throw it to the garbage, there's H&S's place anyway.
  6. Do only I am hoping for F-14B to be released finally this year? F-14A was released in 2016, F-14D in 2018, quite logical that F-14B should appear around June 25th, 2020 🙂
  7. This is optical illusion. Last photo can be explained by poor skills of the, so called, "modeller".
  8. Of you nothing wrong, of your government - that's different case 🙂 This F-35 is really overpriced machine and I think our country can't afford it. I believe that due to costs of servicing and maintaining we will keep around 40% of them capable. This is a political choice, our government made no auction, no wider analysis. They have just decided "we buy newest planes" and that's it. Regarding EU army idea I think just same as you - but I can also see EU consequently picking up bad decisions and turning them into reality so why not. Even if it's going to function terribly it will be done, sooner or later. This is why your government may have no direct interest in F-35, because EU army will eventually have them anyway, just paid by satellite countries (Poland will bring 32 of them, Belgium 50). More countries will follow I believe. Funny thing, when "accident" in Belgium happened I told that belgian government will announce a need of new F-35 fleet in ~2 weeks. They did it one week afterwards 🙂
  9. Lot of money drowned in something we would not be able to fully utilize due to bad infrastructure. Plus Germany will soon form European Army independant from NATO and US control, then it'll take over our precious jets. Also I've never liked Fatty-35 much just for aesthetic reasons. If it could only look like F-22
  10. Good to know. Since my question Sotar2020 was restocked 3 times in the store, each time it went out in just a matter of day or two. I'm curious if we'll hear some complaints on polish forum regarding this topic. Or maybe they were a good batch? Anyway, didn't even had a chance to test my AB yet as it arrived just after I finished my last model. I'll test it when painting current one (HB 1/48 Hornet C).
  11. You can also try here: https://www.shamrock-maastricht.nl/Revell-Tornade-Gr-4-1-48-04924_20031.html But guess it's a bit "inconvenient" if you live in US 🙂
  12. If you'll be quick enough to get one: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/revell-03853-tornado-gr4-farewell--1266068
  13. I didn't received instruction booklet with my MiG-31 bought recently, that would be a reward!
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