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  1. For the weathering bit, you might like oil pens/paints. Just grab a few...grey, white, black, dust... randomly dot colors all over the surface then blend and lighten with thinners. For me sanding very lightly over the flat finish with a high grit sanding sponge gives a realistic faded look and blends all the shades together. Fairly easy, hard to screw up and takes the weathering to another level.
  2. I have a similar artist kit..you might need to grab the metallic ones individually tho
  3. PRISMACOLOR...i keep a nice metal sharpener near by also...keeping the tip sharp gives a more crisp result. Just lightly drag the sharpened tip on its side at first...like dry brushing...then you can go in and actually get heavier with the pencil if you want.
  4. Maybe just humidity? Not sure where you live but I know in the summer there are days where I can clearly see the paint/brush/compressor acting differently. If it's super hot n humid/raining I'll often just put off painting that day.
  5. Same process as mentioned above but I've used white n silver color pencils to pick out switches n raised details with nice results...in my opinion.
  6. Agree! I dig the prowler, fighting my way through the kinetic kit now...
  7. My philosophy is replicate what happens in real life. Sand it, if it goes too far, touch it up. Add some rust or chipping in and around the area...have fun with it. That will only add to the weathering effect and look more realistic to my eye.
  8. Marine machine has to be loaded out for CAS👍, I like your style. I vote for napalm tanks, rocket pods n snakeyes.
  9. Very lightly sand away the area with high grit sanding sponges...1500, 2000.
  10. Mandela effect or glitch in the matrix
  11. That's a good idea. I watched a lot of videos and got some of their technique books when I started using their stuff, made the process fairly easy.
  12. Ammo paints are completely non toxic n weathering can be done with pastels n pigment powders. Tamiya panel line wash has a minimal amount of fumes n I use ammo odorless enamel thinner to remove it
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