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  1. Agreed...and the way drew breeze was attacked sealed the deal for me. My brother's wife is at a church right now filling food boxes for people who have nothing to eat. These guys are in half empty stadiums playing a child's game for millions of dollars. Nah man...can't do it anymore.
  2. For the general weathering, I saw a video where a guy basically peeled apart the layers of mesh scrubbing pad. As for chipping, I've used the ammo chipping effects fluid several times with good results. The other thing I do is paint the metal undercoat then gently scrape the top coat with a heavy grit sanding sponge..like 400
  3. I was flipping through these pics last night, looking for some ideas as I do my Hase Rhino build and I noticed the Echo birds are a lot more beat up than the Foxtrot. They aren't that far apart in age, correct?
  4. Uschi...that's it. That looks great..I'm actually getting close to laying down primer on my Hase Rhino
  5. I have some of those...Eschi I think? Another guy, maybe here, used torn up scrubbing pads to make his own..pretty cool effect
  6. Cool, I used to live in old town and would drive to Miramar all the time. Great air shows. I've used his sheets before, I'll def check em out, thanks👍
  7. I figured that must have been the case...tango Gregg! I'll be shopping for a decal sheet, so any recommendations will be mucho appreciated👍
  8. I started a topic earlier on scooters and as I went to get started on my A4 Mike, I came across the Hase E/F boxing I forgot I had. I was gonna do a 311 grey scooter but I've always wanted to try an adversary scheme. Not knowing much about them, would this be doable with the E/F? Thanks
  9. The posts have nice rubber bulbs that do a great job of holding the model and the posts are stable as long as the screws holding them to the base are secure. I would say go with the middle size..if your like me you'll be buying another one anyway😁
  10. The base and circumference of the posts are the same, the size difference is just the height/length of the posts
  11. Sounds like I'll stick with my hasegawa..thanks
  12. Snowball chance in hell territory here but I morted the glass on the Kinetic build and all I got from their parts replacement was an email saying they don't have that kit.. I don't know why anyone would have sprue F but id love to have it. If you would be interested in a kit swap, I have a Hase Foxtrot hornet in 48th I would let go
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