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  1. Problem is most attempts I have made (like in the other thread) leaves behind flakes and suspended particles on the colored canopy. I’ve had success with very thin coats of color then a thin coat of Future over it to get the shine back. Collin
  2. We jet modelers continue to search for that magic halo effect on canopies. I tried a bunch of methods on a recent Prowler build, all fell short. Cheers Collin
  3. Guess the days of CAG tails being colorful are over for now. Decal makers are sad, decal buyers (who spend way too much on colorful jet markings like me) are happy.
  4. Hey...that's not how you wipe away a panel line wash...
  5. You nailed the gull grey over white scheme really really well. Love to see in-flight birds. Cheers Collin
  6. Curt, what is your air source? Compressor? Water trap? Im a big fan of the 20/20, a simple fine line airbrush. In fact I’ve been using mine all weekend. I’m also like you, bought a second as well but it sits in the box unopened. You are not alone. Cheers Collin
  7. I’m in the middle of building a Tamiya F-14 Test bird for a work display, but I’m reading a great book about Sea Harriers. I’ve already started looking to buy the Kinetic FRS1 kit, while my F-14 sits waiting, and waiting. It’s what I used to call “chasing butterflies” in my flying days. I can look at my re-growing stash and recall the books I read that lead to buying more kits and filling up my shelves. Its a a vicious cycle, but at least this caveman is reading. Cheers Collin
  8. Be careful with the CAM decals. I used the VS-21 about the same vintage as your -29 sheet and they just shattered. For sure hit your sheet with a thin coat of decal film. Those Aeromaster decals should be fine. I used the black tail -21 decals to rescue my CAM decal disaster and they worked fine . Cheers Collin
  9. Great looking Viking. They started putting the lightning bolt on the fuselage just as I left the squadron. Your TPS weathering is very good. Cheers Collin
  10. Academy or Hasegawa 1/48 kit OOB, which kit is better? Figured I would ask since both kits are being discussed. Cheers Collin
  11. Who doesn’t love a ROCKEYE armed Intruder? Nice solid build of a legacy kit! Cheers Collin
  12. Developmental and Operational testing was still ongoing into early 2002. Reaching back into my long dead brain cells, I believe VS-38 was one of the first fleet squadrons (VS-30 being the other) that got Maverick Plus (late 2002-ish???). Mav+ allows Laser/IR Maverick and carriage/release/guidance of SLAM-ER (w/AWW-13 guidance pod). Short answer is no. VS-29 would have just been limited to legacy weapons. Cheers Collin
  13. Load it up!! If you had Big Wing USAF tankers supporting the AirWing, then CAGs made more allowances for S-3's to carry wing stores like Harpoon, Maverick, ROCKEYE/bombs, other than the drop tank. You will never get rid of the ARS pod on the port wing. Look forward to your build. Looking around, don't believe VS-29 had Mav+ birds by then, not that that would impact carriage of AGM-84D Harpoon. An alternate configuration would be FMU-140 fused MK-20 ROCKEYE on the right pylon. We carried this in the Gulf as well. M904 fused 2 or 4 x MK-82 slick in the BB were always carried, had no affect on any of our missions. Even tanker birds carried them. Cheers Collin
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