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  1. I’m glad I didn’t have to deal with Skipper. LMAV and IRMAV were light years better and easier. Cheers Collin
  2. Sure was. Some carried -16’s, some carried Skipper. My buds Squadron carried Skipper for some of the war then they swapped them for -16’s. The “/“ doesn’t mean GBU-16 = Skipper.
  3. Go to the middle of the link below...two A-6's loaded out like above...ROCKEYE and SKIPPER http://rickmorganbooks.com/intruders.html My Fav loadout below: And then there is this...March 1986...the Don't Tread On Me loadout...Harpoon/ROCKEYE/AIM-9L
  4. A lot of A-6E’s in Desert Storm were loaded with Anti-Surface loads of Skipper/GBU-12, sometimes Harpoon, and ROCKEYE cluster bombs. Just one or two of each, but enough ordnance to cover the mission and return back to the ship and recover with the weapons. If interested, let the board know. Plenty of pics of that out there. Cheers Collin
  5. What in particular are you trying to display? An A-6 returning to the boat post mission? Cheers Collin
  6. "70x...Hawk Set on 10x". (we only had -154 onboard....so no 20x's). Collin
  7. It's bad form to dump in the break and piss on the Boss's deck (and LSO's)...but if you have to make weight....you have to make weight. I've held that switch in dump until the ball call...which means we probably landed at max-trap...but still have fuel dribbling out the back in the wires (that's a six pack of soda for the Boss). Wartime...you might be in a spot where you Toff with a load that isn't allowed to be brought back with a useful load on the ball (meaning a few passes at the least). In that case...you would head to the jett box and push off a weapon or two to make weig
  8. Now that's a dark nose: Great shot of the varied levels of spot painting and wear:
  9. Oh well. Big Navy changed their website and the older photo links are broken. Collin
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