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  1. Good morning all, I am after one set of markings from Fightertown Decals 48077 for the Top Gun Movie Jet (104 with Mav and Goose names) Please let me know if you have a partial sheet or intend to use other markings on the sheet and can spare those. Will pay a fair price via PayPal. Please email me at anthonywan2015@gmail.com Thanks! -Anthony
  2. New Tool 1/72 B-2A Spirit from ModelCollect

    Before everyone flips out on the "how much cockpit detail is there" issue, let's just be reminded that there is absolutely no way that you'll see anything past the instrument coaming and the seats at most. I think it's wise for the manufacturer to focus on refining exterior details and not waste resources or time on an interior that has no real way of being seen without being a "cutaway" model. That being said, there will be a new test shot sometime next week so more panel line refinement. Regarding fit - the only way to really eliminate that problem is to mold both fuselage top and bottom as a single 2 foot plus piece (keep in mind the test shot outer wings were not glued in place). This means bigger box and more cost and is currently beyond the technology of Modelcollect which is known for 1/72 tanks. We're worked through quite a few small issues and they've made corrections as best as they can. I suspect Eduard will be some exciting detail bits coming for this one... ;) -A
  3. New Tool 1/72 B-2A Spirit from ModelCollect

    There will be an option for that. The test shot up there isn't glued and isn't fully finished.
  4. New Tool 1/72 B-2A Spirit from ModelCollect

    Been working with Modelcollect to bring this one out. Finishing up designing decals with a very well known company and running through test shots. Exciting stuff! -Anthony
  5. I had a feeling you might be... -Anthony
  6. Got a buddy who might be interested in these. Shot him a message on Facebook. @Emvar if you're online, have a look! :)
  7. 1/48 XB-70 question

    I've got that kit. I'd love to chat with you sometime about your construction experiences. Maybe we can bounce some ideas off of each other. Back to your actual question - I'm not sure if this is the exact stand you mention, but here's a good display idea.
  8. I'd be interested in a lot and I have an armor trade proposal for you too. Please shoot me an email anthonywan2015@gmail.com Thanks! -Anthony
  9. Good afternoon all, Anyone have a spare of this in their stash? Need this ASAP for a commission build. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/397145-aml-amla72034-iai-kfir-rc-2-with-tsniut-camera-nose Can PayPal. Shipping to 02451. Please shoot me an email if you have one anthonywan2015@gmail.com Thanks! Anthony
  10. Kits for sale 1/72, 1/48

    OK Those I do not have haha. :P