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  1. I know this post of yours is 9 years old but would you still happen to have microscale sheet 48-622? After PRANG F-16 option.


    1. B-1 Nut

      B-1 Nut



      I sure do. 
      If you will send me your address, I will try and get it mailed out next week....no charge....(assuming you don’t live out of the USA). 

      These decals need to be used/enjoyed by someone.





  2. I know you didn't mention the F-4D variant, but I have an unused blackbox 1/48 F-4D cockpit I'm not interested in building anymore if your interested.


    1. Maverick


      Thanks for the offer. I'm not a big stickler for being too "accurate" and this would be going in an AMT/Ertl Kit. So I think the black box kit would be overboard, and I'm not used to working with resin.

  3. I have the sheet with the afternburner Diamondback's markings, let me know if you don't have any prospects...Im in Maryland.


  4. Sir, 

    Interested in your 1/48 Hobbyboss F-111C for $39 if still available. My zip is 21234 for shipping estimate if so.


  5. I have the book..edges very lightly worn on front and back..but the book is like new and complete..if you have a email address let me know I can shoot you epics of book before you decide.


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