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  1. Seems to me Meng would have made a bigger splash with a slatted E with TISEO as an option thereby beating ZM to the market with that variant. It’s worth noting the ailerons are fixed in the streamlined position yet the flaps are portionable. I’d rather see separate ailerons. They drooped while static. Other observers of the computer drawings are correct in that the stabilator reinforcements, aka “fish plates” stand proud and the wing reinforcement strap seems absent. G’s had them. I chuckled at the drawings that show a rearview mirror mounted to the canopy archway and one mounted on the rear c
  2. The aft fuselage thing is a mistake but not the death knell for this superb model. I seriously doubt most modelers would have figured this out on their own. It’s an inane topic considering all the flaws in all of the models we build.
  3. If anybody out there is unhappy with their ZM Phantoms, please contact me. I’ll happily take them off your hands. In my paws Tamiya is better but just. I guess I’m just a ZM “aft fuselage denier”. I still cant figure all that hoopla out.
  4. I really like them because they look very realistic and drape better. An area of opportunity for these manufacturers is getting the colors correct. I would love to see Quinta produce sets with just seat details, specifically all of the Martin Baker seats, ACES, ESCAPAC and the Russian stuff. What would be better still if possible are 3D resin harness systems.
  5. Must have been a fun house to live in with that kind of sense of humor!
  6. EXCEPTIONAL video! Makes me proud of the USAF of yore and the great relationship with Britain. I don't think the Brits know how many Anglophiles were created during their assignments to Blighty, me included! And what a great resource this video is for modelers!
  7. Also note the presence of anti skid on all airplanes. Also note in the hanger shot I posted of the left nose the Go Pro camera fairing ahead of the nose gear. This was on the leader’s jet.
  8. This gives you an idea of the Inverted Fuel Pump Lights along with the center mounted stop watch.
  9. That color is a perfect match for USAF AGE.
  10. The spring, fuel pump lights and stopwatch are very visible. True, most folks probably would over look them.
  11. There aren't any after market goodies for the Blues. Other additions are the stick spring, the inverted fuel pump lights on the glare shield, the smoke probe and a Go Pro camera under the nose of number one at a minimum. A friend of mine was the commander from 17-19 and led the transition to the E after relinquishing command. The legacy jets were very tired and showed it.
  12. I never served in an SR organization. I can say with certainty however that Air Force wide, all AGE (Aerospace Ground Equipment) both powered and non-powered went from yellow to od starting around 1977. I’m pretty sure FS 34087 was specified. Actually in many cases 14087 was more common. Powered AGE was anything with a internal combustion or turbine power plant, air cycling machines, light alls etc. Non powered AGE included all ladders and maintenance stands. By the late 90s a lot of AGE started sporting a gray finish.
  13. I too wasn't blown away with the fit around the forward fuselage, in particular the windscreen. Overall I thought it was a decent kit though.
  14. Not to be a contrarian but the best option in my opinion is either Tamiya rattle can “Metallic Silver” or “Bare Metal”. Try spraying them over Tamiya rattle can “Gloss Black”. The quality and durability will amaze you. Another solid option when replicating a silver paint finish is Mr Color Silver.
  15. In reality BRUs (MERs, TERs) simply had two lugs on top that engaged hooks inside the pylon. The mounted BRU in essence rested flush against pylon and held firmly in position by the sway braces. Your assembly looks accurate to me.
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