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  1. For modellers. whos prefer big size models and form - today we release 32-015 "USSR Air Force insignia, type 1955". Seven sizes of insignia, different modification. Same decals in 1-72 and 1-48 were released earlier. http://begemotdecals.ru/showpos.php?lang=2&id=174
  2. Today, as we announced few days ago, we released decal 72-071 Yak-130 Mitten. Decal for all known at nowdays Yak-130s from Russian, Belarusian, Algerian, Myanmar and Bangladesh Air Force. Full stencil set for one aircraft (in any marking scheme), all possibile external armament, also included pyrotechnic cords for canopy of aircraft. http://www.begemotdecals.ru/showpos.php?lang=2&id=173
  3. kotey

    Zvezda surprise release?

    Of course during upscale used only initial 3D of surfaces, all details will made in 1\48 scale at new level. But "no comments" about what exactly subjects it will be.
  4. kotey

    Zvezda surprise release?

    Not exactly, but anyway its all Russians did it... Design few 1\48 models is on work now. BTW who said that will jet aircraft? I know about 4-5 models. which prepared to 1/48 scale design. Which of its will add to 2019 catalogue - whos know?
  5. kotey

    GWH Su-35S building

    In the end of April 2017, during my trip to Moson-2017 as i remember at Budapest were snow too at one of days, but temperarure were about zero. Just now i'm work for MiG-31 + Kinzhal missile decal for conversion sets in 1\72 and 1\48.
  6. kotey

    GWH Su-35S building

    Russians did it? Out of my window - +5 C and rain.
  7. On all helicopters for foreign customers at Russia territory insignia were covered, sometimes even placed teporary russian insignia
  8. Outstanding, great job!
  9. Yes, by Russian laws foreign insignia were covered, but only untill deploy to customer.
  10. Peruvian Mi-35P look like next:
  11. It seems that need start design new "RuAF additiinal insignia" decal - now on fins placed ВКС РОССИИ - VKS ROSSII.
  12. 7273 Mi-24A 7276 Mi-35M 7293 Mi-24V\VP - you can made Mi-24V modification with YakB-12,7 mm machine gun in nose mounted moving turret or Mi-24VP with GSh-2-23 two barrel gun in nose mounted moving turret, this sprues were repack by Revell and Eduard 7315 Mi-24P Also you can made Mi-24D from Eduard model - its mix of Zvezda Mi-24A and Mi-24V\VP model sprues wit resin conversion addon.
  13. Mr Sulc at Novemberfest-2107 sayd that thay hav'nt big enthuziasm about MiG-21F13 and MiG-21U and UM - big differences and to much new moulds.
  14. In the future Zvezda going to pack same kit Mi-24P in another one markings - Berkuty aerobatick team, but Begemot now work about big Mi-24P decal.