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  1. I look at my finished model as if it were a snapshot of that plane on that day at that exact moment. Canopy up or down, wheel chocks, fod covers in or out...it's up to you based on the story in your head that your expressing in the finished piece. I create the scenario and that's the way I display it.
  2. Sharp build n beautiful paint job. Watched the blue scooters at the air shows when I was a kid on el Toro when my dad was with 311. Great memories
  3. Thanks for the update and a huge thumbs up for 311..Tomcats forever! Semper Fi n happy birthday
  4. Ammo of mig makes a good satin clear..water based, no fumes, no thinning..
  5. I started using a clear parts glue by ammo. Good results so far, works well with PE too. Picked it up from sprue brothers
  6. I would try a thinned mix of the standard base colors with some gun metal or steel added. Basically a metallic grey blend is what I see. As the layers build you could darken the panel line areas with smoke, black or dark greys as usual. Looks like something to be done in stages slowly over time to build up layers. Also, ammo oil pens have various metallic colors, might be useful too.
  7. Both! I find mixing clear finishes breaks up the shine and gives a look of "high" n "low" spots where paint coatings getting worn out. I like the spotty, blotches look personally.
  8. Happy New Year...best wishes to all!
  9. Very kind and I agree. These forums and it's members have been entertaining, helpful and a great...well, resource.
  10. Read the instructions all the way through. Check YouTube for build videos n reviews. Once started, I always end each build session by sitting down with the instruction manual and getting an idea what the next few steps will look like. Knowing the steps to come gives me a better idea of how to approach the current step in the build. I look over the instructions and go over the build on my head before I sit down at the bench.
  11. I've used tap water immediately after shooting. 3 iwata airbrushes, 0 issues.
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