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  1. When I look at reviews of anything (model kits, toaster ovens, anything), I check as many as I can. Then I choose the best option for what I want. When I choose a kit, there will be things that don’t bother me. For example, decals. I almost always get aftermarket decals - if available, of course.
  2. I ordered my gun vent piece to build the VF-32 MiG Killer. I’ve been impressed with Phase Hanger’s resin. I’ve bought his F-4 intakes, and F/A-18D, and F/A-18E/F intakes. Good stuff.
  3. My set arrived a day late because our mailman was too lazy to go to our apartment Friday. Spooks From The Beach is a great set of decals. The artwork is top notch, as is the printing (typical Cartograph and Microscale). The carrier is cut very close to the edge of the artwork. Eighteen variations of USMC Phantoms to choose from. Most excellent.
  4. My set arrives Friday. This puts the Academy F-4B to the front of the line. I've wanted to build a VMFA-323 F-4B for years.
  5. There’s a thread on a guitar forum with over 13,000 posts.
  6. At the Hobby shop (remember those) where I hung out, we called the Revell kit the Toys Are Us Tomcat. On another note I built several Monogram Tomcats. Now, those looked like Tomcats.
  7. I used Microscale's data and stencil sheet on the original Hasegawa F-4J. The panel numbers were a bear because of the terrible printing job on the instructions. But, I succeeded. Fun times. We've actually got it good these days.
  8. As a low post noob, I'm going to risk a post. The AMK Tomcat can't be as bad a dog as the first F-14 I built in 1984. It was the Fujimi 1/48 F-14A. Now, I'll try to retrace my steps out of the minefield.
  9. Howdy! I'm just getting back into the hobby after a long hiatus. I too, am a detail freak. Why build out of the box when you can add more detail. I just got the 1/48 Zoukei-Mura F-4J (Marines), along with Phase Hanger seamless intakes, and GT Resin exhaust cans. I'm up in the air about which scheme to do - VMFA-334 or 232, (Furball USMC Rhinos {Vietnam era}), VF-92 (Furball Phantom Air Wing Allstars pt. 1), or a VF-114 Mig Killer. Once that's decided, I'll gather the weapons.
  10. Photobucket isn't working very well. They put on a banner across the picture, or blur the picture.
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