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  1. Hey all, I have the following for sale, CONUS only please. Payment via PayPal. Tamiya 1/32 P-51D Mustang - new in original box, untouched. - $90 shipped. Tamiya 1/32 Spitfire XIC Spitfire - some major parts clipped off sprues, main wing piece was damaged, new wing sprue in the box to replace it. - $90 shipped. I also have some other 1/48 Modern kits for sale which I will not list in detail, if interested please inquire (F-18F, Su-15TM, JH-7, Apache, etc) Shoot me an email with what you're interested in! Thanks! -Anthony
  2. I purchased a set of decals from Saul down in Mexico a few weeks back. Everything went smoothly, Saul's communication was excellent and shipping was quick. Deal with confidence. -Anthony
  3. These will not clean up with water. Get yourself a jug of hardware store lacquer thinner, it'll do the job.
  4. It's an acrylic lacquer... think Gunze Mr. Color smell, but with the consistency of Alclad. Pre-thinned, idiot-proof. Add to airbrush and spray. They lay down incredible smooth and are really thin - surface prep is key. Prep the same way you would if you were going to spray natural metal. I started with 1 bottle the manufacturer sent me as a sample, I've not bought another brand of paint since then. -Anthony
  5. So it was you! :P
  6. Let me know if it becomes "Not pending". ;)
  7. Best one in the area:
  8. Their site is back up... I don't see London.
  9. Interested in the Wyvern. Would you do $15 shipped to 02451 (I'm pretty close by in MA) Please shoot me an email - Thanks! -Anthony
  10. $7 for the 1/72 xtradecal lightnings sheet? Shoot me an email - Thanks! -Anthony
  11. Lol everyone clamoring for decals... how about gathering the necessary reference materials first? Not as easy as just posting up "oh do this do this".
  12. I want to "like" this post.
  13. Tiger Droppings........