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  1. I was looking at this a few days ago. https://www.ultracast.ca/AeroMaster-48-574-Smokers-RAF-RN-Phantoms-p/am48574.htm
  2. Are you looking for something specific from the sheet? I am using the VF-111 from it and possibly the VF-1 markings.
  3. Hi, I need some help find some specific weapons loads and airframe configurations for Rafale M’s used in Operation Harmattan. Lots of generic photos on the web but nothing guaranteed as official as actually being from a combat flight. Thanks
  4. I got a great deal years ago on the complete CMK set for it. I used all most all of it, but I didn’t really need to. However the canopy elements really help, and the gear and weapons bay look better because of it, but it isn’t essential.
  5. Just walk around, you’ll find it. Ask me how I know.
  6. Looks that way for sure. But with Tamiya that is no guarantee.
  7. Arnaud, Looks nice. I am holding off ordering until I see what you make next. Then young next product makes me wait until I see the next and so on and so on. I am wondering if you are planning anything for the cockpit, especially the seat of the Revell Rafale? Ron
  8. Well I do agree that Tamiya planned on releasing a two seater, but they haven’t. Which indicates they are still going to, but it has been a long time. Or they talked themselves out of releasing it. Likely as many others have pointed out, it is a business decision. Meaning they won’t be depositing as many gold bricks as we think they will.
  9. No you won’t, I skipped over you in the digital lineup and took them all.
  10. Thanks for the information everyone. Now are there decals available to buy to model these aircraft? Or will I need to create my own decals or produce masks with my cutter?
  11. I have the 1:48 Hobby Boss A-10A. I have always been set on doing a desert storm green machine with the shark mouth. But lately I have been more and more drawn to a grey painted version. I do not want to buy the Italeri A-10C, but I may have to in the end. I only want to do a combat aircraft with live ordnance, not fussy on the conflict. I just want the path of least resistance to modifying the Hobby Boss kit. Ideas?
  12. Scott, I am sure that it is correct that they have closed down. But how does a post on another website confirm it? Is there something I am not getting out of the article?
  13. I have 10 1:48 tomcats in 1:48. 5 Tamiya, 1 AMK, 4 Hasegawa. I should be able to come up with something from this mini stash. Anyone want to buy some Hasegawa Tomcats?
  14. What might the shipping be to Canada? I can’t get over the boarder to pick it up in the USA due to Covid.
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