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  1. If you go easy with a scribing tool, I’ve found Miliput to hold up and look decent. I really dont use any other filler putty anymore except small amounts of CA and Mr Surfacer for small blemishes.
  2. I was at Holloman in the early 80s sharing the ramp with the ‘102 and ‘100 drone outfit. The green in these photos is the way I remember those huns. These are GREAT reference photos of an original, unrestored jet. I believe there was a lot more of that green, approximating 34092, than we might think. That color was all over the inside of a KC-97L I photographed at one time as well.
  3. Just a wag on a possible Lakenheath configuration aside from practice munitions would be 2 tanks and a B -61 most likely on station 3. Dollars to donuts they could haul nucs.
  4. Here’s but a sample of what’s out there. The intake mounted antennas came along in the middish 70s. I saw this jet at Magu twice. Very impressive doing Zuni live fire!




  5. This might depend on when. There wascalso more than one Vandy One. I’m going to scour my sources.
  6. If you have a ZM F-4c or d, the old style fin cap offered in that kit fits the Tam b perfectly.
  7. On the flip side, my heart leapt with joy over the ZM kit. Like a lot of other discriminating modelers, I wouldn't have batted an eye the shape issue had it not been pointed out. The Tamiya B is the best rendition of the F-4 but only just. ZM actually has features Tamiya doesn't. If there is a problem with ZM it’s availability.
  8. Anyone have any gouge on the disposition of Kitty Hawk’s product line?
  9. Although not beyond the reach of most serious modelers, the ECM fairing on the fin will have to be cobbled up. Betcha someone does a resin rendition. Otherwise most color scheme options will be the full color ones.
  10. Zouki ****’s “clean”fin cap fits perfectly. You could scrounge the DECM intake antennas from Academy and cobble together an N. Pay attention to blade antenna and NFO’s cockpit but rhis is a doable conversion either way.
  11. I ‘ve still got a Cutting Edge A-5A conversion set. This requires hacking the Trump kit in to chunks and grafting a ton of resin. I’m working up the nerve! I did the recce years ago and it is a mess. For sure that aft upper fuselage is like a sink hole and needs beefing up. An aftermarket cockpit of any brand along with some aforementioned exhausts will help. At least there is a generally good shape to start with.
  12. I agree with the “happy with SB” crowd. My stuff takes 2, maybe three days to arrive on a consistent basis. Victory Models is another efficient online store. I continue to have great service from Hannants as well. Come to think of it, I’ve ordered from some Cinese dealers on Ebay and was astounded with how fast that stuff has made it and in great shape. The Model Gods must like me.
  13. The USAF and USN/MC shared the same harness and lap belts rated to 40g’s. The images of the seat cushion on this thread are for Navy seats evidenced by the emergency oxy gauge under the crew member’s left thigh. BTW, Tam’s F-4B has the USAF style emergency o2 which was mounted behind the crew’s left kidney flank.
  14. It wasn't always present on USAF seat cushions. I saw more of that later in the F-4’s life. You’re safe with just a plain, medium OD colored cushions. Same for the lumbar pad. One of these days I’m going to go on ARC and Hyperscale with notes on the various USAF and USN/MC Mk 7 variations for those ultra-deTail freaks. Several seat landmarks changed over the years that would be visible even in 72nd scale.
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