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  1. Cool! Sounds good… If you find one, please shoot me a PM. Let’s talk!
  2. Any chance you have the XF-108 too? If you do... we need to chat!
  3. Gentlemen, Anyone have one of these in the stash that they don't plan to use? https://www.scalemates.com/kits/wolfpack-wp32045-su-30k-flanker-indian-af-conversion-set--248597 Would love to give you some $$ for it! Let me know~ -Anthony
  4. Tried to reach out to check-in but have not heard back. Just wondering if anyone else has heard from Chris recently. Hopefully all is good and he's just busy with life! Hope he'll be back releasing product again soon. -Anthony
  5. Hmmm, definitely helpful! Any idea what you’d want for those bits? Shoot me a PM and let’s chat.
  6. If FB 48-02 USMC Rhinos $15 PENDING becomes available, please let me know!
  7. Appreciate the feedback Rich, Ron, Bill. Need to check around who does IC-7 Escapac seats... I see a bunch of Skyhawk IC-3/, S-3 IE-1, and A-7K IG-2 seats but none for the TF-15A. Would one of those work for an "almost" option? The only IC-7 I see is in 1/32.
  8. So I don’t even need to shorten the speedbrake for this one? Score! ACES II seats as the gentleman mentioned above. A model wheels - in black.
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