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  1. Try an artist eraser..the grey, squares that you can mold n fold in your fingers
  2. I've seen roller marks on Harriers n Ospreys before
  3. Whooosh....and that's all she wrote
  4. That's what I was thinking..tactical nukes. I know the a4 could carry one center line, that's why it sits high in the front I believe. There is/was always a Marine unit responsible for guarding nuke weapons on board...that's what I was told on the Midway tour...so I'm voting yes, they had nukes.
  5. Oooh, now that's the philosophical issue that popped into my head while watching the movie. If your in command of nimitz that day, what do you do? Do you alter the course of 'history'? Would you send the attack?
  6. You could set up intruders n corsair to carry 250 or 500lb bombs of the day..or whatever they were , but maintaining engines n such would be a problem I guess
  7. Very good info, thanks for that.
  8. So if the carriers were inoperable but the pilots and enough planes were serviceable, that would have to have changed the strategy/impact of the island hopping campaign, yes? I'm not a historian by any measure and not familiar enough with the geography...just spit balling
  9. They used to kill swamp rats like that back on tattoine...i think that was the line in Star Wars. I was just thinking, I wonder what the attack plan would have been...what would the tactics for that strike look like? Blow the hell out of em would have been somwhere on the list I suppose
  10. Is Collin still around? He was an S-3 guy, I think... I'd be interested in that perspective. Would they have had any tactical nukes on board the nimitz at that time?
  11. So your saying this thing could go a few rounds? I guess three wouldn't be much of a chance for the Japanese fleet to counter punch..still interesting
  12. That's true...dam I forgot how old that film was and was thinking about today's tech. Stuck in my own time warp😳
  13. I appreciate that. Communicating over the internet mixed with my tendency to get defensive. All good👍 Hmmm..could all modern pilots fly back then? Take away the tech and it's a different game right?
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