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  1. Well, that sucks... I have nowhere to come back to
  2. Great idea and I would def be in. But lets limit to ME nations only. No N.Africa, no Caucasus, no Turkey, no Pakistan and no Afghanistan. Just the ones on the original list.
  3. Remember me? Well, some of you do. After a year long hiatus I'm going to try my hand at this again. To gently re-introduce myself back into the hobby, I picked an easy project. Trump 1/48 MiG-15UTI. What can go wrong, right? I'm not yet decided on the country and the camo, but I already started on the 'pit. So, count me in and wish me luck. Z.
  4. Dont worry, when new pics come, we will post them. Meanwhile, I would love to hear authoritative, professional analysis of PAK FA fundamental stealth flaws from someone who is fluent in the subject matter and not just asshattery.
  5. Gosh, if only Sukhoi would hire its engineers from a plastic modeling forum....
  6. WOW, I won! Thats awesome! Thank you!!!!!
  7. Thanks! I'm sure there are. I dont know if you can see this http://milkavkaz.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=55 since you arent a member, but there are plenty of photos. Check militaryphotos.net and irandefence.net forum as well. If you are looking for something specific - let me know.
  8. ausairpower website is a known dump. Dont take it seriously. No one else does.
  9. Thanks guys! I'll make new photos before the GB is over. As far as weathering, there will be none. AzAF 25s are pretty clean. I just cant muster the very light weathering that would look realistic in 1/72. As far as insignia goes, thats a huge boo-boo on my part. I should have paid closer attention. But its all water under the bridge now. I cant fix that. Another problem that I am aware of is that AzAF MiG-25's insignia are tiny comparing the that on Su-24 or any other aircraft in their inventory. I dont know the reason for it, but I'd need 1/144 decals to make insignia for 1/72.
  10. I havent realized how much dexterity I lost in almost a year of not building. I remember *how* to do this or that, but "skill" just evaporated from my hands... wow. I wont be taking breaks like that anymore. Anyhow, Azerbaijan MiG-25U is complete. Thanks to Raymond who agreed to trade some decals
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