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  1. That's true. However, I believe that threads like this are very important because they help the few people who care about accuracy to save their money.
  2. Hubbie, I do agree with you. In addition, the curve on the AMK kit's rear flank makes for underscaled exhausts.
  3. Dave, "There are none so blind as those who will not see" Matthew 9:26-27
  4. Dear IAGeezer, I did the same with my Monogram, Academy, Hobby Boss, Hasegawa, and Tamiya kits and I didn't get an exact match. Not at all. So, would you please post a picture showing that you are right and that I am wrong ? Looking forward to that.
  5. Just checking the available pics is obvious that this kit mishaps have not be addressed. Look:
  6. At this point it is obvious that no correction has been made and that AMK tries to pre-sell as many kits as possible before the general public is aware of this kit low accuracy level.
  7. Hi, After about ten years as a member of this forum I woul like to change my name from "Galfa" to my true one. How can I do that?
  8. Hi, Your Spitfire is work of art, but it is far from being the only impressive part of this threat. Chuck, your narrative and your photography are as well great. Your Spitfire is in 1:32 scale but you are larger than life...
  9. Dear Solo, Honestly, I am astonished by your post. Gabor argument is solid. He just wants to learn from mistakes. He is not crusading. About you, please do not forget that our hobby is - scale - modelling. Do you still remember whar - scale - is about ?
  10. Well, well, well.. If you look carefully, rear fuselage and exhausts of the RC Tomcat they both look quite similar to the AMK. However, Given all this fuss about Tomcats, I'm entertaining myself on a Hasegawa kit in 1:48, doing my best to fix as many inaccuracies as possibile, including the thickness of wings leading edges: Maybe I should post a "In Progress" thread...
  11. Is it an optical illusion, or the hips of our belowed forthcoming TomcAMK are quite alike these: https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?1192026-ART-TECH-F14-due-2010/page75 😎
  12. Yes, yes... I do, I do want to know what you think ! I am so curious ! However, these two pictures are not new and, most important, are - again - top shots. Would I would like to see is a side shot of the upper fuselage rear. In addition, to assess the rear fuselage accuracy, we need to take a look at the rear fuselage-engine-fairings. On top of all that, on the "new" pictures, it is quite visible the very same horizontal stabilizer (same of my post of a while ago) characterized by an exaggerated curvature. Here a screeshot from the video posted by Solo on September 29 (page 113): Take a good look... So, these two "new" pictures are just showing once again that - accuracy wise - the AMK Tomcat is flawed.
  13. Do you think you are funny or pathetic ?
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