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  1. Never enough the Flankers!
  2. New Tool su-25?

    I'l try, but i doub that Zvezda so soon re-release Su-25s, maybe only change decal to new and bigger and all.
  3. Mario, Mi-24P is alredy designed, i'm saw renders - only one new sprue, we talk about markings for inbox decal - so i think this model will be, but date of release - i don't know.
  4. Yes, 30-40 days in July ang August in my native town is wery hot and dry - even no clouds on the sky. About global conspiracy between us and model producers - my most like quote - David Francis from SAM Publications: generally before Begemot decals for Ka-27 and MiG-31 in 1\48 scale has fallen to my hands of me weren't interesting at all this two models from HB, but after this i'm going to buy this two models definitely.
  5. Despite +40 С outside the window we don't give up and release new decal. Today we keep old promises - 72-064 Mil for Mi-24V, VP, R and K modification. In decal include 36 marking scheme for helicopters from different countries, also include full stencil set for one helicopter and any types of external armament.http://begemotdecals.ru/showpos.php?lang=2&id=164 Expecting questions - and when will be print decal for Mi-24P - we answer this decal in work too, but we won't advance an event. Firstly we will release 1-48 decal for Mi-24V, VP, R and K modification
  6. Su-34 - Trumpeter 1/72 scale kit

    In means of russian modellers of coure flattered - you were already built more model, than dozen average modellers.
  7. Su-34 - Trumpeter 1/72 scale kit

    Ken, great work as usual. Do you know in russian modellers forum you have unofficial nickname "адский дед" - infernal grandfather? You were build 10 models in time when someone made at best one. PS about visa - when few year ago i'm applicated to UK visa - i'm collect regiestered copies of official papers, that shown i'm have appartment, car with garage, countryside home and money deposits in two banks. And after that i'm also visit UK visas center in my town and have 20 minutes interview with visa officer from Moscow by videoconferece (thank you, god blessed UK government that i should'nt went to Moscow for this). So, i think its street with both sides direction from Russian and UK government. In same time applicate EU visa in my pasport - easy way, just prolongation multivisa for next year, i hope in this year it will be first 3 year visa.
  8. I'm not sure about exactly this position between engines, maybe under wings - yes.
  9. Да уж, у нас есть такие ракеты, но мы вам про них не расскажем... I'm saw this two-barrels fit and were a bit surprised, but not shure that will be in real life.
  10. So long avaiting for many modellers decal today were released - 48-041 Petlyakov Pe-2 family. 108 markings for different modification Pe-2 family aircrafts from VVS RKKA, Finland, Yugoslavian, Poland, Bulgarian and Hungary Air Forces. http://www.begemotdecals.ru/showpos.php?lang=2&id=162 Whether it is an occasion to get you Pe-2 1-48 model from Zvezda and finaly choose - which marking do you like.
  11. Any types of aircrafts or helicopters, which belonged to Russian Naval Aviation, it is several regiments now - Su-27s, Su-30s, Su-24Ms, MiG-31s, Tu-22M3s, Ka-27s, Mi-24s
  12. Today we release new decal - no, it is not Pe-2 1-48 yet. New decal today - 48-047 "Additional insignias of Russian Naval Aviation, type 2010" 1-48.Decal set with different sizes of - MA VMF ROSSII and registration codes writing, for all main types of aircrafts and helicopters from Russian Naval Aviation. http://www.begemotdecals.ru/showpos.php?lang=2&id=158
  13. Olimp Resin reviews or feedback

    Yes, its were my words at BM. Mi-24P fully ready to cut in metall (one new sprue) need only good will of Zvezda's management.
  14. It is not only for me, if you will use word Syria in comments (as example "Payment for 72-000 decal Su-24M in Syria") this word will automatically detected by anti terror system by control word and this transfert will stop to few days for human manager review. I saw TV documentary film about Snowden, but now i saw how its work.
  15. Yes, it not funny. in Begemot Su-35 1\48 decal i'm place 4 of most offen used digits in red and blue colours, but here - only one. I hope it will correct in next editions.