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  1. The rose bush is a great idea. I brought inn flowers n plants and made a little shrine with my pups boxed ashes. Bringing in the flowers brought some color and life into a cold, empty home. Bringing in that but if beauty n vibrant life brought a bit of balance. Wish you the best..it will slowly get better
  2. Paint tires rubber, black wash, dry brush raised section with dust (oil or ammo pigment). Done
  3. Use it as a practice build. Try some stuff you wouldn't do on another keeper build. Experiment with some new paint n weathering techniques and think of it as building skills for the next build. Or chuck it into the back yard
  4. The detail of things no one will ever see again or the accuracy of dimensions are fun conversations...but none of that matters unless it's fun to put together...a good fit and smooth build is where the rubber meets the road for me...for me.
  5. I'm sorry for your loss and I know the pain your feeling. I'm an Akita owner and lover..I'm on #4 now. Saying goodbye to the previous 3 was gutting. But it gets better. I understand the first reaction is to think we could have done something..but the reality is we just don't know and they leave when they are ready. Try not to beat yourself up..I know it's tempting but your fur baby would never want that. We do our best and we grow from each experience. My last boy, a big, beautiful Akita died at only 7. He bloated, stomach completely twisted and he died on the operating table during th
  6. Right..,now what am I gonna do...go back to working on my model? Pffft...
  7. Hey, I really appreciate the thought. I gave up the search, put the scooter back on the shelf and started another Tomcat..so no hurries, no worries. If the sheet turns up that would be great..just let me know. Tango๐Ÿ‘
  8. You guys are killing me๐Ÿ˜†..guess that's why it's been like looking for Bigfoot so far...
  9. Yeah I had my eye on that sheet...haven't been in stock in any of my usual go to spots.. overall grey scooter schemes seem to be the same deal
  10. Very cool..now to track down some decals...not much left out there last I checked
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