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  1. Still w8ing for MiG-29UB/MiG-29K... On the other hand F-14B is 2nd thing I am waiting for so 😲 I trust in you GWH guys!
  2. Y no MiG-35? It's a beautiful silhouette! However I may understand that they haven't been battle proven so not that popular. But then still MiG-29K/KUB. Or at least MiG-29UB, lots of 48th scale decals, no kits available for a long time.
  3. Not everyone likes spending double the price of kit on aftermarkets or even feels good enough to butcher up kit for some conversions. I'd also like to see J-16/D especially because of different armament.
  4. Armenian is mine 🙂 Bad news, I've just managed to scratchbuild something reminding APK-9 as there was no way to obtain it anywhere else...
  5. #Q1: #Q2: Detonation strips. Source: https://www.seaforces.org/usnair/VF/Fighter-Squadron-102.htm
  6. I believe that for Su-30MKI you'll just need decals. Beside some antennas there is no external difference between SM, MKI and MKA. Only MKM would need some further mods.
  7. L4824 still not available in US? European stores started to stock it just days before Christmas, only 6 months after release 😄
  8. Depends what you mean by "better". Expect both to be equally accurate, Minibase will be more detailed but GWH should be better for myself as I am clumsy and handling delicate details is not my strong side.
  9. Nothing better, they've released "new" kits recently - MiG-31 and F-14D. MiG-31 is almost double the price (€99 vs €52 I bought old one) and it is because of some 3d printed details included. My fav shop still has 16 out of 20 kits originally added in August, and in comparison they've been restocking old MiG-31 regularly just to sell all kits in like 2-3 weeks, however old kits have been removed from website, which indicate they'll no longer be supplied by AMK. New F-14 is old F-14 with 3 changes - box art is better, there are only 2 markings instead of original 5 and amount of weaponry h
  10. Yeah, would be expensive anyway because it'd probably not include armament. It seem to me that KittyHawk's problem was low quality of their last kits, lower revenue of which they have tried to compensate with higher price. I can still see European shops which seem to have first batch of their Su-27 family. I am a Flanker fan so how KH massacred my boys was really painful to me. Rised prices followed by same low quality of canopy which they didn't even attempted to change since Su-35 release, and finally lack of armament in Su-30SM priced similarly to Su-27UB of GWH... well, this mu
  11. Looks like I will have to start this. Latest news: What will 1/48 SCALE AVIATION SERIES NO.02 be remains unknown 🙂
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