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  1. What you're doing is comparing apples with oranges. These two kits have just a couple of issues each. The AMK Tomcat has way more than a couple of issues. Actually, what is really surprising about this kit it's that, when it comes to fit and accuracy, is worst of the now over tirthy years old Hasegawa Tomcat.
  2. Hyperscale credibility is heavily compromised by this review. Too bad.
  3. Thank you for tour message. However, it wasn't about these scratches but about the left windshield side.
  4. My sincere apologies Mstor, I just wanted to have fun playing down, with some non sense, what so far written on the over three hundred AMK F-14 post. My goal was to be unambiguous ironic. Not by chance I ended my post quoting Star Trek Mr. Spook most famous line (live long and prosper), but I failed. Apologies again.
  5. Sir, Because if somebody say theirs are not perfect his word should be enough and here it is not.
  6. All this is very interesting. Andrea, can you please post some new pictures to show that your canopies are perfect ?
  7. Dear Andrea Bolla, I am happy to know that your kit is perfect. So, please, post a picture so that we can compare perfect and defective parts.
  8. Dear Mstor, Why you believe my first post ambiguous ?
  9. Dear Foxmulder, Would you pkease post a pic of your kit perfect missiles and nothing wrong canopy frame ? That would help much.
  10. Dear foxmulder_ms, I do hope that I am wrong and you're in good faith.
  11. Fellow modellers, Now more than ever, we live in an age if uncertanties. However, there is some ligth in this dark historical juncture. Two very important truths are emerging from this forum, giving new confidence in the future. The first one is that - His Majesty The F-14 Tomcat - is the most loved aircraft jet ever. No further investigation is needed. The second one is that forums like this have evolved into marketing tools competely empty of any consumer protection. Live long and prosper.
  12. That's true. However, I believe that threads like this are very important because they help the few people who care about accuracy to save their money.
  13. Hubbie, I do agree with you. In addition, the curve on the AMK kit's rear flank makes for underscaled exhausts.
  14. Dave, "There are none so blind as those who will not see" Matthew 9:26-27
  15. Dear IAGeezer, I did the same with my Monogram, Academy, Hobby Boss, Hasegawa, and Tamiya kits and I didn't get an exact match. Not at all. So, would you please post a picture showing that you are right and that I am wrong ? Looking forward to that.
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