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  1. The initial form of forward RWS fairings were a theoretical mistake - they didn't maintain operation, were pressed through and burst, often it was possible to see that they are stuck with an adhesive tape. New fairings on containers now peaked.
  2. Yes, we, Russians such: sleep and dream - how to confuse somebody else, new L-265M10-02 Khibiny-M pod - new shape of RWR cones, this pods will use since 2019-2020:
  3. Only one explanation - Su-34 produced at Novosibirsk and this Sukhoi bureau division had it own look to painting schemes of aircraft.
  4. Welcome, "just whistle" as say in Tom & Jerry cartoon.
  5. Mstor - main purpose of this paint - easy wash of liquids drips. Here id differenf of nascelles paint and stabs steel casing
  6. On stabs - steel metal casing, not paint, its prevent damage casing of stabs during heavy missile firing. Inside intakes - yes,
  7. This paint stronger to attrition, heat-resistant and steady against drips of oil, fuel and hydroliquids
  8. Yes, this engile nascelles initially primed and after this painted in Aluminium emanel
  9. To ijozic - its hard to find its even in Russian, not in English. To Zactoman :
  10. Gefest-T - its research firm, which work with Ru MoD from 1996, Su-34s targeting system Platan had one of subsystem similar to Gefest-24 (which installed to Su-24M, Tu-22M3 and Su-33s) system, so Su-34s were testbed to this system.
  11. It is colling ventilators, it is not part of pilot eqipments
  12. Oh these terrible Russians - will make anything to complicate life to the western modellers.
  13. At Russian this colour clalled: темный серо-зеленый - Dark Grey/Green
  14. How is this photo? Greenish?
  15. On Eggplant Grey Su-34s same colour
  16. Initial were Black antiglare, since 2011 - Dark Grey\Green
  17. Today Begemot release two new decals - both in 1-32 scales: 32-017 Russian Air Force insignia, type 2010 http://www.begemotdecals.ru/showpos.php?lang=2&id=177 32-018 Additional Russian Air Force insignia, type 2010 http://www.begemotdecals.ru/showpos.php?lang=2&id=176 So, we we provide a bigger choice for modellers, who like 1-32 scale and Russian aviation.
  18. No, all this photos were made at another regiment - at Besovets, you did'nt find photos of you favoride Su-27s there.
  19. As i saw earlier main theme of all real, (not fake) news for Su-57 - "time will tell" - now only one thing is clear - first serial batch will be 12 aircrfats., at least two of them will donate to Lipetsk center in 2019, after few years of test operation will make a disicision how many Su-57s will order. As says Russians - "better a tomtit in your hand than a crane in the sky". Anyway quantity of Su-57s aircarft in production will not much more, than Su-35Ss and Su-30SMs , which now choose as main fighter aircrafts for RuAF, and in next few years completely will replace Su-27s and
  20. News of this sort appear in yellow press already as more, than year - thiere no official release of Russian MoD, now in tests pre-serial T-50s with second stage engine, after this will produce small batch of aircrats for test operation and even after this will make decision about state order of Su-57 (how much and when). As example - 12 serial Su-57 from first batch will put to Lipetsk RuAF center, first will donate in 2019. And sanctions here is not at all - in military aircrafts in Russia not used outboard components.
  21. Dark grey - mid production, form T-10B-22 to T-10B-45, only 23 aircrafts, one of its were damaged at landing and still in non-fly conditon, all Su-34s after this again painted in blue-green camouflage - about 75 aircrafts at nowdays. In Syria operated Su-34s in both paintings - in Dark Grey painting in first stage and later in blue-green camouflage, all airctafts. which operated in Syria have misson marks. All of its will be in decal. About armament - sometime its laser-gilded or Glonass-giulded bombs, sometimes - A-S missiles, but main wapon - iron bombs and cluster bombs - new target
  22. As always - it is corporate conspiracy between model and decal producers for increase sell of model. All did for one way - you will want biuld not one model... How about this Su-34 in camouflage with Su-24M pilot name, who were killed in Syria - on both boards: Or how about heavy weathering eggplant scheme Su-34 after Syria with with traces of shading and later washing insignia:
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