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  1. Got my kit from France a month after the projected date. Also, the Tamiya P-38 is out of stock at sprue brothers.
  2. I've never heard of the site, but since you ask, I did a quick search. They show up on Scalemates database page, along with a link to their website. Click on that and you get absolutely nothing. Not even a 404 stating that the site cannot be found. Evidently they no longer exist.
  3. I ordered a P-38 kit from France the latter part of April. Finally made it to me in Texas on the 16th of June despite being promised by May 14th. Shipping delays in hitching a ride across the Atlantic is the culprit. Patience, man, patience. Our problem is that we've become used to fast food and overnight shipping. It doesn't work that way in the rest of the world all that frequently.
  4. KenM, et al, Why can't I make it? 1. Nothing to take for the contest and no time to build anything. 2. Finances (fees, hotel, food, dog boarding, etc) 3. High risk for Covid-19 if it reoccurs (lungs, heart, age) 4. Aftermath of auto accident on May 20 5. Need I say more?
  5. I feel your pain and then some. I'm in Fort Worth and stand zero chance of going. Worse, I was hoping to have a table for my CD-ROMs and ebooks. Beyond that, I was hoping to do a seminar on how to make your own decals. And if that ain't bad enough, I stand no chance of ever making another Nats due to distance and finances before I show up at that model bench in the sky. Aaarrghhh and double arrrrggggghhhhhh!!!!!!!!!
  6. Thanks for the heads up. I've used Model Master Airbrush Thinner for years, but with MM gone, I'll be needing a replacement soon. There's only one place around here...Fort Worth...where it MAY be readily available. I'll check it out.
  7. You are correct. I used to buy 3661S from auto paint shops. Don't know if you can still get it from auto paint shops with the EPA on a VOC (volatile organic compound) rampage. Note that you will want to check auto shops whose primary focus is body shop supplies. That does NOT include AutoZone, O'Reilly's and Advance. The ones focused on body shops will also mix paint and sell things like N95 masks...which you can't get at the moment. You also might want to check independent body shops...not chain operations. Talk nice and you might be able to buy small quantities of mild lacquer from them.
  8. Try it on a scrap model. Experimenting with new techniques is how you become a better modeler.
  9. I don't know about mixing lacquer thinner with MC retarder, but you can mix lacquer thinner with enamel to accelerate drying time. Just don't go overboard with it...meaning use only a few drops, depending on the amount of paint you're using. I've done it for many years and have never had a problem. Of course the lacquer/enamel mix will gel the left over paint after a few hours or days, so don't pour the left over mix back into the original bottle. And unless you soak the plastic part in lacquer thinner, the stuff will not turn the plastic into goo. Pure lacquer thinner will damage the surface of a part, that doesn't apply to the question of a lacquer/enamel mix.
  10. What you're experiencing is only going to get worse. Check out the announcement from Sprue Brothers that specifies up to 45 days beyond the normal delay for international shipping. And that's being hopeful. Then there's this: I ordered a kit off of Ebay that was coming from France. Stated delivery time was April 28 - May 14 and a tracking number was provided. Today is June 2 and the latest tracking info is that the shipment "just left France" on the 19th of May. The shipment...which is one miserable 1/72 scale aircraft kit...is undoubtedly hung up somewhere waiting for a ride across the Atlantic. Between covid-19, the riots and protests in various U.S. cities and governments of all varieties discovering how quiescent their various populations are, I may be lucky to see that kit by the end of the year! There is a solution to the paint problem...patronize manufacturers who produce paint made entirely in the U.S. But as far as I know, that limits you to True North and Tru-Color when it comes to shades that we commonly use.
  11. You may want to check out my ebook "How To Make Your Own Decals", Available as a printable PDF, you can find full information by going here. Hope this helps.
  12. Dave, I believe you are correct. Remember, I said that I didn't have the kit immediately to hand, so I couldn't offer a precise identification.
  13. I believe so, though I can't be sure since they did more than one car kit.
  14. One of the problems with AM is that some of their kits were TOO accurate. Couple of cases in point: The TBF Avenger is a gorgeous kit...BUT the torpedo will not fit in the weapons bay. Reason? They produced a perfectly accurate torpedo, then forgot to allow for the wall thickness of the weapons bay bulkheads. Result? The torpedo actually touched the bulkheads at each end of the torpedo instead of leaving a slight gap. Then there was a GT race car...I forget which one and I don't have the kit easily at hand. Yes, I still have the kit, still in mint conditon and unbuilt. That particular kit has the reputation for being impossible to build UNLESS you follow the instructions to the absolute letter be cause it is SO accurate. Even then it would take a top level expert to finish the thing. There are times when accuracy can be taken too far, which is the reason I tell people that we build representations, not replicas. It is impossible to build a 100% accurate replica of a 48th scale aircraft because the thickness of the skin/bulkheads/etc would be so thin that you would be able to read a magazine through them. What we actually do is to build representations that LOOK like replicas. To do that successfully is where the skill is.
  15. DarkKnight, while resin formulas vary, unless you're planning on giving the parts a bath in lacquer or acetone, you won't have any problems.
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