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is it windy yet?

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  1. is it windy yet?

    Take your Models to the next level .....

    You could always use a currency conversion tool, found all over the internet. Or just use the rough benchmark of 1 usd equals 1 Euro, that will be close enough to consider it. They are based in the EU, so using Euros makes sense for them. The stuff looks good. I placed a fairly large order this morning.
  2. is it windy yet?

    LF 1:48 Hasegawa A-4 E/F Skyhawk any boxing

    Not sure if I will be able to make it. It’s a long drive to the far side of the GTA from Kingston. I will be trying to work it into my schedule. Perhaps if I sent you the money could you buy one for me? I am not in a big rush for it, perhaps hold it until torcan? Obviously I’d pay for it in full in advance of the show.
  3. is it windy yet?

    How do you know which rail is required for the ordnance?

    Thank you that was exactly what I was looking for.
  4. If you have a boxing of a Hasegawa A-4 skyhawk, that can be built from the box,as an A-4E in 1:48 scale, please contact me.
  5. Many of the posters here are former ordnance loaders, or various other roles around the aircraft. So I understand their expertise. But how is a layman like myself to find which rail goes with which weapon? If the kit instructions don’t tell me, or contain an error, then I am in modelling no mans land. I have tried searching for lists and have found nothing, usually just links to online discussions here or other modeling sites. I always read posts saying you need the BOL rail for the tomcat, or the LAU 117 for a maverick. Does every maverick hang from a LAU-117 or just harriers? Is there a specific book or reference resource that can help me? I don’t have any questions at the moment but I will soon if I don’t find my own material. Ron
  6. is it windy yet?

    Early panel line wash

    Never done it, but metallizer is hot and fragile. So I can see it reactivating the solvent in the wash. It may also not bond well at the edges of the line and therefore not survive the buffing. An interesting experiment, if I were at home I’d try it out on wing and see what happens, but alas I’m on holidays.
  7. I am getting kind of tired of certain model companies marketing departments hitting the ol’ hypometer button claiming their newest kit will be the biggest, best, most detailed, best fitting, accurate model ever made and then ducking for cover when said kit doesn’t materialize or if there is, dare I say an inaccuracy, omission, or error. Now please don’t misquote me here, but I am only talking about a few select companies here. Most never engage in this type of behaviour, like Tamiya, Wingnut Wings, Hasegawa, Revell, Airfix etc. They release a kit and say here it is, they don’t say this is the best ever, and sometimes there are errors, omissions, and inaccuracies, and we all get by. But select companies, that shall remain nameless, are often smaller startups that sound like the NFL spinning up the hype for the annual meaningless game between the Buffalo who gives a dams and Hoboken last placers for the doubious distinction of toilet bowl champions. “This will be the most important game of the season for these yet unproven juggernauts, as they build towards the glory of the offseason.” At least the NFL is king of TV, and they get away with it. However these companies sound like politicians with their lofty promises, and scurry into hiding when the tough questions come. Actually just like politicians, maybe they really are politicians, and will soon be running for election. People and corporations have long forgotten the lessons of humility, and as such are just opening themselves up to that like to engage in a similar behaviour. I like being right, as does everyone else and when someone boasts about how great they are, I do indeed enjoy a round of “um actually”. So when these companies do this, should they really be surprised when the internet explodes with “um actually”. Just remember if you step in it, be prepared to clean your own shoes. After all it was your dog that dropped it.
  8. is it windy yet?

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    I may or may not purchase this kit. It will all be dependent upon it showing up on store shelf at a reasonable price, and some actual reviews of kit being easy to assemble. In this day and age I am not prepared to wrestle a kit into submission with putty, clamps, and prayers to a higher being.
  9. is it windy yet?

    How's this for a package arrival?

  10. PM sent on the Crusader.
  11. is it windy yet?

    Looking for Eduard Phantoms

  12. is it windy yet?

    Micro-Mark 4mm Plastic Modeler's Chisel

    I love mine. It has enough heft behind it without having push it hard to work. While the lighter chisels need more force behind them, and can slip and gouge.
  13. Looking for the Eduard boxings of the academy phantoms in 1:48 Bicentennial Phantoms 1190 Several offers made. If you want to sell yours make an offer quick. Good Morning Da Nang 1186 Rocking Rhinos 1143 A-4 Vietnam Scooters 1197