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  1. Love it. I have a lot of combat time in 447. I had to buy the kit as well. So it went together OK? Cheers Collin
  2. Good info. My NAVAIR buddy carried Skipper over on Ranger during DS1 SUCAP flights. Said it sucked because its chance of lighting off was a complete crapshoot. Cheers Collin
  3. One of my flight school instructors was a USMC A-6 BN (actually there were about 4-5 of them). We had a long night of beers and he told me the night he went out and dropped a max load of FAE in DS1. Said he was down in the hood watching on the FLIR when the pilot was screaming Holy Sh/t, he popped his head up and said he could have read a newspaper in the cockpit the FAE going off was so bright. He preferred dropping ROCKEYE or LGBs (he said that wasn’t as often). Cheers Collin
  4. Send me a PM, I’ve got your pipes for ya. Cheers Collin
  5. They are shut down due to COVID for now. They just wrote me back. Collin
  6. Anyone know if they are back to talking calls? Been trying all afternoon, no pick up. Collin
  7. Yep, they were requalifying the composite wing for ordnance. Some other pics around of her fully loaded with full MERs of ROCKEYE or MK-82’s Collin
  8. Darn, I just bought a new Tamiya 1/48 A-1J by accident (I didn’t check the stash). Collin
  9. Thinking of a gear up/in-flight Skyraider. Don’t know if anyone out there has tried before. Cheers Collin
  10. No worries....Love helping folks with the plane I loved flying in. ...and the puke really didn't come at 20,000'....it came at 200', on very hot/humid days dropping sonobuoys/EXTORPS on EMATTs off of Barking Sands....with a pilot that only knew the the primary 6 levels of control (full aft, fwd, port, stb, mil, and idle). I loved "PigPen" turned into a great stick...but we called him Binary Pig for a reason...and he got us all sick. I preferred more senior pilots that were a little smoother on the controls. Cheers Collin
  11. From what I remember (and told the builder) was that the floor was a crappy plastic, thin, lenolium-like covering. It was a very-very dirty tanish color from what I can remember. I flew a lot of S-3B's in many commands and very few of them had close to new floor coverings (RAG/VS-41 probably the cleanest, our birds in VX-1 coming in a close second). Most were pealing, grimy, boot stained, puke/vomit stained, oil stained, you-name-it-stained, and worn down to the bare metal in places. The wells where the pilot and COTAC placed their feet were typically worn down to metal in places, same in the back tunnel (although I think that was just non-skid back there, that had bare spots and sometimes little holes that poked though to the bomb bays below) and on the steps/crawl area between the SENSO and TACCO stations. Trust me...the inside of a well used S-3B looked like the back end of a construction pick up truck bed. Lots of nicks, scratches, broken plastic in places, dust, grime...but it was home for a lot of us and was very cozy on late night flights when you had all the lights dimmed down and just the red glow from the front...and the gloomy green tint from the back seat displays. Good times. Cheers Collin
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