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  1. https://the48ers.com/an-aww-9-13-data-link-pod-desert-storm-era.html
  2. No pod required for Harpoon. You tell it where to go (normally via your radar/aircraft computer) and after launch the onboard IMU takes it there. Cheers Collin
  3. Typically you will see the SLAM/pod combo on the aircraft.....but you could load it up and “drop” without a pod on the same aircraft if you desire. So loading up a legacy bug with 2 x ER’s feasible (although that drag count will be pretty high). Drop Vs Fire: SLAM (Harpoon family actually) doesn’t shoot like HARM, Maverick, or other missiles. It “drops” from the parent rack. We we had some test situations where we carried and dropped, and another aircraft was terminal control (meaning we were just a mule and the other aircraft had the pods). Fleet has that option as well. Murph posted a classic VX photo. Two pods to increase probability that one will work (-13 pods could be temperamental). Cheers Collin
  4. Second tank build which is unfamiliar territory for me. Built this years ago but now just getting around to painting and weathering it to completion. It's a recovery build for me to get my mind off of aircraft models for a little bit….and it's worked. If you are in a rut and need something to get the model juices flowing again, these kits are super easy to build and finish. It worked for me. Off on a vacation for a week (look out Prague/Vienna/Budapest) and then back home to pull out an aircraft model. Now I just have to figure out which one :-I Cheers Collin
  5. Collin

    S-3/ US-3

    S-3A/S-3B’s did have ejection seats (I sat on them for years with the sore back end still to prove it). The US-3 model did NOT have “ejection” seats. That aircraft was a COD variant and had seats in the rear tunnel vice electronic gear the A/B had back there. The front seats in the US-3 were de-armed and the rear seats were not ejection capable. The S-3B that NASA still flies has seats, but they are de-armed as well. Cheers Collin
  6. Actually built this back in 2013 while on deployment. Tamiya 1/48 JS-2 Out of the Box. Sat assembled but unpainted on a shelf for the last 6 years and after my recent Prowler build (see the aircraft section)….I needed a break from aircraft and just do some painting and try out those fancy oils and pigments folks have these days. Great little kit (actually all the 1/48 Tamiya armor are fun and super easy builds with great detail for the scale). Highly recommended for a fun little break. Cheers Collin
  7. Nice progress. Do some online searching on how to sand down the wing join areas or you will have a problem on your hands with wing fit. Cheers Collin
  8. There are a few things I messed up. One being the canopy eyebrow section I missed (as mentioned above). The other is I forgot to color in the AOA lights on the nose gear door. This kit fought me so much I have no desire to go back and correct (maybe I will get some mojo and correct the lights). Question asked about the tinting...that's a conversation I really should have with another beer in hand. Looking over photos and having flown next to these aircraft in the fleet....the canopies aren't yellow and the gold tint really only comes out in very specific light conditions. Normally it's a dull bronzey-dark(er) tint compared to the clear foward canopy. I spent about two weeks trying every type of Future bath with food coloring or other tinted paints and it just plain sucked. I couldn't get a smooth and clear (yet tinted) finish. The tinting color in whatever fliuid I had either was inconsistent or highligted particles in the mix. I was using pure Future, in a uber clean environment, and it took about 50 tries before I was somewhat happy with the results (what you see here)...which is basically a touch of Tamiya Smoke in Future dipped over and over. Very frustrating experience. Collin
  9. A J model that can be converted to a L variant super easy?? hope so. I’ll take two cheers collin
  10. Kinetic 1/48 EA-6B dressed up in VX-23 garb circa 1991-ish. You can dig around the in progress section to see the build in-progress...needless to say I am glad it's done and I'm ready for a beer. Cheers Collin
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