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  1. Su-57 (PAK-FA) in Syria

    As "part"of this masses - it is already hardly worth distracting so - this mans were mercenaries who have signed the contract and have gone to be at war for money. Yes, they have died, but knew what they went on. Death of such peoples isn't so new in the world, its not a Russian know-how - how many mercenaries from Blackwater has died in Iraq and Afghanistan? About deploy of T-50 - just next stage of state tests, why not in Syria.
  2. During work about MiG-15 decal i have next question: in 1953 on MiG-15 six insignia - on upper and bottom surfaces of wings and on fuselage In 1963 - Chineese MiG-15 hijacked to Taiwan - four insigniua, in USAF style position. In what time betwen 1953 and 1962 were changed sheme of place of insignia?
  3. You know, situation about modern production of new aircraft were subscribed 70-80 years ago by W. Churchill - Russians maybe long harness, but then quickly go. Russian economy recovers from long crisis after a collapse of the 1990s. MiG-29s now non in mass operate, maybe few late batches 9.13 and all MiG-29SMTs, same situation with Su-27s - some late batches aircraft upgraded to Su-27SM, some still in operate, but in last 6-7 years were produced and put to inventory many (in number from 50 to 150 each types) new-build aircrafts and helicopters (Su-30SMs, Su-34, Su-35, Mi-26, Mi-35Ms, Mi-28N, Ka-52) and this rearm program will continue at least 5-10 years. In thjis year will signed contract about fist batch Su-57 and MiG-35s. Of course not all work ideal, always will be some problems with quality and time contraints, but in what country all perfect? And yes, problem with transport aviation the problem wasn't such sharp, but new Il-76MD-90 were start in produce, about 5 or 6 aircrafts already in flight, new Il-112 will flight in this year.
  4. May i speak as reader straight from Russia? With great interest I watch your posts about modern russian aviation production, please, don't stop. PS: It s not sarcasm, its really intresting, how in US non-politic look like to Russia today.
  5. New decal from Begemot - 72-034 MiG-29SMT

    Actually there were only two MiG-29SMTs took a part in short tests in Syria, main instruction were alredy printed, so i'm add this scheme as additional small list in instruction and in decal.
  6. Today we release decal for MiG-29SMT (it isn't really important - have you model form Trumpeter or Zvezda) in 1-72 scale. A little later will release same decal in 1-48 scale too. You can choose any of now known aircraft from Algerian or Russian Air Force (include aircraft, which took a part in Syrian campaign), also in decal include full stencil set for one aircraft and any external armament for MiG-29SMT. http://www.begemotdecals.ru/showpos.php?lang=2&id=172
  7. which Su- 34 fullback kit?

    Ken, it is not atomic antiflash blinds, in first it is sun protective blinds and blinds for training in blind flights only by navigation system.
  8. Su-33 R-27 missile question

    This system Gefest were tested at Su-24Ms, after this its used at Tu-22M3s, Su-34s, MiG-29SMTs and Su-33. The point of this system - precision check all parameters of flights and send command to bomb rack so in time, so even dumb bond from heights about 3-4 kilometers were hit into circle about 5-6 meters in diameter with probability of rejection about 90%.
  9. I'm a little push to break before release - in this months to RuAF will donate aircraft with new badge, I'm wait clear photos of this badge.
  10. Su-33 R-27 missile question

    As you can see on underengine hardpoints were mounted thrusters for bombs too, as I remember I saw bombs in this position too.
  11. Su-33 R-27 missile question

    At my look 2, maximum 4 R-27, maybe plus 2 R-73. For aircrafts from Syrian raid you can fit two FAB-500 bombs, but it's were placed on same underengine hardpoints, on place of R-27s missiles.
  12. Nice looking, now I'm working about 1/72 decal, so after release this model and check some dimensions, Begemot will release comprehensive decal in this scale too.
  13. Sukhoi T10 Flanker Prototype from Modelsvit

    hm, Ken look like you Santa and my Ded Moroz make a deal with Ukranian producers about Modelsvit promotion. Mine T-10 will arrive this evening.