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  1. With extra time on my hands I have been looking on eBay to help me figure out current market prices. I am thinking of selling a few things, likely on modelling sites and not the ‘bay’. I have sold things there over a decade ago, but the shipping is now beyond stupid. What is different? I guy in Australia is selling a bottle of paint for close to the same reasonable price as an Asian supplier. But the Australian guy wants $55 for shipping and the Asian place it is free. Many photo-etch frets are saying $75 for shipping. I can mail P.E. for around $5. Is the shipping quote determined by a faulty algorithm? Or just clueless sellers or guys trying to gouge on shipping?
  2. The 1:48 Hasegawa Super Hornet family has a raised panel around the slime light on the vertical stabilizer. Is this accurate? The rest are flush with fuselage. There are not really any great reference books available for the Super Hornets at the moment. The detail and scale book isn’t worth the paper it is written on (2020 revised edition is much better than D&S #69) and the Reid Publication book isn’t currently listed for sale. I have looked at some online photos and am leaning towards it being flush and dreading sanding it off. Help from the deck handlers and other expects would be greatly appreciated. Ron
  3. aviaeology is mostly RCAF, they just look like RAF & RAAF markings. But if you read the instructions super close you will notice that the squadron numbers are mostly 400-449. Not like the copy cat Aussies with their 450-467, or the Brits with numbers from 1-300 or over 500. 😃
  4. I think it was a Maxsmodels video I was watching, where it was explained that the biggest problem for accurate miniatures was the upper management from monogram and Revell that started AM were paying themselves big corporate salaries like they were accustomed to, rather than the more typical scrape by by pay yourself nothing business start up that the company needed. Not sure of the truth of that it was just what the video pointed out.
  5. Do do you like the length of bristles on the testers glue or the length of the handle so you dip down to the end of the bottle? Because the Tamiya brush shaft length is adjustable. If you want it longer just give it a gentle tug with some needle nose pliers. I learned of this two weeks ago, saw a video on it.
  6. Can any of the 1:48 Great Wall Hobby T-33 kits be built as an RCAF aircraft straight from the box? If not which one is closest and what needs to be done with it?
  7. The following items are for sale. All priced in USD, plus shipping. PayPal only. Please contact me here or with PM function. AFV-Club British CVR(T) FV107 Scimitar 1:35 with Eduard 35-128 P.E. $20 AFV-Club British CVR(T) FV107 Scimitar 1:35 with Eduard 35-128 P.E. $20 AFV-Club Holland YPR765-PRI available with AFV-M113G/NATO track(35066) or without the tracks. $30 with tracks, $20 without. AFV-Club AF35066 M113G/NATO track $10.00 Tamiya JGSDF Iraq Humanitarian Assistance Team 35276 $7.50 Trumpeter Modern German ISAF Soldiers in Afghanistan 00421 $7.50 Trumpeter British 155mm AS-90 Self Propelled Howitzer 00324 $20.00 Hobby Boss German Leopard 2 A5/A6 82402 $25.00 Revell Lkw gl leicht “Wolf” short wheelbase 03069 $15.00 Hobby Fan British Tank Crew with Accessories Operation Iraqi Freedom HF 566 Scimitar update $12.00 Corazzati Centauro Early Series CQR6 1:35 multi media kit $60 Real Model Canadian LAV-III-TUA Resin Conversion for AFV $60 Real Model Canadian LAV-III ISAF Resin Conversion for AFV $60 Academy Warrior MCV 1365 $20.00 Academy Warrior MCV Iraq 2003 $25.00 Eduard Warrior MCV P.E. 35-495 $10.00 Friulmodel Warrior MCV Metal track $15.00 Accurate Armour Warrior A056 IFV UPDATE & C058, C059, C060 $35.00 Accurate Armour Warrior A56 IFV UPDATE $30.00 Italeri LAV-25 Mortar Carrier 378 $15.00 AFV M1 126 8x8 ICV AF35126 $40.00 Trumpeter USMC LAV-25 Piranha 00349 $20 (two kits) Trumpeter LAV-III Wheeled Armoured Vehicle 01519 $20.00 Trumpeter LAV-III Wheeled Armoured Vehicle 01519 with Resin Wheels $30.00 Dragon Sd.Kfz. 251/2 Ausf. C mit Wurfrahmen 40 (3 in 1) 6284 $30.00 Dragon Pz.Kpfw. VI Ausf.E Tiger 1 initial production s.Pz.Abt.502 Leningrad (3 in 1) kit #6600 $60.00
  8. Just remember that stuff is a lot stronger than mr. thinner. Works great in cleaning paint from the airbrush, as you say better than the hobby brands. Just don’t use it on styrene.
  9. I don’t know much about Strykers. But I have two trumpeter usmc lav-25 kits and two LAV-III. Will these be of any use to you? All in 1:35.
  10. Some F-14 decals for sale. I accept PayPal, priced in USD, shipping extra and will ship wherever mail can be delivered. Contact me here with the message feature. Thanks TwoBobs F-14B 48-096 VF-103 Final Tomcat Cruise $20.00 TwoBobs F-14B 48-096 VF-103 Final Tomcat Cruise $20.00 Superscale F-14 48-326 Low Viz Data Stencils $5.00 Yellowhammer F-14D Y48-02 VF-31 & VF-2 $12.00 Yellowhammer F-14D Y48-02 VF-31 & VF-2 $12.00 SB Decals Feisty Felines Part 1 VF-41, VF-84 & VF-213 $15.00 VF Decals 48/72 101LTBD dual scale(72 and 48) VF-101 Demo $20 Repli-Scale F-14 5012 VF-194 $5.00
  11. I also find that cheap dollar store cotton swabs are sometime better for modelling than the expensive home care brands. The dollar store ones have a lot less cotton and leave behind a lot less fibres. The tamiya and mr hobby ones are great too, just really pricey.
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