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is it windy yet?

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  1. Thanks for your assessment. Not exactly what I wanted to hear, but no denying the images.
  2. Don, I’m interested in the F-14D, and have the A to trade. Along with everything you want except the P-40K. But I do have the long tail K parts, just not the filleted one.
  3. Man to things look like they have been dropped a few times. What colour are they? They look a mid to light grey to my eyes. I assume they are made from sheet metal, and not a plastic composite.
  4. I figured it was used on the trail. Strapping it on an A-1 or black bellied phantom will work for me. On the web I read that in 1973 the US began destroying stockpiles of M-36 with sarin gas. No idea if that is correct, but it is about all I could find.
  5. I was hoping for more of the actual history and uses of rather than just model parts. Resin examples aren’t primary sources, and as such misinformation can always be moulded or cast. Aside from the info from bullet-picker, there isn’t much useful coming up from the google search. I’d love to see some actual photos.
  6. Anyone know much about the M-36 cluster bomb? Not much comes up with a google search. Does it go by another name? Was it ever used? Could it only dispense sarin gas? I noticed the 1:48 eduard M-36 was on for a good price, but can I put it on anything?
  7. I pinched this from from the other thread about F-8 rails, but what is going on here? It appears to my hamster brain, that I am looking at two different sidewinders, a B and a D. And neither have the brown stripe, so does that mean they strapped a live warhead on a non functioning weapon that can’t launch? Seems ridiculously dangerous to me. Does the ordnance come pre-labelled from the manufacturer? Which I would assume they do. Or does the weapons team add the stripes as they configure this missle aboard the ship? As you can tell I know nothing about weapon systems, but I would think that a live missle is always a live missle until someone renders it inert. I would also think there would only be two categories for the missle, live or training. Live intended to destroy a target, a live rocket but inert warhead to allow the crew to experience the smoke and noise of a launch. Finally a captive round with no rocket motor, but an active seeker to train with. They would put explosives in that would they? Thanks for your patience.
  8. Does every live (combat capable) sidewinder D or G have the brown stripe in addition to the yellow in the Vietnam era? With so many mislabeled photos on the interwebs out there I just can’t tell.
  9. I know my local shop had to throw away paint that froze during shipment. I have the intermix, a few paints and primers. My hobby room can get cool during the winter, maybe as low as 15C without a portable heater. No problems with the paint or intermix chunking up, or becoming unusable. Not the biggest fan of the overall performance of the paint system though.
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