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  1. Raymond

    Phasing out the A-10

    It looks like pedobear rising!
  2. Raymond

    Are you a "Phubber"?

    I phubbed one out reading this thread :D
  3. Raymond

    Godzilla (2014)

    given how pacific rims doing at the box office , i think blockbuster fatigue is setting in for the big robot/monster destruction genre..interesting to see if it rebounds next year
  4. Raymond

    Asiana 777 Crashes At SFO

    wouldn't the internal systems on the 777 warn of a too low/slow approach?
  5. Raymond

    Asiana 777 Crashes At SFO

    social media, getting the news out faster than any organisation can B)/> *I wonder if that lady will get a talking to about taking her luggage off during an emergency?
  6. Raymond

    Close call in tank - Syrian Rebels

    two interesting interviews with SAA commander answering questions about how hes found t-72 in combat: http://youtu.be/NFF4Gc9Mb5c http://youtu.be/udH9uveEQOY
  7. Raymond

    Close call in tank - Syrian Rebels

    http://youtu.be/UHmGz5IhP_k this is a pretty widely studied clip of a t-72 brewing up. its a bit of a strange clip, from the analysis its clear its definitely hit with something (rpg-29 its believed). the crew man was either blown out, or was beside the tank at time of impact
  8. Raymond

    Close call in tank - Syrian Rebels

    Deffo an ATGM concensus seems to be Iranian Dragon or its of shoot, the saeghe
  9. Raymond

    Close call in tank - Syrian Rebels

    that hit the t-72? probably metis or kornet * the t-55 is equipped with north korean rangefinder
  10. Raymond

    Looking For 1/72 T-90 Kit & Aftermarket Information

    indeed :D ooh do you have any photos of the revell t-90 prototype? given some similarity between revell and ACE's t-72, i wonder if the t-90 will follow ACEs parts layout: http://www.onthewaymodels.com/articles/T72comparison.htm
  11. Raymond

    Close call in tank - Syrian Rebels

    there's been some truly amazing combat footage coming out of syria for awhile, heres a bit of a compilation:
  12. Raymond

    Saw Star Trek 'Into Darkness' last nite

    ignoring degressing the conversation into justifications etc, the allegory is hardly confined to my own opinion, many a reviewer has noticed it, heck, the film was dedicated to post-9/11 veterans by Abrams with the note in the credits: "THIS FILM IS DEDICATED TO OUR POST-9/11 VETERANS WITH GRATITUDE FOR THEIR INSPIRED SERVICE ABROAD AND CONTINUED LEADERSHIP AT HOME." Link
  13. Raymond

    Saw Star Trek 'Into Darkness' last nite

    I hear ya! the only two 'sci-fi' movies I can remember that were not set on earth were; Prometheus and avatar....... :blink:/> *oh sunshine which i enjoyed - the horror angle diddnt work for me until i watched the commentary track
  14. Raymond

    Saw Star Trek 'Into Darkness' last nite

    what you see is pretty much what you get, its a.....