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  1. That’s GW’s territory. The only aircraft I saw was our S-3’s that carried TERs and we didn’t have GBU-12. Harriers might be a different story since they could legally load -12’s. USAF F-16’s with their TER equalivant could carry -12’s, typically slant loaded outboard/lower. Most folks these days are using dual rack BRU systems for the GBU-38/54 series. Cheers Collin
  2. I think that would be legal , and look cool. They carried AIM-9 off of Libya during those Ops. FINN's picture above is in that configuration...except that it has a empty MER in place of where you would want to put a GBU-12. Cheers Collin
  3. That’s on if my favorite loads for an Intruder…. Darn it…yeah, I meant MER 😔 As GW stated, that’s a SuCAP load from GW1. Pretty much ready for any contingency with that load out. Cheers Collin
  4. VA-195? Did you mean VA-115? We still had A-6's, and I I flew next to VA-115 off of CV-62 1996-97 before the were DECOM'd and replaced by VFA-27 in AirWing 5. Since we were not on a war-footing, CVW5 really never loaded up our A-6's for a big push. We used to all go out bombing near Guam (FDM island) and you would see them carrying the MK-80 series (500/1000/2000-slick) on a TER (but never fully loaded front to back 3x3). We had a few SWIP birds so they might carry a AGM-65F IR Maverick, or you might see an AGM-84 SLAM CATM carried for practice (not SLAM-ER, wasn't i
  5. SOLID SHACK build here. You take the external, I'll do the internal pre-flight and start the APU. Cheers Collin
  6. https://media.defense.gov/2022/Jan/03/2002916641/-1/-1/0/211230-N-EE352-1005.JPG This really shows the dirt on the F-35's. Cheers Collin
  7. Just re-attacking this subject again. New year….new ask. Unique S-3 markings (A or B) will always be welcome. Cheers Collin
  8. http://www.axis-and-allies-paintworks.com/e107_plugins/forum/forum_viewtopic.php?id=16786 About 3/4 down the page...nice pic of extended MAD boom for ya. Cheers Collin
  9. Aluminum...painted grey I believe, but could have been NMF. I never saw a boom extended.... saw it (as small section of the boom) in the ECS compartment on pre-flight when you crawled up there to check the "fluff" bolt. You had to check to make sure that bolt was secure...because it was part of the cable/pulley system to extend/retract the boom. If it (bolt) was missing/loose or broken...chances are the boom would come out on it's own or be unable to retract. Not good. It happed multiple times...hence the inclusion of checking the bolt by the time I started flying the S-3.
  10. Nice. The USMC 05 who shares my office was a Sniper for 10+ years. He loved flying the F-5. Cheers Collin
  11. Those look the part!! I used those same intakes. They are going to look great painted up. Cheers Collin
  12. Removing the pylon not that uncommon. Saves gas from the SH/Growler drivers I work with. Cheers Collin
  13. Fantastically executed. Terrific way to display the Harrier in her element. Cheers Collin
  14. Unfortunately my overseas command computer won't let me past the photos :-( but..... https://media.defense.gov/2021/Dec/14/2002908919/-1/-1/0/211209-N-MD461-1180.JPG OK...someone forgot to go back over 213 (and 100) with the base color after using the spatter mask. Cheers Collin
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