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  1. Howdy! I'm just getting back into the hobby after a long hiatus. I too, am a detail freak. Why build out of the box when you can add more detail. I just got the 1/48 Zoukei-Mura F-4J (Marines), along with Phase Hanger seamless intakes, and GT Resin exhaust cans. I'm up in the air about which scheme to do - VMFA-334 or 232, (Furball USMC Rhinos {Vietnam era}), VF-92 (Furball Phantom Air Wing Allstars pt. 1), or a VF-114 Mig Killer. Once that's decided, I'll gather the weapons.
  2. Photobucket isn't working very well. They put on a banner across the picture, or blur the picture.
  3. Darren, When Top Gun 2 comes out we'll probably see some interest in Super Hornets. I worked at a hobby shop in Riverside in 1986 when Top Gun was released. We couldn't keep Tomcats on the shelves. It seemed everybody and their pet chimp wanted a Tomcat model.
  4. I have two. A Paasche VL and a Paasche Talon. I had an Eclipse, but it got stolen out of the garage, along with my son's bike some years ago.
  5. Any remember Fox One Decals? He made some good decals, especially Vietnam War stuff. They are long gone.
  6. I was the Sunday guy at Tomcat Hobbys in Riverside, CA back in 1987/88. We had a Tamiya 1/350 Tirpitz that never sold. Bill Baluch (manager) always wondered why Tom (owner) even ordered it. He always said those kind of kits were sent by mistake.
  7. I ran into a guy at our local hobby shop back in the 1980s who loved to argue about paint colors on folks models. He went after me that my F-4J didn't have the right Gull Grey FS 16440. Finally one of the other guys at the shop said, "Hey Jim, aren't you color blind?" Jim, "yes." Other guy, "Then shut up."
  8. I'm going to be building a VFA-41 F/A-18F. I would like to add the flight crew. I'm hoping someone has leftover Fightertown helmet decals from a set like 48078 Super Hornet Ball West Coast, or one of Fightertown's F-14 sets. Thanks in advance.
  9. This. I get side tracked. Hey look, a squirrel!
  10. Fantastic. I remember standing next to VF-301's display bird at Miramar back in the 80s. Your's looks like the real bird.
  11. Great work. Glad to see you got it completed.
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