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  1. As usual in last days of many last years Begemot release new decal - and here it is in 2019 - 144-004 Antonov An-225 Mrija, 5 marking schemes from USSR and Ukranian times (except current Antonov Airlines scheme), full stencil for aircraft. http://www.begemotdecals.ru/showpos.php?lang=2&id=183
  2. Sebastian Videch from VVS modeling - happy owner of first in the world exemplar Su-57 model, yesgerday he came back from MAKS to home and I hope he soon will show how it look.
  3. Su-57s already on the way to Austria and sells in Russia will start in few days, today is not working day at Zvezda.
  4. Zvezda will repack Revell An-225 model for Russian market in USSR era markings, also later this decal in silk screen technology will release as separate decals.
  5. Today Begemot release new 1-72 decal - 72-063 "New life of Foxhouns - Mikoyan MiG-31BM + MiG-31K(Kinzhal)" - 28 marking schemes + full stencil set for one aircraft and any possible external armament. http://begemotdecals.ru/showpos.php?lang=2&id=182
  6. Russian firm Temp models released Khibiny set for Su-34 in two scales: 1-72 - https://tempmodels.ru/en/catalog/models/1_72/seriya_3d_profi_72/kreb_khibiny/?fbclid=IwAR1XJXMYRVw7oswth_cNSV3w46ivkS3bVOOK0p6ft0qVPUaPjF5QVy0gd6E 1-48 - https://tempmodels.ru/en/catalog/models/1_48/seriya_3d_profi_48/kreb_khibiny_2/?fbclid=IwAR1BgZH3hJjnzb_mFtrkfuTqrG_r-FM_wPWj5ikzDmm3sOb9a4cpBfZkiv4
  7. Pixel painitng - all late pre-productional T-50s painted only by this scheme, i'm supose first serial Su-57s will paint in this scheme too. About Su-57s in 1-48 - maybe sometimes in future, but i'm not owner of Zvezda - so its only my guess.
  8. Still no good photos of badge, it all. what i found untill now.
  9. As man, who can touch that fuselage and wings in my hands and after this I'm saw the assembled kit - it's double monster.
  10. I'm not sure, but all russian language sources says about maximum 4 KAB-500L or KR bombs and about 5 FAB-500 free fall bombs, but not a word about 2 KAB-1500 bombs.
  11. About new MiG-29 sheets decals - we havn't concrete release dates.
  12. I think we'll see same question from you in 2020, 2021 and so on.
  13. BTW - this decal not silk-screen printing, its laser printer decal.
  14. Chris, you very well learned you lessons and made the work, I accept you in honourable Russians
  15. kotey

    Mig-15 Help

    From start of produce MiG-15 and then MiG-15bis aicrafts had NMF coating by clear-type pentaftale warnish type 170, but this warnish not really resistant to atmospheric conditions, so starting first half of 1951 at one of producer factory were tested new type of warnish - type 9-32, its had more resistent, but after drying it had yellow shade - like old Begemot decals :) , so before covering in its were added 6% of aluminium powder, this type of covering called 9-32Ал and aircraft after this look without panelle effect - boring grey metallic, in second half of 1951 its were staret to use, since 1952 old type of covering not used any more. MiG-17s since first aircrafts hadn't NMF.
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