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  1. Externally the other considerations are the a/r differences; AF has the slipway, Nav had the probe and light on the right side. Nav also had chaff/flair dispensers on the aft intermediate fuselage, inbd pylons as mentioned and wheel/brake were different. Check ecm antenna placement differences depending on period.
  2. What are some ideas for attaching aerials/antennas with insulators for WW2 a/c? I typically have used stretched sprue for the antenna itself but want more realistic attachments and insulators.
  3. I fancy myself knowledgeable enough on the Mustang and a discerning modeler. Tamiya used literally thousands of documents in researching this kit. I think even today, it is overall the best Mustang out there. The level of detail, accuracy and fit are excellent. The bug bear might be the presence of flush rivets on the wing surfaces. The engine cowlings are removable to reveal the engine (which is a model in a model) with complete detail. I must add for the money, Revell’s D is a real winner too. There is plenty of detail, nice fit and assembly.
  4. BillS

    VA-153 blue?

    Try MM True Blue
  5. I have a stack of this General Dynamics/Lockheed magazine from the the 80s-early 2000s. There’s probably 20 or so. This excellent magazine showcased the F-16 and highlighted a variety of topics about the airplane and its users. I just have so much stuff I need to part with.
  6. Title says it all. My kit came with two. Don’t how it could be used but if you want it, let me know.
  7. https://archive.org/details/80304GrummanAtWar in researching for my Afx 24 scale, I ran across this. Of note are the colors of the cockpit interior details and loads of Grumman Pearl Gray in the engine mount/ accessory section/panel interiors. The amount of OSHA violations is mind boggling, but hey it was the 40s and we barely understood what caused cancer plus there was a war to win! A must watch if you love the Hellcat!
  8. Tamiya could do the trick the right way; 32nd or 48th. That airplane deserves the treatment.
  9. My question would be did they have any at all? You wouldn't be wrong with a red cap and no markings in my view. What would probably be really interesting is a loosley stenciled field numbers of some kind. I’m thinking wing tanks stayed “ married” to a particular jet on most occasions as leak and transfer checks could be a real pain when “musical” tanks was played. I think it will be hard to get hard proof of any real standardization during that period.
  10. I would LOVE a set of B model markings. I’m wondering if daddy mac delivered those jets like that, stencils and all. They looked so crisp and clean.
  11. The title says it. Does anyone have the decals for a BA jet for Hasegawa’s kit? I’m happy to buy or trade. I also vote for a new Tiger in any scale with the rest of your jet junkies.
  12. I just bought the Marines J for $67 at SB last week. they had a sale on all 48 plastic. You might hold off for their next weekend promo. They come up about once a quarter
  13. As usual Ben is right. Actuators were typically red too as were the inside of aux air doors, the rat and the inside edges of the ailerons and flaps although obscured by years of overspray of camo colors. I also remember the fuel dump mast tips (not the tail vent mast but wing dumps) often being red
  14. The wing root finger braces, the structure that an F-16 wing is attached too, can leak. This necessitates injecting a sealant to slow fuel seepage. Epoxy cement is also used to “plug things up” if you will. All of this attracts native soil producing what you see in that image.
  15. How ‘bout this: 370s on the outboard stations, a ter on station 2 with BDU-33s x3, a clean centerline with the same configuration on the right side. Oh, put a an empty set of aero 3bs on the inboards. That would be a realistic bomber training configuration. An air-to-air jet might have 370s and a captive carry AIM-9. You also might consider a SUU-20 or 21. A good rule of thumb to follow is USAF F-4s almost always had 370s regardless of mission and BDU-33 were very common in the mid 70s and 80s. Those Spang jets might have carried other training ordnance as well, ie Mavs. I’ll bet there is an old USAFE head that can opine.
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