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  1. All - I have been swamped with emails. I will reply as soon as I can. I won't be able to get shipping quotes until the weekend. Only emails will be answered per the original thread, PM's will be disregarded. -Anthony
  2. Most of those have already gone in the dumpster. Shipping those and ensuring no damage occurs is just more trouble than it's worth.
  3. All, I am making some pretty big life changes in the next few months including a potential cross country move - meaning that most of the stash really needs to go. I will be updating this thread periodically with kits I pull out and intend to sell. Prices are what I deem fair - but please feel free to make an offer if you see something you like. First will be kits, aftermarket will come later. Most kits have some sort of associated aftermarket in my stash and I will more than likely toss some surprises in the box when I ship. Payment will be via PayPal only. Shipping not included in prices and will be via USPS. I am only able to ship on Saturdays right now. If you're near Nashua, NH (near Tyngsborough on the MA/NH state line) you can pick up if needed! Kits: Trumpeter 1/32 F-105G Thunderchief - $80 Trumpeter 1/32 F-18E Super Hornet - $90 Tamiya 1/32 F-15C - $100 Tamiya 1/32 F-4E - $100 Tamiya 1/32 F-15E - $100 Modelcollect 1/72 B-2 Stealth Bomber - $70 Heller 1/72 EC-121 Warning Star - $55 Dragon 1/48 CZ-2 Long March (Have 2) - $50 each Airfix 1/48 TSR.2 (Have 10) - $50 each Tamiya 1/48 A-1H (USN) Skyraider - $20 Tamiya 1/48 Skyray - $20 Airfix 1/48 Sea Vixen (Have 2) - $45 each. Italeri 1/48 KA-50 - $30 Trumpeter 1/48 Wyvern S4 Late - $25 Eduard 1/48 Draken Profipack + Master Pitot - $50 Promodeler 1/48 F-86 Sabre Dog + Eagle Strike 48071 + Eduard 48380 - $40 Hobbycraft 1/48 Cutlass - $20 Bandai 1/35 M61A5 Tank (No original box, kit is complete) - $60 Trumpeter 1/48 J-10A - $25 Trumpeter 1/48 J-10S - $25 AA Model 1/48 JH-7 Flying Leopard - $20 Revell 1/72 A-400M (Original Boxing) - $40 Bandai 1/72 X-Wing - $20 Bandai 1/48 Snowspeeder - $20 Bandai 1/48 Kylo Ren X-Wing - $20 Bandai 1/72 Red Squadron X-Wing - $20 AMT 1/48 ES-3 Shadow - $20 Revell 1/48 Rafale M (Revell Monogram boxing) - $20 Revell Germany 1/32 Tornado RAF - $30 Revell Germany 1/32 Tornado ECR (box is pretty messed up, looks complete, sold as -is) - $20 Italeri 1/32 F-104G - $70 Pegasus 1/18 X-1 (Yes 1/18, it's massive) - $30 Shoot me an email if you see something you like or want to make an offer. anthonywan2015 (at) gmail.com Don't be shy, I'll probably say yes... More to come. Thanks, Anthony Edit: 10/14 10:01AM - added more kits. Pending items marked.
  4. Dutch - thanks for following up. Buddy reached out to me with a spare Caracal sheet so I'm all set. Best, Anthony
  5. Nice build! Let me know 🙂
  6. AnthonyWan

    GWH Jumping on the 1/48 Tomcat Bandwagon?

    Did we really just go there? "Rudeness"? This is business..."because we can", and because ours is gonna be that little bit better and because company X didn't do detail Y with their kit. There are no polite handshakes and participation medals for trying here. Tips hat to Tamiya...props for standing at the top, unchallenged...watching these guys fight for second place.
  7. Interested in the F-15E update and decals. Please send me an email with postage quote to 03062. Email: anthonywan2015@gmail.com Thanks! -Anthony
  8. Good morning all, I am hunting for a set of Mass Air Guard decals. Caracal did them on sheet CD48060 and Bare Metal Decals did a dedicated sheet 48-6. I would prefer the Caracal sheet of course, but I would consider Bare Metal. Please let me know what you have and what you want for it. Shoot me an email! anthonywan2015@gmail.com Shipping to 03062 in New Hampshire. Payment via PayPal. Thanks! -Anthony
  9. AnthonyWan

    MikroMir 1/144 B-2

    How are their other kits? Haven't heard of these guys before.
  10. AnthonyWan

    Looking for: !/32 Academy F-16I Sufa exhaust

    I know right? 🙂 However, so many people on Large Scale Planes have only good things to say about that line of products, so maybe I am missing something.
  11. AnthonyWan

    Looking for: !/32 Academy F-16I Sufa exhaust

    Curious to hear how the actual parts look...There's been some reviews online that have noted serious issues with their quality control.
  12. Hey all, Looking for just the Vandy 1 (Black Tomcat) markings off of Fightertown 48004. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/121625-fightertown-decals-48004-vx-9-vandy-vampires Please let me know what you have and how much you want. anthonywan2015@gmail.com Thanks, Anthony