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  1. kotey

    MiG-29 rudder backdate

    Not absolutly all, it takes some times. Only one authentic sourse of information - technical book of concreete aircraft.
  2. kotey

    MiG-29 rudder backdate

    This regiment recive first MiG-29s in 1986, its were aircraft from 18 and 20th series - without forefins, with chaff falre dispensors, with small area rudders. I'm not shure that guardian badge were placed just in 1986 or 1987, its were definatle on aircrafts in 1990 and later.
  3. kotey

    MiG-29 rudder backdate

    Which marking are want to do?
  4. kotey

    MiG-29 decals question (yes, again)

    Actually i havn't much information about Syrian AF MiG-29 - only its were upgraded not so far and now can use R-77 missile
  5. kotey

    MiG-29 decals question (yes, again)

    Here is MiG-29 in Finland., look at rear edge of rudders At MiG-29s from 100-th Instructor Ship based FAR on rear edges of rudder were added (riveted from above) additional surfaces, like on this
  6. kotey

    MiG-29 decals question (yes, again)

    How you like "True Cold War" times. MiG-29s start in mass produced since 1984. 1. In Finland were 6 MiG-29s 9.12 not exactly from late batches, as it shown in model (with early types of rudders, without enlarged addition) from 1-st Squadron of 234-th GuFAR - in future on base of this squadron were formed Swifts aerobatic team. This regiment was first in USSR, whcih start operated MiG-29s, firstly wery early series, than from 12-th batches of Mig-29 9.12. 2. 100-th Instructor Ship based FAR (Saki AB, Crimea) recive first 5 Mig-29s 9.12 from 18-th batch (BuNos 90-94) in 1986, in 1986 on fuselages were placed USSR NAVY flag. And BTW - its were historically first untypicall markings on MiG-29s, before this even Guardian badge not placed on MiG-29s. You can made this markings, and BTW - rudders area were enlarged in 1987-1988, so this additional casing were painted in Light Grey, in same tone all ruder area were painted in Grey-Green.
  7. Sorry for late reply, about 50 mission flight in Syria
  8. Yes, without leopard badge. BTW - thank you for you good words about our decals.
  9. In USSR "good times" placing unstandard badges were prohibited - at USSR AF were legal only guardian badges and stripes, names of heroes of WWI, this badges were placed at "free times@ of last days of the USSR
  10. Yes, at first in box decal - our job- 5 marking scheme, 3 different stencil sets. In 2019 we will release aftermarket decal - all possible markings with adoptation for Zvezda and KH models.
  11. From who? Одна Бабушка Сказала?
  12. Exactly, we made our work a little lazy, but all of modelers have hawkeyes, they traning in were small objects detection. It is very easy if we have vector type draws, which made from 3D, but in case with Su-35, one of my employees made this draws by white list, so she made first markings scheme and then just copy this sides to all other.
  13. kotey

    Su-30SM 'Flanker-H' in 2019!

    I'm start work about two decals - "Su-30s from Irkutsk" and "Su-30s from Komsomilsk", but one small priblem - i have nothing about stencil for all export Su-30s - so it will markings and stencil for RuAF aircrafts and only markings for export aircrafts.
  14. kotey

    Su-30SM 'Flanker-H' in 2019!

    Su-35S - maybe yes in future, early Su-35\37 - i don't think so. About Su-30MKI\MKA at my look it will be small resin upgrade sets form any producer.
  15. kotey

    Su-30SM 'Flanker-H' in 2019!

    As i know Zvezda havn't plans even about Su-30M (MKI) , so i doubt about Su-37