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  1. Collin

    What did you just finish building?

    Excellent workmanship Hewy. Cheers Collin
  2. Collin

    Kitty Hawk 1/32 Mirage 2000

    Yep, my mistake. Collin
  3. Collin

    Kitty Hawk 1/32 Mirage 2000

    Bad post. Collin
  4. Collin

    US navy walking fighter pilots by reedoak

    These help at all Norbert? Most Viking gear set up, but did find one of me in full G-suit (next to Prowler). Cheers Collin
  5. Collin

    AFV Club F-5E USMC Aggressor

    Great progress. Nice job on that bottom body/nose section gap. If you like kits with gaps and mismatched parts that don’t fit well, try the Kinetic 1/48 T-45C kit. What a PITA build. Cheers Collin
  6. Collin

    US navy walking fighter pilots by reedoak

    Newer HGU-68 helmet years after the 1996 photos I posted. We had lip lights installed on our boom mics which were super helpful in a dark cockpit (vice pulling the cockpit lamp lights off to write notes or look for something). You can just make out the O2 mask silver colored bayonet fitting sticking up from the bottom of the photo. Cheers Collin
  7. Collin

    US navy walking fighter pilots by reedoak

    This is my older -55 helmet, before we went to the new one (much to my dislike, but I flew many more years with the HGU-68, and it was a decent but heavier helmet). I had a rose colored visor, also had a yellow and the standard clear and dark visors in my helmet bag. I wore my flashlight upside down with a red lens already put on. In the S-3 cockpit, if we lost electrical power in the jet at night and we had a completely dark cockpit (only happened once on a cat shot off of Korea), a quick flip of the "on" button...the flashlight upside down was perfectly positioned to put light on the standby attitude gyro so we could at least know what way was up and fly the jet (you could hear the engines so no need to see those instruments). I had a mini-flashlight in my bag for nighttime pre-flight walk arounds (you used a white light for that, so you could see the reddish colored hydro fluid if there was a leak someplace. A lot of us carried some sort of rag or cloth on the SV-2 D-ring as a sweat rag. You sweat like a demon manning up and sitting on deck waiting to launch. You can see that in the upper photo. My O2 mask is hanging off that male/female button I mentioned in an earlier post. The regulator was in a velcro pouch about 4 inches long, that velcroed onto the side of the large radio pouch on the front of the SV-2. If you follow the picture from the O2 mask down....you see the mask, follow the hose down and you will see the fabric cover that you put over the O2 mask when stored, then the hose (with the black comm cord) curves up and into that regulator pouch that is velcroed between the two larger front pouches. Second photo is just for reference. HGU-55 helmet, boom mike in the raised position. O2 mask out of the pic but still hanging by the strap. Let me dig through some more pics. Cheers Collin
  8. Collin

    US navy walking fighter pilots by reedoak

    I'm still looking....but I had these on hand: Cheers Collin
  9. Collin

    US navy walking fighter pilots by reedoak

    Let me start digging through pictures. I may have to scan them, they are during my flying days in the 1992-2002 timeframe. Normally the pull down straps on the side of the mask had a small male button that connected to a female button-side on your SV-2. That way you could hang your mask off your vest (vice hanging from one of the side helmet fitting) but it was easy to slap on when needed in the S-3. We normally had the mask to the side but put it on during all air refueling ops (when we were receiving gas) and low levels overland. Other than that it was boom mike. Hornets/Intruders/Prowlers/Tomcats were all mask on flying, although I would let my mask hang off to the side sometimes in the Hornet or A-4, but 95% of the time it’s connected. Cheers Collin
  10. Glad I picked this up back in 2004. Collin
  11. Collin

    US navy walking fighter pilots by reedoak

    Norbert: Your walking jet figures have the seat harness already. All you need to do is get rid of the g-suit. We (S-3 Viking crews) wore the same gear that a Hornet/Tomcat/Prowler crew wore (SV-2 and harness) except the g-suit and our helmets also had a boom mic in addition to the standard O2 mask. E-2 and helo crews in addition had the HEEDs bottle on the front of their SV-2 survival vest. I have reference pics pics if you need them. Im not much for walking figures, but in-flight poses for US Navy/USAF WW2, Korean War, Vietnam War, and more modern pilot figures are very welcome. Some British fast jet pilots (Cold War to modern day) would be terrific as well. Nice to see you creating products like this. Cheers Collin
  12. Collin

    What makes a good/bad fitting model?

    Excellent job on that classic. I built the same kit in-flight a few years ago and took the same attitude. Sometimes the newer, better fitting kits have made me think of how to make these classics looks a tad better (I have a Monogram B-17G and a gun nose A-26peaking out at me from the stash as I type). Cheers Collin