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  1. I might be interested in trading for that wing fold. I have several of the airfix kits you are after.
  2. Getting closer. Anyone from east of GTA looking to ride share?
  3. Thanks, but perhaps I wasn’t clear enough. The website recommends the clear for the same high polished finishes as the black. So why would they make two similar products that does the same job for the same paints? The clear base must provide a different finish, so what does it do that is different than black?
  4. Don I might have the cf-18 decals you are looking for.
  5. The alclad website lists their clear base coat as being used for high shine finishes along with the gloss black base. But it doesn’t specify when to use one over the other. Anybody use it? I have used the gloss black base all time. What would the clear base provide for me? What colour should be under the clear? Is it for models modded in black styrene, that just need to be glossed up? Thanks
  6. Was looking at buying this pod. Photo resolution isn’t great, so I thought I would ask around here. How is the quality? Price seems reasonable. https://www.mpmhobbies.com/en-ca/collections/1-48-ecm-pods/products/1-48-alq-119-ecm-pod-set-of-4 Thanks Ron
  7. I know where you can find them. One look at the price and you’ll know why they have them in stock. Canadian dollars mind you, but still. https://www.ultracast.ca/Fox-One-Decals-48-011-Wild-Weasels-over-Iraq-p/fod48011.htm
  8. To those that have paid for kits, thank you, they have been shipped. For those that have made inquiries, I am working through them the best I can. I did not expect this level of response to such a half a donkey approach to me posting some photos. Many emails seem to be going into spam and private messages seem to disappear into the ether. If you really want to get in touch with me please keep trying, and if possible always list which kits you are referring to and where you are looking to have them sent. Also I have since found out that shipping one kit at a time is not that expensive, still n
  9. Getting some kits ready for sale. No prices or descriptions yet. Contact me if you see something you like. If you are planning on attending the Hamilton model show in late March, free delivery can be arranged.
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