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  1. Looking for some information about Iraqi Mig-29’s during the 1st Gulf War. I was looking for 1:48 decals and the only set I have been able to locate are the Linden Hill Iraqi Airforce sheet. Any others? Some photos on google show a grey on blue grey scheme, while most illustrations show blue grey and pale green. Which is it? I would like to do an airframe that tried to fight, would it have carried drop tanks? If so 1 or 3? I know the Mig-29 has short legs, so I am thinking the centreline tank for sure, unless shown otherwise. What about weapons load out? I could also be persuaded to do a S
  2. I do not have the new boxing of the kit so this is just my understanding from looking at the sprue pictures. My conclusion is that it is the same tooling as my copy of the existing tooling, just with markings and parts for all BoB 109’s.
  3. I read on hyperscale that it also has an eduard masking sheeting in addition to the pe fret.
  4. They will likely need to shorten their program and strap 3 gas tanks on it just so it has enough fuel to perform.
  5. I can confirm that Mission Models Insignia Red does not match the furball red. I am still searching for a match myself.
  6. Arrived today, slowest order yet hannants, but still reasonable all things considered.
  7. Ordered on May 21st, all items in stock, shipped June 1st, left UK June 5th.....I’ll let you know if I see it.
  8. They are slow to ship, poor communicators, but the order always arrives eventually.
  9. I have been using Tamiya Easy Sand CA. It isn’t cheap but I am really liking it. It really does sand easier too.
  10. Yeah that is what I meant when I said just don’t use it on styrene.
  11. The GR.1/3 is listed as pre-order at Hannants, kit number 48072. If that means anything.
  12. With extra time on my hands I have been looking on eBay to help me figure out current market prices. I am thinking of selling a few things, likely on modelling sites and not the ‘bay’. I have sold things there over a decade ago, but the shipping is now beyond stupid. What is different? I guy in Australia is selling a bottle of paint for close to the same reasonable price as an Asian supplier. But the Australian guy wants $55 for shipping and the Asian place it is free. Many photo-etch frets are saying $75 for shipping. I can mail P.E. for around $5. Is the shipping quote determined by a fa
  13. The 1:48 Hasegawa Super Hornet family has a raised panel around the slime light on the vertical stabilizer. Is this accurate? The rest are flush with fuselage. There are not really any great reference books available for the Super Hornets at the moment. The detail and scale book isn’t worth the paper it is written on (2020 revised edition is much better than D&S #69) and the Reid Publication book isn’t currently listed for sale. I have looked at some online photos and am leaning towards it being flush and dreading sanding it off. Help from the deck handlers and other expects would be g
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