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  1. Give a listen to the latest Model Geeks podcast. Pretty funny discussion about stashes and it’s affects on those of us in the hobby. Cheers Collin
  2. Those Rockeye -140 nose fuzes came out very nice. Cheers Collin
  3. If you end up in DC, we have some good clubs in the area. Congrats on the FINEX of your CMD tour and having a band playing when you walked out the door. As you know from your previous tours...flying or driving a desk isn’t as much fun, so hopefully your next tour lands you with good people and boss. Cheers Collin
  4. One of the best GSB Corsairs I’ve seen, and I think a lot of folks in these boards will agree. The weathering of your GSB, the slightly off tone look you created...how was that done. Very effective. Pencil chipping or scraping down to the NMF base layer? Cheers Collin
  5. Somewhere on that darker nose ring just behind the cream colored nose cone are two little function toggles that you set the time to arm and height of burst if I remember correctly (it's been a long time). In 1/48 scale...you get the darker and lighter colored nose correct....you win. Cheers Collin
  6. ROCKEYE were my fav. Steve...as you know the ROCKEYE had two different types of nose fuzes...the MK339 and the FMU140. While I dropped a lot of MK339 fuzed ROCKEYE...when we flew armed in the Gulf around '97-'98 (actually just looked in my logbook...it was Feb-June '98), we only loaded up FMU140 armed ROCKEYE (when we did). They were the new HOF/HOB type fuze that had a completely different look than the small tit-like MK339. Most of your kit and aftermarket MK20 ROCKEYE canisters still have the older MK339 fuze with small red nose cone that went over it while on de
  7. Tinting Scale Model Aircraft Canopies Made Easy e004 - YouTube
  8. Not a bad idea, thanks for the tip. Might try it on my current in-flight build. Cheers Collin
  9. Correct: That’s a TER loaded with FMU-140 fuzed ROCKEYE. TER (Triple Ejector Rack) is not a launcher, just a modified bomb rack system allowing three weapons to be hung from a BRU-11 parent rack (the bomb rack inside the pylon that the TER attaches to). This was one one of our standard SuCAP alert loads while in the Gulf (we didn’t have Mav+ installs yet). Of course we couldn’t loose the buddy refueling pod. We also had 2x MK-82 slicks in the bomb bay. Cheers
  10. Trying to just have fun with these Airfix kits. This is their PR XIX done up with Xtradecal X48-118 for RM643/Z. The only non-OOB part is the exhaust stacks. Clear glue still drying in the camera ports. Overall....a fun quick build. Marbled on a PRU Blue color from SMS....great paint. Xtradecals....great as well. Kudo's to Airfix for allowing in-flight builds....they give you the parts to build gear up which I really appreciate (wish all kits did this). The issue I have is the pilot figures. I painted the kit pilot up and it really looked great. To get h
  11. That is one sharp looking Fury.....very sharp indeed!! Cheers Collin
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