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  1. Lucky model, recently had a restock of some crossdeta.
  2. Nothing taken off the trees yet, but moulding and detail seem as great as the rest of the kit. As I figured the diorama placement isn’t up to the level of kit. The cat track and shuttle need to 3D printed. The overall photo quality and paper might have been good enough for a normal deck section.
  3. I had an email from ZM saying to keep an eye on the website for a restock of early Phantoms. Cut from ZM’s reply to my question. Thank you very much for contacting Zoukei-Mura. And thank you for purchasing our SWS F-4D kit. In regard to our restock of 1/48 F-4D kit, we are planning a variety of restocks as part of celebrating the 10th anniversary of SWS this year. We will announce more information on our official website as soon as the details are available. We hope that you will keep an eye out for any announcements, and that you will be able to build the F-4D of your
  4. I can see it. It doesn’t look wrong so much as it looks different. Either way I am not doing anything to correct it.
  5. The accessory decal sheet Tamiya is making for the F-4B has some decals clearly marked as being for the F-4J. So maybe this time Tamiya will release more variants of this kit. Alas, history has proved me wrong before.
  6. Old Nick 201 I am making the new Tamiya F-4B kit out of the box, using kit decals for Old Nick 201. Am I correct in my research that this aircraft while on deployment to Vietnam in 1972 it did not have the edges of the landing gear doors painted red? Just the speed brake moving portion and the auxiliary doors underneath. Any verdict on the intake lip inside being silver? I can not tell.
  7. The Zoukei Mura / Volks website. For the short nosed Phantom’s it says awaiting restock, while the sold out special editions say End Sale. Plus I thought I read it in an old man blog, but can not seem to put my eyes on it at the moment.
  8. I have read in several places that ZM is planning to re-release the 1:48 short nosed Phantom series, specifically the C/D. Any firm answers as to when? As a side note I am willing to trade my ZM F-4 J and or S for a C or a D variant. Thanks
  9. Started this about two weeks ago, the first day it was available in Canada, late June I think. Haven’t done much, but WOW. The fit is beyond next level. Some kits may have better surface detail, but no kit fits better or is more sturdy than this one. I have built all of the Tamiya, WNW, Eduard, zoukei mura, etc legendary easy builders, and this one tops them all. Some wondered about decal quality. So the first thing I did was build, paint, and decal the tail. No problems there. Doing the nose cone tonight, and the decals for the folding wings. Yeah they fit that well that they will be added a
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