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  1. I've done a general search for these sheets in some of the usual places online, but have been unable to find these specific instructions for these kits. If you could scan them and send them would be appreciated or if you can make copies for me and mail them I'd be happy to reasonable compensate you for your time in doing so. Thanks
  2. It's kit Jt44 (09144) sprue L It is the Radial engine version of the Ki-100 Thanks
  3. Was given this kit today by someone who has no interest in doing this kit. Out of the whole thing these were the only things missing. Will take in any condition and will pay for postage. Thanks
  4. Ironically after I moved away from the area almost 16 years ago the local hobby shop scene disappeared. Coincidence?
  5. Just FYI neither of our sheets were "just thrown together". What you were looking at was the some of the few sheets left over from the '09 convention we were selling. It consisted of a A-7 Corsair from Rickenbacker AFB, A USNR F6F Hellcat from NAS Columbus, and a OHANG P-51D from the Toledo area. As far as this years TV-1 Shooting Star was a USNR NAS Columbus aircraft as well as the F4U Corsair. We wanted to include some armor this time so we looked hard and thought of what there was somewhat of a vacuum for. (I don't know anything about armor so I went with what the armor guys wanted)
  6. I had to get a replacement part for a Kitty Hawk kit (I know not Trumpeter) but had to go through the US importer Stevens Intl. You may want to try with them.
  7. Do you want the one piece or the sectional 'opened' canopy glass? Which old Zero kit is it? I'm pretty sure they are all the same sprue but just to make sure.
  8. Any PM's or posts left on the boards will not be answered. All contact is through vendor@ipmsusa2015.com As of 1/20/2015 I have reserved the last table for the show. I will have a comprehensive list of all vendors attending as well as locations. Stay tuned. REMINDER: Vendors in the Union Room. Due to a last minute change the banquet will be held in that room Saturday night so it is asked if you can please have the room cleared by 3pm on Saturday August 22, 2015 for the set up. Plan accordingly. I will try to have volunteers available to help in this process. Jason Holt 2015 IPMS
  9. Awesome. I've been holding out for a within my range price for this kit. Thanks
  10. I was curious if there are plans on a back burner somewhere to release part 2 of that series. I love ANG A/C in general especially for the late 40's through to the 60's.
  11. Any PM's or posts left on the boards will not be answered. If you haven't booked your table(s) for 2015 Nationals the time is now. Please go to www.ipmsusa2015.com for information or you may contact me directly at vendor@ipmsusa2015.com ALL correspondence will be through these channels ONLY. Just as a heads up the Franklin, Deleware, Clark, Champaign, and Knox rooms are all completely SOLD OUT. I have limited tables in the Fairfield and plenty in the Union room. Please note for tables in the Union Room. Due to a last minute change the banquet will be held in that room Saturday night s
  12. Arriving Friday morning and plan on keeping busy until Saturday night. I got lots to do.
  13. Prefer an unstarted kit. Would like to purchase in the US if possible. Thanks
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