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  1. Oh thanks Randy, I cannot wait to see that video. Please tho, dont launch it too many times after the 1st. I would always use this model as a club trophy of what an awesome looking model looks like to all the people (and kids) that see's it in your club. A bad day would not be a happy one with high power engine issues, especially with all the work in this gorgeous looking rocket. Man that Apollo 11 monster would look great in my old club as well. What a beauty!
  2. WOW!!! What a beautiful Saturn V... Its the best one for a model I have ever seen, Just wow!
  3. Wow so far it was looking just great too!! Man I would try to repair this. If you think of all the time and work went into it, the rest of it which is just awesome, so another Sat 5 kit to redo the S-IC intertank would not be impossible. Look at the time here, I would bye a newer kit and retro fit it. Really... buddy this rocket still is so cool!
  4. Wow awesome detail work. The 3rd stage is looking great not to mention the rest!
  5. Oh wow thats looking really nice! Just awesome really...
  6. Just joined a few weeks ago, so not sure yet. Have a few kits on the shelf but I may in the very near future. Working on a non-Apollo kit at the moment so maybe soon. (Its a 1983 N-i-k-e Revell Hercules missile I just started a while ago before I found this site). I have a few LEMs as well so maybe I will. It will be OOB tho, so not to much addons, PE and such but yea, Ill keep in touch and at least enjoy what you cool builders are doing and comment. Thank you for the invite as well Pete. Oh, btw Saturn5Tony has been my email address for about 20 years now and was not really kit re
  7. Wow Pete thats looking really cool! That bay work is a labor of love.
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