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  1. That would make sense, as it was over 24-48 hours but not much more. It was only select areas that were affected, and all pieces were prepped the same way. I’ll give them a week to dry and see if that helps. Thanks!
  2. I was using Aqueous for this one
  3. The top coat was from the can, and no visible difference when it was sprayed. Probably too “hot” for the underlying paint. My problem is I can’t predict what will be affected.
  4. The funny thing is the majority of the pieces that were top coated didn’t have any issues, just select pieces. I can’t find a pattern
  5. So I used Mr. Hobby - Mr. Super Clear over Gunze colours for a Macross model and this happens: https://ibb.co/hxUYs7 https://ibb.co/j0BeX7 Any Idea?
  6. Hey all, kinda in a predicament, opened up my 1/32 F-16I Sufa, and sometime somewhere it must have gotten some heat on it. The fuselage sprue (still in the sealed bag) has warped the lower fuselage piece probably beyond being usable. Couldn't find any parts online. Does anyone have a fuselage lower half available, will pay! Mark
  7. I'm with you on that, SCI-FI has many levels of realistic depending on the show or movie series. If you want more "realistic" watch Star Trek and Geordie Laforge may teach you some points on warp field theory. Star Wars is a bit on the other side as in more unrealistic. It's kinda known before you watch the movies, from giant battle stations to giant star destroyers with our present day scientific understanding it won't happen, the point isn't for it to be realistic it is for the story as set in the environment. The Force Awakens as advertised is for the new generation, they produced for new viewers old and young the experience of seeing a brand new Star Wars movie. A good story and new young characters, in this regard the movie is a grand slam, with over $1 billion in ticket sales so far it is undoubtedly a success. People may nit-pick it but again its sci-fi and the first movie in a new trilogy, more will be explained. The Huffington Post article is abysmal, I might address a few points:
  8. Good find! And people always say they don't want music added to the footage, and now you know why people add music. Vacuum screach the entire time, not cool. cheers
  9. I know this is the Mustang thread but here is the Camaro Z-28, 505 HP non-supercharged, with larger diffuser, brakes and multimatic suspension, they will sell between 2000 to 3000 this year: Compared to Camaro ZL-1 Supercharged 580 hp, magnetride suspension, they'll sell about 3 - 5000 this year. Both cars are essentially track ready (incorporating non-fade Brembo brakes, all the oil coolers, etc), hopefully with this generation of Mustang Ford can compete!
  10. I guess you haven't been keeping up on developments lately, one of the Trio takes track performance pretty seriously. Lighter is better, up until a point, because a car still has to have 4 tires and engine, depending on 2 seat or 4 seats the car will be of certain dimensions. There is a reason most great performing 2 seaters (sports car, not super cars) are about the same weight. Same goes for 4 seaters. One of the most used ways to gauge a car's performance is to take a spin on the Nurburgring track. This is because the track which is 20 miles in length has all types of corners, elevations changes and straight-aways. It tests a cars all around potential. Here are some times from the cars mentioned in this thread: 7:22 Corvette ZR-1 C-6 7:24 Porsche GT2 7:26 Nissan GTR 2011 7:37 Chevrolet Z-28 Camaro 7:38 Lexus LFA 7:40.6 Ford GT 7:41 Chevrolet Camaro ZL-1 7:44 Audi R8 V-10 7:48 BMW M3 GTS 8:25 Lotus Exige S 8:25 Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 8:47 Honda Civic Type R 9:09 Toyota FRS So as you can see, those huge overweight Camaros are putting cars at least twice their price in their rear-view mirrors. Nevermind the "good handling, but underpowered cars like the FRS. Cheers!
  11. Here is Elon Musk, talking about the Tesla fires: Essentially he is saying gasoline cars have a fire every 1300 cars. The S which has sold 25,000 has had 3 fires, so 1 in 8000, so four times safer than a regular car. Tesla S fires explained On the topic of fires and gas powered car I can't believe no one posted about the recent one which claimed a certain furious movie star. Porsche GT I think it was......2 dead in that crash and fire, how many in the Tesla fires? .........0 cheers
  12. I think you want to say US manufacturers incorporate styling cues to showcase a car's heritage. It's also called good business, as American muscle cars, have that option of appealing to the older crowd as well as the newer generation as evidenced by the numerous posted items in this thread. I like the one about the US teens liking the Mustang as their #1 car. Didn't see FRS on that list. Again heritage, a thing US car manufacturers can use as they have interesting cars, - who the F* would want to buy a Corolla with heritage styling. Can you say appliance-on-wheels appeal??? New and unique, doesn't garauntee sales in the US. Lets look at the current sports cars in the US (sports cars, not super cars - limited production less than 100 a year, priced over $125k), and their numbers. Mustang: On track to sell 76,000 units this year Camaro Should sell over 80,000 this year 2014 Corvette With the new model 20,000 to 25,000 this year Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ (a disclaimer a IMHO a sports car should have 300+ hp to start, but I'll leave it in for comparison purposes) Combined 25,000 max Nissan 370z They are hoping to sell maybe 6500 this year in the US Many disagree, the FRS is as costly as a base v-6 Mustang or Camaro, it doesn't have the same horse-power, doesn't have the same acceleration times, is sold in fewer numbers and have worse interiors. There is a reason why they sell relatively few in the US, oh and to top it off if you get the Toyota version it will probably come with a few recalls also haha. So you are comparing some super cars like high end Porsche, Ferrari, or Lambo to US cars priced $100k - $300k less? I should hope there is cutting edge technology in there for that price. Cutting edge technology like GM magnetic ride control that is used by Ferrari or Audi among others, or how about the Camaro Z-28 suspension (mulitmatic) that will find it's way into a Mercedes AMG SLS follow up? Sorry dude, your view points on American car seems dated, let's not bring the Chev Volt or Tesla S into the conversation either. cheers!
  13. Maybe the rear sloping roof line but thats it imho, more like a slight evolution of the existing model: another of the newer Mustang
  14. Really, it reminds of a 2013 Mustang - again not much of a change, kinda disappointed. 2015 Mustang video
  15. That is the question, it should they are finally adding a IRS, no more live axle. Nice video to showing a new Camaro Z/28 compared to Ford's best track car Z/28 vs ??? If those spy shots are accurate then Ford is being very conservative, because they could have had something much more aggressive:
  16. The Snap feature is more than just watching TV, you can run any app on the side. You can check achievements, check your friends online to coordinate a game, use the music player, use youtube, etc. I have actually used it quite a lot. Speaking of Youtube, the Xbox One pairs your smart phone to make it another controller. So while you play the game, you can have youtube snapped on the side being controlled with your smartphone. I was playing Battlefield 4, while I youtube some Fighter Fling videos (I'm building 2 1/48 Tomcats). I've also brought up machinima app to look at the a walkthrough for a game. You can continue to play custom music while you play, which is a nice feature carried over from the 360. I haven't tried the Skype calling yet, which is another feature you can use while playing. Just like a phone you can answer or ignore, and you can limit it to voice only if you want. Since I have in-laws that head down to Yuma for the winter, I think this feature will be used alot also. There is some other neat things it does, it recognizes the person using the controller so it doesn't matter which controller you pick up, it'll match your profile with that controller. I was wondering why they didn't add a controller number option on each controller (represented by a light bar indicated 1 - 4 around the xbox home button on the 360's controller), and now I know. I'm pretty impressed with the system so far, they put a ton of features into the console right from the start, and seeing how they updated the 360 all the time, they will definitely be adding more as time goes on. cheers
  17. That is interesting to see how much heat goes out the back of the consoles and how hot they get. The big circular heat source on the xbox is a big fan, according to some websites that have taken them apart. I also noticed the PS4 pouring out a good 20 degrees more at peak usage, I hope they don't run into heating problems down the road. cheers!
  18. You don't need the Kinect, and supposedly it stays in standby mode until it senses motion in the room. Haha I have tried to turn the console on by yelling around a corner to no avail. As for the voice command stuff, its pretty good once you know the commands. One of the coolest features is the Snap option, which is the ability to stay on the screen you are on (say playing a game) and you want to see or run an APP, you say Snap TV, or Snap Music. Then a 1/4 of your right screen shifts to that app. So you can play music, watch TV, or whatever while you play. Again pretty neat, they spent a lot of time designing this interface. Cheers!
  19. So I picked up the system at the midnight launch, and since I don't live in a big city I only had to wait till 2 AM to actually get it haha. Before I start, some background, in the previous generation I had the PS3 and Xbox 360 which I got on launch days for each respectively. Before those I've had everything from a commodore 64 (brothers) to a Nintendo, N64, PS, PS2 etc. - Unwrapping the console I noticed it only had one HDMI cable in slot, I would have liked to have 2 or 3 slots to control all my other devices. So the satelite is going through the Xbox One, as the console allows you to switch instantly between playing a game and watching TV. Which works as advertised, - commercial break comes on and switch to the game progress a bit in the level and back to TV. After the console updates, you have a windows style home screen which is configurable, and customizable (colors, style, etc). An evolution of the 360's system, which has changed over time since the launch. In comparison to the PS3 which never changed it's interface for 6 or 7 years. From here you need to install the games on the hardrive, it takes a while, COD Ghosts and Battlefield are something like 40+ gigs. You don't need to wait for the whole thing to install before you play as it allows you to started playing once a chunk of it is loaded. The games themselves look awesome, in particular Ryse (you play as roman soldier) is spectacular. Not up to a dedicated gaming computer level but I'm not paying that price also.... The multiplayer seems to allow more players this time around, in Battlefield 4 there was something like 60 players at one time, better than the older generation of consoles. Speaking of online, another strong point for the One, is their dedicated servers, no more migrating hosts, a host leaving a session. In 3 days of playing I didn't have one dropped game or any host migrations. I was surprised how much they integrated the Kinect 2.0 in regular games, there are the usual voice commands which work well , but the sensor will track your head and body to see if it tilts. In Battlefield 4 in particular, if you get into a vehicle your head, and body movement controls your free look. Look right and the view looks rights as the vehicle continues ahead. Pretty useful if flying the jets or helo's in Battlefield. Speaking of the Kinect, and the biggest reason for buying a One over a PS4, I have a bunch of daughters so dance games, Kinect sports, Disney interactive games was a must have. The sensor is pretty accurate, and it doesn't have tilt like the old one. It's always on, as you walk into the room and say "xbox - on" and the system fires up. Once on the home screen it signs you in automatically. When other people enter the room it will sign them in also, my wife walked in and it pops up with a greeting - pretty neat. The sensor isn't just for games, if you download the xbox fitness app, the sensor records your progress, style, number of reps and even heart rate during exercise. P90X is free with a gold membership, Insanity is on there also and a few others for the ladies, Jillian michaels is another one. You can set reminders to exercise also, so while playing a game or watching TV it'll suggest you do some exercise, again pretty neat. Again some interesting things, there is a bunch of other interesting stuff but football is on. Oh and this all IMHO
  20. The thing that most people don't see is the big picture, that being these jets will have to last 40 years, if you buy an already dated aircraft the RCAF will be out of the fighter business in 20 years. The Air Force wants the big step-up in capability, the newest airframe, if not then they resign the fighter fleet to obsolescence in a short time. Buying Super Hornets would be like buying updated Voodoos instead of CF-18s in the early 1980s, who is flying Voodoos today? As Neu mentioned the F-35 package has all the extras included in the airframe already to preserve the Low-observability, the Super Hornet not so much. If you see the total cost of the Australia Super Hornet buy for just 24 airframes you will see they are not that cheap in the long run. It is not just the current Canadian government/RCAF that requires stealth, every fighter just entering production or on the drawing board has significant levels of low-observability built into the airframe. It is a necessity as radar once was, if Canada does not get an aircraft with these features then we resign ourselves to be a high-speed cheerleader in any upcoming conflict. cheers
  21. In the opinion of most of the fighter guys, at Cold Lake at least, the Super Hornet is the last jet that we should get. If not the F-35 most would say a F-15 Silent Eagle (if it gets made), or Typhoon, but not the Super Slow Hornet. In the words of one of our fighter pilot exchange pilots after flying the Super Hornet for the first time down at Lemoore, "It's a pig". Most would rather have new build legacy Hornets that the Super's, but that is just their opinion. cheers
  22. Great job JPL, that was a very interesting 7 minutes! cheers Mark
  23. Holy! That is a lot of F-35Bs, I am going to have to pick up a couple of these! Looks Good! cheers
  24. Les, there are two 8x10 inch Multi-Function-Displays with independent processors. If you screen fails that information is automatically transfered and mixed with the other MFD's info. There is also the standby instruments screen below the 2 main screens, showing attitude airspeed etc. There is also the helmet which is another independant system for navigation. The touch screens are used at mostly in non-heat of combat situations, the HOTAS of the F-35 with it's more numerous buttons and switches than the F-16 or F-22 makes sure that in the heat of battle you never have to take your hands of the two controls. Also on the throttle there is a mouse like control to move a cursor on the screens if you want to select items that way. Mainly though the touch screens are used to configure the screens to the pilots preferences depending on mission flow. The 2 primary viewing areas might be a HSI depiction on one side showing SAM threats/enemy aircraft (and detection ranges) and the other side images from the sensors to visually ID the target, on RTB the screens can be reconfigured differently. With real 3D buttons the cockpit is more limited, and with any system as a pilot gains proficiency the looking for the switch and activating it becomes faster, this cockpit will be the same way. Yes the screen works with gloves, I know I used mine in the F-35 sim in Fort. Worth, as it is not exactly the same as a I Phone screen, it does not require the skin to close the circuit. It uses lasers along the edge of the screen to triangulate your finger on the screen, only when you remove your finger does the screen take it as a "touch". So in heavy turbulence/buffet pilots will touch the screen and if they are not on the right function move the finger to the correct spot and then release the pressure. The screens are quite sturdy and accurate, they took anything from a light touch to a heavy jab. Cheers Mark
  25. I'll add to that, it will have better stealth (all aspect), better radar and sensors, it will be flight testing without any problems in 1/4 the amount of time, and it be able to outmanuever anything in the west. We are definitely doomed.
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