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  1. Do any of you know where I can track down such markings. I know Isra did some and maybe another company. Thanks for any leads.
  2. Piker, I also PM’d you. Unfortunately both the D and E were plugged but on the E the tip of the probe is sicking out of the blanking plate. From the lip of the intake, I measured the vari ramp probe tip to be 25” back. Here’s a pic. Bill
  3. Hey Bud,

    well I checked the D and E at Carswell with tape measure in hand. Unfortunately the intakes were plugged! Here is a pic of the E. You can see where the tip of the probe is sticking out. I measured it to be 25” back. 


    1. Piker38


      Wow, many thanks for checking that out for me.

      I thought that the probes looked much further back than Zoukei Mura has put them and your measurement confirms that.

      ZM have put their probes only about 9 inches back from the lip and much too low.


      I'll mark-up some new points to position my intakes correctly.


      Thanks again, my friend


      best regards





  4. If you can wait until tues, i’ll be headed to nas jrb ft worth, formerly carswell afb. There’s an e and d on static and I can measure them for you. I don't think the intakes are plugged on either one. Those probes really measured pitot pressure for controlling the veri ramp position. This prevented an inlet shock wave resulting in a compressor stall
  5. Well, dang, I didn't look closely. For sure it’s not Cubic’s P5.
  6. That pod is a Cubic Corp P-5 ACMI (air combat maneuvering instrumentation) pod. You can type that in your search engine and find all kinds of images and info
  7. BillS

    Aztec Decals

    As far as I can tell, my decals were sitting in Corpus Christie. Oh, I confirmed the colors with one of my guys at the 457th: Insignia white, red and blue. All fs coded. The o ly thing missing are the names on the canopy frame.
  8. https://phantomphacts.blogspot.com
  9. The fact that this is a B screams multiple iterations of this kit. Elimination of the Shoe horn ECM suite with a different chin fairing, fin tip and elimination of the trunnion covers yields an early F-4B. Addition of DECM fairings produces an N. The different cockpit details like RIO panel and MK 5 seats are a no brainer. One of the posts mentioned Chinese tooling. I think Tam. makes their tools in other Asian countries. Another mentioned the speed brakes in the retracted position. This is kind of problematic for a power off jet. No matter, i’ll order 2 from the jump.
  10. George,

    you guys nailed it even down to the rain removal nozzle! How are gou guys going to roll it out; stateside, o’seas?

  11. Total slam dunk. External details look bang on down to the rain removal nozzle. I wonder how Tam will roll it out. Hopefully in the US first!
  12. Mr Color is great as is Tamiya rattle can decanted. They stay white and are tough as nails.
  13. BillS

    Aztec Decals

    Just want to follow up; I finally got an email from Aztec confirming my order and the correct address. I decided to wait longer and it paid off. The decal for the SPAD 75th Anniversary jet showed up today. I’m sure it was held up by mail and customs and not Aztec. It is a really nice looking sheet with super colors and registry. I cant wait to build this jet as that was my unit for 9 years. I saw this airplane when I went out there to buy groceries at the base. I’m thinking about asking them what colors comprise the red and blue. My understanding is it was painted at the regionsl paint facilit
  14. I’ll defer to your expertise
  15. From the photo in the post the side arm doesn't show up. The g-suit connector looks misshapen to my eye and the boots have too many eyelets and kind of thick soles and heel. Just my opinion and personal taste. It’s a really nice rendering
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