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  1. As I'm sure many of you have heard by now, Phoenix AZ will be hosting the 2010 National Convention. There 2004 show was my 1st NATS, and it remains one of my favorites! They did an outstanding job, and I'm sure they will again. Looking very much forward to attending! JK
  2. IPMS/USA's Internet Coordinator is fixing it as you read this.... A Trojan virus breeched their system/server during the photo uploading process....and he is now goin through everything page by page to remove it(!). Good luck, Bob.....
  3. The hard-working volunteers from the IPMS/USA "Photo Team" have uploaded tons of photos of the 4 day event. The photos can bee seen here: http://www.ipmsusa2.org/EventsGallery/2008_Nats/index.htm Cheers, JK
  4. I've got half of my models (21) packed in their travel boxes. I have to get some more hollow fiberfill tomorrow, and that task will be finished. Gathered up all of my OOB instruction sheets, and printed out all the Model Registration forms Sunday. I plan to hit the road Wednesday morning around 0200-0300.
  5. Yes, Don, it sucks bad. I have faith that I'll be there. I think I'm just trying to not get my hopes up too high, in the outside chance that things don't work out how I want them to... Plus, I have a big firehose.
  6. Here's what I want: Harder & Steenbeck Airbrush (EVOLUTION - Silverline fPc Two in One) VFS 1/24 P-47D Anything else is gravy. Even at this late date, I may not make it. Still haven't cancelled, but I have one ugly iron in the fire that may cause me to cancel my trip.
  7. Count me in, after the Fighter Factory BBQ. Especially if Jerry Royer's crew is gonna be there...Somebody has to ride herd over those guys! James Kelley ScaleWarbirds Studios
  8. I'm attending, Don, as previously discussed. Arriving sometime Wednesday morning, leaving Sunday morning. Staying at the Doubletree with my newly-acquired roommates from Modeler's Warehouse (Warpigs). Should be an outstanding event, I'm really looking forward to it. 14 days!!!!!!!
  9. I used Vallejo Model Air "Pale Gray Blue" (#046) on mine. I was happy with it.
  10. No disrespect intended...but the explanation you gave was basically an aeronautical engineer's way of saying they did it to gain some speed. B)
  11. I started out with a single-action Badger 200 series a few years ago....it was fine for a newly-returning modeler, but was a pain to clean. I upgraded to a double-action Paasche VL after about 6 months, and found it a decent tool. Easier to clean, and provided better control/detail.I picked up a slightly used Iwata HP-C on EBay for $89 about 1 1/2 months ago, and I cannot describe the improvement!Now, I do not have the airbrushing experience of someone like MikeV (who provided me with a great deal of wonderful advice...Thanks Mike!), and have not used the "high-end" Badgers, but I will never look back after using the Iwata. Someone mentioned, when I was looking, that an expensive airbrush will not make a difference if someone does not know how to use it, and that may be true.......but to someone like me, with average skill, the improvements are dramatic, as far as I am concerned! I've been able to produce results which I didn't realize I was capable of, and have tried new techniques I would not have considered with the Paasche..... I would suggest looking around on EBay for a while, and try to find a great deal....they are out there, you just need to be patient. Good Luck!! JK
  12. Hi, Does anyone have an owner's manual for this model Iwata that they wouldn't mind scanning & e-mailing to me, or know of an online source where I can download it? I just received one that I picked up slightly used for under $90,but it didn't come with a manual. Thanks in Advance, JK
  13. Hello, Wondering if anyone uses an Aztec airbrush....? I currently use a double-action, Paasche VL series which I really like, but I've replaced the inner trigger mechanism twice, and am thinking about a new primary brush. I've heard good and not so good about the Aztecs; Any and all input you may have to offer is welcome!! Bear in mind that I use Acrylics almost exclusively, and one of the selling points (all those cool color coded tips!) is limited in the Acryl sizes. Thanks in advance for your input! JK
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