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  1. given how pacific rims doing at the box office , i think blockbuster fatigue is setting in for the big robot/monster destruction genre..interesting to see if it rebounds next year
  2. wouldn't the internal systems on the 777 warn of a too low/slow approach?
  3. social media, getting the news out faster than any organisation can B)/> *I wonder if that lady will get a talking to about taking her luggage off during an emergency?
  4. two interesting interviews with SAA commander answering questions about how hes found t-72 in combat: http://youtu.be/NFF4Gc9Mb5c http://youtu.be/udH9uveEQOY
  5. http://youtu.be/UHmGz5IhP_k this is a pretty widely studied clip of a t-72 brewing up. its a bit of a strange clip, from the analysis its clear its definitely hit with something (rpg-29 its believed). the crew man was either blown out, or was beside the tank at time of impact
  6. Deffo an ATGM concensus seems to be Iranian Dragon or its of shoot, the saeghe
  7. that hit the t-72? probably metis or kornet * the t-55 is equipped with north korean rangefinder
  8. indeed :D ooh do you have any photos of the revell t-90 prototype? given some similarity between revell and ACE's t-72, i wonder if the t-90 will follow ACEs parts layout: http://www.onthewaymodels.com/articles/T72comparison.htm
  9. there's been some truly amazing combat footage coming out of syria for awhile, heres a bit of a compilation:
  10. ignoring degressing the conversation into justifications etc, the allegory is hardly confined to my own opinion, many a reviewer has noticed it, heck, the film was dedicated to post-9/11 veterans by Abrams with the note in the credits: "THIS FILM IS DEDICATED TO OUR POST-9/11 VETERANS WITH GRATITUDE FOR THEIR INSPIRED SERVICE ABROAD AND CONTINUED LEADERSHIP AT HOME." Link
  11. I hear ya! the only two 'sci-fi' movies I can remember that were not set on earth were; Prometheus and avatar....... :blink:/> *oh sunshine which i enjoyed - the horror angle diddnt work for me until i watched the commentary track
  12. what you see is pretty much what you get, its a.....
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